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Peter and Molly

Peter & Molly. "Do yourself a favour...." Molly makes it to #1 -Tv show & soundtrack cd.

February 1st

The phones are running hot today, most of the music industry and various band offices re-open today. We are both in early and the calls are endless. It's like people have been saving them up. My Mum calls several times in the peak of craziness, but I try to stay patient and remind myself she is a little old lady and the girls dogs down the street might be important to her ... I try to be a good son. Most of the time I am. She seems to be getting skinnier, that concerns me the most.

I see The Age newspaper puts Pride March on the front page and several articles inside. Good to see, how long can it be till gay Marriage happens here, it's slow here in the backwaters of equality!

We are working on the Farewell To The World backdrop, a segment at a time. It's a nice day so clean and repair another piece. It's time consuming but the results are great with this one.

February 2nd

Lunch at Montage , not very busy today, so we get the large table and let the girls spoil us. A nice way to start the day.

I work on the small pile of secondary stuff on the office floor and manage to clear it. Yes carpet again, luxury to get so much out of the road. Quite a few media calls today, which means the MOLLY mini series is coming up. I'll have to buy another third large filing cabinet soon , the others are packed, so much press and photos. Bands lives tucked away neatly into little filing drawers!!!

Banshee has a urinary infection (she needs to lower her PH levels) so off to the vet. Our vet Moss digs her and vice versa and she is such a well behaved kitty. Her weight is perfect , he comments what amazing leg muscles she has and healthy fur. Banshee cares zilch for needles, Moss could give her ten and Miss B wouldn't care. She DOES give him a serious growl when he checks her bladder area. Lets hope the injection helps and some Urinary special food.

February 3rd

I iron some clothes for tomorrows funeral, making an effort for our friend Jane.

We chat to Fen and Giles which was fun, good mates of ours. I like our phone conversation.

Another huge pile of used stamps for the land mine charity arrive from Debbie H! a LOT, it moves the donation box to the 1/2 full level! very cool.

Just realised in May 1996 this diary will be 20 years old. Yes 2 decades of the diary, at least I kept my promise- while people read it, I'll keep waffling on line.

February 4th

Nick and family leave for Ireland, safe flight guys, was so nice to see you.

Off to a funeral today, a friends Mum, so make the effort. Wear the suit, hell even comb the hair. It was a nice send off, never easy when it is a parent. I know it's only a matter of time before Sis and myself say goodbye to Mum. Nice to chat to Fran too , kind of threw me a bit but I can relate to some of what we talked about.

Sis is in hospital today, so keep that to myself, so even at the funeral Jennifer was well and truly on my mind. Of course our friend Mad Dogs phone call was not good timing on such a Ych day , it was a bit nutty. Any other day I would of been fine but not today dear.

February 5th

Work on another section of the Crowded House back drop, this one isn't too bad, no re-stitching at least, but some cleaning and drying. I still think some parts are missing. We'll know after all the bags have been opened.

I take a few hours off, as I've worked back so often lately. Mark has a garden project and has been amazing, it's almost an Oasis ! Good work MG, you are a machine-so focused!

February 6th

A few friends invite us to a party on their boat in the bay, in a weeks time. Looks like fun and I know they'll make a super effort. It seems we have partied quite a bit this Summer, thrown off our Winter coats.

Just watched the final trailer for "Batman V's Superman" it's going to be gigantic. The addition of Wonder Woman is really clever. "I don't think you've EVER known a woman like me". Excellent! Isn't Aquaman in it but not even a glimpse yet , which is really good- keep them guessing Mr Snyder. The Bat is still this old teenagers favourite.... you know he's with you for life when you wear a Batman suit on your first day of school.

We watch THE HILLS HAVE EYES. The remake of Wes Cravens 1977 (?) original. Wes is involved in the remake. Really liked this, did my head in a bit but really good, most remakes suck, this was very cool. A few bits scared the hell out of me.

Hmm tried to call Fran all day and no answer, not even the answering machine , which is weird. The family are probably away , I have a vague notion they were talking about a road trip. Going to stop calling people, let my friends make an effort and pull their fingers out and phone us for a change.

February 7th

Part 1 of the MOLLY mini series on tonight. We had the perfect balance of mates around this evening. Every one on time and such fun. What a hoot. Love these guys and we all settled in for what was a brilliant night. Great to see Giles & Fen who made such an effort as they get up very early for work. As we all said, life's too short to be boring and let it drift by, come hang with your friends. "The best part of the night was the commentary" says Fen! There was most certainly a lot of that, classic lines from all. We couldn't help ourselves with all the mistakes, but even that kind of worked as it was Molly. Always mistakes around that dear old man. We started the night with the Mollyathon. A Q&A with a special prize. It ended up as a tie between Allie and Doug who share the prize-6 months of the year each! Some exceptional Rolling Stones beach towels from Wendy & Doug for us too and I'm working out uses for the lemon grass Wendy. All of us chatted about having dinner in a few weeks, the perfect number for our table-so see you soon , this time for dinner commentary.

February 8th

As expected MOLLY was the #1 show for it's time slot. Around 1.8 million viewers, loads of Skyhooks on the show, and the Enz with "Maybe" . Good to hear. I know the soundtrack will jump to #1 spot too and hopefully take our Skyhooks "Hits & Riffs" along for the ride.

February 9th

Valentines Day coming up, so instead of just chocolate I order Season 3 of THE BOX for Mark. It's a seventies tv show , filmed in Melbourne. All those seventies hairdo's and clothes , love it. VINYL debuts on Foxtel soon, looks interesting and more seventies.

February 10th

I noticed the Animal Shelter has a fundraiser bike ride coming- they have several shelters and get no funding from the government, so hopefully we can throw a few dollars their way. We have a handful of items , one from Nick so possibly they might benefit. Tempted to go on the bike ride too - it's a popular one and not on till March. We have two great mountain bikes and we should use them more. Next fine day I think we'll go for a ride around the Silvan Dam. Burn up a few calories.

The Martian is out on Bluray today. I called into Coles and even the dvd is expensive - forget it Coles too expensive. I DO have a $10 voucher on my Coles flybuys card so I use that for a few goodies and even bits and pieces for dinner. Nice when it feels like it is for free.

February 11th

We have breakfast at The Deli. It's very quiet today , just us , so we can misbehave a bit.

I see Bowie's son Duncan is set to become a Dad- ... if it's boy surely you'd call him David, or at least as his middle name!

I sneak up to the art room and make a funky GLITTER card for Marky. I can't find a spring anywhere, as I want to make the shiny shiny Valentines day heart wobble, thankfully our gorgeous neighbour Jodes helps out. Never a spring around when you need one, lucky it wasn't a screw that I needed.

February 12th

Mail off our house rates (urgh!). It means they'll get them on time. A few bills this week , where did they all come from? They always seem to arrive at the same time, why is that? I think all the companies sit down over coffee and say "lets send Peter and Mark all their bills on the same day"! (: I did receive 3 Valentines Day cards as well , all mystery cards with no names on them. We joke the same person sent me three! Well I thought it was nice! Someone cares! A lot of people get nothing, the great unloved!

Our friends send us an email about a girl at Kalorama who's doggy best friend escaped and she is so sad. So after our office closed Mark and myself went for a bit of a hike to try and find Riley the dog. We hiked the full length of the Kyeema track , calling and whistling but sadly no doggy. The sun was setting and it was a very cool hike. Andy the Kookaburra followed us - watching from the tree. In fact , for the first time he was the only animal we spotted. When we returned to the car the worlds UGLIEST Hummer Limo was broken down on the road. So tacky and it looked like a hideous large licorice. Why would anyone ride in such a tasteless piece of crap. Ych.

Stayed up till 3.00 tonight, movies and fun at home.

February 13th

A mate asked us to a party tonight but (sadly) we had to decline. We are off to the bay-already said Yes to another. The night on a huge boat, and we may well see the sun rise while still on the bay. Considered taking my camera but worry about the salt water messing up my favourite present from Marky. I refuse to do crappy phone phones, if I'm taking a photo I want it to be good. I'm sure others will take enough snaps. What a night, the boat was beautiful, if ever I was super wealthy this is the boat that I want. Our hosts just exceptional and around 30 of us. Great music. At one stage a fine mist of rain flies across the city , like a seamless shawl of silk. The bay dolphins (not to be compared with the gay dolphins) swim by. I honestly went close to jumping in as it was a warm night.

I have this romantic memory of sitting on the deck with Marky, having a cuddle watching the sun rise! Hey it's Valentines Day someone says . Pretty damn romantic. Home by 9.00.

February 14th

Ok extra spoilt- Mark sneaks in with chocolates. Now c'mon, after all these years , it's still pretty nice. Thanks my best mate. We save them for part 2 of "Molly". The second part is really all over the place time line wise. Still it's ok as I take it as a bit of fun. A lovely ending with the real Molly. As we predicted part two isn't as popular and My Kitchen Rules does force MOLLY to #2 position (sounds sexual).

I get a call from Bongo Skyhook- he's on SUNRISE tv show tomorrow and has an idea about wearing a MOLLY mask from the old Countdown awards. I track one down at Shirls parents place. I'm sure they'll help him out. A fun idea by Mr Starkie-it will work well on early morning TV. Meanwhile HITS & RIFFS , Skyhooks 2015/16 compilation jumps on the national chart. It's #20 on the ARIA Aussie album chart. So good to have our Skyhooks back in the charts. Crowded House are still charting with THE VERY VERY BEST OF... in 8 weeks it would of spent it's 3rd year on the chart! Amazing.

That's it for another fortnight

Enjoy Life, as it's over way too soon.


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