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Arty Trick N Treat Bags- (Kalorama 2017)

"Arty Trick N Treat Bags - (Kalorama 2017)"

October 2nd

The 3rd mysterious hand painted YES sign appears on Canterbury road opposite the expensive, neon, billboard No sign. Who are those mysterious masked vigilante's who keep putting these up when the frustrated (sexually and otherwise) No campaigners rip them down. What fears and phobias do the No side have ... to remove such wonderful "art"! Ha! Decency will prevail. I wonder how long sign #3 will last? I'll be glad when this insane "debate" -lame survey is over. 9 million votes have already arrived , lets hope the majority have ticked Yes.

October 3rd

Montage for breakfast and it's very quiet on the mountain. I take my lap top and answer emails, every single one around Mr Finn and his album.

October 4th

I keep getting requests for Neil to play Perth. I'm hoping there is a good chance in February when Liam and Neil hit the road... still waiting on dates to be locked in, a couple of Zoo's maybe.. and Festivals. It will be fun.

October 5th

The UK mid week chart for OUT OF SILENCE is in and it's #32...over the years I've learned never to get too excited by mid weeks, we are always let down... still if it makes the UK top 40 that's not too bad. It already has on the digital charts so pretty good so far.

Sis emails me the latest pictures of my niece, MIM is looking amazing, I can't wait till we see her at Christmas. Apparently she has gone shopping with Mum and spent her own money buying us some Halloween treats.

October 6th

I pick some Brugmansia, also known as Angels trumpet, a freaky plant that is all the colours of the rainbow. My sheepbook audience are impressed by what the plants look like. I think they are almost extinct in the wild, the plant not my FB friends.

October 7th

Looks like Neils vinyl release for Out of Silence is now November. I thought it was late October but I guess it has changed. Playing the album a lot in the office, I hope it spends some time in the charts. Christmas is coming up fast so I think it will be a stocking stuffer for many people. With out a tour for this I guess the profile tends to drop rapidly-well apart from our awesome fans and their word of mouth. My big complaint is that it's in the shitty cardboard digipaks which I hate, the discs get scratched continually .

October 8th

Nice to chat to Fenella this afternoon. She's just mailed some used stamps for the land mine charity. The huge donation box goes soon, so getting all the last minute donations in...thanks everyone.

Mark has been working outside on the really old sone steps, clearing them back to their original condition,well in a rustic well worn stone, he's working so hard.

Really enjoyed Classic Countdown tonight- 1978 -a fun year for music. Except for the bloody horrid Countdown dancers.

October 9th

Neil and Sharon heading home from Europe today. Lucky buggers, sounds like a really nice escape.

Make home made Lasagne and even a chocolate cake for dinner..YUM.

October 10th

I see Eminem has savaged Donald Trump in a free style rap. Poor old Mr Chump everyone is gunning for him, even the angry old white men of mid-America.

Only a month away till he new Morrissey album LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL is out. I have a few tracks here in the office which we play a lot. Still think "Spent the day in bed", was the wrong song for the first single. But that's just my thoughts.

October 11th

Nigel calls good to chat to our old Enz buddy. When we get a day off we should go visit, he lives so close by.

Blade Runner 2049 sits at the top of the Australian movie list. No surprise, great reviews too. A fan favourite.

I freak Mark out as I drive to the supermarket in the rain, by the time I get to Canterbury Road it's bucketing down. Small cars were pulling over off the road, the 4WD just rolled on through the flooding. The best part, the supermarket was empty. So I shopped till i dropped.

October 12th

Some excellent reviews of the Midnight oil shows, the other PG gives Pauline Hanson a serve on stage which of course upsets the conservative dullards. It's so easy to bait One Nation supporters, talk about having IQ's of a bed bug.

We start watching the new season of Mr Robot. Another good start. Love it's freaky weird moments.

I have a strange dream about my friend Fiona, living in an underwater machine, a very kooky dream.

Finally getting a handle on the new You Tube page layout ... hate change, the old page was fine.

October 13th

I see Nic Cester from Jet has his solo album SUGAR RUSH out on November 3rd, will check that one out. It should be great.

October 14th

The Tom of Finland movie is showing at the Nova. They have this great parking deal, show your ticket and they subtract 2 hours worth of parking, so it's only a few dollars. We love Toms art, and the movie has had quite a lot of nominations. What a life he has had. Of course some people will be so easily offended by such things, gay erotica - oh my the world will end for sure.

Mow the east lawn area and feel some guilt about mowing over the endless wild orchards. So I stop and pick several hundred. There are plenty growing up the side of the house and lets face they will return -they always do. So the house is full of flowers.

I see Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher-another religious hypocrite. Telling his mindless flock "governments should stay out of the bedroom". Well you know mate, it's time the church pissed off and kept it's beak out of Australians bedrooms. When you do something about your child molesting priests , then and only then can you even expect the public to care about what you say. Also, it's time the Church paid tax. I can't believe people are stupid enough to be suckered by religion in 2017.

October 15th

Nice scratches on my hand from Miss Banshee, her claws are very sharp, don't mess with Miss Kitty I should know that by now.

Silkscreen up a few birthday cards for some friends. I like it when we can give them some arty cards.

Countdown Episode #5 goes to air. Thought Steve Cummings guest vocal moments were a bit odd. We love the guy but it didn't work.

October 16th

Sunny day- at lunch time I walk to the general store- I take a pile of Neil Finn work with me, get it done while I have a coffee.

October 17th

I cook bacon and eggs for breakfast, and squeeze fresh OJ. I've been adding a drop of lemon juice to my OJ, I like that zesty bite.

Latest Newspoll and Labor are ahead even further. The 21st consecutive poll with he Liberals behind. Bill Shorten creeps up a few spots closer to Turnbull. Fizza Turnbulls days are numbered, 9 more polls to go and if he is behind, i wonder if the Liberals knives will come out- after all it was 30 polls behind when that idiot Abbott got a good old political knifing. I see the Australian Conservatives have dropped in the polling, Cory Bernardi it's already starting to crumble. I have to ask is Cory a closet gay man? Just seems to be the rumour .

October 18th

Hot Day, and I'm enjoying it. Ailsa Craig is so wonderfully cool inside. The giant vegie patch is loving it - our water tanks are full to the top so I've used some to water plants last night. The bean seeds have kicked in and burst out of the ground. I think Mark believes when you put vegies in they grow instantly, I tell him to be patient. Am hoping for a nice selection from what we have planted.

Mail off more items and kits. Get a few done each day. The post is so slow from here, I think they security check every parcel.

October 19th

Wow Jacinda Ardern becomes NZ PM. She did it. I quite like her, so passionate and fresh. Australia needs that, the Abbotts, Duttons, Hansons and Abetz are such old relics, they should of been put out to pasture years ago.

October 20th

Just mailed the final Ghost Cars book, took a week longer while I waited for the mailers to arrive from aussie post. But all of them mailed now. Hurrah. Postage jumps again, $9 to send a parcel to USA.

I head off with Mark for a shopping rip to Eastlands. he buys me the new Spiderman bluray which is really cool. I purchase our first 2 Christmas presents , I am determined to get all my christmas shopping done early this year.

Fantastic that the Euthanasia law has passed the lower house here in Victoria. The legislation will head to parliaments upper house next month. I hope it passes, some dignity with death for those with terminal illness would be a good thing.

October 21st

Marriage Equality rally in Sydney in support of YES today- gets 15,000 people. The No side have a rally, same city and only a few km's away- they get 130 people- wow that is pathetic. Trying to stay positive for the YES vote, still seems forever before he final count is heard. Bring it on Australia. 130 people-sorry still chuckling....opps!

Pick up this huge box from the post office. MIM and Sis presents for Halloween- full of amazing stuff-love the gothic Halloween dinner bowls. Very generous- what a wonderful surprise.

I head up to the art room in the evening and work on some trick and treat bags for halloween. Not bad am happy with the result.

We really enjoyed "A street cat named Bob" the book was great and this movie is excellent. Luke Treadaway does some excellent vocals on the songs too, and the best bit- they use the REAL Bob the cat.

October 22nd

All three of us sleep in this morning, it wasn't a real late night, guess we needed it-even Miss Banshee

I drive to the bakery and part of the mountain is covered in fog, a lovely fine rain is falling and I slow down and watch 2 kangaroos feeding by the side of the road -they ignore me .

Coffee with Mary at the General Store and home in time for lunch. I spend part of the day playing catch up in the office. I work on this diary, 3 weeks worth this time. I notice over 465,000 readers have checked it out now. Hoping to get to 500,000 by Christmas. Thanks everyone, people just keep coming back. Maybe I'm like some strange oddball Uncle, people checking out what we are up to, hoping I will do something really strange.

Stay happy everyone.


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