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Halloween- Kalorama- 2016-Jackie K struts her stuff!

Halloween- Kalorama- 2016-Jackie K struts her stuff!

October 10th

Coffee at the General Store, I get 45 minutes worth of rough editing done for the Net. They've added all this crafty stuff to the store so it looks like some old ladies shop (Opps-not really, well slightly). Much as i've like to stay positive for the store itself there are so many of these up here and I'm not sure how it will go. Just becomes clutter, still maybe it adds something fresh.... A nice young couple arrive and they have added some pieces to it, and be nice if their cool metal items sell. In the end I drink my coffee, shut up and get some work done. Anyway come visit the store and please prove me wrong! Some cool little Christmas presents maybe.

Uploading some footage from the Pink Pop Festival, laughing at Nick Seymours excellent rain strip- he's funny. Go St. Nick.

October 11th

It's looking good for Tim Finn to have his WHITE CLOUD production showing at the Arts Centre in Melbourne. (Fairfax Studio) . Pretty sure it's going to be January 13th-15th next year. He's doing well with his stage productions, good to see.

We've been working out how many Crowded House gigs the band has played, including the few from The Mullanes , our tally is 939. So guys we need 61 more Opera House shows. Quick someone tell Neil!

Great that the lame arse Plebiscite has finally been trashed by The Greens and Labor. Nothing good about something "Non-Binding" it means your vote is worthless. Who would be dumb enough to support this.

October 12th

Playboy magazine no longer has nudity, so really what's the point. Are Men really going to buy it for those amazing quality articles. Yeah right! Sometimes a spade should simply be called a spade.

October 13th

I put up Pansy Divisions "Blame the Bible" video on my facebook page, lots of people like it. The Old testament especially should of been trashed years ago , such a load of crap in it.

October 14th

Some of our friends we see so little of so decide it's a good idea that Markys Bar is open again this year for Halloween. One of the few chances to catch up with people before 2017 - it's going to become insane as soon as it hits November. With the American Election so close, of course it has to be this years theme. Hopefully a few JFKs, Monica's, Hillarys, Bills, Jackie and hell even some Lee Harveys! What no Donalds? He's scary enough the other days of the year, we don't need him on Halloween. Hopefully a really fun night.

We buy Supernatural Season 11... how incredible it just keeps on going. Lunch at the Blue Turtle today , our favourite haunt at Lilydale. Such a large meal, I'm not use to stuffing my face, more of a grazer.

October 15th

Go for a run around the oval and see some of the rugby lads again, have a kick , run, and end up with some rather excellent bruises (ouch). 40 minutes later and I'm worn out. All this exercise will kill me. Too old to become a sports stud. Ha!

October 16th

Grab our air tickets to head home at Christmas. Nearly got all that out of the way. I'd love to have my christmas shopping done and dusted early this year. It all comes around way too quickly.

October 17th

We really enjoy the latest I AM REBEL on National Geo channel. Tonights was about Dr Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin and all those amazing drugs like MDMA.. truly fascinating episode.

I get Mark the National Geo box that has every issue of the magazine on disc. A brilliant price too. Such geeks-we love National Geographic.

Nice to chat to Leanne in Perth. Ok it was a long long talk. Sad she lives on the other side of the country.

October 18th

I take the Hillary nut cracker into Montague. Never has one nut cracker received so much attention!

Mark works on some of my video transfers from the Hobart Tolosa Park concert footage. It's a bit rough but some of the soundcheck stuff is ok. I love the pan back to an empty oval.

October 19th

I take the mystery yellow folder to breakfast and wade through it, so many strange bits and pieces... a few archival diamonds... I love mystery folders.

Bongo calls, tells me a Hooks fan is flying ion from Boston and will be at one of his shows... cool

Injured Kookaburra near our drive way, so Mark captures it and we are the bird hospital again. So far our batting average is good but you never know, more worried about his wing injuries and a deep cut in his head.

October 20th

We have managed to find some truly amazing items for the Clubs Christmas Stocking , I'm going for 100 for one very lucky fan. It's the one time of year where fans can support the club, we've always gone beyond the call of duty around all the club members , so you'd like to think they would return the favour and get a ticket or two. So great that the band members donate and say 'Yes'. I do feel a bit like Santa when I tell the lucky person they have won- even a few blokes have gone all teary , makes me chuckle. So c'mon support your club and get a ticket or two.

Pay the evil Car Rego, it seems to be so expensive, it must really hit some people financially each year, especially when it arrives out of the blue.

Mark is working away on another garden project, he puts in such effort. Great when they are complete.

October 21st

We drive to Spotlight and I'm trying to match material for the bloody Pill Box hat that I have to make. So there I am in line with my bolt of pink with all the mums and old ladies, many making Halloween costumes for their kids. I have to say there are some rather excellent rolls of material, some stage when I actually have free time again I might make us a few cool shirts.

We send out some invites for Markys Bar for Halloween. The only chance we will have to catch up with friends before the new year. It's so general. Mark creates the invite, what an arty farty bloke I have, talented bastard.

Rosemaree excited as she has found her Monica Lewinsky blue dress to wear! Now just the "stain"!

October 22nd

Morrissey at Festival Hall, cold wet night outside, passionate crowd inside, far better then the previous tour. Not quite sold out but a really decent crowd. I hear the Wollongong ticket sales are very slow, with no Sydney show (which is weird) I guess fans are travelling down to the 'Gong for the show.

October 23rd

Was talking to my mate Fran about people taking photos of a croissant for sheepbook. We both agreed it was as lame as you can get. It's one thing to photograph food if it's something you've made from scratch and it turns out amazing- but really a croissant that is no longer frozen- wow fucking exciting (NOT).

October 24th

Oh Pill Box hat hell. A lot of hats are made from cereal boxes because of the type of cardboard. Thank god for the Internet, I whip something up with quite a few "Hmmm what the fucks" in between. No sewing machine so it's glue and improvising. I'm almost horrified that it actually looks like a hat! I won't give up my day job and no Milliners need worry but it's kind of cool. I'll be the hottest WUMAN on the block. The Crombie's would be proud.

October 25th

I see Trumps campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has admitted that Trump was losing. What are they after the sympathy and panic votes? The non college white male vote will come a knockin' on Trumps door. Desperate for change.

I make MIM a little halloween box of goodies and mail it to her. I'm surprised at how fantastic it turned out. I kind of rock when using spray paint.. what I'm actually good at something! No way.

Mark is mowing the east lawn, finally some warm weather, I have to repair the lawn mower, the screws keep falling out. I've fixed it a dozen times. It still functions, I do need to sharpen the blades, I'll do that in December.

I remember to call my Uncle for his birthday, I usually forget so for once got my act together.

Wendy calls, excited to of found the gloves and bag, she whitens them with lemon juice. Love Jackie's "Support team".

October 26th

The new season of Walking Dead blew our minds, what a truly brutal start, the true evil is not the walkers after all!

October 27th

Pancakes, Canadian ones at Montague. Yum.

Work in the office the whole day, in fact we have a quick dinner and then back down. Finally finish at 10.00 at night- a long day.

October 28th

VOLUME opens in Auckland. The history of NZ music. It's at the Auckland Museum and runs for 6 months, which is brilliant. Exhibits rarely go for that long. Hope it does well, I helped in a few areas, always happy to do so.

October 29th

Saturday and a sunny day, coffee at Nellys. Just us, it's very quiet , spent most of the time laughing. Some classic Nelly moments today, god bless her.

Wendy arrives and Marks working outside- a very butch MG today, all sweat, dirt and tanned physique- Grrrrrrr!

I'm in the guest room showing Wendy some insane black wig and the door bells answers. It's Pete Farnan from Boom Crash Opera, dropping in his new album. His daughter is with him- talk about first impressions, I am at the door with a huge wig,wearing my Mums earrings and Wendy just chuckling. A funny moment. So check out Pete Farnans "Pesky Bones" cd, some exceptional guests on it. A wonderful album, which i hope won't get lost in todays musical dribble.

The Kalorama General store has a crafty area called "Inspired by Provence". Just do a google search to find out what's on offer.

October 30th

We pop up 2 clips from the CH Tolossa Park Tassie shows. Up on Crowded House Archive (FB) page. What a passionate crowd- loved that show.

I buy my first Christmas present today, 1 down too many to go.

October 31st-Halloween

What a hoot, just a wonderful night. Nice that so many made an effort, the 2x Monicas, the Grassy Noel (Knoll) a couple of Jackie Kennedys, Lee Harvey and more. Markys Bar -such a cool venue and it all felt really great. We keep it very general, and probably the last chance to see our mates before 2017. Think Marks line was "the rest can get stuffed" - which I love. Moving on to a batch of new friends too , which we are enjoying immensely. Blown away by the massive Halloween Pumpkin that our neighbours gave us- awesome!

We love Halloween and this years was great!

November is a few minutes away, so we are about to go into Crowded House mode- the ARIAS and the Opera House, the Re Issues and much more. A bit like a runaway train. It will take us all the way through to 2017.

November 1st

A much needed coffee this morning, not hung over just some sleep deprivation. A solid day in the office working on the Crowded House Re-Issues and ticket requests for the Opera House. In fact requests for everything. I hate it when people don't bother to read what we send out, then send emails , and say 'I was too busy to read it" - you just want to go, yeah really and we are not. I think people believe we are all poolside with a gaggle of super models and two bags of cocaine nearby, one for each nostril.

November 2nd

Our excellent manager tells me I'm off to the ARIA's so that will be fun- now what to wear, black cowboy hats are so in.

Mark takes time out to clean up the bar, I'm side tracked today so another long day in the office. The release date for the Re-Issues approaches fast. I just want them to do well for all concerned.

Call Crombie but he's not home, Noel has gone awol!

November 3rd

"YOUTH" movie is rather excellent, a fine moment for Michael Kane. Good find Marky.

November 4th

Off to Eastlands with Mark and he spoils me with the bluray of the latest Star Trek movie and I grab a few of the Crowded House reissues for Christmas presents. So cool to see them all lined up in their little display box. As I pay I spot the Crowded House "Very, Very Best Of" on the counter. It's going to be a Crowdies summer.

My 10,000th tweet went out today. A friend posts a really stupid remark and basically people comment what a fuckwit.

I do hear from Nigel Griggs, he's a good bloke our Nige. That always makes for a nice long enjoyable chat.

The club has it's rather amazing Christmas Stocking giveaway under way, spend some of the afternoon ferreting about trying to find some more great prizes. Pretty sure one lucky fan will get an amazing 100 prizes. Got to be in it, to win it.

November 5th

Upload Skyhooks performing SMUT at The Palace 1990. Shirl has such a wicked gleam in his eye, that giant stage penis, just wonderful. Oh those naughty Skyhooks.

Home made Lasagne for dinner. A really good one, Marky says it's one of the best yet. The way to a mans heart...

November 6th

The Donald Trump dartboard gets a work out especially when someone throws an axe at it! As we all know Trump won the election, I still am amazed that America could be that stupid. Feel sorry for so many of our friends. Talk about the desperate being suckered, they'll be the first to complain when all of Chumps promises fade to nothing. Good luck America you will need it. Just awaiting for the mass arrival of USA friends living in our wine cellar for 4 years!

It's become a very scary world!


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