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Latest Art Piece- Andy Wrap  (1/5)  Kalorama Art Room March 2015.

Latest Art Piece- Andy Wrap (1/5) Kalorama Art Room March 2015.

March 9th

Public Holiday in Victoria which means very little to me. I see the Liberals are behind still in the Polls- the 19th consecutive poll - keep going and keep Tony as "leader" a sure fire loss is guaranteed.

I still go to the office today and manage to get quite a bit of work done. Some friends are driving by and call in which is a hoot- my face aches from laughing. A nice day. My only worry is that my wonderful Sis is back in hospital so I chat to her for awhile. Which was more about her brother needing to know she is ok then anything else. I dig my sister, we are very close which is great. She's a good egg!

March 10th

I spend my morning washing and re-stuffing a Skyhooks heart shaped pillow from 1976. Welcome to my world. It's so ugly this pillow which makes it wonderful... if that makes sense. Band members and the fans have a chuckle over this one. We'll have to open the archive box that contains the Skyhooks knickers with "Keep Skyhooks Up Front" printed on them- long live the seventies. All for the Official Skyhooks facebook page.

March 11th

Most of today is blown out by a mission of mercy, so time at Ferntree Gully hospital. An amazing staff, great doctor and nurses. We are so lucky to have medicare- god bless Gough Whitlam.

March 12th

The NSW state election is coming up soon, I see they want to "lease" assets again, is it a 99 year lease-god that's a long time. Privatisation around electricity never worked in Victoria, our power bills are higher higher higher and I see the NSW Liberals are saying electricity will be lower- amazing they can get away with such lies. If the Libs get back in every person in NSW should keep their electricity bills before and after and start comparing the price jump-sadly by that stage it will be too late and families will be lumbered with higher electricity bills for nearly a century.

I know very little about the leaders of the parties for the NSW election, I wonder if the "Abbott factor" will play a part and cost them seats. I noticed he was at the launch but never said a word- they really are fearful he'll fuck it for them I guess. Still even though it's a state election could be good to cast a protest vote against the stupid PM. It's rare that state governments are kicked out after one term, so a hard fight this one-still with Victoria and QLD the few remaining Liberal voters we know said there was no chance of those 2 states changing hands after one term-so I guess in 2015 anything can happen.

I see ex-Liberal Jackie Kelly will be giving her preferences to Labor. She's an Independent now for the seat of Penrith. Mr Baird and the Libs think they own her for life- almost demanding she not preferences that way, good she told them to get stuffed. I remember a few years back another Ex Liberal deciding to do a TV advert to support one of the members from The Greens...... he was happy to do so, some guy called Malcolm Fraser.

I head to the city today and visit Greg Skyhook which is always enjoyable. Gives me a chance to adapt to city driving again. The traffic heading home wasn't much of a nightmare, in fact I was surprised how good it flowed. A nice afternoon.

Melbourne Zoo had it's first baby Gorilla in 15 years- just brilliant! Mums holding him/her very close, so protective. No wonder after the appalling stuff humans have done to those fine creatures.

March 13th

Household debt is higher in oz than anywhere else in the advanced world. In Australia it's equal to 130% of GDP- the average for the rest of the advanced world is 78% Shit!

March 14th

I have had this carving for spinach pie- maybe I am pregnant - in the end it was pie for dinner. I was hanging out and it wasn't one of my best pies. I accidentally put in too much dutch cinnamon - so my taste buds were not satisfied. I'll have to try again in a few weeks and make more of an effort. Hate that, I rarely stuff up when I'm cooking- it ends up like a failed science experiment.

Such a nice day I work on the gardens, well basically mow the lawns and nature strip. By the time all of that was done I was worn so the real gardening fell by the way side.

March 15th

Yummo schnitzel sandwiches for lunch, we tend to do this on Mondays now, lots of salad on wholemeal bread- filling and delicious. Miss Banshee sits outside with us trying to scab some cheese. She's an older kitty now but still with us, apart from some hairballs she's healthy and loves roaming on the 2 acres.

I see the Liberals Uni fee policy flops again, that's twice now. Chris Pyne the Liberals prancing poodle has a flippo because he doesn't get his way- just another Liberal wanker.

March 16th

I see 11 more Liberals have changed sides over the gay marriage debate, and will support gay marriage. The numbers are slowly growing, so lets hope Abbott grows a spine and will actually allow a conscience vote. Senator Leyonhjelms bill may well have a chance, but we need people to email their Liberals MPS and ask them to support Gay Marriage.

It's one thing to say your support Marriage Equality , it is another to actually make the smallest effort and do so. The link below will take you to a page and you just type in your postcode and can send a message to your Liberal senator. It's that easy.


March 17th

Breakfast at The Deli and good to see everyone. So many people came up to our table to chat, like we've been away on an exotic journey. It's funny I forget how liked we are up here, or maybe just allowed freedom to be us, not sure which one- both! Today it dawned just how lucky we two are, so gave some silent thanks . The Deli is great as people don't pull out their stupid phones- it's just fantastic - love how people just chat and chill. I feel sad for those who feel they have to whip out a phone every 5 seconds, fucking boring too- people too polite to say "I really don't want to know, put it away". It's cool at the Kalorama General Store, Nelly hates the phone scenario- she'd probably love to keep it a phone free zone- we both role our eyes every time someone obsesses over their phones. She hasn't thrown coffee over anyone yet but she makes me laugh with her cringe face! Usually there is this one guy, he talks so load on it and has this moronic ring tone- I swear one of pete's organic Zucchini's will be mid flight soon at his head!

We are totally blown away, turned on the computer and we had just under 1000 emails from friends supporting gay marriage who have emailed their local Liberal. I was hoping for 100, but nearly 1000 just did my dear ol' heart some good. It's great to know which friends support you and such things- thank you as I know many are reading this.

March 18th

Arrive at BRUNCH for breaky and new lights etc in the room, so sombre though we couldn't read the morning papers. We are turning up with miners caps on next week with little lights on top so we can read! We like the owners , really good people. Foods great too and we have our regulars who come up and say hello.

March 19th

Walk with Marky around the oval, determined to get him exercising a little bit more. Plus it's great walking with my best friend.

Our mate Janes birthdays coming up soon, so thinking about her birthday present. A small gift and I think I'll make an arty gift for her. The girls have been great to us, though I'll check with her girlfriend to make sure she'll even want the art. Nothing worse then lobbing art onto someone and they think it's dull and crap.

March 20th

Malcolm Fraser died- a truly horrid politician overall but in many ways I felt he redeemed some of that horror by all the good work he did when he left the Liberal Party. We built some of our schools via CARE and with Malcolms help. It was brilliant that he quit the Liberal party when shit head Abbott became "Leader" (and we use that term loosely). I watched Fraser with Bob Hawke at the Melbourne Press lunch only 4 weeks ago and thought he looked very healthy. So it was surprising that he had passed away.

Send out a reminder to people about Neil Finns fundraiser gig for Iona Girls School in Havelock Nth- NZ. IT's on March 27th.

March 21st

I open up storage trunk #13, as I know what's in that one, loads of Warhols INTERVIEW magazines, most in mint condition. Great adverts and some cool interviews. We laugh at the Pee Wee Herman glasses adverts!!!

I pick my first orange from our tree. Everyone up here said I would never be able to grow oranges. As I squeezed the juice into a glass, (well 1/3 of a glass) it felt great. I hope the other 24 oranges ripen. The Daily Juice Company has nothing to be afraid of!!!!!!

Some friends are driving past the general Store and quickly drop in, quite respectful of my space which was nice, so a short stay and then I got onto loads of GPS related work. Kept me busy for an hour- I realised they were locking the doors. But managed a good hours worth.

March 22nd

I drive to Olinda bakery and the Peacock is on the road again. Just one this time. I have el cheapo camera in the car so I photograph him and herd him up to the grass ridge so he doesn't get run over by the large volume of Vintage Cars heading our way. The Kalorama car rally is on today so I'll visit in the afternoon and donate some $ to the CFA.

Drop lunch into Mark and zoom to the Store to see Giles and Fenella- always on time they are. Great to see them. Today we have a 4 hour adventure- off to William Ricketts Sanctuary - I pop on my guided tour hat and it's lovely inside, not too many people. They get the Sanctuary and seem to love it -I hope. They ask about Olinda Falls so I take them, that's if I remember where Falls Road is. The Sanctuary girl gets it back to front so at the start I do drive in the wrong direction-but we eventually found them. I'm amazed how many cars are in the car park, so many Aussies out walking in our beautiful national park. I tell G&F how the walk area is a regular spot for dumping of dead bodies! Yieks.

The Falls are not massive, but kind of tranquil and pretty. The surrounding bush just makes them beautiful and the sound of all those Aussie birds and critters. It's a nice days, warming up so we head to The Deli for a drink. I'm spoilt with cake (thanks guys)!!!! After that it's home again, time has flown. Love our Easter Eggs too-very generous.xxx

The Kalorama Oval is packed, this weather has drawn in the off mountain crowds. I support the CFA- about 2 dozen people come up and say hello- the locals seem to like us! The cars are exceptional and their proud owners!

Home by dusk and work in the garage on Janes birthday gift. I've decided that my canvas's this year will be wrap around, so the art continues around the side. So Andy-Wrap #1 is my first and it kind of works. I'm loving working with Jo Sonja's "Indian Yellow" and "Cadmium Scarlet" paint- 2 of my favourites. So I'm screening and hand painting. The hair dryer is my best friend when it comes to art, means I can dry the hue quickly. A local woman walking her dog stops and asks what I'm doing, so I show her. "That's a beauty" she says. I never know if they are being polite, but I do like the first one. I'm making 5 in this series, 2 will be for-sale so I'm putting the word out if anyone is interested. have a PG original in your own home!! Email now!

We work in the office tonight for a few hours, I have a quick look at the Sydney newspapers to see how the NSW state election is shaping up. I think the Libs will get in but after QLD and Victoria kicking them out, anything is posisble. If they do get in, NSW residents will end up paying much MUCH higher electricity bills from Bairds leasing of the assets -so be prepared to pay if that's the case. I've love for there to be an Anti-Abbott vote- send that message to Canberra via the election. Good luck NSW!

That's it for another fortnight!

Love life, love art!


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