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Rays from the Goddess(Kalorama 2017)

"Rays from the Goddess" (Kalorama 2017)

March 27th

Monday and I'm up early baking our bread. It's almost a ritual now and they usually turn out ok. I had a dream about Hessie last night, not a bad one, a happy one, he was gone 12 years yesterday , didn't want to make a fuss this year so just putting up some never before seen live footage of him and LLT playing "Skin Feeling" from The Continental @ Prahran.

March 28th

The Liberas drop in the Polls again. Behind Labor by a massive 10 points now. The public are deserting the Liberals in droves. I'm not even sure a "Leader" change will do anything, well and truly on the nose. Interesting times.

It's our mate Tony Williams birthday, so lots of good thoughts and wishes to him. He's a really good bloke and was very kind to these 2 stray boys from Wollongong during our Skyhook years.

Cyclone Debbie, (named after Debbie Levitt. NO made that up! Sorry Deb) has hit the Queensland coast. Thankfully the QLD government had a few days to get warnings out so hopefully people will be safe. It's a large cyclone... looking like Magnetic Island will be spared. Airlie Beach etc not so lucky.

I'm in the kitchen and 6 black cockatoos fly by and deposit themselves in an old tree a few doors down from our house. Such amazing birds. I take a few distant photos. One spots something on the ground and dive bombs, a full vertical decent. Not sure what he spotted as they usually eat seeds from gum trees. It's so good to tune out from the world and watch these feathered beauties at play.

March 29th

I'm chatting to Mum and she suddenly asks me for a copy of John Lennon's "Imagine" says she has been singing the song and would love a copy. I like that at 79 she still has a place for music in her heart.

We rush to get the East lawn mowed before the rain starts. OK truth be told Mark does most of it, I'm replying to band emails for a huge part of the afternoon.

I spot a Hook shaped cucumber growing in our garden, a Skyhook cucumber ? Quick sell it on Ebay. Just joking, the fan boy in me gets thrilled at the shape of this. Ha. Ha.

Banshee driving me a bit crazy as she keeps wanting to go out at 3.00 in the morning to explore. It's not going to happen Miss B, sun up sure, pitch black Kalorama night- no way .

BLTs for dinner and using our home made bread.

March 30th

I drive to the bakery in the afternoon, as I'm making homemade hamburgers and couldn't be bothered baking rolls. On the way back, a rather spontaneous decision to swing a right down Falls Rd. I's raining outside, just a fine rain, so I'm no too fussed if I get wet. A few kms down the road I arrive at Olinda Falls. I's just a small waterfall, and a little hike. I'm the only person here, the car park is empty. Lots of animals in the bush, I see them and hear them. It's a bit spooky but truly beautiful. I jog to the falls, some exercise at last. I do think of the dead body or two that have turned up in this bush area over the years , lets hope I'm not one. With that in mind I am very careful by the edge of the falls - left my phone in the car and Mark doesn't know I've made this detour so rather stupid of me. I have a camera with me, so take a few photos for Sheepbook. The Falls are moving rather quickly, lots of water cascading over the rocks. Looks nice and clean too. I head back, a bit of a jog again and I'm almost out of breath. I'm home again 15 minutes later. That felt good.

We watch THE DANISH GIRL on cable, interesting, loosely inspired by Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili one of the first sex change operations, way back in the late 1920's. I'll have to read Lili's diaries one day, the book is MAN INTO WOMAN, it's quoite a famous book and deserves to be reissued. Otherwise it's Ebay for me, which is quite expensive, around $65.00.

March 31st

Cold night in the national park, I wake up with the Kalorama sniffles. It's that time of year. Miss Banshee sneezed at 4.30 this morning, maybe she has the sniffles too?

Some flowers arrive for Marks Mum and step dad, their 40th year together- a really good couple.

April 1st

April Fools Day and no tricks played.

I sit down and do our BAS, I use my old Canon Palmtronic 8, a Christmas present from my uncle in 1976. They built things to last in the seventies... I use this almost every day, the batteries seem to last forever too. I found some details of it on an online calculator museum. The fact that there is such a museum made me smile.

SBS, so annoyed with them, they didn't play the final few episodes of WHEN WE RISE..how annoying is that. I sent them an email but no reply.

April 2nd

Coffee at the General Store, daylight savings over, the luxury of sleeping in an extra hour. So by the time I get coffee it's almost lunch. feeling very lazy today.

Picnic at Hanging Rock book is 50 years old soon. I try to find my "missing chapter" booklet and it's gone astray. Mark thinks I lent it to a friend and they haven't returned it. I have a little note book with all the books I lend and to whom, and sign it when they are returned, so I'll have to find that and find the person who has been slack. I never learn I keep lending out books. If you have it you'd better return it soon as you know I will bust you.

April 3rd

Trying to get a dvd of "Some of my best friends are..." Amazon has it still, almost impossible to get in Australia. The things I do to enjoy those few minutes of seeing Candy Darling on our 65 inch TV! Yes I know I can watch her segments on YouTube but it's just not the same. It's almost like bad 1971 porn without the remotest bit of sex. I am fascinated by Candy's nose. So many Queens have such beaks, why is that? Candy being non camp dramatic, it's all a bit odd. The straighter she tries to be the more odd she is, in my eyes. Maybe I like that. I do like Candy dancing to that fine, fine fine music . whew! Her life was saved by Rock N Roll (thanks Lou). I'm going to make contact with Jeremiah too, who was one of Candy's closet allies, I'm sure he has some amazing stories to tell.

MAX (TV) has it's "1000 Greatest Songs Of All Time" being played over the Easter break. Rallying the fans to vote for Crowded House, Split Enz and Skyhooks. Hoping we will do well, it's great video exposure.A huge effort on our part but I'm hoping fans will really be supportive on this one.

April 4th

40 years ago today Nigel Griggs auditioned on bass for Split Enz. He called and mentioned it, what a cool journey. We love Nigel, he's a good bloke, we also like his liking of animals. I like it when he calls.

My lunch break is at the General Store and I have some luxury of 45 mins of reading- "My face for the world to see".

I notice in a very old diary that my first Warhol thing I enjoyed was seeing FLESH around 1974. I bet i found it all a bit rude and exciting. Such a pervy teenager.

April 5th

Just 3 weeks till Andy White's album launch for IMAGINARY LOVERS at Bella Union (Trades Hall) such a cool venue, it will be a fun night. Head to: www.bellaunion.com.au/ to grab a ticket for this very special night. It will be rather excellent and come up and say hello to us.

Lunch break today and I'm raking and burning leaves. Autumn hasn't really arrived yet so not as many as you'd expect.

April 6th

A long day in the office, mostly Finn stuff, some Andy White media bits and pieces. . It's so weird, some days it's quiet but days like today the exact opposite. Emails and more emails, requests, questions and Byron Bay info needed. Work till 7.oo PM. A late dinner for us.

April 7th

Jeff Jenkins is great, so supportive over the Andy White release. I wish the industry was full of more Jeff Jenkins.

I always liked that Warhols 2 siamese cats were called Sam and HESTER! Paul would of liked that.

Neil Finn joined the Enz 40 years ago today. Lots of anniversary's around.

Mail out another batch of Wings Off Flies. They take forever but we are making head way. Two more batches to go out. I think people will really enjoy them and such a great price. They'll all be gone soon , so fans will be stuck paying insane prices on Ebay.

April 8th

This Saturday we work in the yard, it's looking amazing. Mark has cleared this huge area- just has some exotic trees, ferns and a massive tree canopy. He's done such a good job. I start a big fire, burn baby burn.

By late afternoon the rain starts and it's really pissing down. The water tanks are overflowing. I am stoked we got so much done today.

Big swing against the Liberals in 2 NSW By-Elections. Both Blue Ribbon Liberal seats so that is a surprise. 25% swing against them in Manly and 16% swing against them on the North Shore. You never see such swings in the Liberal heart land- the rot really has set in.

April 9th

We were going to catch up with our mates Fen and Giles but I call them and blow it out, the mountain is covered in ice and even a bit of snow and the sirens are sounding at the oval, so I'm guessing cars have slipped off the edge. We'll see them in a few days time instead. far nicer and safer.

Andy cancels his appearance at the Walk for Justice for the same reasons, insane weather. We don't want to risk our expensive video cameras getting soaked so we bail out too, he probably doesn't want to get fried.

We head to a friends house for a birthday dinner, close by so not too far to go in this wet wonderland. A really lovely selection of food, such a fun evening.

That's it for another diary, enjoy the Easter break everyone, be it God or Chocolate- just enjoy life!

X Peter

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