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Split Enz back on the charts in 2017. Now that would be awesome.

Split Enz back on the charts in 2017. Now that would be awesome.

June 24th

Our lovely Cutting Room Crew turn up to help assemble the Fanzines. Mark and myself have already done a hell of a lot, but there will be a few left for them to contribute. We all let Mark take control. Assembled around the kitchen table , it's kind of quaint , the old school method and fun. If course I'm out by 10 of the Little Fox Production back pages -which is weird as I was sure I did the exact amount (they turn up later). So up to the art room in the cold black night to whip up a few more. Claire and Wendy come along and we artfully create in the blink of an eye. Just more fun.

After the assembling the lasers are on in the main room and the music is pumping away (I'm sure it was too loud for Sydney Sue and she may well go home deaf). The lasers are freaky, we are all addicted to them. Food, drink and some excellent pool playing. Big thank you to Wendy, Doug ,Claire, Sue, Mark, Allie, Laura, Rosemaree- a really great evening...well morning as it must be about 4AM by the time Laura stumbled into the guest room after our mammoth chats.

June 25th

I didn't sleep much so got up early and made breakfast for everyone. Did the washing up from the night before and cleaned the house. Mark, Sue and Laura all asleep and blissfully unaware of my efforts.

Noel arrives around 11.00 for his spoon lesson with Sydney Sue. How brilliant, Crombs such a great bloke, so lucky to have him and Sal in our lives. We are going to film a little bit of this for the Net. It's the fun stuff when the cameras are off that are excellent. All the tricky spoon playing things that Noel is showing us. Sue's a quick learner...and Noel a good teacher. I love that we got to offer this cool prize.

Check out the spoon lesson here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTV43s3ogHU

I've made some homemade soup so we all devour several bowls on this Wintery day. So nice to sit around the table (yet again) and just chat.

I see Liberals Dean Smith (WA) and Trent Zimmerman (NSW) attempting to do the right thing and make marriage equality a reality. Some of the old dinosaur Liberals will fight this to the end, just old homophobes - love that the majority of Liberal politicians now support gay marriage- if the Libs were not so gutless they'd allow a conscience vote. What a bunch of cowards, no wonder no one votes for them any more. Gay Marriage will happen here - only a fool would think other wise.

June 26th

We work in the office all day, so much done, very efficient today. A nice way to start the week.

I make a chocolate cake and it was shite. The last one was great, sometimes I simply stuff up .

June 27th

Miss Silvie makes a really good coffee today , her skills have improved out of sight. Spend an hour packaging more Fanzines.

It's envelope, parcel, tough pack stuffing all day. We look up and the day is over.

June 28th

The power was meant to be off on the mountain today for line work. We were up early but of course it never went off till later. A bit of a lost day, we ended up going shopping, basically a luxury day off. The stores were empty- you can tell that consumer sentiment is very very low. people don't have confidence in the government and holding tight to their dollars.

June 29th

Bake bread. One of my favourite things, tastes great,smells great!

Cardinal Pell charged. GOOD. Burn in hell you horror. One of Abbott's "best mates" no surprise there both arseholes.

June 30th

Hmm managed to catch Claire's bug, whatever it is, a nasty one. It's almost a year since we were last sick. Same scenario , sick person gives it to us. Mark's now banned any sick friends from visiting. Heaven help anyone that turns up , I'm sure he's building a trap door near the front gate. It's tempting just to run to our Dr but really we should be healthy enough for our bodies to fight this. So we are going to let that happen. Still sick once a year , I can deal with that.

Despite being viral, I call into our Plumbers and give them some dollars for the new bathroom taps. They did a great job. Hang out with Mike and Chris for awhile, they have a great view off the mountain.

July 1st

What is that Neil Finn planning people ask? What are those dates that have appeared on his Sheepbook page. I've been telling everyone those are his predictions for the end of the world. Quick spend your money. The wheels are turning, exciting days are coming.

July 2nd

Feeling slightly better or is it the eye of the storm?

What a GREAT season end for Dr Who. Now that is the Who I love.

Happy Birthday to Mr Hart too, wish we lived closer to help you celebrate.

Cold last night, minus 3. I was burning up from this bug so nice and snug ..and rather oddball dreams.

July 3rd

A bit crazy today, start to write an article on an old mate from the seventies, who I knew as Planet Boy. I ditched it, too heavy and contained dead kid molesting lord mayors. Now is not the time, but I am thinking of you Planet Boy , sad that you decided to leave us that way.

July 4th

"Sick" returns, I knew "it" was lying... nice green Phlegm, or is it just that way from eating too many Fishermens Friends?

i start on some TF refunds, it's a slow process, and takes forever. I know I should be in bed, but stay on it. A few fans are a bit demanding, they probably don't know I feel like shit. I allow for that. If they only knew just how much time I put into things for them.

July 5th

A magic set of numbers appear on Neil Finns social media page. The mysteries of the universe? We'll all know soon enough. I am now teasing?

Run into Mark in the corridor this morning at 5 AM, both feeling blah. Was he cursing Claire loudly? I think so. Miss Banshee oblivious to it all, soft car snores creeping out from my bedroom. We are like the Coyote and the Sheepdog walking past each other "Good Morning Ralf".

The Split Enz "Live, Alive, Oh" cd is out this Friday, it would be great if it does wel-hell great if it even chartsl. I keep thinking the record company will just throw it out as a catalogue piece and nothing more, which is sad considering all the work Eddie has put into it.

July 6th

I just want to be left alone this week, the last thing I feel like doing is chatting on the phone.

Lots of home made soup today, just what the Dr ordered......he did, he really did.

Found a scary haired photo of a teenage PG at the Telford in Sydney in the seventies, it's a classic, taken by Mark , up it goes on Facebook. People try so desperately to sanitise their past, I tend not to give a shit.

Earmark next Wednesday for the second run of the Fanzines. I put it back a week seeing we were feeling like cr@p. This will be the last chance for people to get the 40th Anniversary copies of "10,000 Voltz" + "Wipe The Sweat". Nice little collectibles. If you want these you need to email me fast.

July 7th

The Enz double live cd is out and instant madness. Stores start running out of stock as soon as the open their doors. Within an hour nearly every store in Australia has ran out. The $14.99 very cheap price has helped too- no doubt it will jump to a more expensive price very soon. You can order it via the JB website here: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/browse/rock-pop/live-alive-oh/448075/

I'm meant to be on sick leave but spend the day and most of the night answering emails on this release. It's wonderful so many people are supporting this, I just wish more people could find it in the stores. Thanks Frenz you do rock.

Watch "Philadelphia" and then "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion" on Bluray. "Oh Ramon"!!!!!

July 8th

Luxury sleep in for me. Just letting my body recharge.

Excellent piece on Australian Story on Pastor Ozzie Cruse. I love the effort he's made about resurrecting The Bundian Way. An ancient ancestral pathway that basically runs from Eden to Mount Kosciuszko. At some stage Mark and myself will do the trail, it looks mighty.

More info on the Bundian here: http://www.bundianway.com.au/ We love Australian Story and the ABC. More power to them.

July 9th

We work most of the day in the office, playing catch up and paper work. It's an icy grey sky outside , so it's a good place to be, tucked away in our little burrow. I think Marks editing away on the Vali Myers footage. I'm very excited about that.

Charts are in and Tex, Don & Charlie have a new release "You don't know lonely" out- it debuts at #14. I see Crowded House are back in the Top 10 on the Australian artists chart . In a months time the Very Very Best of CH has spent FOUR years on the charts! How insane is that- impressive.

That's it for another diary, if you can grab a copy of Split Enz "Live, Alive-Oh" in this first week of release. Just to have the Enz back on the charts would make me smile.

Thanks for keeping the flame burning.


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