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20 years of the diary- Warhol silver balloons

20 years of the diary- Warhol silver balloons

May 30th

Happy Birthday to dear young Fenella! Hope Wang is full of birthday cheer for you!

I see Amazon UK took the $ out of my account for Marks Rolling Stones limited edition release. It pays to shop around and keep an eye on those Amazon one day bargains. He saved around $100 and especially after not buying from JB- which was so expensive. Not to mention the JB release date (which is the record company's fault we get that) gets put further and further back. Good saving Mark!

We watch "Cold Case JFK" - excellent, science works it all out and throws some stupid theories out the window with fact.

I have to do my Election work on line testing, you get 3 shots and that's it , slightly stuffed one part but ended up with 100% so happy. The wording was so subtle. I felt like I was doing my HSC all over again.

May 31st

Love the band name- "Tequila MockingByrd". Pop metal trio- local! Supported Ex Runaway Cherie at The Corner and did well.

We head to Brunch for breakfast, a tiny bit of sunshine creeps into our room. Louise is on deck so brilliant thin pancakes and wild berries. She rocks. Fingers crossed they don't sell.

June 1st

1st Day Of Winter and it really is! It hit zero again last night, I disappear deep into my bed. A stray deer sets off the security night cameras etc at 6.30, so I checked it out. Our place is amazing and those cameras so HD clear considering they are the size of a match box. Pitch black and they film perfectly. Technology, Big Brother is watching.

Mark spoils me with the new McCartney book, it's really excellent read - 800 pages (Phew).

We visit Dixon's today too, MG buys blurays, I grab some vinyl and CDS. Just nice to wade through albums again. We missed seeing Doug.

June 2nd

We sign some Wings Off Flies books in the morning. The collectors market seems to love that book - Mark would make such a lame Popstar , he signs the most basic scrawl. I have to make it slightly magnificent. I'm just appreciative that people love our books.

June 3rd

We drive off mountain today and when we left, the most brilliant sunshine lit day- we get down to the bottom of the mountain and enter a world of fog and grey. Usually it's the other way around. You almost want to turn the car around.

Some private funding Polls in the newspapers, already a 10% swing against PM Turnbull in his own electorate of Wentworth. Funny if he "does a Howard" and gets voted out in his own neck of the woods. He has such a huge safe vote % I doubt it, but still stranger things have happened and the public's love affair with Malcolm Turnbull has well and truly ended. How quick was that- blink of an eye. The Emperor has no clothes on.

I can almost feel the black dog sneaking up on me, and then the rains starts and I'm nice and calm. Black rover was late this month - calmness restored.

June 4th

It's saturday and tonight Wendy and Doug are visiting. I decide to make them the very famous Chocolate Mousse. If you make the effort with this one it's really magical- today I made the effort. I head back out and chop some wood- 2 bucket loads and even pick the wild yellow winter daisy's to just sit around the tablecloth. We all decide on the most basic dinner- we order Pizza. Our shout- and the gourmet Pizza's are pretty good up here. I'm spoiled , ok WE are spoiled, a very cool gargoyle -I decide Lord Drax is a good name for him. It's after Lord Draxinusam- King of the Gargoyles in Brittania. I do ask my Sheepbook crowd for suggestions and throw Lord Drax at them and that one easily gets the thumbs up. Fuck he's a heavy bastard- what is he made of Wendy?

June 5th

I see Flume are #1 on the aussie album charts, Skyhooks creep back in with Hits N Riffs- the sales at the rear end of the ARIA charts are so far and few I think la 'Hooks will be in and out of the charts for many months to come. I hope music lovers invest in DON'T YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN OR YOU'VE HEARD - the 3 cd set of Skyhooks is excellent, one of those must haves. Only 5000 pressed so I'm guessing when it runs out of stock that's it. A bit of effort went into that release, it would be cool if every copy sold.

We watch the debut episode of "Secret City" on Foxtel and really enjoy it. The problem with mini series like this, only 6 episodes- just when it's getting tasty it ends! We also watch the debut of "Outcast" which is ok too.

June 6th

I order in a huge chunk of CD mailers for the upcoming Tim Finn cd in August. It takes forever to address them all, log in, customs etc and the Tim Finn sales on this will be quite a lot. he still has this fan base that really loves his work. It's a long way from when he started Split Enz and fantastic that he has the support.

Meanwhile brother Neil's USA shows at Boulder Theatre are coming up in a few weeks . June 21/22- they will be excellent, a few tickets left so if you are having the urge for a road trip, may I suggest Boulder, CO.

June 7th

I hear from Mike Chunn with some really great Enz photos , which I'll put up on the Official Split Enz page in honour of his birthday. His always been really decent to me Mike Chunn, a good bloke.

Loving our homemade Turkish bread, Haoloumi Cyprus cheese and organic avocado's on top. Like YUM!

June 8th

I drive past and happily spot some support for local Labor man Hovig in front of Destiny's Point. Good when a local cafe shows a bit of guts and has a sign. A few locals have commented favourably on it. So I say to Mark we should buy a few more meals their , vote with your wallet.

Happy Birthday Mike Chunn. We call all start singing The Beatles "When I'm 64"! Have a great day Mike.

Home made lasagne for dinner, fresh basil on top, Benny taught me that little special extra.

June 9th

This time 23 years ago William Ricketts passed away, his amazing sanctuary just 2 kms down the road from our house. "To meet and become as the living waters-running and singing- a flow of life in my dreaming"!

Quick photo session with some "20" silver Warhol balloons for the diary photo. Someone sent flowers for the anniversary- how wonderful. Especially this time of year where there are so few Winter blooms outside.

June 10th

Rain, rain, rain, a week of it. Mark surrenders to no more "garden projects" till after Winter or at least a few sunny days. We are not quite hibernating but the world will have to make an effort to find us.

Friday, so some supermarket shopping and the good folk at Woolworths give me $10 bonus off my grocery haul. Pay Mark on time for once, our office is busy busy busy, wish more of our work was paying. Seems everyone wants everything for free. Sometimes I want to ask them if they are working for free.

June 11th

A case of writers block so call in and Nelly makes me a really great coffee. It doesn't help so try a second. No luck so talk and annoy John instead. I end up making listing 2 pages of "notes" which might help shape my piece. The deadline is Tuesday so a few days, I'll try and refocus in a few days.

I love having baths in Winter, that steamy mist creeping out of the bathroom, it's full of candles and I sink deep into the tub- like a Kalorama crocodile. After that it's into the lounge room with Mark to watch the latest episode of "Black Sails" on Foxtel- they are still behind but that's ok , so many TV shows to enjoy- it's a golden age. We especially enjoy "Black Sails" - nice to hear Nick cave singing over last nights credits.

June 12th

The diary is late again, not so much yours truly being a slack tart, ok it's EXACTLY that. I was going to make excuses but no, I should of focused and got it together. I usually start with good intentions and the first week on time but by the second week I somehow go adrift and sidetracked. After 20 years I guess nothing changes.

Aussies remember early voting starts on the 14th , and they think over half of Australia will vote early this year before July 2nd. I'd would love for the Liberals to be voted out after the one term, it's a huge ask for anyone to get that many seats. Still the 10th Poll rolls in with Labor ahead (but only just) so even that is surprising. We live in hope of a decent NBN too, apparently ours is now placed around #80 in the world- how bad is that - the Liberal lemon. If Shorten becomes PM there may be some hope-not an ounce of vision around the Liberals but that really isn't surprising. I'm sick of watching the Turnbulls of this world stumbling and lying over this piece of crap NBN. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Keep passing the open windows and remember to VOTE!

Love from the mountain


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