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"Laura, Kevin, PG & Wendy- taking to the streets to say YES" (Photo: thanks to Mark)

September 18th

Neil Finns album drops in the charts but it will rebound again with the CD coming out, hoping for it to return to the top 10 next week. It's doing really well. Good to see.

A very cool orange coloured Marriage Equality shopping bag arrives in the mail, so I'll be waving the Yes flag every time we do our supermarket shopping.

Shout Mark some Mexican for dinner. The staff keep our regular end booth free . A few margarita's yum. I drink so little booze so every so often these are a treat. My head was swimming up stream. What a fun night.

September 19th

It's probably true that I did "flash" the local bus while wearing my new equality singlet. Sorry it was all way too tempting.

Such a nice day on the mountain, pity we are stuck in the office working on band stuff. A 9 hour day, lucky I love my job.

September 20th

Sad to read that John French has passed away. Chief engineer at Melbourne's TCS studios. Our course he played such a huge part on those first two Skyhooks albums...and loads of other australian acts. We only met him a few times, but so many musicians have nothing but kind words for him, another loss for the industry.

September 21st

The mail from the house opposite was on the road and on the lawn, so scooped it up, put it in a plastic bag and left it on their doorstep. It looks very suss at that house, a very dark vibe.

September 22nd

It's like I blinked and suddenly Christmas is coming up fast. I swear it was only days ago when we were celebrating Mark's birthday in July. I still have so much to do and not enough time to do it in. Not even sure if it was been a good year or not, all a bit of a blur. Maybe just being alive, happy and healthy are good enough reasons to rejoice.

September 23rd

NZ election is on and the Apocalypse will start today as well. Are they connected?-who knows!

A lady gives me some flowers at the General Store- I guess i still have "it", I dashed off a smile. I gave them to Mark in the end.

September 24th

A bit of sunshine and the flowers at Kalorama are bursting out-colour everywhere. I especially like the Brugmansia's .. Angel Trumpets. Very cool.

Give Giles a call and wish him a happy birthday. Hope he likes his rather unique present, searched high and low for something a bit special.

Great to see Neils CD OUT OF SILENCE debut at #9 in top 500. It's very cool that he still manages to kick goals after all this time.

We watch LION on cable , what a very cool movie.

September 25th

Drive to Bunnings to grab some more vegetables for the garden. I see the YES sign is still up on the metal fence on Canterbury Rd. Love that it's a hand painted big sign, yet the No campaign has to spend thousands on some giant electronic billboard. I bet more people see the hand painted sign and lets face it, it is way cooler! (HA).

Still lighting our fire up here, another cold night. Crazy it is almost October. Some warm weather soon-please. I keep cuddling up to Mark and stealing his heat. Miss Banshee cuddles up to me and steals mine. Cats always win out.

A certain cat wants to go out at 4.00 in the morning , old bad cat habits returning, I hope this is a one off.

September 26th

Great to see Miss Claire in the afternoon. She turns up with a huge Gargoyle for our gardens for Halloween. A really fun day, and an adventure. Great to see her, lots of laughter-'she's a top shelf chick!

September 27th

At 8.30 PM my "Ghost Cars On The Freeway" book sells out. My 6th sell out, feels a bit sad. I even had to give a couple of refunds as we didn't have the stock. I should be very happy, I kind of am..but it still feels strange. The Ghost Cars vibe has also ticked over to the TRIP diary book. It's got some second wind, and copies are also being consumed. I spend an hour tonight signing them and numbering each one for people. We still have a handful of TRIP left. If you need one head to www.rocketpocketbooks.com Click on BOOKS at the top of the page. The very cool price INCLUDES International postage too. Go on take the Trip, you know you must have it.

September 28th

Off mountain to buy some mailers, chicken for dinner and a late night shop at Bunnings (again). They have some more heirloom tomatoes coming in today so need a few of those.

Work on Neil Finn stuff in the office till 2.00 in the morning. A long day. The cd release of OUT OF SILENCE jumps back up the charts to #9 again. A double slice of the top 10 pie. UK mid week is #32, so NF back in the English top 40.

September 29th

A public holiday for the football. So we take the day off...

I spend mine attaching rainbow flags to sticks, and work on project C with Mark. It's nice to hang out with my best mate.. the rest of the world doesn't exist when we are together-well most of the time.

September 30th

I have a coffee at the General Store and give Nelly a piece of red fire wattle that had snapped off, it looks amazing in the vase, so many people comment.

I wrap some small presents for Miss MIM, just because we are good uncles. I make it fun, wrap each one in 10 layers of paper, so a one person pass the parcel.

October 1st.

Rocktober is here already. As a teenager I would always look forward to October 1st as 2SM + 3XY radio stations would have massive FREE Rocktober concerts. They were always awesome. The good old days. Gawd I sound like a grand father !!!The good old days of rock n roll sonny.

I head to the bakery and buy some pies and a vegie pasty for Wendy. We are catching up with some of our favourite people at the YES rally today, so a pie is a good way to start the day. We arrive close to the right time, trams slow us down and I find 1 little park which is free. Carry the flags and love Wendy in her super hero rainbow cape. Laura and Kevin are in the quickly growing crowd and we find them. Bill Shorten gives a rather excellent speech and the crowd numbers are now looking big. The rain has held off. If there is a God, she is on our side. Several people come up and say hello , regular diary readers- love that. After the speeches- the 10,000 strong crowd heads off, up Swanston street and all the way to Treasury Gardens. So this is a different route , much longer.

The passion from those marching is just exceptional, lots of families, couples, and many first timers. A teenage girl near me tells me she is gay, her first rally. The future is hers and soon she is chanting and waving a rainbow flag with the mass. I love our friends that have made the effort - they are awesome. Nothing like thousands chanting a single word- "YES" -echoing through the city ! Not a single No voter in sight, just this massive happy bunch. It's truly pathetic that some old farts like Katter, Abbott- Dutton etc would try to stop two people in love getting married. When will they admit they are simply bigots !

Treasury Gardens is a scene of colour. We all chuckle at the Pauline Hanson (send up) look alike wanders through the crowd, wheeling her suitcase and carrying "A Homosexual Ate My Baby" sign. She even has that "just bit a lemon" puckered face down pat. A drag queen and drag king entertain us on the stage and loads of music. The sun is shining and we are enjoying this moment with our friends. As we climb into the car a few drops of rain fall - such a perfect day. It's made even better with a huge win by the Melbourne Storm in the Grand Final. Macklemore gets a LOUD applause at the footy and his Same Love single still sits at the #1 spot on Aussie iTunes. he donates all the $ from the sales to the YES campaign. Aussies reward him with his new album debuting at #3 here.

Still time to vote YES for those who have been slow mailing in your SSM survey form.

It's Time Australia.


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