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Aussies - be on the right side of history and vote YES for SSM in September!

Aussies - be on the right side of history and vote YES for SSM in September!

August 21st

Still raining at Kalorama, we are desperate to burn the 4 huge piles of greenery that we have chopped down on Project C. We've managed to use the dry wood etc in our fires so not a total waste. It's looking both cool and bizarre.

We really enjoyed Top of the Lake (China Girl) episode one, good work Jane Campion.

Solar eclipse today but so overcast here it looks like a permanent eclipse.

Kashmiri chicken for dinner.. not too bad! My Indian cooking skills are still with me.

August 22nd

Sunny sunny day, just mighty outside... pity I'm in the office on endless NF emails. Oh well.

Bongo Skyhook on ABC radio this morning, it's funny the only time Bob is interviewed is when Red Symons is away on sick leave! Way too early for me to listen to it, I'm sure the ABC archive it somewhere.

Cat training going well, Miss Banshee in bed till 8.30.. I should do that as a job, the cat whisperer. (Meow).

We order a huge Clarins pack for my sisters birthday next week, she's a Clarin's girl!

Email Neil but no word back, think he has the flu and no doubt up to his eyebrows in webcast, album recording. Such a great project.

I make home made Pizza for dinner, I have a great thin pizza crust recipe, thanks to Sharon Finns cook book.

August 23rd

Have a chuckle, orange Donald Trump shaped ecstasy pills appear in Germany. Lots of comments on my Sheepbook page. Do they taste of Donald? urgh.

Still upset that Viserion the Dragon on Game of Thrones is killed .... we Gryphons feel that sadness .....!!!

August 24th

Supermarket order in, our 5th, what a great deal-$20 for delivery all month- brilliant.

Mark asks for some help around removing the giant holly tree... our new arm muscles put to the test as we both rip it out by sheer brute force. Macho macho man... we really are two macho men! (feel free to sing a long)

Tortillas for dinner. Rather yummy...and no margarita in sight. (Drat).

August 25th

Neil Finn webcast is a long one night, four + hours (Phew). Marathon but again it's loved by the fans. I spend most of it helping fans get connected. It all goes well, Neil's voice sounds ok.

Happy 28th to Giles & Fen! We love you guys.

We hear from Andy White- good he is back home -will catch up soon. We have a mere 4 copies of the signed "Imaginary Lovers" cd left. We dig that album of his... as someone once said.. "do yourself a favour, grab a copy".

The lemon tree has enjoyed it's few days of sunshine..suddenly a LOT of lemons, some decent sizes. It's helped us through Winter. Lost count of all the lemon and honey hot drinks I've made.

Miss Banshee falls asleep on my chest while I'm on the couch. I stare at her, looking at all the amazing patterns in her fur. She suddenly lifts a paw, very gently and touches my nose, such a cute cat.

August 26th

Happy Birthday to Jodes. Manage a small present, it's the thought that counts eh?

Marriage Equality Rally draws really large numbers in Melbourne today. 20,000 ! The Goddess is smiling, awesome weather and the city full of rainbow flags and shirts. I'd say double the amount compared to the last rally. It's now covered by every news channel. A great sign for the YES vote, each day the No vote seems to flounder even more, people making the lamest excuse to vote No, far and few now.

Lovely crazy, Mary drives me to IGA to grab some yoghurt for the indian meal tonight. The one thing i forgot to order from Woolworths.. and you can't make great Indian without yoghurt. I buy her a really nice chocolate bar to say thanks. I think we both freak the staff out a bit with our silliness.. what bad people we are, such naughty children! Ha!

I open the latest gas bill and it's (drum roll) $180 CHEAPER. How cool- all because of the wood burning fire.. ok we make a bit of effort but $180 off a 2 month bill, got to love that.

August 27th

It's quite funny how nutty some of the No voters around SSM are. I do have to stop baiting them with lines like "Wow you certainly swim in the shallow end of the gene pool". It's my current favourite. Sometimes you can't just turn a blind cheek , good to stand up and show them you are not afraid of them and their homophobia. Arseholes will never win in my world.

We have a John and Yoko morning, well half a day really , just stay in bed and cuddle and keep warm. Sometimes it really is great to waste a day with the person that you adore.

I make Indian Lamb curry for dinner (Yes again) , on such a chilly day it's really enjoyable. It's going to drop to zero tonight. We chop more wood for our fire, it's pretty good exercise.

August 28th

Neil's on The Project tonight, i think our wonderful mate Sarah B might of kick started this into motion.

I had a horrible dream this morning that a Qantas plane crashes into a building. Mark and myself were in a building and it crashed near us , it was a long skinny Qantas plane, slightly futuristic. way way too realistic. It reminded me of Viserion the dragon crashing and dying in Game of Thrones. I awoke feeling rather ill.

Pay our accountants, and on time.. trying to be good around our bills.

August 29th

Happy Birthday to my awesome Sister. She loves her Clarins gift pack.

It also means that Shirl our Skyhook lead singer has been gone for 16 years now , so a sad reminder each year. he was soi unique-no one, sings them like Shirley Strachan.

The Official Skyhooks facebook page has had a lot of activity over the past few weeks a few of my posts have gone rather viral which is great.

I make 2 cards for Spock and Laura. I've ran out of gorgeous Jan's cards so I'll have to be a bit arty myself.

August 30th

I have laryngitis for a short while, it just happened, maybe from the few phoners I did on the upcoming same sex marriage "vote". ... lots of lemon and honey and hey presto voice almost returns.

Great to see both Xavier college and St Ignatius in Sydney showing support in the SSM debate.

August 31st

Wow it's Jacinta-mania in NZ. Labour's leader Jacinta Ardern has steered Labour ahead in the Polls for the upcoming election in a few weeks. They've gone from 24% to 43%, the highest in 10 years. I know little about her or NZ politics -but anything to keep the conservative dribble out seems like a positive thing for me, so yeah- Go Jacinta, Go Labour! For whatever that is worth. Hopefully if they get in they'll be a good thing for NZ.

September 1st

So feels like Spring, smells like Spring... but I know Winter hasn't surrendered just yet. Still today is wonderful outside, I stop and stand in the sunlight on the way to our post office box to clear the mail. Loving the world.

Back in the office for a very long day as Neil Finns newie- OUT OF SILENCE gets it's digital release. It's on CD in a few weeks and eventually vinyl in October. Some fine songs on this one and such a wonderful way to record them.

Happy Birthday Laura too and i can't get through to her on the phone... we try and try and try....!

September 2nd

Happy Birthday to Spocky! Hope you day is great ol' friend.

This fine Saturday and I'm spreading the good word on the SSM rally in Canberra. It all goes so well, they get triple the amount compared to the last few rally's. The No side send out email alerts trying to have some massive turnout of their own.. i's fantastic, the NO voters number five.. yes a mere FIVE people turn up.. about as lame as it gets. Lets hope the Yes vote continues to go from strength to strength. Aussies your "vote" card should arrive around September 12/13th... be on the right side of history-vote Yes.

I miss Rosemaree at the General Store, grab her as she is departing & again beg for her to grab me some of the tasty lasagne pasta that we both enjoy. It's so hard to find now.

September 3rd

Fathers Day so I think good thoughts about Dad and also call Mum, as my mother had to play duo roles around my sister after dad died and she did a great job.

Strange day- the weather is all extremes, and there is talk of snow on the way. That would be very cool.

That's it for another diary.

Love Life- it's way too short!


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