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April 10th

Give the voting for MAX's "1000 Greats Songs Of All Time" a bit of a push, a rally call for our Crowded House, Skyhooks and Split Enz fans. Hoping they'll vote, be brilliant to see their songs in the top 1000.

Very sad to read that John Clarke had died while hiking in the Grampians. What a lovely man, I had some contact with him over the years, and he was a joy to work with during the Enz being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

A very cool Easter parcel arrives from Sis, a very special easter box for each of the Uncles from Miss MIM. We are just like big kids when such parcels arrive. All that chocolate... cool!

April 11th

The last of our Wings off Flies orders is getting close to going out, just waiting on Australia Post to get the rest of the TB2 tough packs to us, they are a bit slow- no surprise. I'll email the few remaining people so they don't get all stressy. From the box of book shop stock, we have 18 copies remaining, and then extinct. So www.rocketpocketbooks.com if you are after a copy, we'll happily sign them all- they make a great present for friends who love music. I sound like a TV commercial... no fucking steak knives with Wings OK..ha! Just wonderful pieces of musical history.

April 12th

I didn't even know I had "subscribers" on my You Tube page, apparently 988 of them, good people enjoy what we put up.

Breakfast at Montage, the girls wonder where we have been, just busy my dears, you know we are flat out when we can't make it down for breakfast.

A lot of visitors dropping in, and heaps of mates calling on the telephone. Chat chat chat.. very Warholian.

April 13th

Yey pay arrives and early- thank you - I pay my few bills. I'm also rather excited as I have 4 front row tickets for Cabaret, at the Athenaeum Theatre. We have the front table in the Kit Kat Club section, 11 tables in front of the stage. Wow that's close, and 2 friends are coming along, an early birthday celebration for yours truly. Paul Capsis will be the MC- what a star he is. If one part will suit him, it's that part in Cabaret. Now what the hell will I wear. Mark is convinced I'm going to take over the main microphone and let rip with a version of "Tomorrow Belongs To Me"... !!!!

Midnight Oil are playing the infamous Coogee Bay Hotel tonight, great they are playing a few small shows like this, the fans will be happy.

April 14th

Is nothing sacred? Actually I'm surprised it took them this long! A rock and roll porn parody! The Rocky Horror Picture Show now XXX converted to The Rocki Whore Picture Show! I wonder if Richard O'Brien will smile or take legal action. Welcome to 2017 where nothing is safe! "You'll be a Star In No Time" (Porn Frank).! "I Just Love Being The Boss"...... so many good one liners. Yes I just had to sneak a peep on SpankBang.

MAX TV- "1000 Greatest Songs Of All Time" and once again the fans have answered the rally call. Eight Crowded House songs, three Split Enz songs and two Skyhooks songs make the final list. Incredible effort.

I find an old Warhol book that describe in detail some of his silkscreen techniques- which is fantastic. A few really great ideas. I spend the afternoon in the art room creating a few pieces. Marks working on one of his yard projects which is outstanding.

Way too many easter eggs in our house, almost a headache from eating chocolate, but we still keep on going back for more.

April 15th

Our friends are back from Europe today, looks like they had an amazing time. Nice weather to come home too, more like Spring then Autumn.

1.30 and Andy White turns up for his interview. Good to see him with a guitar too- would love it if he played a song.

Powder him up, sunny's left on and a black leather jacket, the irish George Michael *GRIN*. Interview goes really well, Marks filming so I know the footage will be great. We work the Lounge Room a bit with red curtains and light filters. It's only 10 days till his album launch at Bella Union (Trades Hall-Carlton). Probably the only Melbourne show he will be playing this year so come on down on April 26th for what will be a great night. It's one thing to say you are a fan, another to make the effort and come along to what is an important night for Andy.

As hoped Andy opens his guitar case and places a rollicking version of EVERY TIME I LOOK AROUND from the new album Imaginary Lovers.

Interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0wBO-VHYvA

Acoustic Song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K5TTkGP_MA

Our mate Wendy turns up late afternoon arms full of easter presents. One special one, some basil she grew and it's just what I need for our kitchen. I silkscreened a little egg box for her, does that count as art? A really cool day.

April 16th

We are woken up very early by a call. It's Miss MIM wishing her 2 favourite uncles a Happy Easter, she is so damn cute!

Dr Who returns to the ABC tonight and finally, FINALLY a return to form. The first episode for this season (The Pilot) is really great, as is Bill the new companion. Cute that the Dr has pictures of River and also his granddaughter Susan on his desk. We like those little touches. I'm hoping the rest of the season are this good.

Stoked that Flint from Black Sails will be playing John Robinson in next years re-boot of Lost In Space, he's a good actor so that's off to a positive start.

April 17th

Great reaction to Neil Finns Blues Festival performance. Excellent that Nick flew in to play bass too- many emails, lots of happy concert goers.

A laid back day, helped Mark out in the yard, we went for it today, Ailsa Craig looking rather magical this fine Easter Monday.

April 18th

My Mum finds a turtle in her back yard, with her declining eye sight she jokes that it is probably just a rock. But no it really IS a turtle. The next day they release it at the local creek , we still don't know how a turtle got into Mums backyard. Another unsolved mystery.

April 19th

Mail Andy's CD to Declan and Emily at JOY FM they should give it some airplay, JOY have been incredibly supportive in the past. I call very late and wake Andy up, our mate Jeff Jenkins has penned an excellent piece on AW in The Music. I wish we had more Jeff Jenkins in the media-that would be a vast improvement.

I bake an apple pie for desert tonight, some really nice tasting apples available this time of year. We devour it in one sitting.

April 20th

Mark brings a stick insect into the office, he just rescued it off our front door. We love stick insects. This one sat on my shoulder while I worked, and eventually we released it into a safe area on our property. When it was on Mark it obsessed about climbing among his chest hairs inside his shirt! Lucky it didn't go lower!!!!

Our mate Bongo Starkie is at the Richmond Bowling Club- a new venue that's just opened. He has his rock & roll show getting the place jumping on April 29th - so come along for what will be a fun night.

April 21st

Rain, Rain, Rain , for the next 10 days. Finally the trees are changing colour, red and gold leaves everywhere. The National Park is alive with colour.

I'm still waiting on Australian Post to deliver our TB2 tough packs for the 4th and final batch of Wings Off Flies book- they certainly are slow . I ended up buying the last of a larger size, and get a few more done, means cutting the packs back and sticky tape but sick of waiting for the parcel packs to be delivered by aussie post. Great so many people have the vibe for this book. So many exceptional comments on the Net. A little bit proud.

Iggy Pop turns 70 today, i mean SEVENTY - amazing, so glad he has lasted the distance, just an incredible performer. We love IG! Imagine what he will be like when he is ONE HUNDRED- a leather hand bag with eyes.. make that a COOL leather hand bag with eyes. Long may the Iggy Pop's and Keith Richards of the world reign.

April 22nd

I have a Saturday sleep in- I thought the whole house was asleep but Banshee outside and Mark is in the office. I head down to the General Store for a coffee with John and work on some archiving.

Spend today in the office, mostly work , some voyeurism, only because I like typing that for the diary.

I told Banshee I was going to clean the BBQ today and 10 minutes later I head outside and there she is sitting proudly on top of it. My BBQ Site manager with a tail, making sure the job gets done.

We stock up on treats for tomorrow nights BITCH FESTIVAL, our yearly event. To the rest of Australia it's known as the Logie Awards but for us The Bitch Fest. Especially the red carpet- what the fuck are THEY wearing and of course slagging off horrid TV shows and laughing at some winners who act like they are holding the Nobel Peace Prize. Bring it on.

April 23rd

Sunday and no rain, so nice to have a bit of sun on this fine day. Think my anniversary of my first day at the Enz office is about now, 37 years ago... wow that really IS loving ones job.

That absolute fat fuck Kim Jong-un seems to want to launch a nuclear attack on Australia next. Lets hope the Continental drift picks up speed because as we all know North Koreas missiles crash and burn at 37 miles, so that still leaves 4500 miles to go. When you remove Kim Jong's sabre rattling what are you left with, an obese bully with an equally stupid hairdo. Now that I've gotten that out of my system... enjoy your Sunday!

See you all at Andy White's launch in 3 days!


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