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col Blaze Gryphon

"The Cosmic Gryphon of Kalorama" (Winter 2015)

July 7th

A funny morning at BRUNCH cafe. The other person in (our) room ended up knowing Jane who used to run Tim Finns Periscope studios. Such a small world, that always amazes me. She text Jane a hello from us.

We are locked in with road works again and the council forget to pick up the recycle bin. Not a big deal as they are fairly good up here, probably missed it due to all the road works. It's such a hive of activity. The workers drop in, in the the morning to see if we need to "escape"-good they ask but I've planned for it. I kind of like not being part of the human race for a few days. Little did I know we would be absent from the human race for 3 weeks soon!!!!!!

We play a lot of Bauhaus in the office today. Too much sends Marky insane so I restrain my gothic heart.

July 8th

Hear from the record company with a "Yes" so I'm happy again. That makes a difference.

Mark hands me a disc of the Stones playing the complete Sticky Fingers album (live) sounds pretty good. I see it's #1 on the Australian ARIA catalogue chart.

July 9th

Playing the upcoming Keith Richards single "Trouble" - it's great , no surprises but that is the beauty of Keith Richards. When he's just being Keef he's great, warts and all, ol' gravel voice and a few mean guitar solos. I like the song, now we hope it has a vinyl release. This ones out on July 17th. Bless you Keith Richards.

Late night shopping at the supermarket. I decide to dress Keith Richards style, scarves, rings, messed hair. Ripped jeans and an attitude! It works, in other words exactly what I normally look like. I don't "do" nice or straight.

July 10th

We get a pile of Felix cat food pouches and Banshee hates it. So pass it onto a pet charity and box to Jane & Allie. We are amazed at how fussy this kitty cat can be. Oh well at least they were free!

So many excited emails come in around Tim Finn's upcoming Bush Hall show in London. Amazing after starting the Enz he's still out treading the boards and performing. I hear from him regularly these days, which is great, very relaxed, married life and kids have mellowed him - all good. Plenty of time for Tim, he's always been decent to me.

July 11th

I grab Mark a copy of VIKINGS-Season 1 on Bluray, a birthday present every week in July.

Forty years ago today Skyhooks "Ego is not a dirty word" album debuted at #1 on the 3XY chart. Like their first album "Ego" was a monster. What a brilliant time period to grow up in, what a fantastic band to follow- they most certainly changed our world. One of the few bands that we will pretty much always say "Yes" to , for whatever they want. Such a good part of our life.

July 12th

We eat Hamburgers and soup for dinner while Tim Finn keeps an English concert crowd entertained at Bush Hall. The emails flood in, every one of them really positive, it's like people emailed as soon as they got home or on their way home- what a vibe.

July 13th

We spend an hour+ playing demo's today for a project. That is never a chore! I have a love affair with the pre-world. Pre album, pre concert, demo's and sound-checks the two things I truly love.

I hear from the very enchanting Miss Eddie Rayner and the signed 8x10 photos arrive back here soon- he's a good old sort! Happy to sign some for us.

I put the mighty Skyhooks performing "Trouble with the computer" up on Official Skyhooks FB page. Live from that brilliant Palais Theatre concert of 1978! https://youtu.be/13evW7Zr_Rc

July 14th

I take some of our wild Rosemary down to the Kalorama General Store so they can use it on their homemade pies. The Store most certainly does a fine pie. The locals are always buying out the shop. The Bushmans is our favourite. Handy too, means if it's a busy day yours truly does not have to cook.

Not sure why but I have had a wandering eye as far as houses for sale. I've been checking out a few down the coast. Very strange not sure why I am even doing that? "Itchy feet" I bvelieve it's called when you are feeling un-settled.

July 15th

The Richard Hell & The Voidoid book arrives. I laugh as it's a small size book like my Rocket Pocket books. So i can take this one around with me and read it when I have the urge. Mine are better, this one has no photos.

We watch "20,000 Days on Earth"-the 24hr fictionalized life of Nick Cave. Really enjoyed it.

July 16th

It's all a bit surreal and sad. Mark wakes me up with the news that Nick caves son has fallen off a cliff in Brighton UK and has passed away in hospital. Just terrible- one of the last scenes on the Cave documentary last night was a shot of him with his two twin boys enjoying pizza and watching a movie. I feel so sad for him, and his family, can't fathom such a loss. It sits with me all day.

July 17th

Keith Richards new single "Trouble" is out today, it probably won't chart but I think the album will-some touring by him and his band I hear. Hope he plays some shows in Oz. I need to wear my faux leopard skin coat to a show.

I take some Skyhook photo albums to the General Store and work my way through the images. We have about 40 photo albums so quite a few photos we've taken. I obsess over platform shoes and crazed fan images.

I hear from Eddie Rayner this afternoon, sends me some links to some live music he has been working on and it's great. Thanks Ed! It's an Eddie kind of week.

July 18th

Nigel Griggs is back, must be odd going from the hottest days on record in the UK to one degree on the mountain- the two extremes of climate change. We've been minding his bass and other stuff so we'll hand all that back to him. I love that red bass. "No you didn't leave a bass here Nige, what bass is that" *GRIN*.

Tim Finns in Dublin tonight at Whelans and so many really good emails arrive. Another fine show by Mr Finn- he's in fine form.

I check out a property at Skenes Creek North. t's interesting. Not sure why, the itchy feet continue, haven't a clue why... are higher powers directing us elsewhere? OK directing ME elsewhere?

July 19th

I drive down to Sassafras to "Smits & Bits" to buy some birthday presents for Fran and Trudi. The owner is great, we always have a nice chat an keep giving me this amazing local hand-made soap for free.

I decide to head to the general store so I can get it weighed up for Monday morning post. I stay awhile and it ends with some hysterical laughter from Brenda, John, Nelly and myself. I left with an aching jaw from laughing so much.

Totally disappointed by the Nation Geographic documentary on Pluto. Horrible narration. Just wrecked the whole thing.

I need to make a bigger stamp collection box for our land mine charity stamps, this one fills up way too fast. If you have an used stamps (no matter where you live) mail them to us at: PO Box 50, Kalorama VIC 3766 Australia.

July 20th

Our local PM has been showing some support around gay marriage. For those of you who would like to help support this, there is a Marriage Equality Poll that he has up. It really doe stake 3 seconds to cast a YES vote. So if you can help, head to www.surveymonkey.com/r/DPYD9JM Quite a few of our mates have already voted, so thank you. It's ridiculous that we have to fight for this basic equality with tooth and nail in this country. Thanks in advance for voting YES. It will happen here, move out of the road or be flattened, the gay marriage snowball can not be stopped.

It just gets worse and worse around Bronwyn Bishops sucking on the public teat. Now she pretends to be sorry, in reality an election is coming up and the Liberal Party know just how angry the Australian people are over this old bats continual wastage of OUR money. Why should we pay for her to attend Liberal fundraisers in Geelong, Nowra, Young. Helicopters and private planes. Why should we pay for her to attend multiple Liberal weddings, and why should we pay for her to go to Europe for a (failed) job interview with the I.P.U.? Did she fail because she put "THIEF on her resume.? She's been an appalling politician and she should of been put out to pasture years ago. PM Abbott proves how spineless he really is by giving her a little pat on the wrist. It's fine in some ways, the public anger will most certainly be another nail in the political coffin at the next election.

July 21st

The Vikings Season One bluray arrives, one of Marks birthday presents. We have avoided watching it on cable, so we can enjoy the scenic wonder of it on Bluray! It's as good as we thought it would be- "Vikings" Rocks! Hmm they all have such good teeth, and great hair cuts- "Hollywood Vikings" Mark keeps saying, I believe he is right. What are some wearing bright blue contact len's? I do like those old Gods- Odin, Thor, Freyr and Niord. They almost seem more real compared to modern day Church with it's continual failings. I see so many Christians that are such hypocrites, trying to cover their arses by accepting religion when it suits them. If there is a God he/she will know, you can't fake it. You'll be busted for certain.

Latest polling arrived. For the 39th poll (Consecutive) the Liberals are behind. Labor climbed 2 more spots. Maybe Mr Abbott should open some champagne when the Liberals have been behind for 52 consecutive weeks, poor things you almost feel sorry for them-well NO!

July 22nd

A bizarre experience with our 4WD. The brakes went, possibly a piece of wood near the general store flipped up and snapped a cable. We were heading to Olinda for lunch and suddenly no brakes. I managed to wing it and crunch into the car park. It made me look like a bit of a shit driver but we stopped- not gracefully but still intact. Very few cars on the road so I pretty much coastered home. Think I'll be car free for a week or more -so we'll see who puts up their hands to help us during this.

July 23rd

Clear the vines that have grown around the big stone Gryphon statue- banshee sits on the step and keeps me company. Such a cool statue and it's getting old now, all the way from a U.K mansion. I love photographing it. I add a bit of a colour burst and out it on the Net. It seems to be appreciated as an art form -I like that. I suggest the coloured image would make a great shower curtain!!!!! Not sure if I was joking or not.

Well our visit to see Andy play Yarra Hotel didn't happen, being car less, so we continued our enjoyment of the VIKINGS bluray!

Gorgeous Allie calls and asks if we need to go supermarket shopping , so she takes us- just great. Nice to be appreciated. Thank you Al!

July 24th

Chat to the record company today, various projects. Mostly all good , I'm still hoping our mate gets the artwork job, local is good in my eyes. Searching for some bits and pieces for Tim Finn too. It is starting to feel like it is getting busy.

I see Liberal Bronwyn Bishop is now having 16 years worth of her wastage checked out- god knows how many other breaches they will fine. Abbott has become the "invisible man" - she'll have to step down as speaker, idiots like Christopher Pyne keep saying she won't- wanna bet money Christopher. I bet she's gone in a week, the public have no confidence in her, I can't recall when I last saw this many people furious- maybe never- the public are furious.

July 25th

Nice to hear from Neil Finn today - he still finds time to get in contact and does so quickly. It's great. Efficient!

It's been cold on the mountain, 2 degree's this morning. Talk of some snow in a few days time, love for a great big fall but it will probably just be a light dusting. I think this is the coldest Winter we have had up here.

I manage to get some work done around the gardens, and 4 hours in the office today. Yes it's a Saturday but loads of band related work. I looked up and suddenly it's 6.00 in the evening, how did that happen?

July 26th

Oh one of "those" morings. First I back the car into the yard-still no breaks and take out the rear tail light covering! Something I have never done before. Next I am taking the bins out and slip arse over turkey on the icy grass, not once but twice. All I could do was laugh, I'm not going to give in on such things. Maybe it looked like a maniac laughing but it didn't feel as bad. The rest of the day was great.

Chatted to Bongo Skyhook on his birthday, called Jagger but he wasn't home as it's his birthday too. *GRIN*. We dedicate the Official Skyhooks facebook page to Mr Starkie today in honour of his candle blowing moment!

I cook Indian as a treat for Marky tonight,, some sort of early birthday dinner.

July 27th

Happy Birthday to the most decent man I know. (Yes you Marky) .Lots of calls today for him so I abandon the phones and let him answer all day.

I make some super schnitzel sandwiches for lunch and homemade Pizza for dinner. A few drinks as he really doesn't give a hoot about his birthday. Rosemaree calls by which was nice.

Car place is still waiting on the one part, so I surrender to any travel- if need be I can grab a hire car from Hertz off the mountain if really desperate- meanwhile every "off mountain" activity can wait. It will be interesting to see how we survive the few weeks. Thanks to Jodes, Jason, Allie and Wendy for all their efforts around us- truly wonderful friends- thank you guys, just for offering and helping.

That's it for the moment, sorry the F/16 diary is late- the world marches on and yours truly gets sidetracked.

Walk, walk, walk it's so good for you.


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