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Shirl gone 15 years now. Never forgotten.

Shirl gone 15 years now. Never forgotten.

August 6th

Woke up early, my ankle less swollen. It just happened, maybe it's the climate, who the hell knows. The hospital scan showed zilch. But I had wonderful hospital staff-they pampered me like i was some exotic butterfly. I got to use the super fast ferry and a few taxi's on the mainland, but now back on the island. Mark has been adorable. Just an odd little distraction, it's hard to have a moan when you are surrounded by such beauty that is Magnetic Island.

Ringo and his mates rock up to say goodbye, and we drop the key back to our agents, right on time. I might of picked up the latest Island estate magazine to look in while we are at breakfast. It's at the Curlew Cafe today (Allie would hate that it's named after her dreaded Curlews- HA!). Same owners and they always have really nice banana smoothies at this place. A good hardy breakfast as it's a travel day. We drive to West Point for a bit of a hike. Rolling Stone bay is around the corner, but serious climbing to get to that, so mark it on the list to do next time. Mark says we should stay for a month next time. I like that idea. We find a funky arm chair on the beach so rest for awhile, what a fine place to sit and talk. Two old geezers alone on a golden beach- hell that's nice. It's so beautiful and warm outside, apart from Banshee I really don't want to go home.

We detour into Cockle bay, really just to take a few photos and to climb a coconut tree. The tide is out so several boats just sitting in the sand. There is a hitchhiker but our car is packed so sadly no room, the bus is along in a second he'll be fine.

We are lining up for the car ferry and the police swoop on a van - some afternoon excitement. It's a bit rough on the water today. I help out a family by taking their group photo. No dolphins today, it's their day off!

I'm starting to know Townsville too and I don't need my navman to get us to the airport. Drop the car in and Thrifty do indeed rock. Nice people, no bullshit and efficient. We check in and we are fairly early, so head to the frequent flyer lounge. It's a great lounge this one and really nice staff. The girl in charge , goes "Hey I know you, you were on the Countdown special". Seems she's a huge Countdown fan , I just shake my head. Of all places. Lots of food here, so we stuff ourselves. I even have the local soup. My Countdown "fame" has created some fuss and we are looked after like icons. have to say it's kind of cool.

Our Qantas flight (QF1793) departs at 5.15 and we both score empty seats so spread out. Food was boring, so I'm glad we had some at FF. We arrive Brisbane at 7.00 and head again to their freaky flyer. A lot of flights, a lot of people. We have some healthy salad and juice. I consider a shower but we are now here all that long. In fact we are the last flight out, so they start the packing up. The coffee bar makes us a coffee each - not bad.

We are on QF639 which left on time (8.00). I spy an empty seat across the aisle so jump in next to a teenage japanese tourist. She's kind of sweet. I'm wading through my photos on the camera and she gets hyper about the baby wallaby snaps. 10 minutes out of Melbourne and I'm feeling fatigued. We arrive early, around 10.20 that night. bags don't take too long and straight onto the bus for long term car park. Of course we get stuck in road works near the airport and our life grinds to a halt. I take some short cuts and make up time. Home by midnight. As we pull in the drive Miss Banshee bolts down the steps to greet us. She's talking CAT very loud, "where have you been". She is so happy to see us and we her. Our neighbours grabbed her from the cat place, so she'd be waiting for us when we returned. She's so cute, we have missed her. In bed by 1.00, fuck it's freezing.

August 7th

Wake up early, still on island time. I'm refreshed and when I'm in the shower I notice how tanned I am.

I find out today that Keith Richards gave up cocaine at age 62. Also today the "Internet" is 25 years old. Well kind of.

I leave some chocolates on the doorstep at our neighbours place for picking up Miss B. We have the best neighbours.

August 8th

Spend most of the day working on some CH art images. They take forever to tidy up etc. By the time I finish, the day is well and truly over. Just hoping the fans will enjoy such things. I also upload some video footage for the CH Archives facebook page, masses of emails and messages arrive, all so exceptionally positive.

August 9th

Census Night. Mr Turnbull tells us all that our information is safe. We can't decide what will crap out first the Census website or the Liberals second rate crap broadband. I encourage Mark to get onto this asap as I don't have a good feeling about it. Apparently more Australians will be putting "No Religion" this year compared to all other religions. That's fascinating. I'm starting to think that only dumb suckers fall for the Churches religious crap. What made people so dumb they won't question their church.

We grocery shop and fill up the kitchen again and I call into officeworks too- great staff.

I head to the house and have the urge for Mexican, so off we go and the staff are keeping a booth for us. Midori margarita's YUM. A tad wasted.

August 10th

40 years ago, these 2 teenage lads were at the Skyhooks "Brats are Back" show at Wollongong Town Hall. A mighty day, and a few good photos. Mr Roberts the Maths teacher who was rather nasty gave us grief for signing the Skyhooks truck. It's what fans did and the truck was covered in graffiti. We should of just told him to fuck off and the Bongo said it was fine to sign it. Where haas the time gone, FORTY friggin' years! Still fans.

I hear from Neil Mullane today which was nice. Always good when he drops me a line.

August 11th

Breakfast at Brunch and it seems "odd" , can't put my finger on it. Maybe it was just me. Chat to Macca, we both laugh at the years rolling by. Such is life.

August 12th

Some amazing presents arrive from our way too generous friend Wendy in Queensland, we never know what to say. She's incredible and spoils her boys . XXX A bit in awe. She always picks the best birthday cards too.

Our mate Fen calls so lovely to chat. I'm making homemade pizza from scratch so serious phone balancing going on as my hands are covered in dough. We both laugh way too much.

Our feel good has recharged me, the cold makes my ankle ache a bit but my solar batteries in my skin are still holding a tad of warmth from North Queensland.

August 13th

The sun is out, coffee machine at general store broken, so tea and cake this morning. Sue drops by and she sounds like she could escape to Magnetic this very second. That sounds perfect she exclaims.

Countdown to Crowded House, we should be releasing a lot more information in a few weeks time. Well the re-issue information very soon. It will be on all the usual areas.

August 14th

Sad news that Kenny Baker has died- the man inside R2-D2. I was going to make a little statue in honour but worked on a golden R2D2 instead. My sheepbook crowd enjoy it.

August 15th

Pay my origin bill today, back in the land of boring reality. Oh well paid on time.

Work on some stuff from the previous Crowded House-Schnell Fenster tour. Still trying to find out if it was Schnell's or Schnell's and Crowdies that played at the warm up show at the Power station. The band members can't remember! Argh!

The old faithful Lebanese meatball casserole for dinner tonight, it's a good Winter classic.

August 16th

It was 30 years ago today that my dad had died... thirty years seems like forever. This year feels strange as I am the same age now that my Dad was when he died. Way way too young.

Rosemaree needs some chairs for her little gathering, so I take some time out of my afternoon and go dig around in our storage area of the garage. It disrupts my day but I'll get these to her. She'd better get them back to me asap , people always stuff me around when returning our stuff.

August 17th

Excellent snags at Montage this morning. Nothing like a good snag to get ones day moving.

Weight myself today, not much weight increase this Winter.

August 18th

Happiest of birthdays to our mate Nigel Griggs.

It's incredible that so many people live their lives via Sheepbook and their pages are so fucking boring. Maybe facebook does reflect the person. You want to say- maybe there is a reason that your last 20 posts all have nothing but 2 lame "likes". I hate those anger rant posts - as if anyone gives a shit that someone pissed you off, do you really think by putting it on facebook it gives you some higher ground? It doesn't , you just look like an angry arsehole as well. Save some time and just get some anger therapy or get laid more. Argh.

August 19th

Banshee wanting to hang with us in the office today, so this is the big moment if she will use her new cat basket. She sniffs it, walks around it, prods it, 15 minutes later, inside the basket, snoring away. She stays in it for 4 hours. A success.

Mark takes me to Lilydale for lunch, spoils me at the Blue Turtle. Roxy's in a fine mood, makes us all laugh. I look for a wooden frame in the Op shops, need a large one but no one had what I wanted. Really lovely lunch though Mark-thank you.

Hear from Bongo in the afternoon and Fred Skyhook will be playing drums in his band , so two Skyhooks playing. It rarely ever gets more then 3 at once.

It's been awhile but we watch RED DOG the movie on Bluray. This movie just makes the toughest blokes cry... I think i started in the first 10 minutes. An Australian classic - you are not an Australian unless you have watched Red Dog.

August 20th

Happy Birthday Rosemaree

Our day starts fine but by 2.00 I started feeling just strange, then achy , at first thinking I had Bronchitis. Which can suck and last up to 3 months. The worst is that I have a crew arriving and a late evening meeting, plus packing our 4WD with gear from the cage , delivering it and meeting the crew at the airport. Professional courtesy stuff. So by 9.30 ish we are on the toll road and I stop in the no stop area, open my window and PUKE! Massive vomit- revolting. Fuck I really am sick. I manage to get through the meeting, all the airport stuff and thank the Gods for orange breath mints and Marks help. As I make the final drive up the mountain trying not to crash the car , it's with utter relief to be home.

A night of no sleep, extremely high temperatures and my voice has almost gone. Like totally. I wonder how long this will last and what the hell it is. We don't really get the flu. It's a really strange bug though, a nasty one.

August 21st

It all moves up a notch, my appetite has gone completely, Mark offered me chocolate and I almost vomited at the thought. Now c'mon chocolate , my God, but no it's off the agenda. I drag the laptop into bed to stay on top of work. I get little done but still no sleep.

August 22nd

No sleep, ill, and starting to lose weight. I've noticed Mark is starting to cough and by late afternoon he is in bed too. I eat 1/4 of a piece of toast. I do have a craving for 2 fruits. You know those Goulburn Vally creations of pear and peach. I can't drive , I am finding it hard to walk. I am also running out of lemonade, as I'm drinking that for a sugar hit. By chance I grab a phone call and it is our friend Wendy checking on us. So far she is the ONLY ONE that has bothered.

August 23rd

Nothing has changed, my body is trying to fight this, I chat to my doctor friend, as much as he can understand my crackly voice. A bit concerned that I have lost 6 KG in such a short time period-great diet eh! Mark thinks he heard someone outside but I put it down to us being crazed, worn, sleep deprived. He checks anyway. He was correct , 2 bags are outside, 4 litres of lemonade, 2 giant containers of 2 Fruits and a packet of chicken Twisties for Mark. Packed with love from Wendy. A moment both of us will never forget - such a drive and so kind. I was kind of right, I eat about 10 spoons of 2 Fruits. I never normally eat them so not sure why I have this craving.

I head to the office as the record company have a few questions around Project "X"- so i vac out the fog in my brains and find the answers.

Marks room is dark but snug, it's too bright outside, I head back home as soon as possible. I want the dark again.

The phone rings and rings, it takes me ages to answer it and it's lovely Fen checking on us. So Wendy and Fen now the Inner circle, everyone else is on the outer. If there is an inner circle.... who knows, I imagined a blue dragon only 10 minutes ago in this strange delirious state. Nice to hear from her.

August 24th

Sick still, boring. I do hear from Tim Finn though as he has some tickets for Fiery Maze for us, so nice he remembers. Hope we can recover and make it.

August 25th

Answer a few more questions around the "X" stuff for TV. In between croaks and barks. The person on the other end of the phone must think they are talking to a friggin' seal!

I chat to one of the record companies about the possible 3 cds being reissued, try and get the ball rolling on these before it's too late. I wonder how long CD's still have left.

August 26th

Mark is still sick, I'm a lot better, finally. Work in the office most of the day, drive and get some groceries, call into Office works. I still have some catching up to do, majorly but not going to kill myself, it will be done when it's done.

The white board packed full of work information. It's going to get busy.

I must remember to thank Allie for the chocolate penguins from Kettering -they made me laugh.

August 27th

Too sick to make it to Bobs gig, I'm sure it will do well, especially with Fred on drums. He's playing at the upcoming Ol'55 shows- still such a fine drummer.

Nigel visits Ailsa Craig in a toe to head plastic body suit to avoid germs (not really) but we do keep our distance. It's always great to see the turtle.

I just want to cuddle up to Mark but I worry I might add to his sickness and him to mine so we wave from a couch away. Still just a couple of phone calls from our friends. I am reaching for the sheers for the family tree. Chop chop.

August 28th

Hate how Foxtel are too lame to add shows to their tv guide. It was only a fluke that we manage to spot the TV movie for "LOOKING" , one of our favourite TV shows. C'mon Foxtel pull your finger out. Excellent show, and adored the final scenes being filmed at Orphan Andy's in the Castro district. Like 'Squat & Gobble', 'Orphan Andy's' is a great place to eat in San Francisco.

August 29th

Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world. Fuck I am lucky, as is Mark as she is like a Sis to him too.

.... of course that also means today is the Anniversary of Shirls death (15 years now). So a mixed emotion day for us here. The Sun's out though , so that makes us both feel better.

Love from the sick bed.

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