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Gay Pride March - St Kilda 2016

Gay Pride March - St Kilda 2016

January 18th

I had a laugh with Mark at breakfast. We spotted an article from the USA where a man took his pet turkey on a plane as his "therapy animal"! Geezuz lucky he didn't have a pet elephant! Oh America you continue to make us smile.

Bowie hits #1 on the USA charts, his first ever number one album in the States which totally surprised me. I bought my copy in America, so i guess I helped Bowie get his first #1. I see you shining in the heavens at me with gratitude DB.

A huge work out on the boxing bag today, 45 minutes, I am worn out.

January 19th

I was going to work on the very large "Farewell to the World" backdrop today and do some repairs but the weather is a bit iffy. It would suck if it rained on them while I was working, that would probably add more mould! The "Farewell" one is insanely big.

We use our gift card from the beautiful Wendy C, and buy 2 Aussie movies on Bluray- "Holding The Man" and "Last Cab To Darwin".

January 20th

We are woken up by a phone call from Mr Red Symons today. Which lights the fuse for a non stop RED day. I head to the general store to buy some mailing stationary and "I See Red" is playing on the radio. We call into BRUNCH for breakfast and everyone else has a regular white coffee mug but mine is , yep RED as is the saucer. I'm boxing away during my break and the Red obsession is on my mind as I notice my boxing gloves are red as is the boxing bag. A friend turns up with some Dahlias for me and they are all blood red.

It's all too much, and Redmond what did you want again? Oh CLEO. Seems the magazine is closing down and Red is scribbling a piece about his time as a nude CLEO centrefold with his fellow Skyhooks Shirl and Bongo. The things bands did in 1976. Watch those splinters boys when hanging naked from that ghost gum. Three Skyhooks nude in a tree, just something funny about that. My Mum didn't raise an eyebrow when this teenager bought Cleo in' 76 - Skyhooks got to have everything for the scrapbook & Bongo Star was a bit of a perve with just a gas mask covering his cock! Yieks.

January 21st

Sleep in, after a few very late nights.

Watch HOLDING THE MAN on bluray, Still love that the student streaking scene was filmed up here at Kalorama in front of the fire station. "Holding The Man" best movie this year on Bluray. Australian's showing Hollywood that sometimes you don't need massive budgets or ten zillion dollar special effects, sometimes excellent acting will make a movie exceptional. I love the soundtrack for this movie too so splurge and order in the CD.

January 22nd

We watch "Last Cab To Darwin" tonight. Another fine Aussie movie. Great script and moments.

The "Living In The 70's" photo exhibit is on tonight (well the opening) we had visitors at Kalorama so we stayed here and entertained instead. Those in Melbourne check it out at Magnet Galleries (Jan 21st-Feb 14th) . Photos from Melbourne 1970-1979 , the Life of Melbourne. Music, people, politics etc.

Rain at last so nice and cool weather. This insane heat and then endless rain seems to make everything grow at a hundred times faster speed. It's great for my tomatoes in the vegetable patch and Mark is picking thousands of blackberries but the yard work is endless and I'm shuffling it around our office work. Saying all that several acres with beautiful aussie gum trees and rather cool gardens is something of a joy. I'd curl up and die having none of this surrounding us, our own small piece of paradise.

A late night with Mark, bluray heaven, so much to watch. I'm glad we did a few laps of the oval , so we are not total couch potatoes. The Amp suddenly went "on strike" in the garage so no music to box by. Oh well will have to use my imagination and think of a few heinous creeps faces to punch on the boxing bag.

January 23rd

Nellys coffee machine is still crapped out so tea for me - no charge thanks Nelly girl. Rosemaree turns up so it's an enjoyable morning.

Oh amp is working again so boxing to the Runaways debut album. It kind of works, the right rhythm .....

Dinner- lebanese meat ball casserole. YUM. The old man is happy, he likes my meat balls (cough). "No (meat) ball stuff I hear him shout". Roger wilco Brains.x

January 24th

Chat to Allie for ages which is great. Lots of laughter.

Spent some time trying to navigate The Chargers (Rugby Union) website. Maybe it's just not mac friendly, a bit of a nightmare to use. I kind of gave up for the moment. I can see Mark and myself at The Chargers games! (sorry I am chuckling). Sport- US? never.

January 25th

We hear from Tim Finn today which was good, he's been racing about, flight hopping etc, A busy time for him, he still has to sign a few more 8x10 photos , I'm so patient over this, I know they'll be done and not too long to wait.

I pick my 100th tomato from the vegetable patch today, just 2 plants, that really is incredible. At $5 a punnet we have already saved a lot of $ and they taste great.

We have another late night, night owls. I love all those mysterious sounds outside at night. I turn on the outside security cameras, just as a small tree limb takes out one of the trail lights. The cameras click on to night-scope very impressive. Nothing escapes our voyeuristic gazing.

January 26th

Australia Day.

I have these truly trashy Australia day sunglasses, Marks taking a photo of me in them and he bellows- "Incoming at 3.00...." and suddenly Andy the Kookaburra is on my shoulder. Never one to blow a photo opportunity he happily poses, making me look like some tragic aussie pirate.

Lots of BBQ invites today, so we visit 5 - just quick visits. Home again and have some food outside, under the blue "Made in China" Australian flag balloons. Aussie music playing all day and even wearing those atrocious Aussie facial tattoos- that you can never get off. I take half of Marks skin off scrubbing. Still he justw ent for it, a very patriotic man today he was.

It's a balmy night , so I decide our indoor toilet needs a paint job and it drys in one hour. It actually looks good. The garage is full of paint so we never have to buy any.

January 27th

A reminder that MOLLY the tv series is on Sunday February 7th (Channel 7 at 8.30). Dean from Liberation sends me an image of the 'fake" Skyhooks from 'Molly", from the distance 'Shirl" in those orange overalls works.. a few costume mix ups but you take that as it is , and it all works, bright, colourful and the Countdown set is really good. The trainspotters will probably hate it, all that obsessive stuff- just roll with it guys and enjoy what will probably be a fun mini series.

For Skyhooks it might light some extra sales of the 'Hits & Riffs" album- and no doubt some adverts from Warners will be a no so subtle reminder- who knows a whole new set of younger music fans might dig it.

We are enjoying Legends Of Tomorrow" debuts at #1 on Foxtel. Good to see. "Secret City" is on Foxtel later on this year, it has potential from what we've seen.

January 28th

I am rather vague today , maybe I didn't sleep, or just too many dreams. Mark and myself have breakfast at Nellys. Karena makes a killer coffee today, really good. Why are the media wasting time and energy reporting Tony Abbott's meanderings to the kooky extreme bible belters... hey maybe he can stay in America that would be good. Abbott has no class, he should of just left after he was stabbed in the back. What a tool. Could of left with some dignity but he remains a rotting walking political corpse. Explains the smell.

January 29th

Rain, Rain, Rain. Banshee awake at 6.30, looks out the door and heads back to bed.

Molly 's 73 birthday today. He's as old as our Mums, we forget that. He is accident prone still, and injures himself in Thailand. Any excuse not to be here while the TV series is on .Get well Ian, none of us are 16 anymore. OK I am but no one else is.

It rains all day and night. Went close to catching up with Fen and Giles @ Andy White but really started bucketing down so I aborted the idea as soon as I opened the door. Blurays, Marky, chocolate and comfy couch too much of a temptation.

I wake up in the wee hours of the morning with what seems to be the flu- how strange. So I pop a pill with OJ and head back to bed. Very strange- a quick sick moment.

January 30th

Mark lets me sleep in and the "flu" thing has almost gone , either my immune system is great or the tablet worked wonders. I have a late coffee at Nellys and read the newspaper.

Oh when we have loads of dollars later on- "Captains Choice" with a private jet seems like a really nice way to travel. Be fucked if we'll be doing world jaunts in some squissy economy back seat. Old and poor seems so damn sad.

January 31st

Happy Gay Pride March!

Was waiting for some friends to turn up this weekend but they obviously got side tracked and didn't call (Grrrr) so an 11th hour decision to drive to St Kilda for this years Pride Rally-March. It's the 21st and will focus on Marriage Equality so an important one to support.

We fluke the BEST car park space and just walk the extra few minutes to Fitzroy Street. I'm wearing my orange "It's Time" tee. Mark looks very very very handsome-I should tell him that more often.

Fitzroy street is PACKED, no way could I count the number, 20,000?? Who knows. I have my cool camera so want to photograph today. Rainbow flags everywhere, far more then Sydney Mardi Gra. Passionate families, lots of teenagers, every gay , transgender Bi person in the WORLD. People are so happy. isn't it funny, those against the gay community and gay marriage always seem to be the biggest grumps in the world. ?

The parade goes for 1.5 hours, exceptional and fun. Nice to see some politicians out marching too. The Premier and Mr Shorten take the lead. Our local member (and deputy Premier) James Merlino- with the Rainbow Labor sign- a massive cheer for them. "Hey Peter.." he calls out, so I take a few snaps. The Greens also a huge reaction. You know the tide is turning when the Liberals march, well about 7 of them, still 7 is an improvement on zero. Someone shouts out "Tony Abbott is a prick & should die" which receives an even louder cheer. The Chargers Rugby team stop in front of us , nice guys, there seem to be gay teams for everything. The cutest little girl marching with her Mum holding a sign that simply read "You are not alone". One day she will be PM for certain, I just know it.

. A passionate day and like we always thought- NOTHING will stop the gay marriage snow ball in this country. Not even old bigots who should just fuck off back to their caves and stick their heads back in the sand or back up their arses. The future is not theirs, and marriage equality will happen here. While the march rolled it's way down Fitzroy street , the polling numbers came in for Prime Minister Turnbulls own electorate of Wentworth. In his electorate a whopping 72.8% of voters support Gay Marriage. 20.9% say no, and 7% undecided. Like the T-shirt says It's Time - the clock is ticking. Happy Pride Day Melbourne.... it was a beauty.


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