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Nothing like a well waxed pool room. - Kalorama October 2016.

"Nothing like a well waxed pool room". - Kalorama October 2016.

September 26th

Once again the power is out in the national park while they continue work updating the lines. Thankfully it's a really nice day, so we move our portable office onto our decking. You'd think such things would slow us down, but I manage to get a LOT done today. All those little bits and pieces that you avoid, a heap of them, and just done- I'm happy! Miss Banshee loves that we are with her all day, rolling around upside, soaking in the suns rays. Purring and climbing on top of our work. "Look at me, look at me" like a little kitten.

3rd Crowded House Show announced and by the time the power is on I get the information out including the pre-sales. I just know this one will sell insanely fast as well. I really think the band could easily play 20 shows at the Opera House forecourt and every night a sell out. I believe the record (currently) is four shows.

I pack a few James Freud bits and pieces as one of the Montage girls is a fan, so she'll get a buzz.

September 27th

The Trump -Clinton debate is on. I only catch a few moments, truly can't stand the sight of Donald Chump. Hillary doesn't do it for me but she doesn't come across as a total horror like he does. Love the piece on line that went. Trump BELLOWING " I HAVE A GREAT TEMPERAMENT" , probably means YOU DON'T . That made me smile.

Love all the music that Montage is playing today, such great taste, it's a part of the reason why we love going there a few days a week. I find myself singing along.

Latest Polling for Oz and the Liberals are dying in the arse. Labor 52, Libs 48. Turnbulls polling continues to drop. He was massively ahead of Shorten and now it's dropped to below double figure... a few more months and Bill will be above Turnbull as preferred PM.

Mark emails me some of his photo scans, he's wading through his photo albums. I love his photo of Doc Neeson from The Angels at Paddington markets. We were just teenagers and he was really kind to us. Sad that he is no longer here. We loved The Angels, the cool period before that horrible 'No, Way, Get F**cked" chant crap. The bogans really destroyed a really fine song that was "Am I ever gonna see your face again" - the chant version is tragic.

September 28th

I just love this live version of "Hole In The River" had to put it up on YouTube. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDYgj8D7FZs It's weird many many years ago this was voted least favourite fan song ... never expected that. I love this one, especially live. Meanwhile our Crowded House show #4 now on sale , and I blinked, less then 2 minutes later and it was sold out. Crazy.

We head to Eastlands, spot one of those blinking lights and get a very Foxy bed quilt with 2 pillows for the smallest amount of money. Still sealed, but kind of cool. Miss MIM will no doubt try to steal it when next she visits. Marks shouts me the new Xmen movie on Bluray, very sweet of him, so eager to watch it. We buy lots of new pillows today!

I finish my last Moxy pill from box #1, so starting on box #2 today, hoping it will get rid of the last signs of the bug.

Watch Xmen Apocalypse tonight, loved it!

September 29th

Wake up and cough has gone. Yey.

I call Laura to check on her health, that's what mates do. Maybe I passed my cough onto her down the phone line?

We hear from so many of our friends tonight, lots of phone calls. Nice.

September 30th

The house across from us is for sale, $770,000 , always good to know what houses are selling for on your street.

I call in to the General Store to grab our mail and nothing, no fan stuff, no bills, how weird.

200 Drs and health workers have called for the Liberal plebiscite to be scrapped. Latest poll - the support for the plebiscite has dropped from 70% to 38%, the public finally worked out that it's non-binding and your 'vote' has as much value as used piece of toilet paper. It's time old Fizza Turnbull allowed a conscience vote, what are the Liberals so afraid of? Labor and The Greens will do the right thing and axe the fucker. Another Abbott-Turnbull failure.

Nigel now has the bug we have, so I drive to his place on the other side of the mountain and return his 2 bass guitars. He's a mate so happy to do this. I keep clear as i don't want another 7 week repeat performance of this sickness.... lovely drive though.

October 1st

Daylight savings so clocks go forward. But where is the sun? I start to hand polish our floors. I just couldn't wait any longer for polishing machines etc. Otherwise it would never get done, so good old elbow grease. I do ache after finished room #1, but something nice about making such an effort. I could be lazy and get someone but I'm not an geriatric yet.

I make Marky some chocolate mousse, I'm a lucky man having him in my life, and we all know the way to a mans heart is via chocolate mousse.

Lebanese casserole for dinner, get to pick some more beans and peas from our garden.

Coffee with Miss Rosemaree at General Store which is nice. I have quite a bit of video editing to do, so worked on that most of the time, ear plugs in.

October 2nd

Happy Birthday to Enz man Emlyn Crowther, he's a nice guy, we have a bit of a chat on line.

Watch the Grand Final, Storm lost which was kind of sad, but good to see Cronulla finally win one.

October 3rd

I'm using some of the Gum Leaf aromatics natural wood polishing wax on our floors. A subtle sandalwood smell too. Of course I go through the whole tin on one room alone. I wonder if they sell it in bucket size.

Good grief Donald Trump seems more nutty as each day goes by, by the time the USA election arrives he'll be in a padded room. What a kook. How could anyone vote for him, I mean really!

October 4th

Wake up early, another wet day in the national park. So little sun, and as Mark pointed out when it arrives we'll be begging for cooler weather.

Lunch time I clean the Madonna Pews. They have these cone bra ends, think Madonna's Blond Ambition tour. They were originally very old church pews. They are outside on our top balcony. very funky.

By afternoon I get my wish and the sun is shining, so our kitchen curtains get a wash and hang outside to dry.

I'm back in the office and wading through early Enz images for the NZ Museums exhibition. Wish we had original negatives or even decent photos, so little left.

Chat to Michael which is great, he helps out with some Schnell's information.

Speak to Bill about any 'spares' we have of the Opera House shows, to try and look after the 11th hour club members who missed out. Looking good.

October 5th

Mums in her for 3rd laser today, none of it good, you feel useless not being able to help. I chat to Sis which is always good, so lucky to have this amazing sister. Laura, Allie and Wendy always checking in to see how she is going, love those girls.

The Emails flood in again today, they never stop, many hours worth. I sure earned my pay this month.

Casserole for dinner.. back to the vegie patch. It's a good one too .

October 6th

All the "spares" have gone, it was so easy today, didn't appear to be any scalpers or even general public, lots of happy fan emails. We like that.

The sun is out, a few more days like this and Ailsa Craig will finally be dried out. Lots of flooding in Western Victoria and our friends in Wangra are getting a drenching and the river is rising.

October 7th

Grab some more Crowded House photos for membership kits. We have nearly ran out of everything. What a vibe.

Corkboard moment #3, everyone loves the Hillary nut crusher... the corkboard sure is popular on Sheepbook.

October 8th

Our little 2 acres property is covered in flowers at the moment. Every time guests arrive they seem to be taking a pile of flowers home with them, so many. It's a little bit warm today so the air is filled with the smell of natures perfume. It's amazing, and I'm wondering if it adds or neutralises our hayfever from the wattle blooms. Bring on the sun.

I bake a carrot cake, and yes it does have real carrots in it. Our mates Fen and Giles are calling by and spending the night so that will be loads of fun. I've decided to make home made Pizza and using the last of the giant pineapple. I'll have to buy another next week as it was fantastic having a whole pineapple in the fridge. We are both still eating fresh and rarely freeze anything- just tastes better and healthier.

Nice dinner, hanging out with friends and some serious pool playing. Fenella giving The Artist formally known as Wendy a run for the "Best & Fairest" trophy for 2016. (Yes we do have a trophy).

The white sage candle burning till the wee hours. Always funny, when people stay over I never sleep, I'm hopeless.... or possibly 2 glasses of coke with JD kept me awake. Zzzzzzzzz all day.

October 9th

I'm up first , so some breakfast for everyone. I like it when our house has people wandering down the corridors and sitting at the breakfast table. I also like it when it's just us , hell I just like it full stop.

The wind is picking up so I'm glad they have departed before trees start falling down on the mountain road... our power flickers a bit but we are the lucky ones, no trees down either. 30,000 others with out power... and our trees are learning how to limbo in the extreme wind.

I check out the news and Donald Chumps "support" continues to drop. I seriously doubt he will get in.

Watch Aussie movie CUT SNAKE and we love it. Sullivan Stapleton , Jessica de Gouw and Alex Russell all did an excellent job. We dig Sullivan, "Strike Back" fast action and a bit throw away , we dig that he is a bit chunky and doesn't give a shit.

That's it for another diary.... I keep thinking about Christmas, making my lists and checking them twice, a lot to do. Once we get through the Crowdies Opera House shows, Christmas will be upon us. October is always over in a blink of an eye. Stop reading the diary and go out and christmas shop, get it done now.......!!!!

Ho Ho Ho and Halloween soon.


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