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IT'S TIME AUSTRALIA!  (Melbourne Rally August 26th).

IT'S TIME AUSTRALIA! (Melbourne Rally August 26th).

July 24th

I went for a 8km hike today during lunch break. My plan was to find some wildflowers for Marks birthday. His one present a day. Winter has wiped the mountain clean of colour and none to be found. I went all the way to the ancient ruins of the old house on Jaspers road. Nothing left except the stone fence and a few tiles. I climbed further down the mountain, exceptional aussie gum trees everywhere and the view incredible. Imagine my surprise when I find an old metal both tub. A classic, hidden among the gum trees, full of dirty gum leaf water from years of tree drop. I have an idea to return in Summer; clean it out, fill it with water and bubble bath and pose for a photo having a bath in it- with that exceptional view.

Home before the rain falls, and I do get a small handful of flowers from our property , so that's cool.

Miss MIM calls that her little present arrived, she is so thrilled, lovely to hear a very happy kid, she loves her uncles! We love her too.

July 25th

I wave goodbye to my car for up to a month, for work, full everything, Holden are making it into a copy cat version of the Jupiter Two! I'm joking but it's getting the full face lift-great in some ways as we really love that car. Nice and solid.. and runs wild through the hills like a stallion. I'm looking at it all as some novelty holiday. Winter is the perfect time to stay at home and office and who better to be here with but the amazing Marky.

I see the pressure is on the Liberals again re: Same Sex Marriage. This time from within. Totally insane that Australia can go to War with no idiotic plebiscite or vote from the people, yet 2 strangers getting hitched - we need a $200,000,000.00 plebiscite that isn't even binding. Only a half wit would think this is a good idea- still it did come from the dying old Liberals-what would one expect. They'll just recycle the same old thing -the last thing they'd want is to do their jobs and have a conscience vote.

Sad news that Dr Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu dies. Such a talent.

July 26th

Watch Vali Myers footage last night- Mark did an amazing editing job.. I filmed it a year exactly before she died. I miss her like crazy. She had a wicked sparkle in her eye ... rare you can say that someone is totally unique, especially in 2017 where people are so dull and predictable.

The Split Enz "Live, Alive oh" drops in the charts which I expected, lack of stock. Truly hopeless.

July 27th

Happy Birthday Marky. You and me against the world ..and Miss B too.

I fixed the motor in the wood burner yesterday and it is almost silent, still amazed I got it to do exactly what I wanted. We haven't used it for 12 years . I looked online and it's a $5000 unit so why not. We have all this wood and apart from the big fire in the pool room, we might as well keep the lounge area snug-plus I love a good fire...far nicer then central heating.

A nice surprise as Allie, Jane + Rosemaree call in. Still chuckling that the Stones tour backpack they gave Mark is the identical one I use every day for my work carry bag. I keep telling people he has everything on the Rolling Stones. Still it's a great bag and he will use it a lot- they really are great quality. We even have a little bit of birthday cake (thanks Nelly). Just nice to see them.

Quite a few emails today asking about the Crowded House- "Ghost Cars On The Freeway" books- we had a final count and down to 51 copies. At one stage there were only a handful but I recovered all our store stock, and added a few from that. So 51 and then it has also gone . People can grab a final copy at www.rocketpocketbooks.com

July 28th

Fran visits which is good, she's nearly over her bug-see everyone got the horrid thing. The flu jab didn't stop it, what a horrid little bug it was. Apparently now it's moved up north and NSW is flooded with sickies. Loved our presents too Fran

We buy a month pass from Woolworths- so cheap $20 one off fee and we can get deliveries every day for a month. I'd use a hell of a lot more petrol going to the supermarket.. good find Marky!

July 29th

I had a memory of my birthday in 1983. My friend Kate in London sent me a debut single by a new English band. She loved them and knew I would too. That band-The Smiths and the single "Hand In Glove" . We certainly wore that one out. It was a bit of a flop as a debut single- #124 on the UK chart (think it made #3 on the Indie charts though). The Morrissey biopic is coming up in a weeks time.. England Is Mine... not sure if it's any good but I am intrigued enough to watch it.

July 30th

Just Me & Marr and a good coffee at the General Store this grey old Sunday. The Marr book is a really cool read.

Netflix $20 Billion in debt-that is insane!

July 31st

Amazon opening soon in OOz. Dandenong area gets all the jobs, wish it was Mt Dandenong.. I'd kind of love working at Amazon for a few days..not sure why. Maybe JB will up their game , they are getting dreadful.

Excellent visit from Miss Wendy and she steals us away from the mountain to get a few little things done. Lunch first-yum yum yum,basics but nice. Next some supermarket bits & pieces that I'd forgotten and we see and chat to Miss Fiona. Next stop Office works- grabbing a final 25 copies of the two Fanzines. I think after we finish the final few orders we will have 4 copies left. Every day lots of really great emails around the Fanzines. So good that people "get them" ... we love that. While I'm copying and getting some new stationery , Mark & Wendy head to Bunnings for a new axe. Apparently Miss W is a serious axe woman (does solo!) and gives them all a test swing. They certainly pick a beauty..I am very happy with their choice.

Heading home with a car full of odds & ends ... but I force them to wing into the chocolate shop..coffee and chockys for the 2 of them. Someone spoils us with a huge bag of mixed delights- thank you. xxxx A really lovely day and just what we all needed. Good friends are the ones that call and check on us during such car less times. They are the ones that we'll remember and return the favour.

I head to the art room very late at night as I have ran out of the back covers for both Fanzines. So I'm screening, painting etc.. the good old hairdryer trick dies them in a short time. I love that each fanzine has this mini art piece at the back and all slightly different versions of the little fox! I hear from RAM magazines Anthony O'Grady - says such nice things about the Fanzines, honoured he penned a piece for one.

August 1st

I rarely go in Tattslotto but I win $120 which is very cool and appreciated.

Good to see that Same Sex Marriage has made every news channel. It will happen here, the public are breaking the Liberals will- they can't play "kick the gay marriage can further down the road" for very much longer. The 20th Poll with the Liberals behind. Mess around with those who support Marriage Equality and we'll send the Liberals into oblivion. !

August 2nd

The most beautiful day at Kalorama -doesn't feel like Winter at all. Walk to the store to collect the mail, stop in the park just to absorb some of the rays!

Loads of emails coming in around Neil Finns first webcast/stream, a nice vibe, doing everything we can to promote this, just want to make sure every Finn fan is aware, some late nights in the office for us. Work 2x 12 hour days all on this. I'm worn out. I doubt neil would even know how hard I work.

I clean out the lounge room fire place, it's might having this second fire going, even a bit romantic.

MP Trevor Evans says he could cross the floor and vote with Labor on Marriage Equality. Of course the National hierarchy don't like that -how pathetic are they. Let them vote with their conscience...

August 3rd

Happy Birthday to Miss MIM. She is so excited adores our presents, such a great kid. The I=Uncles are blessed to have her in our lives.

Burn loads of tree drop during our lunch break, a massive pile, get it done before the rain starts. I'm great at getting the fire really burning, it's all that gum tree bark.

We order our groceries via Woolworths on line , just great.. all done and out of the way.

August 4th

The first of the Neil Finn live streams and it's really fun. The boss looks relaxed and I'm just excited about the concept too. Thankfully I watch most of it on You Tube as the picture is good, some of the filming a bit average but the sound was mighty. So many familiar names in the FB feed too- thanks for all the hello's and kind words.

You can head to www.frenz.com/neilfinn/ NEWS area for some better quality links (as far as picture quality). Pretty sure Tim Finn will be special guest next Friday (11th) as well as a 20 piece orchestra.

Saw this piece in the letters page today. "Malcolm Turnbull is the richest PM we have ever had; he is also the Poorest". So true!

August 5th

We woke up to the delight of 14,000 emails (I'm being sarcastic..but it was that many ) Neil's webcast just triggered them.. hell that is a lot, so people will have to be patient while I reply. Even this diary is delayed because of the hours I'm spending on Emails.

I took a short break in the afternoon grabbed a coffee and the mail from the store. A woman that looked like Patsy from Ab Fab came and sat next to me. As she consumed her cake some icing sugar found it's way under her nose, like a little snort of Patsys cocaine. I was laughing inside.. just made me smile.

August 6th

Oh good grief the Liberals are trying to push their stupid non binding Plebiscite again. It will be rejected by the Senate as it should be. So no doubt they'll move to the postal vote idea, which is also non binding. If we are forced to the postal vote so be it. Hopefully decent Australians will be passionate and vote YES for Gay marriage in this country. A funny moment as Turnbulls plane touched down in Canberra; a huge rainbow appeared over Parliament House- if there is a God, that certainly was a positive sign. Maybe God loves his gays- he's never sent a lightening bolt down to stop any of the 150,000 SSM weddings overseas.

Murdochs conservative Herald Sun ran a readers poll, 27,000 voted and 65% said YES to Same Sex Marriage. How awesome is that!

So the postal vote isn't very far away, please speak to family and friends - support the YES vote !

It's Time Australia.

Peter & Mark xxx

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