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What Good Is Sitting Alone In Your Room, Come Hear The Music Play

"What Good Is Sitting Alone In Your Room, Come Hear The Music Play"

April 24th

Great to see Damon Herriman geting some thumbs up in the Australian press after his Logie award for Outstanding Supporting Actor. What a great body of work he has, Damons been in some of our favourite overseas shows too. Good on him, I mean it's a crappy old Logie but still glad they gave it to him. A lot of people in the newspapers attacking Molly over his microphone ramble during the Gold Logie. Good grief he's a man with some brain injuries in his mid seventies, just give him a break for fuck sake. It's the Logie awards not the Nobel Prize-I mean really....

Emmanuel Macron in France seems to be on a winning streak for the French election. Le Pen looking a tad desperate.I know so little about both of them or their parties or french politics. She annoys me, I get the vibe that you can't trust her. Good luck France.

Head out into the rain and cut some flowers to take to the Anzac Day shrine at sunrise tomorrow.

April 25h

Anzac Day.

Up before the sun and head on down to the Anzac Shrine at Five Ways Kalorama. A foggy misty rain morning and of course I'm the only person walking about. I park the car with the headlights on and light up the Anzac monolith and put some flowers on it. Two other bunches from the night before. Flowers just add something, some respect, mostly for the older diggers. I have my own little minutes silence and the sky starts becoming blue. I take some photos of the area as the golden street lights are magnificent when fog bound. I'm in the car and notice that some leaves stuck on the outside of my car window look a lot like the Southern Cross constellation that is on our flag. It's wonderfully peaceful here.. I stay just a bit longer.

Home to the news that Frances Le Pen has (temporarily) stepped down as leader for the National Front. Sounds very fake and a cheap vote grabber, desperation is setting in for her.

Time for a quick hair dye and it's chestnut... which looks ok. Mark reminds me that the Chestnut Festival is coming up in a few weeks- I could be their mascot.

Email Andy a reminder a small list of 6 things , that way we are on top of it all for tomorrows launch.

Bob Hawke lager is in stores today, I'll have to grab us a can. I love all that iconic stuff , be it Warhol Campbell soups or Dame Edna Drumstick ice creams.

Another night with little sleep, a big day tomorrow.

April 26th

Great weather if you are a snow bunny. Rain and sleet on the mountain, and off we go , heading to Carlton for Andy White's launch at Bella Union. A Wednesday and such weather, that's when you know who your friends are. People talk the talk that they are fans but it's all lip service for some. As we approach the city the most beautiful sunset erupts before us. We find a park right in front of Trades Hall- arriving 30 minutes before doors open.

Such a fantastic venue, it's rustic old style appeals to me and I've seen some great shows here. Andy wanders out and we have a quick photo moment, mainly around the Ladies loo and some Elizabethan chairs. The staff here are great and big thank you to Lisa as well , she truly is mighty. Wendy is the first in the door , so excellent to see her, Andy comes over and greets her. Appreciative of the gesture that she is here. She has work next day and further to drive but she still made it.

Raylea and the girls from Inverloch arrive, lovely to finally put names to faces. They are such sweethearts and fun. Two friends from Sydney arrive, I have a table for them in the middle of the room- they are stoked that I've looked after them-and excited to see the show.

I've jumped on CD duty by the door so I get to see people when they arrive. Chat to a lot. Great to see Lee Roy from the wonderful Living in the Land of Oz radio show. Hopefully we'll have a live song he can use on his show-that would be cool. Laura, Kevin and Stella arrive, they tell me it's cold outside but Bella Union is positively snug. I've put some tables together at the front -stage right so they get to sit at our families table. Fran arrives very happy to be here, she has so much on work wise and the kids, for her to make the effort is excellent. I talk to a few other stragglers, buy a few drinks.

Kavisha is special guest and she always has this haunting voice. Her new album "The Fearless Note" is great, especially the song about St Kilda. Emily who's in the crowd asks me so politely to chat quieter to the Inverloch girls, I'd forgotten how my voice carries at this place. So glad she did it, we joke later as she is eating a bag of chips so her crunch crunch crunch is louder then the music. She's a good egg.

Andy's straight onto the stage and launches in James Joyce's Grave which wasn't on his set list but beloved by all. It's not a huge crowd , but an appreciative one. The set peppered with new songs and some oldies. Speechless is back in the set and a wonderful version of Jessica Says finishes the night. Mark & myself receive a really nice thank you from Andy after Lonely International Guy. We love working with him and he is always so appreciative.

We snap photos of people getting their cds signed and I'd say I managed to talk to every person that showed up. After the audience had gone it's just Mark, Andy, Fran and Wendy and myself so it's nice we all caught up. Time to head home and we walk the girls to their cars. Driving along the freeway we spot Wendy in front and flash our lights and drive next to her, Mark rolls down the window and waves and...she ignores us. We LOVE IT , she probably thought we were some yobo stalkers...HA!

We call into a cafe and have some food and finally home at 1 minute to midnight, so not a late one at all. Miss Banshee curled up on the couch under her blanket waiting for us to get home. Phew we just made it back and didn't break cat curfew. A really nice night.

April 27th

The side lawn is covered in ice this morning, it's going to be a cold old day. I make some delicious vegetable soup, the one thing our family makes is GREAT soup.

Not enjoying the latest American Horror Story.. hoping it will improve but it's rather average, which saddens me. We will keep watching and hope for improvement.

Mark attempting to take apart our mangled tape of Crowded House in Paris from 1992, so we can add some sound to the video footage. Hidden micro screws and after 2 days we finally get it opened but it's beyond repair, totally destroyed which is kind of sad. Still at least we have this rough footage we filmed, I guess that is something. Will put up a song for the fans.

April 28th

Still waiting on the final mailer packs to arrive from Australia Post - amazed at how such a major company can be so shite.

Wishing Bob Spencer all the best when he plays with The Angels this weekend, while Mr Brewster is ill. We are such huge fans of Doc Neeson that we can't see them without him up front. Still Spencer can be a fine guitarist so hoping these 2 shows and a walk down memory lane are enjoyable for him.

Andy White plays a few songs at The Basement today, crap weather (again) but a few of his cds are sold so he is happy. Liz says she really enjoyed it & grabbed a CD for herself and Trudy.

Cassini ends it's 20 year adventure in space soon. What an exceptional little space craft it has been. The latest images from saturn are very cool. I want to know what the mysterious 2 objects in the rings are? Next batch of chickens we get, one will be called Cassini.

We watch The Big Chill on Bluray- an excellent transfer of this iconic movie- i still holds up...and those songs- always a joy. Thanks Mark for getting this on bluray.

Japanese for dinner , well some food not a citizen from Japan. You are safe Koji!

April 29th

I love the Blurays Mark ordered from America-- The Big Chill, The Ice Storm and the wonderful My Own Private Idaho. Amazing that these can arrive within 5 days, yet the 2 Blurays from JB still have not shown up- 3 weeks later. I know JB will get one of Marks famous not so nice emails. You'd think with Amazon opening in Australia soonish, that JB would lift their game but no. I've lost faith in them, roll on Amazon!

Woolworths are improving again- I see their market share has jumped. They are in my good books- $10.00 off our grocery bill, plus 450g bag of cat food for Miss Banshee for free and frequent flyer points, simply for doing my shopping. Gotta love that.

Miss MIM tells me she wants to be a Doctor when she grows up-that is very cool. Will be so happy to see her soon.

April 30th

Head to the General Store to proof check the upcoming Enz double live cd, just add two things, all looks great. Everyones happy.

We were trying to work out a song we heard on cable.. and just realised now that it was The Pogues- " The Old Main Drag". ...those He Males and She Males! That line always makes me smile.

Oh fuck off Catholic Schools moaning about public schools getting more tax payer money. When the Catholic Church, in fact ALL Churches pay taxes then you can have a say in it, till then shut the fuck up.

May 1st

Call Telstra, our land line is dying and our Internet on again and off again...the guy I spoke too was great, lets hope they can get this repaired quickly.. sounds like we are talking in a box of freshly popping popcorn, so noisy. It sounds like the main junction box up the road has become waterlogged.

Is "Chelsea Girls" on Bluray, I so need to find out.

May 2nd

Happy Birthday to Mr W. Tried to call but his mobile engaged, hopefully from endless birthday calls.

Tough Packs finally arrive for the last 12 copies of WINGS that have to go to happy homes. I've emailed the final 12 so they know there is a small delay, it's worth the wait. We have the smallest handful of WINGS OFF FLIES left- to grab one of the luck last books you have to email me: peter@frenz.com

May 3rd

Mark transfers a few more Hessie and LLT songs so that i can put up on You Tube. They cover "Money" and Paul is back on drums for that, in fact TWo drummers (Hessie and "brother" George). Check out Pauls excellent drum solo towards the end-and the amazing moment where both drummers swap to the others kit- without missing a beat. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr2UVVLLwBs&feature=youtu.be

I hear from Michael den Elzen as he played a huge part with the creation of Rebecca Barnard's new album "Music for listening and relaxation". Michael played- Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Cello, Double Bass, Keyboards, Banjo, Madolin, Tzoura, Chimes, Vocals and field recordings. PHEW-way too talented, I can play about nothing, so envious of Michael talent. Those interested in the album can find it here: https://rebeccabarnard.hearnow.com/

Scribble down some ideas for the next batch of silkscreens for yours truly to work on... I'd say in June if I ever get some spare time. Need an art creative fix.

May 4th

The Telstra tech guy calls and our phones are now repaired , in fact he did all this line work and it's brilliant, crystal clear. Awesome it really is. Nice to report that Telstra were really onto this and very efficient , you don't hear that very often.

May 5th

Mr White in the morning and he signs the last batch of Imaginary Lovers cds. Great that fans can get a signed copy. I know some will leave it to late and miss out. I keep telling people- do this now and there are always some that take forever and get all weird when they miss out. We talk about everything but Andy White, a fun morning.

Supermarket shopping and I'm loving Woolworths. $10.00 off my grocery shopping, a huge bag of Fancy Feast Purina Tuna, Prawn,Mackerell for FREE and freaky flyer points. I'm a happy customer. I run into Nell and we have a supermarket chat.

Mark and myself end up buying our Mothers the identical Mothers Day card, out of all the cards, how strange is that. Two bodies one brain , possibly?

Miss B loves the new cat food...she eats every last scrap, she's so healthy. Still climbing trees- she was sun-baking on a branch the other day- looking very content.

Add the woollen undercovers to our beds and new winter sheets. Winter is on the way, you can feel it.

May 6th

Nice little sleep in, my bed so nice and so warm. I love how we don't need electric blankets -they are so bad for you. The friends we know who have the worst circulation and are sick regularly all have electric blankets.

Coffee at the store and chat with John and Rosemaree. I get very little done but that's ok, plenty of days to do that.

I jog to the oval and take a few photos of the people setting up stalls etc for tomorrows Chestnut Festival.

It's late afternoon and we head into the city. Catch up with our mates Trudi and Wendy . I manage a park up on Spring street and the rain stops just as we walk towards the Mexican restaurant for dinner. Wendy has arrived early and grabbed us the best table in the place and Trudi arrives bearing gifts. An early birthday present for yours truly, the most beautiful gold elephant statue. I love it!!! Food arrives and a goldfish bowl size glass of Midori Margarita!!! Oh my god it's pretty good, lots of chat, laughter..we are spoilt all paid for- seriously what a joyous way to start the night.

We walk down a block to the mighty Athenaeum Theatre . A short wait and in we go to the Kit Kat Club area, 10 tables and ours is "C" right smack in the middle of the stage. The best seats for the night-mind blowing.

The performance was awesome, Paul Capsis as Emcee, and we are stoked that Kate Fitzpatrick is Fraulein Schneider. I first saw Kate in theatre when I was about 13 - the Rocky Horror Show in Sydney, if memory serves me correct she played Magenta. She's a survivor and such a talent. I'm continually blown away by how great our seats are. I have ordered some wine for the table and this cool black velvet table cloth wants to slide off and escape. At one stage I manage to spill wine on Mark- which somehow makes us laugh.

This version of Cabaret is superb, if you live in Melbourne go see it - after all ...put down the knitting the book and the broom , it's time for a holiday....! The two versions of "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" just beautiful in all it's horror.

Paul Capsis just makes me smile, I am in awe of his talent. At one stage during the performance he does this little phone piece to me, so I play along, being singled out is always scary for me. He gives me that cheshire cat grin. As fate would have it a cool souvenir finds it's way onto my leg. One of the german marks (10,000) note from The Money song.

We have an great night and all gushing about the show when its over. Standing ovation and load cheers- and it was great being part of the Kit Kat club- the flotsam and jetsam of a doomed Berlin.

One the way to the car we call into the Paperback Book Shop- 60 Bourke street. Fantastic it still exists. Home before midnight and once again Miss Banshee is waiting up for us.

May 7th

Not much sleep, not sure if it was the booze or the excitement of such a fine show. I head to the General Store for a coffee and watch tourists park in Nells parking area while the Chestnut Festival is on. I head on over to buy some bits & pieces, really just to support the Mt Dandenong pre-School who benefit from this community event. I chat to this lovely lady who knits the most incredible finger puppets. I buy a witch and a piglet for my lovely niece MIM. I head to the animal zoo, which is free this year and check out the critters.

The weather isn't too bad, some rain but I've seen it worse at the Chestnut Festival. Loads of cars so I think they will do well.

I walk home with Cabaret ringing in my head....

Come taste the wine
Come hear the band
Come blow the horn
Start celebrating, right this way
Your table's waiting......

Leave your troubles outside.

Until next time.


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