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ARIA Hall of Fame at long last

ARIA Hall of Fame at long last

August 30th

Both of us are still such diseased mongrels, our Dr says a few weeks to go - it's a brutal bitch of a bug. In some strange way getting use to it. I pill up, spray up, cough up and ready to go see Tim Finn's "Fiery Maze" tonight at the Malthouse. The girls pick me up which is a bit of a relief as I shouldn't be driving on such pills. Allie finds a great place to eat, which is the DOWNSTAIRS bistro. Food good and service great, cute staff. We meet up with Wendy too and all on time. Tim has given us the most amazing seats , and have to say loved Fiery Maze. Abi just exceptional too. We all had the best night. I find a bargain sunglasses store and they had some very funky seventies glasses (or was it all in my head?). By the end of the night my multiple pills have kicked in so a bit off my face. Thankfully just coughed once when the performance was on, so happy about that. We drive Wendy back to her car but of course find time to pose for a photo. Got to document a fun night out with the girls.

I'm a bit vague about getting home, apparently lots of singing and emotion. Excellent night-thanks Tim Finn.

August 31st

We eat at Brunch today. A few of our regular spots on the mountain closed due to this sickness, it's everywhere. We are in our own little room, and very spoilt. Paid bills today and worked in the office solo. I've given Mark 3 weeks off to recover. He's worse then yours truly. Time to put on that nurses outfit Sally!

September 1st

Oh is that Spring being sprung, I think so . Lots of flowers bursting out and the trees are covered in fresh new buds. Happy Birthday to our mate Laura. Going to cook them Indian as a present. Dinners on us.

We curl up on the couch and watch Captain America's "Civil War" bluray and I really like it. The fight scenes didn't seem insanely long (for once).

September 2nd

Wow the Liberals blow the vote in Parliament. They must fee so exceptionally stupid. When does good leadership begin again? Turnbull looks embarrassed , as he should be. Talk about no confidence. The rot continues.

Happy Birthday to Spocky... sent a card, lots of cards this week.

Chicken Kiev for dinner, our appetites have returned. Just trying to get a little bit more healthier before our big ARIA announcement day. Funny after months and months this is finally upon us. September will be a good month for Crowded House news.

September 3rd

I jokingly said to our manager I bet someone blows the embargo on the ARIA Hall of Fame press release. They did, rolls eyes, excuses excuses.

Lots of phone chat today- my friend Mike, Laura, Toija, Jane and Allie. I'm all yapped out and then Sis and my Mum call, but it finished with Miss MIM so that's always a nice way to end a phone chat day. Yes I am the proud uncle, she rocks. I hope she inherits a very cool world. It's scary at times but almost mighty. Got to stay positive.

September 4th

Fathers Day.

I do think of my Dad today, all good thoughts. It's always difficult when you lose a parent, especially on such days. So happy Mum is still with us.

We start watching ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK from scratch, season one on glorious bluray. We must of missed the start of quite a few episodes as we can't remember the first few minutes. What a great show, that and WEEDS.

We sound like 2 Barking owls, our cough is annoying. We call it the 2 old ladies making out with a barking owl cough! We have it down pat.

September 5th

So up early and at 9.00 the phone calls start. Crowded House will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. So many excited people, nice to see. I turn off the ring tone on the pone and just go by our red light, trying to let Mark sleep in. So the fuse has been lit, more Crowded House news on the way in a few weeks.

Bobby Spencers birthday today, 1 more year to go till he hits 60. Have a great day Bob.

Exceptional sunny day, the fire wattle has burst out - looks amazing. I wish the mountain was covered in this red wattle, the yellow is pretty but so much of it.

Great news from LA too, so glad everyone is happy and healthy. Very very cool.

September 6th

Pay bills today, they are endless... except our electricity bill which was a mere $14.00 , I do not ask, if I follow it up I think they'll say they made a mistake and suddenly charge me a few hundred more. I just consider it a positive. Thanks money Gods.

Second day of filming for you know what? You don't, good, means we are doing our job and no one has blabbed.

Don't you hate it when your toasted sandwich machine fries your power, thank the Goddess for safety fuses. Still the toasty machine was only $20 a few years ago, we didn't think it would last very long.

September 7th

My Mum has her first lot of laser on her eye, sounds painful. Wish I could take some of the pain away.

Mark brings down all the video gear and works on the Together Alone EPK from Kare Kare plus some Enz videos, where would I be without him, so happy he is back in the office. We are still coughing a little bit.

At dusk i decide to try and clear the gutters, just a bit of forest growth, so up I go, bare feet works best for me, climbing rope on, I do get fearful for about 10 seconds, the trick is not to look at the ground, I focus just in front of me. I fill 2 bags, and Mark has the emergency ladder nearby in case I start to fall. My life is in his hands. My God what a view- outstanding! If the corrugated iron wasn't so painful on my arse I could sit up here all day.

Speak to Giles & Fen, laughing over Carry On movies. Good friends, love it when they call us. They make the effort, love that.

September 8th

Nice day, so finally we can burn and start on our yearly clean up , so my lunch break spent in ripped jeans and attacking ivy and tree drop. It's only 2 acres but i swear sometimes it feels like 200!

Mark is wading through archive video tapes for some Mullanes footage and interviews for the Crowded House Archives page. The usual video tapes dying in the arse and the machines grinding to a halt- lots of hate and cleaning of the heads! But he finds about 30 minutes worth so that is cool. Fuck VHS Fuck Video players, mark was very vocal today.

Send a mate a link for Emu oil for her arthritis. It seems to help my Mum, it's worth trying everything.

As the sunsets I go for a 30 minute walk around the yard with Miss Banshee wandering next to me. She loves our walks and it's good for you. I am always horrified how many people arrive home from work and lock themselves away - 30 minutes of exercise especially walking can make such a difference. It also gets rid of all that pent up anger -well hopefully. So easy to do. I am trying to stick to a walk every day, I just have to make the time.

September 9th

Well the nice weather has gone, and misty rain falls down. Supermarket shopping and I notice our ATM has gone. The shop is going to be used for Woolworths booze store. Woolworths on Canterbury Rd is extending, going to be much bigger and more items on offer. The staff say all complete by Christmas. I like our store, oh well more food types, still hope for your meat flavoured twisties Mark!

Lots of music in the office today, iPod on shuffle, it seems to be loving REM , a mind of it's own.

I hear from the record company on the Crowded House Re-Issues. People are so panic driven, just gotta go "it's alright folks", still this year and we'll release all the details in the next few weeks. Sometimes we are simply quiet on things because we have no fresh news, and it's always good to let information out just prior to release. Not long to wait. Hard for fans to be patient I get that.

Dave sends us the Ol' 55 Anthology 2 disc set, which was very kind of him, some (new) music in office, always helps get rids of sick germs. As teenagers it always seemed Ol'55 were always supporting Skyhooks- on tours- In The Heat Of The Night, Brats are Back. I remember at Brats, Frankie J threw a handful of badges out and one hit me in the head and i caught it, still have it. Anyway the cd is in the charts so Warner-Festival will be happy with that. It's packed full of songs - I didn't know so many Ol' 55 songs existed!!! Still $19.99 it should do well at that price.

Still waiting to hear from Tim Finn on the Fiery Maze cds, we are just the middle men, so I'll give his management another week and then drop them a line. There could just be some delays on his side, I'm far too patient.

I can almost see my office floor again. Nice that Mark is returning to the office, he hardly barks during the day. Means I can start catching up on my work.

Strange that Kit Kats at the supermarket now have "english recipe" across the front. OK.......

Nice surprise this afternoon, a huge armful of flowers at our door with a "heard you were sick" note, from some friends. How brilliant is that. It made my afternoon. I didn't even spot them delivering these on our security cameras. Love flowery surprises!!!!

Home made Enchilada's for dinner, and a margarita. Yum

September 10th

So little sleep last night, my brain ticking over with ideas, work and an equally balance of "the strange". Maybe it was the Margarita !!!!!!!!!!! I could of happily slept in today, BUT I decided it was to be The Mullanes Weekend on Crowded House Archive page. So up and into that. The tv footage is classic and I can never recall Hessie having that much hair. Brilliant! The fans should love all of this,a s we have so little of The Mullanes.

We spend the whole day in the office. It goes by fast. Liz B calls and it's nice to have a chat, she's working away on the 3RRR exhibit which will be at our wonderful State library. Think it's on around November 17th.

September 11th

I think my body is balancing it all out, after zero to sleep to sleeping in today. You know when you bed is so snug there is no way on earth that you are leaving it. So sleep in. Day 2 of The Mullanes on Crowded House Archives, love the video footage from Nightshift where Neil grabs a contest guitar and plays "Proud Mary" while the other 3 tool about. Excellent. https://www.facebook.com/CrowdedHouseArchives/

The bakery is packed but young Sara looks after me. Lots of tourists on the mountain today, some terrible japanese drivers, turning head long into traffic. I blast them with my car horn which may of saved their lives. I grab an organic avocado and decide it's turkish bread with lebanese fried cheese for dinner with huge bits of avocado on top. Yum.

While I have You Tube footage uploading I get out my "To do" list for the yard. I change over the wiper blades on the 4WD. Horrified how so few of our friends don't know how to even change a wiper blade. I bite the bullet and use the higher quality Tridon blade, Marks excited that they are now silent. Sometimes the natural oils from the gum trees add a coating on the car window so the blades don't move as quietly. Anyway, one more thing off my list. Andy the Kookaburra lands and sits on my arm, which is crazy trying to put in the new blades with a bird on your arm. Pirate Pete anyone?

I guess the world will focus on the twin towers today, evil will never win. It's as simple as that.



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