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Vote For Marriage equality Australia

Vote For Marriage equality Australia

June 13th

Queens Birthday wild old weekend, and also Red Symons birthday, so all Queens today to blow out those candles!

The Sex Pistols GOD SAVE THE QUEEN playing LOUD in the art room. Funny how they sold out, I suppose it's no surprise. Sex Pistols credit cards- good grief.

The Orland Florida night club killings all over the news, such evil, and also why people need such guns it's ridiculous. Those who think it's cool to allow "all guns" are always the first to moan when one of their family members gets shot. A very sad day for America, watch that fool Trump attempt to make milage out of it.

June 14th

Annie makes a killer coffee and the writing block dissolves like magic. Well kind of, my little piece for "Project Z" is churned out, well the first rough. I send it off to get some feedback and all very positive. Just have to tidy it up with some help from Mark.

Early voting starts today and take Mark to Lilydale as he will be filming in the desert on voting day (Chuckle). Labor's Hovig Melkonian is at the door and he always looks 12 years old, though really 36. The Liberal guy handing out flyers looks 100, I am concerned about him standing in the elements for that long. Voting done and we head up to the Blue Turtle Cafe (222 Main street) for a fantastic lunch. Roxy looks after us - voting has never been so good. The Animal Justice Party get a nod in the Senate white paper , Labor, Greens etc.

June 15th

I spend the morning taking some photos of an embroidered Crowded House jacket logo, the weather is so Wintery but natural light from outside is not too bad. The record company like the logo and sadly we have no art work remaining for this one. Well, unless Nick has it hidden away , which is possible, who knows what amazing creations exist in his art books?

Great that the Dandy Warhols are back in Melbourne later this year. Such a cool band. I remember when Crowded House were announcing the split while we were all in the UK- I had to go to tv station with the band and Mark spent the night at a very small English Pub with the Dandy Warhol's playing. Surely it was one of their first UK shows -only a dozen or so people. Australia loves them. Besides they have a track called "Famous for 16 Minutes" so naturally we'd love them for that alone.

June 16th

The election only a couple of weeks away, such a large ask for anyone to take that many seats off the Liberals. Still as proven in the Queensland and Victorian elections, it can be done. Still so many undecided voters out and about. It's funny as a lot of our usual Green voting mates are indeed voting Labor this time- they probably know it's the only real way to remove the Liberals. In the end we all have one vote, but hopefully people will make it count. Turnbull has become as bad as Abbott in so many ways, he's been an incredibly lazy -do nothing PM- hoping a change will happen.!

Early supermarket shopping and run into Louise and Mark. Night shopping is fun!

June 17th

A cold, foggy night. I'm off to the office at 11.00 and spot a young fox in our yard. I've been dreaming about a fox in our yard for 2 weeks now, so a bit odd to see this whippersnapper at this time of day. I keep Banshee inside , just in case. I hope Mr Fox isn't setting up house on our property.

I see "Downriver" received a 4.5 star rating , local aussie movie, filmed in Victoria. I hope it does well.

I'm at Montage and have my Twin Peaks moment, my coffee tasted kind of "fishy". That fish in the percolator moment!

I make some time to chop more firewood , it Zens me out.

June 18th

Banshee's new annoying habit of waking up at 5.00 AM means I'm worn out. Marks going to have her sleep on his bed tonight. I need to catch up on my ZZZZZZZ's.

I'm feeling the urge to get my hair cut short, crazy to do during a cold cold winter.

We work in the office all day. 10 hours.

June 19th

Have a coffee at the General Store, I take some of my Purple King climbing bean seeds down for Pete. I had a handful of heirloom stock remaining and knew he'd put them to good use.

Work on our BAS paper work, early, want to get most of it out of the way.

Love the latest season of Orange Is The New Black - i like that it's on cable here and not the net. Cindy Hayes and Suzanne Crazy Eyes are my current favourite characters. I want a collectors figurine of both . Do any even exist?

So sad that Anton Yelchin died at a young age of 27. Loved his work and especially as Pavel Chekov in the Star Trek re-boots.

June 20th

I add some live Skyhooks footage (Hey What's The Matter) from Olympic park- Rocktober 84 to the Official Skyhooks facebook page. The fans appreciate it, and depending on the Liberal fraudband it doesn't take too long to upload.

I'm feeling like I have been a lazy bastard all week so i head off to the oval and do a few laps. It gets dark rather quickly so that dictates. Once more I'm the only one running in circles... the things we do. Run Gryphon Run!

June 21st

Neil's first Boulder Theatre shows and some really great emails come in. We didn't manage to sell both out but still really healthy crowds. Probably nice to have a large room full of fans passionate for your music, whereas festivals can be a lot of hard work. I prefer Theatre shows, more intimate.

I lower the rainbow flag from our tree/flag pole and give it a good dry in tumbler. Find a huge pole for it -so we are prepared for the upcoming Marriage Equality rally on Saturday.

June 22nd

I mail my sister $50 and a new funky flat torch. It's hard to describe it, made of card with a hand painted pattern but so exceptionally bright. very handy and perfect for her bag. I bought it up here on top of the mountain. See it's not as remote as people think.

Ok maybe a bit, a deer walked by the office window this morning,scared the living hell out of me. That wouldn't happen in the city.

June 23rd

I drove off mountain today, decided to get my hair cut, nice and short and a fresh dye job. It's not bad. A girl walking into Coles, stopped and said "Hey like your hair cut" so that felt kind of good. Was she hitting on me, how cool would that be (chuckle).

On the way home i stop the car and decide to get some exercise running up the 1000 Steps. Just 2 other people and god they were so slow. At the start of the trail there is an amazing Eugene von Guerard piece of art in a glass case, i love it, the Dandenongs around 1900, so primal. As I'm heading back down the steps it starts to rain. I just make it to the car on time.

I put up some footage of Miss Hairball, at the 11 Osborne street Sth Yarra home. It was a really enjoyable place to live. Nice you can see a little bit of the house in the video footage. We love and miss Hairball-she was very cool.

June 24th

I have a long chat to our manager, Bill is great, very efficient and keeps me updated. I'm very happy- work wise.

The election is closer, Labor will do well, but it's an insane amount of seats to win. Will they, who knows, but a message will most certainly be sent to the Liberals that is for certain. Kind of awesome in a way- they had such a huge lead and it's pretty much evaporated after not even 1 term.

June 25th

Happy Birthday Tim Finn. Lots of people singing "Haul Away" today.

We head into the city for the Marriage Equality Rally -it's raining as we leave. Mark comments on the shit weather- "Now c'mon God loves his gay marriages, wait and see". We arrive in the heart of Melbourne to the most brilliant sunny Winters day in years! We find a handy car spot and walk to the State Library meeting place. It's packed, thousands and thousands of people. After an hour of speeches etc we head off, up the main street, a massive amount of people chanting, and waving rainbow flags. Our flag pole is insanely heavy and we are at the very front of the march. The crowd numbers grow, I spot people stopping on the sidewalk and cheering and applauding-so wonderful.

As we near the tall building this crowd starts chanting PUT THE LIBERALS LAST and it echo's really echo's all away around the city. I just wave the flag, can't chant as I am election neutral this week. But I do smile. Suddenly and even now not sure why, I decide to run all the way to the Parliament steps ahead of this mass. Mark says I was like an Olympic Flame runner. I'm sure I wasn't. The Chariots of Fire movie theme running in my head. Media are snapping away, I hide behind the rainbow flag...up those mighty stone steps. The Marriage Equality rally looking incredible-walking towards parliament. I wave the flag and urge them on- letting all that passion out. A wonderful moment. People come up and pat me on the back, I spot Laura , Stella and Stuart and we all stand together. Marriage ceremony's happen- did we or didn't we? Such an incredible day!

June 26th

I have coffee in the morning and catch up with Dagma and later Miss R. Cold old winters day outside, but I like it. We watch "The Secret Life Of Bee's" on cable- how good is Dakota Fanning! So that's it for the moment, not quite hibernating but getting through the long grey Winters days. Remember to vote if you are an Aussie. I just would love for some change to happen in this country. If you want a decent NBN or a chance for your mates to get Marriage Equality- Labor or The Greens are your only hope.

Vote Vote Vote!


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