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Archive: 27 June - 10 July 2016

Sharon Finns- Crowded House mosaic-returns to our archives

Sharon Finn's - Crowded House mosaic - returns to our archives

June 27th

I wake up very early and have the urge to work in the office. So I tip toe past Marks door and head to my office area. 36 years now, working for the Finn man and the various bands, so it's nice to know that after all this time I still have days where I am passionate. I almost miss lunch , that's how entrenched in my work I am today.

I remember it's Stella Constellations birthday so we wish her a happy 21st. Time flies, I remember when she was born. Amazing. Good parenting , you can spot it a mile away.

We have an early dinner, I have election training tonight. As I'm leaving the address doesn't show up on my Navman, nor is it in my Melways. A panicked call to my OIC and I have a rough idea where it is at Bayswater. I know if I head that way I'll find it. As the time ticks on, I do sweat a bit so call into a petrol station and the young guy behind the counter very helpful. As is a motorist. I arrive and guess what, I'm the first one.

It all goes ok. a first timer next to me , I answer some random questions. Happy it's all done, and hey it pays $127.01 for my hours training. I guess I'm getting some of my tax money back.

I call into Woolworths and they have Winter Pajama's on sale for $10 so grab a pair for each of us. So snug.

June 28th

I suggest a friend buy The Pleasuredome, a transgender brothel on sale in Melbourne. He declines. Bummer, that could of been fun.

I photograph some dead flowers in the kitchen. They remind me of the Rolling Stones song of the same name.

June 29th

Catch up with Rosemaree and shout her some lunch at Montague.

Look at some cameras, as I want to get MIM one for her birthday. I figure that way she can email me photos that she takes. She seems to be obsessed over my camera. I hope she enjoys taking photos as much as her uncle does.

June 30th

Another long day in the office, chat to our manager Bill, so happy, he's the best manager Neil has had in years (Ok that's $10 you owe me William) *GRIN*

Loving BLACK SAILS on Foxtel. We hope there is another season.

July 1st

Not long till the election, I think Labor will do well. I predicted they would be short by 4 seats. When you realise just how massive the Liberals lead is, to even be short by 4 is outstanding. I think people have underestimated Bill Shorten. The Herald Sun will look rather foolish with their CFA- Murdoch-Liberal spin. It will come back and bite them on the arse.

July 2nd

Not much sleep, which is normal before an election, my brain ticking over. Just reassuring myself I know what I'm doing. I'm up at 5.20 and even Miss Banshee is still asleep in bed. Shower, shave, have a quick breakfast- so rare for me to eat in the morning. I carry all my stuff to the car, it's misty and foggy and pitch black.

I can't believe that cyclists are out and about in this dark and fog on the mountain. Are they nuts. It would be so easy to run them over. They are crazy.

I arrive at Sassafras school which will be todays voting booth for the seat of La Trobe. A few of us are early, so we put up the voting signs and commence some final set up. My friend Marjo is in charge, love working with this woman and I do work very hard. She knows I have her back.

I meet my 2 other co workers on the Declaration table- both fantastic, i think we will have a good team today. With a record 3.2 million pre-votes already cast, it makes for a smooth day as far as voters flow. The surprised was the lack of any CFA protest. We heard from the Liberals to expect firemen and people protesting but nothing. The Liberals told people to wear yellow to support the CFA and a yellow ribbon. The one lone person who wore a ribbon was the local Liberal Jason Wood. Nothing, just peace and harmony on the mountain. We worked hard and I thought efficiently . When it was done I helped with a secondary vote count as they had so many to go through. The seat of La Trobe has always been a fairly safe seat but today the swing against the Liberals was higher then the national average (The Herald Suns CFA spin failed totally here). Eventually home to see what a magnificent effort Labor and The Greens had put in. Bill Shorten and yeah Chloe (always remember Chloe!) received a massive roar of approval and it seemed like a winners speech-even though the voting was far from counted. It would be a massive task for Labor to get that many seats but the amount they have already secured is quite decent. Bill Shorten has been a bit of a giant killer at this election. Turnbull was so late with his speech full of bitterness and to a half empty depressed room of Liberals. No one in that room was going to get laid tonight- Ha ha ha! At some crazy hour we finally got to bed. What a day!

July 3rd

I'm awake fairly early and off for a coffee. I have to say i am enjoying the Liberal fall out. I know they'll make up some pissy ground with postal votes but the damage is done. A body blow to Malcolm Turnbull and pass the popcorn, the Liberals are attacking each other now. A taste of blood and it is all on for young and old.

July 4th

Chat to the exhibition people and a lot of our items on loan are being returned soon , which is kind of very exciting. Sign them all back into the archives, like wayward children coming home. I worry about items being lost , but so far , looking good that we'll get them all back. Nice that the public get to see stage costumes and other music memorabilia.

July 5th

I head out for a coffee and to mail BAS and the courier arrives while I'm away. So Mark deals with the arrival of the items from Hard Rock cafe. At least they wrapped them really well. A few of the Skyhooks items were very breakable so thankfully they arrived in tact. I worry for a short time when bits & pieces from the archive are at exhibits. Then I tend to forget about them. In some ways it's good to have them away from here, especially in bushfire season. After we unpack we end up with enough bubble wrap to stretch to the moon and back. The Neil Finn space top is missing but it will arrive next week- at least they have located it.

We watch the first 2 parter of The Kettering Incident. We really liked it, filmed in Tasmania , it must of been Winter as it's all foggy and a tad dark... spooky. We like that. The sad part is that very few people who have Foxtel will see it, too busy watching reality tv shit.

I did mess my knee up slightly, at the General store. Kerena closed the milk fridge rather hard and a big framed embroidered item came crashing down with all this other stuff. My reflexes must be good, jumped up and caught EVERYTHING but momentum crashed me into the wooden display case. Just some cuts, and bruising, and sweleling. I've had worse. Ouch. A good catch though. No not talking about me , but we all know I am indeed a good catch!

July 6th

Love Bill Shortens quote. "Mr Turnbull clearly doesn't know what he's doing. Quite frankly I think he should quit". (Mark and myself mimic him all day with that quote. Mark demands I say it in a Frank N Furter voice!!!).

Work, work work. Fix up other peoples mistakes all day.

I decide we need Mexican and a Midori margarita. So we head into the night to Lilydale. The night manager gives us a both. The tequila is strong (Phew). FUN! I needed that.

July 7th

Neil and family are at Highland Park, IL in the USA. A healthy amount of emails come rolling in , all very positive. Lots of people asking for more shows.

My pay still isn't in, the payment person is away (grrrr) you'd think they would of allowed for such things. Trying not to be crappy , it happens , really just want to get my bills paid on time.

July 8th

I keep checking out the weather at Magnetic Island. A winter escape from my endless amount of holiday time that is owning. That could be nice.

Mark found a cheap copy of "BOSS" season one on Bluray and we are really into it, I'l have to grab season 2.

I'm getting some old shirts of mine out of the wardrobe for charity and find a box of autographed 8x10 photos from the eighties. Cyndi Lauper, Bowie, Billy Idol, Kim Wilde and Adam Ant. How's that for an Eighties collection. Well Bowie covers all era's ! But it's an eighties Bowie photo that is signed.

July 9th

A seriously beautiful day, Winter sunshine , so nice to have warmth on my skin. I decide to give the gutters a bit of a clean, I do some by myself but as the ground gets wobbly, call Mark to hold the ladder. getting too old in the tooth to break my body from a fall.

I hear from Sharon Finn, sent her a couple of snaps of the returned Crowded House mosaic (the one we used on the back of "Fall at your Feet"-she made it ), they are about to play Summerfest in Milwaukee. The Canada date is next.

We watch THE GIFT on cable, a bit freaky. Letting old school friends into your home... lesson to be learned. Miss Banshee keeps pocking her head out from the blanket, she enjoys the movies as much as we do.

I spot a piece on Bonorong Sanctuary in Tasmania. They do great work. http://bonorong.com.au/

July 10th

Miss Banshee goes outside at sun up and today I decide my bed is way too comfortable on this chilly old day, so I dissolve beneath the sheets. So snug so warm. So sleep in till 11.00 which is very late for me. I head off to the bakery to grab some pies, I have a "pie card" so freebee's-we like that.

Even though it's Sunday I'm going to work for a few hours in the office, get this diary done too- yes , on time! (Thanks Deb). Still waiting on the official result from the election. Everyone is asking how Malcolm could blow it , such a massive lead and then down to this. It's brilliant. The Liberals will win but it feels like a loss, Labor will not have the seats but it feels like such a win. Mr Shorten has a spring in his step. I bet we are back to the polls within a year and Morrison and Bishop busy sharpening those knives.

Stay Honest!


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