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Archiving away & found the 7 Worlds Mini Polaroids-what a brilliant week that was.

Archiving away & found the 7 Worlds Mini Polaroids-what a brilliant week that was.

February 13th

The Walking Dead returns to cable. Our favourite character from this season has to be Jesus. You know you are popular when you have your own figurine ! I wonder why Jesus surname changed from the original comic book. ? No it was never the Nazarene!

February 14th

The Flame is closed for some reason and we make the huge mistake of going to Nandos at Ferntree Gully. The most useless staff ever- avoid this store at all costs. We got our money back and left- seriously they are worse then a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

Apart from that a really nice Valentines day with my best friend. I count our blessings every day, I can't imagine what it would be like going through your life without such an amazing person by your side, how incredibly sad and lonely that would be. We are both seriously so lucky.

February 15th

Meeting with Andy White today so PR for him for a month or so which is just great. Andy is wonderful to work with, passionate, generous, kind to small animals and babies- that will be $5 Mr White.

His upcoming album IMAGINARY LOVERS is mighty. Going to announce a very very special album launch at Melbourne's Bella Union, located at Trades Hall (54 Victoria street & Lygon St-Carlton). The launch will be on April 26th. We will have the new album at the launch, a month before anywhere else and $5 cheaper then JB etc. Advance tickets via the Bella Union website (and they are cheaper if you grab them now). https://www.bellaunion.com.au/

We'll be having a special Meet Andy (get a photo, cd signed etc) after the show. So April 26th. Mark that date down. This will be an excellent night (and thankfully no late starts-so fairly early).

Love this first animated AW video clip from Melbourne student Georgia Knight. I will never look at cooking foil quite the same way again. CUTE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DG6saCHLe0

February 16th

Oops called the WA Labor office and thought I'd accidentally called our friend Fran. Exact same voice..and to make it weirder- her name was (yes you guessed it) Fran too! What a lovely lady. Not sure how anyone in WA can even think about voting for the Liberals & Barnett. The state is billions of dollars in debt and they now have the highest unemployment figures in the whole country. When the Libs got in there were 29,000 unemployed in Western Australia. There are now nearly 100,000 unemployed which is appalling. It really is time for a change for WA. We hope Mark McGowan & Labor succeed and vote out this useless bunch of failed Liberals.

My Mums in hospital again so spending every minute by the phone. Think I may have to fly home again soon.

February 17th

This F/16 diary about to click over for it's 450,000th visitor. Thank you for coming back ...! Awesome. For a little word of mouth diary, 450,000 is mind blowing.

Finally we get to announce that Neil Finn is indeed playing The Byron Bay Bluesfest. March 17th. Of course that triggers off an avalanche of Emails with "Please play Melbourne" in the subject matter. No news on that yet.

February 18th

Im still reading (and loving) the Paul McCartney book, just a few pages over lunch every day. I'm close, will be finished by the end of the month. So many books to read.

Scan away for most of the day- Split Enz negs for the band to see. The double live cd release is well and truly under way. We should have a title and release date over the next few weeks. I send out the rough track listing in the emails to Split Enz fans.

February 19th

Coffee at The Deli in the morning- great to catch up with some rocking cool people. Way too much laughter.

Our water tanks for the yard are full to the top again so on these warm days I water some trees and plants , might as well use it up so it doesn't over flow. Years ago we put in a pear tree, it's quite a good looking tree but never any pears. I still water it. Today i looked up- imagine my surprise to see a dozen full size pears. Where did they come from. So going to make a pear-blackberry crumble. Neil Finn makes a mighty apple crumble and I have his recipe somewhere.. so I'm giving it a shot.

February 20th

Paid the evil rates today- covers the whole year so one mother of a bill out of the way. So all done for another 12 months.

Weird day, rain, hail, mist. As Ronda Ray said in Hotel New Hampshire. "I love the rain"!

A full day in the office, love my job. Would hate to be stuck in a going nowhere job screaming at people - too many angry bitches in the world as it is-both male and female. I'll never understand those outburst- why would people put such shit on facebook, no one wants to read or even care about such crap. Move on nothing to see here.

February 21st

I had a really nice email from Tim Finn today, a bit of a thank you, a good way to start the day. His stage musicals are doing so well. Ladies in Black is basically on tour.

Nigel Griggs calls in the morning, we chat, we laugh, we chat some more.

Make BLT's for dinner, that's after we both do ten laps of Kalorama oval. A bit of exercise.

February 22nd

Mail off an Andy CD to Jeff Jenkins, he's such a passionate supporter of Andys music.

Find my "7 Worlds NZ" file today while archiving. It had all the cool mini polaroids from backstage, put a few up on Sheepbook. What a truly fine week that was. Magic was indeed in the air.

February 23rd

Looking very good for Labor to take 5 of the 6 crucial Liberal seats in Perth in the WA election. Bye bye Barnett , surely the fine people of WA are not silly enough to vote such a failure like Barnett back in, the state is BILLIONS of dollars in debt.

We watch the Dalton "Trumbo" movie, excellent. Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston , what a wonderful actor.

Also, "American Splendor". It's been awhile since we watched that, it has a bit of a Ghost World feel to it. Something wonderful about loving a movie knowing the bores of the world will never get it! Best kept secret. Go watch Fifty Shades Of Grey or some other shit like that. Ych.

A bit of a rush on "Wings off Flies" photo book. I'm shocked that we have half of a box left and that is it? A friend emailed me that it was mentioned on a radio show a few days before (in a really good way) so I'm guessing that ignited the sales. Mark just stares at me when I ask him to sign them. It's good to sign such things, people have made the effort to purchase a copy. he pulls a particular face when signing, it's priceless.

February 24th

Second Andy White meeting today, what a character he is. John and myself having a bit of a laugh. We do sidetrack a lot, eventually returning to the meeting...eventually. A lot happens in all our worlds so we need to let it out. I keep saying ALT< ALT< ALT by sheer will I will make them reform.

Appalled at how vile The Christian Brothers are- people that support this bunch of child molesters should hang their heads in shame. So good to see them being busted- religion has created the biggest bunch of hypocrites on the planet.

A late night at Ailsa Craig, the pool table gets a work out and friends drop in at 9.30 PM. I cat nap on the couch at 4AM! Too much fun was had, hopefully by all.

February 25th

Coffee and cake at Montage. I take some envelopes down & stuff some Mr White photos into them. Montague is rather busy, I sit and let the world come to me, it does, happily content to envelope stuff.

Cool Patti Smith @ 70 article in The Age Spectrum magazine. She is incredible, still stoked that I met her.

Pear Blackberry Crumble for desert, OK this is really good. What a success.

Late night with Marky and Banshee watching X Files and Breaking Bad on bluray.

Load the dishwasher before I hit the hay as we have gone through a lot of plates etc from visitors. All clean by morning.

February 26th

I slept in again, I'll blame the cat who wanted to head outside at sunrise. She greets the sun with a purrrr, I greet the day with a sleepy eyed, mouth yawning, kill me now I need my Zzzzz's moment.

Buy lunch at the Olinda Bakery and venture to the Deli for a coffee. Gyn next to me counts the people who come up and say hello. 19 , which makes me laugh. Brilliant to see Wendy and the boys-talk to the lads for awhile, they sure grow up fast, I feel like some cool uncle. Order a second coffee and someone has paid for it, Colin? So an hour at The Deli, social butterfly or what- I felt the local love today (that almost sounds rude).

Home and I wrap a blue glitter egg box, filled with 6 Kinder eggs for Miss MIM. Love mailing mystery gifts to her (and Sis too). Just because I love 'em.

The days are still warm and wonderful up here on Mount D. Such a great time of year, we are so stupidly happy with life. It really doesn't get any better then this.

Love life it's way too short people.


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