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Paul Hester- 11 years, gone, never forgotten!

Paul Hester- 11 years, gone, never forgotten!

March 14th

Another public holiday, Labour Day. Well for Victoria anyway. So we flutter in and out of the office, get some work done but most of the day off.

I did have a dream that we bought the house at Richmond next to Molly. He kept having extreme parties and his guests would always wander through this little gate at our place to party on even further. It was a really strange dream. It was annoying as I couldn't put any of our Egyptian artifacts up because Molly was the King of Egypt , so our house became Peruvian (style). Good grief what did I have to eat before going to bed?!

I see Stephen Smith might be heading to State politics, putting his hand up to be leader of WA Labor. Nice guy and smart, they could do a lot worse. Hope it happens, WA would benefit from him.

Cameron Adams emails me from The Sun, penning a feature on music videos and wanted some quotes. he did mess up what my work title is , but I'm use to that (rolls eyes). I was happy to help.

March 15th

28% of Australians are now considered Obese. Suddenly the amount of sit ups by yours truly increases.

March 16th

Mark converts over some of my old film footage from the first visit to Melbourne together (December 1978). So 38 years ago! It's silent footage but fun memories. For 5 days we lived in the little orange tent in the backyard of the Woolven family who lived at Oakleigh. They were so kind and generous to us, the Mum owned this wonderful vintage black car. They'd take us on these epic drives around everything Skyhooks. We visited Greg, Bongo and Tony Williams and the band members were so patient with us... the footage is wonderful and even 38 years ago Mark went out of his way to avoid being filmed. He's such a ghost. The exciting thing is that this week on Official Skyhooks facebook- who should pop up but the young son Ian. It's so funny he must be 45 years old now, he's just this little kid in the film footage. Thanks MG wonderful memories.

March 17th

I've been working some late nights on Neil live dates etc, so in need of a quick recharge. With William Ricketts Sanctuary 2 kms down the road from us, it's exactly what I need. Hopefully few tourists mid week. I decide to take my camera as I'm always spotting some new sculpture of Williams hidden away in the growth.

Very few people walking through the sanctuary. The giant ferns are adding an extra layer of tone to his works. I'm up the back part of the sanctuary and this feeling that I am being watched surrounds me again. It almost makes me paranoid. As I turn from one of the giant arch ways I spot movement. A very large black faced wallaby has been observing me. I'm not quite quick enough with my camera and I watched him hop slowly away. All these visits and I've never spotted a kangaroo or a wallaby so I'm rather chuffed. I'm now walking along along the trails winding through these beautiful creations. Koori faces in stone peer up at me. I stop as I swear I can hear a lyrebird, Williams old totem animal. No lyrebirds have been spotted at the Sanctuary since his death in 1993. It's the day for it, something different today but not scary just a bit odd. I sit on a large boulder and tune in to the lyrebird song, the sirens of the aussie bush. The song stops and I truly have no concept of time or how long I have been chilling on this rock. It's somewhat wonderful.

The temperature has climbed and Mark is on the decking having a cold drink. He thinks Banshee is wandering under his feet but a secondary glance and it's actually a local-a large Echidna. He calls me in the office and we check out our spiny visitor. I just want to make certain the Echidna has no injuries as quite a few get hit by cars. This one is healthy and proceeds to the centre of the east lawn and digs himself deep into the earth. A few hours later he heads off under our house. Our animal magnetism is most certainly working today.

March 18th

Windy, windy, windy. Trees down on our street but Ailsa Craig nice and safe.

March 19th

The record company lock in a date to visit and go through our archives for the upcoming Crowded House reissues. Hopefully we can help them out with some fascinating bits and pieces.

Coffee at the general store but I keep an eye on the time. I have a chance to catch up with Bill & Chloe Shorten while they are in town for the Ringwood Community Q&A. I quite like Mr Shorten, he'd make a good PM for Australia. His wife is great, obviously a big Crowded House fan (we like that). Thanks to Ian Mc for taking the photo of the 3 of us , of course the Shortens look glamorous and I'm a bit average today. A cyclone was blowing outside so the people who show up have an interesting collection of hairstyles. About 400-500 people so packed. Mr Shorten does very well, the person next to me, a swing voter says how impressed she was. An interesting day. Patti Smith's "People have The Power" is playing as I type this-says it all.

March 20th

We head to the Kalorama Car Rally at our local oval and it's busy, vintage and even a few futuristic cars-the oval is full . I've never seen so many cars- a huge success and the local CFA will benefit from any money raised. Once more the Yarra Hills council say it could be the last time it's on here, which is insane as it has so much good will around it. I'm certain the locals will make sure this happens here again next year. This was the 60 annual rally. A wonderful day. We talk to a young guy who has this cool futuristic car, nice sunburn't orange. His 6 year old daughter shows us the button that opens the whole roof up. Amazing!

March 21st

Just over 100 days till the Australian election happens, that's if a D/D is called. It's neck and neck in the latest polling. Labor 49, LNP 51. In Victoria however Labor are ahead 53 to Libs 47. WA shows a huge jump away from the Libs. Anything is possible I guess, that's IF the election happens. Hope so I need the work *GRIN*.

March 22nd

A large box of Easter Eggs arrive from Mum, MIM and Sis.. possibly the largest Lindt bunny I've ever seen. I'll go into a sugar coma from all of this! We are spoilt .

Our mate Greg calls by and we are given the coolest book from the brilliant MONA gallery in Tasmania. The fantastic Gilbert & George Exhibit catalogue. Plus it's signed which is fantastic. Lovely gift. All we can offer is a large jar of my special 3 berry jam, not quite the same.

March 23rd

Doctors Without Borders just do the most amazing work, we've made a few donations to them over the years & will do so in the future. I just love what they do, true heroes - the Living In Emergency documentary one of those must see things to watch.

March 24th

Sad news from a good mate of ours, someone we've known since our school days. Sending lots of love to you Amanda & family on such a sad day- I'm in shock over this, so hard to write anything. A horrible day.

March 25th

Head to Jane and Allies for a birthday celebration and a oddball game of darts. I'm not in the best head space but we visit anyway. Mark makes his brilliant sausage rolls and I feel a bit slack so at the 11th hour make some mini pavlova's. Good to see everyone.

March 26th

So Hessie has been gone 11 years . It does seem that long to me. I locate a few press articles on him joining the Enz. So we post those & photos, photos, photos.. I do remember that first day when he turned up at the office, holding an 8x10 photo of himself in case I needed it. he was so funny and bouncy as a baby puppy. After he left the Crowdies we got to see Paul even more. A lot of Thursday afternoons having a cuppa on the Greville street balcony. Just wonderful times. I guess some people burn bright and are only meant to be in your life for a short time. R.I.P. Hessie.

I put a few Paul photos up on my Facebook page and the Split Enz page. A lot of wonderful comments and stories from our page dwellers: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Split-Enz/634446746612422

March 27th

We spend some time outside working on our "projects" as a certain Freak once said "You got to have projects", she was right. Marks attacking brambles and blackberries in the small side yard near the fountain and I'm determined to prepare the space for the 3rd water tank. The boys have the vibe. Our home is only 2 acres but maintaining it can be a mission and a half. Saying that, there is something wonderful about working in the garden plus it's good exercise. A few of our friends could benefit from some time outdoors and some exercise. Keep the circulation happening and "get a bit of dirt under your nails boy (& girl)"!

Have a good one , love from Kalorama


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