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Happy Christmas to all the F/16 Voyeurs-we love you

"Happy Christmas to all the F/16 Voyeurs-we love you"

December 3rd

Classic Countdown tonight , covers 1986, some truly horrid things on this one. We just roll our eyes and have a chuckle. By this stage my Countdown days were numbered, lost the vibe and also just working way too much. Every so often I'd go along but nowhere near as many times as previous years. Sometimes one of our bands would be on the show and I'll head in with them.

Aussie Brenton Thwaites will be Batmans new Robin. Great Robin outfit for once.

A sad call from a mate of ours, I do worry about some of our friends way too much.

December 4th

I hear from the girls and the WE GOT YOU Neil Finn fan book will be ready on December 14th. Looks like a fun read. You can grab a copy here: www.miravistamedia.com/wegotyou

Exciting day today as the Same Sex Marriage bill goes to the House of Reps , so a few days of debate on this. I'm hoping it goes through without any amendments. It's looking good.

Send out VIP emails around the Neil and Liam shows, I seem to be sending stuff out every few days now, there have been some very late nights.

December 5th

Book hire car for Christmas and three of the car companies are out, lucky my 4th had a car for me. Insanity. I paid a bit more but it's a black shiny sexy car.

December 6th

Two electricity guys call in as the power company are adding a new power line to our house. Nice guys, one says he spotted me on the ABC recently and asked about the bands I work with. The older more serious guy suddenly sparks up. He was a friend of Hessies and played footy with him.

I talk to them about this corner side of the property, where the power line comes in, and it's just way too high for me to trim, so Hessies mate says he will organise the company to do it. This is like a great christmas present for me, I am so stoked - I'm sure Paul is floating about up there watching over us & this had something to do with him. So very happy.

Happy Birthday to a mystery woman! ... and that is all I am saying.

We watch the Tom of Finland movie Bluray- and all the extras are just great.

December 7th

It seemed to take forever, but SSM bill passed in the House of Reps. Such a proud moment for Australia. The public gallery erupted, rainbow flags were waved and appeared out of the heavens, and the public gallery started singing "I Am, You Are, We are Australian". We have been fighting the good fight on this for what seems like two decades. Just to have the choice but especially for future generations to have that choice. Australia finally catches up with the rest of the world.

The rainbow flag flying proudly on our back gate. cCar horns are sounding across the mountain and I can hear cheering outside- just wonderful.

December 8th

The newspaper headlines are brilliant, I heard Skyhooks "ALL my friends are getting married" on radio several times this morning. It's like some dark cloud has been lifted from this land. A Yes win for decency. Tony Abbott has received a slagging, too gutless to stay and vote NO. The poster boy for the No vote, runs out of parliament with his tail between his legs-what a gutless turd he is. At least Katter and all his craziness, had the spine to stay with 3 others and vote No. Yes a mere four No voting politicians. I always knew Abbott wasn't a man who stood by his convictions.

People are calling, emailing and stopping us in the street all day- such a party vibe.

We head off to Eastlands for a spot of Christmas shopping, stay so long they are locking the stores with us inside. A young girl at Ishka tells me how happy she is around SSM, and how wonderful Pride will be in the new year. She has this cool youth chat thing going on, oh the kids of today-she's wonderful and that made me smile. A Yes win for youth too.

December 9th

Happy Birthday to Nick Seymour. I track him down as he boards a flight home to Oz.

I order the Twin Peaks blu ray set for Marky for one of his chrissy presents, hope it arrives safely-we haven't seen the latest yet-so that will be fun.

December 10th

The final Classic Countdown is on tonight and the very last song, Crowded House with DONT DREAM IT'S OVER. I was there for that one and took those cool photos in the band room- 13th February 1987. Paul drove me home that day and borrowed a suitcase for the USA tour and they flew out a few days later. Their world and our changed forever within a few weeks. Great memories.

The giant raffle draw and it's a Black Ticket -#197 winning ticket. One of our regulars wins it- Amanda Scott. It took awhile but eventually track her down and it is a real joy to pass on such amazing news.

December 11th

God bless the AusNet crew who arrive while we are out and trim off the giant canopy for the new power lines. They even took it all away. I'm all smiles.

Email Neil Finn, no word from him, he's running silent & running deep, or maybe just rehearsing for the January shows. It wasn't important.

I mail our friend Belle in France a little present. Horrified how much our postage is now. A big shout out to Miss K, Helen & Janet who have been exceptional helpers- 3 top shelf gals!

Clean some weeds out of the vegie patch, they sure grow fast. White butterfly's attack my Broccoli- I dont use poisons, so I make up a mix of garlic water and soap - a little too late, not sure if I can rescue the plants. All the other vegies are great and growing fast.

December 12th

Send Judith some Greville street images, she's writing a book on Greville street and has been in contact. Happy to help a fellow writer.

Signed guitar plectrums arrive from some of the band members to go in the little frame for the prize pack. Mark Hart sends some extra- such a good bloke. Perfect timing as the giant packs go out today to the winner. Had to put everything in 2 boxes. What a Xmas treasure pack for Amanda!

LOVE the mid season season finale for the Walking Dead, I picked the shock ending 30 minutes before. Another great season.

December 13th

A hot day, the perfect day for Miss Banshee to get a wash. She only gets to splash in her tub several times a year. A good time now as the trees have some sticky seed pods and they love to stick to Miss Kittys coat. She's so happy in the water, though she does look like a drowned ferret when all her fur shrinks to nothing. Of course she shakes her coat all over me, so bath time for PG too.

During my lunch break, I make some homemade chutney for small christmas presents. I am a chutney virgin and have never made it before- used my grandfathers recipe. I'm shocked just how good this batch tastes. I have a little taste test with the locals and all give it the thumbs up. I bought these glitter tinsel pipe cleaners and they wrap around the lids. Way too professional (Ha ha).

December 14th

Pop another present in the mail, god postage is expensive. But one more ticked off my list.

Democrat Doug Jones takes Alabama in the Senate race. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed but a small nail in Mr Chumps coffin.

December 15th

I collect a few little acorns and spray paint them, I had spare paint from the Rainbow YES signs so use that. I like how they turned out, keeping the Christmas tree simple and fun this year.

Work day in the office, start reclaiming my office floor (yes again). Determined by the time we head home the office is nice and tidy. Mark says "Yeah right".... such little faith in me.

December 16th

A beautiful saturday here on the mountain. Mark works on the main large steps, clearing the vines & hedge back. I eventually give him a hand, he's done such a great job.

I was up early and started making a Christmas pudding, so that has been on the boil all day, plus a Pavlova. I think I boiled the old Pudd too long but it's not horrid.

Our mates Wendy, Doug and Rosemaree drop in for a visit, so good to see them. Love how they made the effort. A really fun night.

At 10.00 we check the news and the Liberals had a 6% swing against them in their safe seat of Bennelong. Not too shoddy -that will make Turnbull sweat.

I'm rarely drinking these days so a few JD's and I'm way too "happy". Of course some coke in my system and I'm awake all night.

December 17th

A week till Christmas, holy hell, a week. I am in shock.

I have a coffee at the General store and bring in some Pav. for ol' Mary she says she loves it, so good to share it around.

I work in the office for 5 hours, attempting to play catch up. Mostly Neil Finn stiff and endless "Where is My Room" Tour emails.

Depart office at 4.00 PM. Time to wrap some more Christmas presents.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Every one.

Hope your Christmas is awesome.

xPeter & Mark x

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