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January 1st

Happy Birthday to Merelyn. I guess she starts off my diary posts every year on this date!

Mark finds some very excellent Jimmy & The Boys photos taken at the Bondi Lifesaver-Sydney. We love that band, we love that venue. I'm still stoked he gave me a Bondi Lifesaver T-shirt as one of my Christmas presents. I wear it so often, it's almost getting smelly. I'll have to hand wash this iconic Tee. Soon it will look like it came from the seventies as it will be nicely worn and faded.

So Crowded House start 2017 with the #18 album on the Australian Top 500 chart. The Very, Very Best Of, keeps on selling, we are close to 3x Platinum for that one. When you add on the 13 Platinum from Recurring Dream Best Of , that's over a million sold in country on those 2 alone. Amazing, some bands don't even sell that during their whole career.

January 2nd

Lots of Bowie playing in our office, the first year anniversary is coming up. I hand over a USB to Mark of the 25 seconds of Bowie live footage I took at that first aussie show and he's adding some sound from the gig. So I'll put it up on the 10th , just the smallest tribute and really it's pretty crappy footage, still it's Bowie and that first Oz tour was incredible. It was the best and really you had to of been there to get how fantastic it was.

I'm at the General Store and Nick turns up with his beloved dog Jack. Jack is gorgeous and he just loves a good ear scratch. So I now smell of dog, Miss Banshee will not be pleased.

Kim Burrell- what a horror she is , such a hypocrite. Hey lets attack gay people, and wave the "It's a Sin" card. Gluttony is a Sin too dear but it obviously hasn't stopped you from one too many cheeseburgers! Religious hypocrite. Seriously the cow should just fuck off.

January 3rd

Montague re-opens today, great to see the girls. Laughing how the owner got the 2nd Molly book for a Christmas present and she opens it up and first story she spots is mine. " My customers are haunting me" she cries!

Watch the last episode of "Under The Dome" on Bluray. Sad as i liked where it was heading....it should of had 1 more season.

Hot weather approaching fast. It's going to be a stinker of a Summer. 2016 was the 4th hottest on record for Australia .

January 4th

I take the dribs & drabs folder (I have many of them) to the coffee hang out and wade through it. Mostly filing , but every so often a little gem that can be used on line for the fans. Sometimes I find a scrap of paper with an "oh wow, forgot about that" moment on it. It's all part of yours truly reclaiming the office. 2017 will be the big year of the ultimate in our archiving.

I do feel very vague today, not sure why, all a bit foggy. To make it worse Mum calls and my 95 year old relative Tom, may only have a few days left to live. It saddens me, as he is an incredible man, and we all adore him.

January 5th

Trudi visits us at 10.00. She's early so sits in the car for 5 minutes- crazy. Sooooo Trudi. God bless her. A really nice way to start the day with one of our dearest friends. Lots of laughs, which was great.

I speak to my cousin at the 'Gong, send him a few photos. He has an adventure happening soon , so rather envious of him, heading off to Prague.

January 6th

Sad news from the home front that my great, great Uncle passes away, aged 95. A wonderful man - so sad times for us.

A great way to escape sadness for a short time is a really great swim at Olinda pool. The sun is out so it's nice to read while I dry off. I call into Montague on the way home, even though they are about to close, they still make me a coffee. Walk down a few shops and the Pizza man is in, so it's Pizza for dinner, too much blues to cook.

January 7th

Lotto win of $35.90. I rarely go in it but a little voice keeps telling me to expect a windfall soon. Grab those lucky numbers, or I could simply be insane and hearing voices!

Finally we have a date for the Crowded House Opera House show to be shown in NZ. It's January 19th on Prime Tv at 8.30 PM.

January 8th

A very hot sunday, I spend most of it reading the Paul McCartney book. It's such an excellent read. Love it.

Paul Hester would of celebrated his 58th birthday today. Paul at "almost 60" would of been fascinating and still fun I'm sure. We miss you buddy.

January 9th

Marks Rolling Stones book "Exhibitionism" arrives, another belated Christmas present from yours truly. What a fabulous book, the costumes are amazing and love Keith Richards diaries from the early sixties.

We are watching PENNY DREADFUL season 2 on Bluray-stoked they used some of William Blakes poetry. "To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand , and eternity in an hour". So cool, Season two is awesome, beautifully filmed and so well written.

January 10th

So year one since Bowie died. So much music today it both lowers and increases the sorrow, depending on the moment. I pop a whole 25 seconds of Bowie up on You Tube ,that i filmed on that first Australian tour in 1978. So stoked that 500 people have enjoyed it so far. It's a blink of an eye and at the time no sound (thanks to Mark & Doug too) . Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DkYbKZ50eA
I P.M Paul Capsis today, just felt it time to touch base. Love that he is the MC on Cabaret. I hate PMing at the best of times.

6.00 to 2.00 Mark and myself work on some Skyhooks "stuff" , 8 hours, insane but we got a lot done.

I put in some metal garden lattice courtesy of Miss Trudi for the beans and green and purple snow peas. It was always a little ugly area next to the house but now looks so much better.

January 11th

Drive, fly, run, walk, sleep in a strange bed.

January 12th

Eat, work, coffee, work, back to my strange bed.

January 13th

Insane to hear radio info and newspaper adverts as to wear to get ones sandbags in Sth Australia. The weather is going to be wild, after 40 degree days.

Home, but call into JB and hear a song over the store music system. I go and buy their album- "Oracular Spectacular" it's by MGMT, been awhile since I heard a new song and bought the whole album. Well the song isn't new but you get what I mean.

The horrid Liberal Sussan Ley quits the front bench and forced up back to "losers lane" to sit next to that loser Tony Abbott. The public certainly want blood. A few hours later and more and more Liberals are called out for possible travel rort's. is it in their DNA or what.

Peter Dutton, George Brandis and Mitch Fifield, should pay back the $7000+ for airfares etc to go to Turnbulls glitzy new years eve party. Stop stealing public money guys.

January 14th

Haloumi cyprus cheese, organic avocado on really nice turkish rolls. Yum.

I give my bath a scrub, it's quite ancient but shines after a good clean.

Banshee up at 2.30 in the morning and wants to go outside. Is it the influence of that full moon? I go out with her and howl. Yep it's the moon, and the lycanthrope in me.

January 15th

Going to help Mark mow the lawns today, it all grows so quickly. Some wonderful yellow dandelions , covering the area, attracting a lot of Bee's so we let them grow for as long as we can. I guess I confused the Bee community when I donned the bee suit and hung out with them. Welcome to our world!

Enjoy 2017 , each day that goes by is one day less to enjoy this amazing life.


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