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Peter @ Destiny's Point -Kalorama.  (Thanks to Wendy for taking the photo)

Peter @ Destiny's Point - Kalorama. (Thanks to Wendy for taking the photo)

March 28th

Easter Monday - very quiet on the mountain. Our mate John hands over a few more chocolate surprises. The General Store open for 2 hours so I pay a few bills. A lot of bills, they always seem to arrive at once, but nice to have them out of the way.

New Newspoll in and Mr Turnbull and the Libs have dropped again. In Victoria, Labor now lead the Liberals by 6%. This state will never ever be the diamond in the Liberal crown again, those days are long gone. Still a month to know if there will be a D/D and an early election. It just seems like yesterday since we had the last one.

March 29th

I find my black footy shorts, such nice weather still so i spend a lot of time at home in my short, shorts! I noticed a couple of bruises on my legs from the kick boxing bag. I have been going at it lately. Not every day , usually every second day but I'm still enjoying the odd work out. The amp has gone haywire again so no music to box to, which kind of sucks, it adds to my very limited rhythm.

We like Mondays, it's Chicken Schnitzel sandwich day. Yum, yum, yum. On our light rye bread and crisp lettuce and tomato's from our garden and some aussie cheese. I add this excellent mango chutney I discovered. Maybe after 52 weeks in a row we'll lose our enthusiasm for it. But for the moment, we LIKE Mondays (sorry Boomtown rats you got it wrong).

In our lunch break we installed water tank #3. Still have to do the over hang drain from the roof for it but great that after all this time it's (mostly) done. It's my little project, Mark has his around the yard. Thankfully I got the cement squaring correct , or you know who would of given me shit over it. I think MG was surprised at how well it worked. We like our blokie moments. Good to get off your arse and do some work outside in the fresh air.

March 30th

Grey day but still no rain. I've forgotten what it smells, sounds like. There is quite a drought happening in parts of Victoria. I noticed our Premier was heading out to see what they can do, which is good. Many of us forget the hardships of country life, and especially farmers, they put food on our tables. They deserve more support.

The overseas post is so slow, at the moment. Especially around parcels from Australia, I think it's the new postal rates and sizes. What were "large envelopes" are now parcels etc , I can imagine customs just taking forever. Of course we pay many $$$ more for a shittier service. A bit over Australia Post, and they wonder why people think they suck. A month for parcels to arrive overseas, hopeless.

March 31st

I mail a card off to our mate Amanda. The sunset scene just reminded me of her and her hubby. Still so sad for her.

Bongo is playing a show with his band this weekend so I give it yet another push. He calls to say thanks and it's almost sold out, so he'll be happy.

I work till 3.00 in the morning, just getting bits and pieces out of the archives, it's been a very long day.

April 1st

April Fools Day and nothing happens. Well we did see Tony Abbott on the ABC news, so maybe he was the fool for the day. Hard to find someone worse.

1.00 and one of the record company guys has flown in and we have a quick meeting. He visited our Ex Enz manager Nathan first (Nattys working on Australian Crawls catalogue) so it was nice to get a "Hello" from our old boss. I have a bit of a lunch ready which we tend to do when people call by. We get a lot done, he leaves happy and I'm hoping we can add to the "project" (and yeah I'm not saying much about it am I?). Plenty of time.

April 2nd

We enjoyed "The Skeleton Key" on cable. Kate Hudson, Peter Sarsgard, Gene Rowlands and John Hurt. All that spanish moss hanging from the trees. Hoodoo and a crazy old lady.... a good mix of nuttiness.

Good news as the Finn-Kelly dvd re-enters the top 50 at #35, it's 84th week on the chart. It just keeps on selling. Good tour, fond memories for many.

April 3rd

I was talking to a friend tonight and we both agreed on one thing that pisses us off. Snitches! You just know they were the unloved fat kid at school that greased up to teachers. They stay the same their whole lives. Urgh... and anchovies , we both detest anchovies!

Now back to our station.

It seems like Tasmania's energy supply won't be back to normal for many more months. The bass cable is really in a bad way - surely Tassie won't run out of electricity? How weird would that be. Hopefully some rain soon for their Hydro system.

April 4th

It's another Crowded House day, work on images, Nicks negs, file stuff, archive stuff. 85% is a NO, but a small pile growing of possible YES bits & pieces.

Labor is now ahead of the Lib-National Party, the first time since Turnbull knifed Abbott and became PM. Some in the Liberal Party would be shitting themselves. The honeymoon is well and truly over, it's every Liberal for them self. Let the bloodshed commence. I love Australian politics.

April 5th

I have way too much energy, so up early today- some boxing , which feels great, I wash the 4WD and post mail at Post Office #2. We have some breaky at Montague and home in time to open our office- on time. I so do not miss daylight savings.

I speak to Miss Trudi and so far so good, Chemo sucks but she's responding. We love that gal!

Meanwhile my Mum is having eye drama's so I call her a few times today. I worry about her as does Sis.

April 6th

Rain, rain, rain, wonderful rain. It started at 3.00 this morning. I sleep so well when it is raining, even Miss B slept in. The water tanks are all full again and the bald earth areas where we have been working get a really good guzzling of H2O. But even the rain doesn't remove my Black Dog moment, it washes over me like a wave and I just hold on tight. Usually it's only for a few days and I'll be all perky again. It might just be the grey sky, or perhaps something more sinister. Strangely enough I still plod on, no medication or doctors , I'm focused to always beat it. Tough little fucker aren't I? No not always. Sometimes I break and shatter into a million pieces. I grow tired of people moaning over depression, so I won't add to that list.

April 7th

We seem to be spending a lot of mornings at Montage, maybe to see Astrid before she heads off. We let the world change around us. It's easier to be the spindle and let it rotate. Shuffling my Saturdays around a bit, thinking of having sat coffee at Destiny's Point, just for a change. Life is predictable enough without it become stagnant. I like a bit of change. Hell it's only coffee.

For some reason the elusive Vali Myers is on my mind today. I find a small roll of Vali posters, mostly signed to me by her, I cherish all of them. 13 years she has been gone, a little star that has blinked out. She was so incredibly unique, no one like her and in todays predictable Facebook world of bores and tone deaf Tweeters, that is an amazing thing to be. She was bold, talented, fucking amazing really . Honoured to of known her. The little wild art horse that no one would ever tame.

Mark has "Mum chat" tonight, 2hrs they hog the phone so i work in the office till 9.00 PM. Even this bit of diary is penned during Mum Chat. I guess it gives me a few hours to get stuff done. I should be greatful.

Finally "Aquarius" is on Foxtel, and David D is a bit average, I think Grey Damon is really good though, and yeah a tad hot. Now C'mon Charles Manson never looked that good. It's ok and will hopefully improve, we'll take a punt. Mark says it's signed for season Two. Miss K likes the music.... it's early days, we'll watch the season and give it a chance.

April 8th

A wonderful sound sleep last night, cold again in the National Park... Miss Banshee wakes up in a good mood and wants to go outside -early-so I walk through the house like a walker from Walking Dead and let her out. I can't recall actually opening my eyes, I know where everything is , so I don't really need to open up my eye lids do I? It's cold, back to bed because it's WARM.

Grocery shop, eat At Canterbury Rd luncheon place. Pay day in a week so hanging out for that, paid every 2 months , a lot harder then people realise , plus I've helped a few people out this month $$$ wise. I almost buy the wrong Milk, Mark as always picks up my mistake. He's great, I'm hopeless but I'm a damn fine cook and I'll make someone a gorgeous pastry chef one day *GRIN*.

Back to the office, hard to get motivated today. By 3.00 PM I'm scanning more of Nicks photos and negs. Just want to get them done now. So many. A few hours every day.

International Record Store Day is on April 16th and the brilliant Dixons Record shops (Blackburn & Fitzroy) have a 20% sale on. So if you love music, head to Dixons on that day , they have some exceptional stuff.

April 9th

I manage a bit of a sleep in today, but up by 9.30. Catching up with Wendy and some locals at the wonderful Destinys Point @ Kalorama. It's just down the road for us so after a quick shower I am sitting having a coffee. Good to see that Caroline Hester (Paulo's Sis)is still cooking up some fine food for visitors. I am (almost) in disguise today, must be a good one as she doesn't recognize me at first. Brilliant. Two regulars that I usually see at the general store call by for a quick latte. Quite a few people today, lots of cars on the mountain. My wonderful mate Wendy arrives on time and she just loves the view. We are having a coffee and our neighbour Hisako walks past with her feisty little dog Tess. Tess is queen of the mountain (in her doggy mind) so that's kind of funny. Sue Mills says hello, lovely woman, the sister of Sally who's married to Noel (Crombie). Yes it's all happening. A shout out to the two girls- Leisa and Terri , 2 of my F/16 readers who were stalking me (joking-they were on holidays from NSW) and I agree your deserts looked rather tempting.

Great to sit with Wendy for awhile, lots of laughter and she probably knows the few secrets that no one else (except Marky..always Marky) knows. Chuckling as she spots a snap of yours truly on the wall, from the opening of "Destiny", it must be 5 months back now. Mark avoids the camera yet again - I love that he is so private - brilliant. Wendy's never been to Ricketts Sanctuary so I steal her away for an hour. Not a lot of tourists which is great. Yet again I discover a few more of Williams art pieces that I've never seen before- so many. A really nice ending to a fine day.

I cook Marks favourite casserole for dinner- Baked Lebanese meat balls with vegies and Labna. I chat to our buddy Fran and we try to work out the best timing around making Labna. It's a really great casserole , so says MG. Bliss.

Watch the "Dawn Of The Dead" (re-make) which isn't too bad, usually re-makes suck.

Laughing that Mickey Rourke is going to beat Donald Trump over the head with a baseball bat. Maybe American politics is actually more exciting then Australia's. Trump is a waste of oxygen, seriously who'd vote for that dead shit. Urgh. Thumbs up to Mickey!

April 10th

Off to Mt D bakery, they have these "pie cards" now, buy 5 over any time period and 6th one is free. Excellent. A really nice batch of seasonal flowers at the Organic shop. I like that store, don't think twice about their prices as long as the quality exists.

I work in the office for 5 hours, as we are taking tomorrow off. You can burn again on the mountain so Monday we are dedicating the whole day to yard work. Unless it buckets down with rain. So that's why I'm working on my weekend, nice day outside so last place I want to be is my office but I get a lot done. So I've put in some hours to balance our day off. We should be announcing one more Neil Finn USA date in a few days time too. So that will be the usual frantic day of emails etc.

That's it from the mountain.

Enjoy Life, each day that goes by is one day less. Tick , tick, tick.


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