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We make a new friend at the 61st Kalorama Car rally.

We make a new friend at the 61st Kalorama Car rally.

March 13th

Labour Day holiday here in Victoria and Canberra too, so a public holiday, which is nice I guess. Quite a few families out and about having fun at the oval. We catch up with some mates at the General Store who made the drive up the mountain to see us. They always tell us the same thing, how calm it is up here away from the city. We should be invoicing them for "chill time at Chateau Ailsa Craig". Nice when kids are running around our yard enjoying the wilds and the odd bit of wild life that appears. We don't need to have kids, we seem to get everyone else's, which is ok.

Late afternoon and I'm pulling out little blackberry bushes, this fine rain and sunshine just encourages them to grow, usually in front of the office. Mark has spent so much time reclaiming the land I don't want them taking over what we've done. There is a big piece of nature that just grows and grows, I think we both ignore it, pretending it really isn't the gigantic MASS that is impossible to remove. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I'm in awe at how much yard work Mark has done. Impressive.

March 14th

So many Neil Finn related emails today. . A lot of them, so 5 hours spent on Emails. Phew.. Emails always seem so fast but when they are en masse it is time consuming.

I put aside another copy of "Wings" for our mate Wendy, there are so few left, amazing. Mark has this giant pile of them on his office desk ,awaiting to be signed. He's rebuilding the old analog camera so we can do some tape transfers, he's way too talented. The smartest man I know. Shit gets done when Marks on board.

Our Skyhooks "Hits N Riffs" album has just spent it's first year on the Australian ARIA chart. Life in the old gals yet. Go Hooks!

Mail off some Andy White CDs for media reviews. Magazines etc are so tight with reviews these days , be good to get a couple. "Imaginary Lovers" is a very cool album Out in Australia late April on Planet Records.

March 15th

Finally post our brilliant accountant her fee, she is so patient. She knew I had the evil house rates to pay first. Guess tax time is coming up soon too. That's always a big one.

Holland election is over and Mark Rutte has a 3rd term. Good to see The Greens do well too, from 4 seats to 14. The ugly side of politics fails again , great to see the whole world hasn't voted in half wit Chump wannabe's! Old Donald seems to be fucking up more and more, all this waffle but he never seems to have any proof of things that he yaps on about. He likes the sound of his own voice.

I put up some Crowded House-DISTANT SUN from Pink Pop on You Tube. Good show that one.

There is an old style milk bottle holder at the General Store so I photograph some Vampy Tru Blood bottles in it, for all my gothic Sheepbook readers. We are loving the Blurays of True Blood , it's nice to revisit, so well written.

March 16th

We are at Montage and I'm archiving some the Split Enz posters. The girls stop and look, "wow that one is great", everyone loves posters eh? Will be excellent when all of these are done.

I call Georgia and Fridays meeting with Andy White is off, I blew it, forgot he had the day off. She's cool about it, no biggie. I think she's driving Andy's car in the video clip... well the intro clip to the AW interview.

With all the water in our tanks I'm going to use it in other ways to lower our water bill. I use about 100 litres in my bath each time which is great, all adds up.

March 17th

Great coffee at the General Store today Pete.

I have one lawn to mow at Ailsa Craig and the weather keeps preventing me from doing so. The place always looks rather magnificent when it's fully mowed. Such weird weather and even worse at home. Cars stuck on the pass at Wollongong for hours due to flooding, but my Mums little home all dry and safe. I chat to her daily now, really just checking on her.

Home made lasagne for dinner. It's a good one, Marks wolf's his down like a starving man. Little blackberry pies, I know, I know we are STILL picking blackberries. You'd think we would be bored of them but no.

Apparently I have "subscribers" to my YouTube page?! 954 of them. I don't know if that is good, or not even sure I care all that much. Guess it's good. If people enjoy what goes up I'm all for it.

I hear from Tim Finn tonight which was good. He always gets back to me.

March 18th

A few new club members sign on up today and people seem to be buying last copies of Wings off Flies for friends. As long as they remind me who to sign them to, all is well. It's a lot to package them, but we do a few a day and mail them out, slow and steady.

So our Rocket Pocket Books page has certainly had some "action" over the past few weeks. Go to : www.rocketpocketbooks.com if you want to check out what books remain. Thanks everyone for supporting our little book shop.

Pull some very poisonous bushes out of the garden area. Was worried birds would eat the berries and die.

March 19th

As promised- Paul Hester & The Largest Living Things. The Conty Prahran. Halloween 1997. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1zRxUdGXbQ

Feel a bit strange today, like I'm getting sick or something. Later on i start to wonder if i somehow poisoned myself from the berry juice, as quite a bit of i went over my hands through a rip in my work gloves.

I heard a line today that I like. "We could lay low and wait for the world to catch up". Says it all for gay marriage in Australia eh? Maybe that's how we feel sometimes. You and me against the world Marky? You know we will be victorious.

Email photo credits to our record company. A double Enz live release coming up in a few months. Go Eddie.

We are saddened by the loss of Chuck berry, all those songs and magical moment. We watch "Hail! Hail Rock & Roll" on dvd tonight , i'd forgotten how brilliant it is .

March 20th

Archive posters at the General Store again (I know- AGAIN). I'm making head way. Maybe half way. We have photographed a few too, and each one coded, so easier for future exhibits . I enjoy the archive side of my job.

Mark has a dream that Russell Crowe dies in a car crash! I have a dream that Donald Trump sleep walks off his balcony at Trump tower. A slow image of a strange wig blowing away in the wind. or was that just wishful thinking from me?

March 21st

We hear from our friends Warwick and Navine, who are up this way later this week, with gorgeous baby in tow. I make a note to buy a really delicious cheesecake and will add some of our blackberries.

Rain, Rain, Rain today.

I think we are away for our friend Janes birthday so I head out into the wet and pick some flowers to surprise her. Plus our friend Allie is back so manage a little bunch for her too.

I head off to their house and was going to leave them but Allies in, so good to catch up and have a laugh. I've added some herbs into the flower mix, some nice calming ones. We all need that. I like the good thoughts of picking flowers for mates. making that effort, that's what gifts should be.

I'm heading home and the heavens open up, massive storm, and the rain is coming down. All the fake 4WD's are stalled by the side of the road. I call into the Kilsyth shops and many have water flooding in through the roof of their buildings. It's knee deep in the parking lot, days like this just perfect to have a car like ours. The roads are really bad and I see a car bobbing a bit in one of the many flood areas. I pull over and a middle age woman is in tears. So I push her car out using my bull bar, very gentle, didn't want to crush it. No one else bothered to help her, despite cars and people everywhere, how fucked is that?

Finally home, avoiding falling stones on the mountain road. Our house is great, never a leak, after 90 years it's still magnificent.

I have a nice long chat to Fen, which is always fun. I hang up and the phones start ringing. "saw you on the news". Apparently my "help the older lady" moment was captured and part of the Melbourne Flooding report. A friend laughs that I gave a wonderful wave as i drove off. I didn't even see any cameras, how funny is that. The rain continues through out the night....as do the phone calls.

March 22nd

So many emails from people who saw the news report, did every person in Victoria watch the news last night? Except us! "Hey I know that guy". Did I look studly? I think i was wearing shades. Rock N Roll Dude helps drowning woman. Nah.

Package more WINGS today. Slow and steady .... they'll all be gone soon. Mark doesn't even pull faces when he signs now, he's finally use to it. It took long enough.

Home made Hamburgers for dinner tonight and blackberry pie.... and at dusk I head out and weed part of the walk way.

March 23rd

We head out early for work stuff. A very windy night but none of our trees are down. We were lucky, as the tourist road is covered in debris. Really big trees too, lucky no one was crushed.

Back by lunch and office catch up all day. Insane here at the moment. Mark has made some Hester-LLT transfers so we put one up on YouTube, more will go up later.

Had to make an emergency dash off the mountain, later afternoon and not back till the wee hours of the morning. Miss Banshee stayed up for us. She looks so sleepy. I have to keep reminding myself that she is an old lady cat now. We love her.

March 24th

So tired today. Private message W&N to catch up at the General Store. Lovely day outside, need to spend some time in the sun to recharge today. Too long in the office, need the real deal- sunshine! Finding it a bit hard to hold my focus, so much is happening , trying to roll with it but it sits on my head like a "brain hat". Even the general Store coffee didn't work.

Add some Crowdies footage from Fremantle and another ALT Live track from Canada to You Tube. If nothing else the fans will be happy.

Horrified how much the WINGS cost to mail to UK. Insane, fuck i hate Australia Post, such ripoff bastards.

Start work on archiving the VHSC mini tapes. Each box has about 100 in it from shows we have filmed.

March 25th

Happy Birthday to Miss Jane. Sometimes peace and quiet are just what you want on your birthday, I get that.

There was a chance I was flight hopping today but put it back. It will happen soon enough.

Miss some of "When We Rise" on SBS, i'm enjoying it. All those familiar faces , a few aussie actors. Good miniseries on LGBT activists and a little history of US civil rights.

I make a spinach pie for dinner, it's a good one. Really nice Bulgarian cheese , it makes a huge difference. Still enjoying cooking, looking at some more exotic dinner creations soon. Be warned Marky.

Climb into our excellent bath and soak my life away. I have a camera with me tonight as I'm determined to capture the stone angel at the end of my bath. You thought i was going to take a photo of my cock, just to titillate you all -but no. The candle creates this excellent shadow, so i am naked, covered in suds and snapping away. I get the one good image I was after, so will work on that.

I win $34.05 on Tattslotto tonight, I rarely go in it, but felt the urge tonight. $15 profit- wow big spender here I come.

Great news that Trump failed to get rid of Obama care, imagine how grumpy the Chumpster would be because of that. Ha! Nice to see a Bully not get his own way & done in by his own party which makes this even more tastier.

Go to bed rather late again, restless tonight and Miss Banshee coughs up a huge fur ball at 4.30 in the morning so I clean that up. Oh joy.

March 26th

I have coffee at The Deli today and catch up with locals, it's very bright outside and my laptop has too much glare on it, so put it away and chat instead. The locals are really cool.

Home and grab Marky and we head down to the oval, as the 61st Kalorama Car rally is on. I'd say this is the most cars I've seen here, they are beautiful. We make a new friend, a Blue Heeler and he's a sweet pup. We do a few laps of the oval as there really are a lot of cars. It's such a grand location, surrounded by incredible trees & it's free. Nice to see so many families who have dragged their kids off the couches. Why would anyone stay inside on such a beautiful day.

I chat to the local Historical Society who have a stand at the rally and grab some information from them, I'm thinking of joining. Mark gives me one of those looks, "how will you have time". They only meet once a month so surely I can do that, unless I end up on some board or something. I'm intrigued by some of the history here, and they have some brilliant photos. I joke that I'll have to invest in a tweed coat & little round glasses to play the part.

So another diary over.... it comes around fast.

Enjoy the sunshine.


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