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Every day is Australia Day for us- drinks are on me!

Every day is Australia Day for us- drinks are on me!

January 16th

It hit 100 today, thankfully Ailsa Craig somehow stays incredibly cool. We haven't had to escape to the super chilled wine cellar just yet. Enough cool days separate the hot.

An enormous pile of Hot Tamales arrive from our mate Nicki in the USA- thank you... saving some for Winter!

It's a nice day to give Miss Banshee a bath and she is up for it. She knows what her big red plastic tub is for and must like it and she walks up and jumps in BEFORE any water has been added. I still have some really nice organic shampoo's from the Sydney hotel so she gets a froth up with one of those. She's the only cat that purrs when she is in a tub of water. Underneath that insane coat she's like a cat Olympic athlete , all muscle tone, not an ounce of fat. It's all the climbing and walking. Maybe she can be our personal trainer for a week. I'm adding some small arm muscles (as best i can). Yes it's called exercise.

I pick some of our Buddleia's today this excellent purple flower that has the sweet scent of honey. The bee's obsess over this one.

Latest polling in, two in fact. Both now have Labor with a TEN point lead over the Libs. Well LNP. Amazing 10 points, Mr Shorten would be very happy about that. It's no surprise that the Liberals are dying in the arse. When the biased The Australian newspaper has comment after comment from the public slagging off the Liberals you know their days are numbered. So many Libs shifting to One Nation.

January 17th

A hot day outside again. A kid at Montague screeching in that high pitched voice that shatters coffee cups-that only out of control children can do. I think Mark was going to stick him in the micro wave and turn it to 10. he had that "Please Shut Up" look on his face.

Sad news that a local guy- Bernhard has passed away and quickly. We only saw him and his wife Lucilla last week. He rescued me once when a lot of insects flew into me while jogging and got in my eyes. Will be very sad not to see them both when we are out jogging & walking around the oval. We can all just go in the blink of an eye, quick get off the couch and DO something with your life, don't wait for the next one to come as this might be it.

January 18th

We meet a really lovely American woman called Bunny at Montague. She's great, we all end up chatting for way too long. Bunny is fun, even her name is fun!

I'm using some hand weights daily, my skinny arms are crazy, just keeping them nice and tight, hell is that a muscle or two showing? Just don't ever want to be one of those persons with big blobs of fat hanging down off the arms. Mark calls them bat wings. I guess it's mostly older women who have them, never a good look and hand weights are just so easy. Some people are just too lazy to do the smallest bit of exercise. I'm not even talking about going to the gym, just a few of the basics.

We watch the strangest episode of Mr Robot. A weird sitcom start and ALF.. yes ALF (Alien Life Form) from the mid eighties was in it. Next we watched the excellent HALT & CATCH FIRE and it was Halloween (on the show) and yes you guessed it someone turns up in an ALF costume. What's happening, is it some secret resurgence of ALF by the screenwriters guild? Suddenly the sell price for ALF dolls jumps on Ebay too! It is a scary world.

January 19th

The NSW Premier resigns, he started off as the great white hope and turned into a total fizza (wow just like Turnbull). Lots of comments online from people glad he has gone. Looks like Gladys Berejiklian will replace him. I notice people call her Gladys the Goof Ball , not a very positive name eh? She's a (predictable) career politician , poor NSW!

January 20th

Rain, wonderful rain. Lovely wet morning.

A crazed nut job runs over people in the city, ends up being a homophobe druggo that's fucked in the head. So many people make fools of themselves about him being a radical muslim. They are always the people that want it to be so, so they can point the finger. Instead of taking the time to check out the facts, but then even facts would not work on such people. Hard to work out what's worse, Muslim extremists or those who's brains are wired in such a way that they blame everything on Muslims. Truly fucking ignorant.

January 21st

I couldn't find something in my "Book of Everything" so we changed the name on the front to read "The book of almost Everything".

Bake bread today, the house smells awesome.

January 22nd

That's certainly a LOT of people. Massive crowds protesting worldwide again Chump! The helicopter images over Chicago are just mind blowing, fuck that's a lot of people. Donald rips up the TPP, as he said he would. Turnbull looks like a bigger goofball then Gladys over this. Shorten warned him for months, his party members kept telling him, even the general public. I think Malcolm took one too many denial pills that week. Oh well just another nail in the Liberal coffin. Thanks Donald. Ha!

The Very, Very Best Of Crowded House still in the top 20, week #252 on the Australian chart. A few more weeks and it will be FIVE years on the chart! By that stage we must hit the 3x Platinum mark. Not too shabby.

Call Allie & Jane - trying to catch up. Dinner at The Flame cafe tonight, really good food. Hang out with our best friends. Wonderful, we had an amazing time.

January 23rd

Head into our office today with the focus on reclaiming my office floor (again) and some archiving. It's not out of control, just about 20 things but once they are in their areas i'll be very happy. Our filing cabinets are packed, I'll have to think about another cabinet soon.

Marks impressed that I still manage to find negatives and photos that he has never seen before. Ha! Always a surprise working with me bucko!

The office is so beautiful and cool. Miss Banshee is in here with me and she stretched right out, her long fur coat now like some giant furry sausage. She lies upside down hoping to sucker me into scratching her belly so she can bite me. I don't fall for it.

Coffee at the General Store , a bit of editing on some WA footage for use.

January 24th

A restless sleep last night, rather rare for me, mainly because of the wind and rain and some odball dreaming. My final dream of the night was Joan Armatrading singing I LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME NAMES. It sticks in my head all day. Drives me a tad crazy.

Finally get to announce that Neil Finn will play at the Adelaide Festival in March. Plus it's FREE which is brilliant. They'll only let in 15,000 so that will fill up fast. Did I say it's FREE, I did say that, Free Free Free!

With the USA pulling out of the TPP , Turnbulls looking rather foolish. Shorten kept telling him that Trump would axe the USA 's involvement but that goose Turnbull wouldn't listen. What a Liberal failure he has been , the great white hope a bit of a pathetic joke really. His own doing, never listens to the people.

January 25th

Wow that's an expensive wall Donald. $6.5 million per mile , 2000+ miles. 1 tunnel is all it takes. I wonder how happy Americans are going to be, paying an extra 20% in tax on anything made in Mexico.

JB have a sale on and we are a bit late. By the time we arrive at Eastlands, JB has closed and it's like some strange apocalyptic mall, empty, 2 shops open but no people. The urge to get up to mischief was overpowering. I behaved but only just. Call into a food place for dinner on the way home. Watched the human traffic wander on by. People looking very sad these days, like they know something bad is coming.

I see Peter Capaldi is departing Dr Who. I thought he had so much potential but truly let down by very average writing from Steven Moffat. A friend told me that Moffat is departing too , which I'm kind of happy about. I wish they would bring back Russell T. Davies. A classy guy and an awesome writer.

January 26th

Australia Day.

Hmm didn't the First Fleet arrive on the 18th? If we celebrate it already on the wrong day, why not celebrate it on a different wrong day and spare our Aborigine friends some pain. Most Australians don't give a shit about the First Fleet and just want to celebrate what Australia means to them in 2017. I've be far happier celebrating Willem Janszoons landfall at Cape York 164 years before Cook, or maybe Dirk Hartog in WA ten years after Willem. Yep fuck the first fleet, Janszoon Day will be our new celebration. Every day is Australia Day at our place.

Mary Tyler Moore dies. I did watch her show when i was a kid, always liked her hair cut!

BBQ for us, aussie sausages and a decent aussie bloke for my boyfriend, true happiness.

The replay of the Crowded House at the Opera House (Encore) on ABC TV and ABC HD gets a really large viewer audience. Lots of emails and I mean LOTS. So much better then the first airing, all the stupid twitter bits gone and those excessive logos. It's all good as far as we are concerned. The public is having a bit of a love affair with Crowded House these days. So easy to spot those who are jealous.

January 27th

A friend calls with sad news, just want to make sure she's going to be ok. She wants me to make a few calls, so happily do so,whatever she needs. I'm always amazed how some people don't listen. You tell them your answering machine is on 24 hours a day (mainly due to the volume of calls we get) , we keep saying leave a message so we can pick up or at least know that you call. But no, always one that has the brain of a duck and it doesn't sink in. Oh well their loss, but really how hard can it be to remember.

The last episode of The news Room tonight -it should of had a few more seasons, so well written. Aaron Sorkin we salute you. Starting on Breaking Bad (again) soon. That will be a cool one to see for a second time.

Great news that Green Day have added yet another show for Melbourne. Several nights at Rod Laver Arena- they'll be great, can't wait.

January 28th

Blackberries with homemade ice cream tonight, Mark picks another containers worth-feels great when you don'[t have to pay for them. We should be filling a bucket or two in a couple of weeks. So many requests for my Blackberry Jam. Stella I think you are addicted to it, same for you Pip and co. My grandfathers excellent recipe, so little sugar so it's fairly healthy. We all have way too much "white death (sugar) as it is , sure to make us all faffty's so where I can, we avoid sugar. I wish I'd taken some photos of my grandfathers linen press- 10 shelves, 2 doored and full of his jams, preserves , all works of art. he was always so generous to visitors and they'd leave with a bottle or two. I miss my grandfather so much. A really good bloke, everyone loved him.

I see Turnbull is becoming Trumps butt monkey, a bit like how John Howard was Bush's. Malcolm too worried about his own job as PM to make even the slightest wave. What a spineless Prime Minister we have. Truly piss weak. Australia deserves better. meanwhile starting to look like Turnbull's Asylum deal with Trump is starting to unravel. I almost feel sorry for Malcolm. Nah, not remotely. I do for the asylum seekers who's lives are being toyed with over petty politics.

January 29th

We watch "Porn To be Free" - a European documentary on sexual liberation. Love that it has very early Cicciolina in it. For the light of heart (aka-prudes) there is a some full on sexual activity in it, so try not to faint. The early B&W footage of festivals and nude moments and protests is my favourite stuff. Nudity never a problem for me, I'll never understand why people are so ashamed of their bodies and can't even look at themselves naked in a mirror. How sad is that.

I have my blokey moment and use our new Gerni to clean the side of the house, and I keep promising myself that i will not soak Marky. It will probably take 2 goes, just one area that needs a clean from the Winter moss. It works reasonably well, and beats trying to balance off my climbing rope to get the job done.

I'm returning to the mountain and tune in on some obscure radio show which talks in a robotic Stephen Hawkings voice and chats about how the world will end, in fact the end of the Universe itself. It was really quite chilling. I scribble down the stations details as I'm captivated by it and the science. Triple R still an amazing radio station. Turns out the show is called "Greening the Apocalypse". The segment on the thermal death of the universe is a mind fuck!

So that's it for another diary, see you all in 2 weeks, unless the world comes to an end. There's your happy thought for the week,

Hang in there, probably by the finger nails


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