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Melbourne see you at the YES Rally on October 1st -come stand with us for decency

Melbourne see you at the YES Rally on October 1st - come stand with us for decency.

September 4th

We received a really lovely email today from Bic Runga, saying how much she enjoyed 10,000 Voltz and WTS fanzines - I love that so many people have enjoyed these 40th Anniversary editions. Thanks Bicster!

I've taken my laptop to the General Store to wade through the endless emails ... had a coffee and looked out and it was snowing. Not a lot, just a dusting, many of us kid adults ran outside with mouths open to catch the snow flakes.

Good luck to our friend Laura on her big Cabaret night grand opening show! She's a talent it will be a success -we do love that girl!

Suns out by afternoon and we have a grand adventure, a bus trip. I can't remember when last I was on a bus. Of course it's late.. so Mark is critical from the start. We board Bus 1090 and I enjoy it weaving around the hills. Eventually getting us close to the Holden dealership at Ferntree Gully. My car is delivered and it's all shiny and amazing. The new motor purrs to life and we are off. Decide to spoil ourselves at some exotic restaurant for an early dinner. Both of us as full as fat womans sock by the time we head home.

September 5th

Our post office has ran out of mailers so i have to order in, off mountain. Australia Post is rather hopeless, they charge more but their service really is shit. It's annoying how slow the mail is.

We watch PAWNO on cable, a local aussie movie, which is pretty good. More power to Australian movies, we have such exceptional talent here, check this one out. I'll never understand why some people don't get australian movies - they miss it , totally, I feel sorry for them.

September 6th

I drive about getting my little list of 20 things cleared . I succeed in all twenty being done... including calling into Bunnings to buy new work gloves, a 50 battery pack and a great garden hoe ... !

As I'm driving about i think of our friend Robin who has been gone for 10 years. Chat to Trudi - we all miss her so much. So many stories, and such a giant heart.

My afternoon spent on Neil Finn emails, I get a lot done. Most fans are patient and aware of the volume, a few think they are the only email in the world, but we are lucky , 99.9% are amazing.

Our wood supply is dwindling probably down to 5% remaining, considering it's "Spring" (well technically Spring is the 23rd this year) we still have our fire going every night in the lounge area. It's not too bad and hey saving $180 on a gas bill really is awesome.

September 7th

In the morning we return to Montague for brunch. It's a bit like the second coming, the gals are very excited to see us. A woman at the table, Elizabeth has a fun chat to yours truly and I kind of agree to do one of her Pod casts. She sounds like fun so it will hopefully be just that. She wants to interview Brian Mannix too so hopefully I can help her out with that. Donalea at another table works for For the Love of Wildlife people and she's really cool too. What a wonderful morning!

So the High Court gives the green light for the non binding expensive Liberal survey. So seeing how we are all paying for this insanity we will vote YES and encourage Australia to take note. We will support the vote over the next few months. Bill Shorten has warned Australians that it will get messy, vicious and horrid, lets wait and see if he is proven right. I bet he will be. The Australian Christian Lobby are heinous nothing Christian about them, watch the lies flow from their mouths like water. The loopy right of politics thinks it has won a battle against the left with the "survey" getting the ok but they are so thick they don't get that in fact they have actually given SSM a second lease of life. Think about it. If the SSM survey was stopped, same sex marriage would not have a chance till Labor win the next election which is awhile down the tracks. But now by allowing this postal survey, there is a very good chance the YES vote will succeed and the numbers in parliament exist for a Yes vote to make it reality. It's certainly a win for the Yes "vote" in many ways.

September 8th

Placebo a rather excellent show at Margaret C**t Arena. Love the audience giving the old homophobe Court a rather loud FUCK OFF. Placebo are awesome, welcome back to Oz guys.

Meet Jenni at the General Store, a newbie to the hills, nice lady. I think she may well be a long termer, a really fun attitude.

September 9th

Coffee with Rosemaree while she knits her billionth poppy for the RSL and next years Armistice Day.

I did get to sleep in this morning as did Miss Banshee, she was happy to snuggle up in our awesome warm bed.

A small flip out in the evening, mostly due to Paypal messing so much up- thankfully they admitted it was their stuff up. Ended up with Mark and myself vacuuming every square inch of the house. It's a big bloody house, we seriously gave it a super spring clean.

September 10th

Restless night.

Massive Crowds at Sydney and Brisbane YES Rallies for the same Sex Marriage vote. Such a positive moment , Sydney had this gigantic crowd that seemed to go on forever. Decency will prevail here and SSM will happen. We know just one person who is voting know and he still can't give a real reason as to why. Kind of sad really. The Age today had a huge rainbow YES on the front - and I see Canberra airport have added a rather massive Marriage Equality sign. Excellent.

September 11th

I grab a little birthday present for our mate Giles, it's a bit special. At least we remembered this year, still hopeless at birthdays.

My Sis sends me an awesome picture of MIM at the Corrimal Spring Fair, we cherish every photo, so lovely to see her growing up. Great parenting too.

Neil Finn's OUT OF SILENCE debuts at #2 on the Australian digital chart, #12 nationally-which is impressive because it's not out on CD till the 15th. #15 in NZ and #37 on UK digital chart. Not a bad start. I've certainly put in the hours on this one. Am feeling worn out.

Let's hope Australia helps the Rohinga refugees who have fled Myanmar, things look very desperate and the numbers are huge.

Polling comes in today, Labor are ahead of the Liberals in the 19th consecutive Poll, it's only a matter of time before Turnbull gets a Liberal knifing, but who will replace him, they are all rather horrid. Is it possible for a cat to be PM? Miss Banshee could do a better job. Looking very good for Labour in NZ to win the election- I know nothing about NZ politics, but hopefully a Labour win (if that happens) is good for the country.,

September 12th

Remember when you vote YES don't put glitter in with your vote *GRIN* sorry that condition made me smile.

I've been noticing that Turmeric keeps appearing in things from teas to cold pressed drinks. Is it the new cool?

Latest fairfax Poll has the YES vote at 70% here . Impressive. As I read that Gold FM played "ALL my friends are getting married" and made a very positive comment on SSM. I take that as an omen.

September 13th

Bic Runga Tour dates today- emailed them out- the DRIVE 20th anniversary Tour of NZ this will be awesome.

The suns out today, we have forgotten what it looks like. Mark takes the day off to continue work on Project C, it's starting to look excellent. He is a man with a mission, I love his work. My tall sweaty always sexy best mate. Banshee is site organisers and views all this activity from a tree.

September 14th

We head out to get some stock for the office, a bit of a drive. We go near Knox so have a late lunch and a shop at JB. They have a 20% off bluray sale on, so blow out budget on those. Not too bad as we have some gift cards from gorgeous friends. JB gift cards are the perfect thing for us. Even Banshee's cat food packs give us a free $10 card. Thanks Miss B. Look for Neil's album on cd but not out till tommorrow. I do see a very cool double cd by The Sweet . In the mood for retro so purchase that. So many great glam-ish songs. Gina would appreciate my purchase. Where are you Gina Patterson? Earth to Gina, earth Gina call home.

We drive past a Dan Murphys and use our Dans Gift card on a bottle of Benedictine, normally $75!!!! This dans was at the Burvale Hotel- where Mark and myself have stayed when we were 17-ish on a Skyhooks pilgrimage, also tv show Prisoner filmed some episodes at the Burvale. Oh the memories. Catching standby flights to Melbourne, hanging out with the band- such fun times.

Home to see Tony Abbott's daughter on the news- and Frances Abbott is voting YES. Watch Abbott put on his brave media face but inside he'd be fuming. Her aunty would be very proud though.

September 15th

Out of Silence by Neil Mullane Finn is out today on CD in Australia and NZ. I hope the fans love this one and it is a hit. September 23rd in UK-Europe. September 29th- USA-Canada.

It buckets down with rain tonight, huge windstorms hit the mountain. Ailsa Craig is like the rock it's named after and stands strong against the elements.

September 16th

My day starts with coffee at the General Store, I number the final 50 Crowded House GHOST CARS ON THE FREEWAY books. 30 have already been grabbed so a mere 20 copies remain and that's it. So if you are after one of the brilliant Crowded House books- head to www.rocketpocketbooks.com or the mighty Frenz Com merch page -http://www.frenz.com/merch.shtml . The price DOES include postage worldwide and such a great price it is too. This is it, close to being extinct ! Thanks to all the fans who have copies, we get emails every day from people loving this release. Thank you.

September 17th

I drive out look for hoe's! Now come on I mean the garden kind. I'm helping Mark attack the project area this fine Sunday. He's impressive and I'm rather piss weak at getting all the vines out. Slowly we are getting this done. (PHEW) bloody hard work. At least it's fire safe now too but still deciding on what to do with this area, it's bigger then any of our friends yards!

I mail off 2 letters with thank you cards and lotto tickets to the 2 local guys who helped me when my car broke down a few months back. Such nice blokes and hope they win a few dollars.

Horrified that a No voter adult male threatened a 14 year old school girl with a gun on facebook simply because she supported the Yes vote. Really is this what the face of No voters looks like now, threatening kids. I hope the arsehole adult gets charged. It's shameful.

Our friend Wendy reminds me that October 1st at 1.00 PM is the big YES rally in Melbourne for SSM. Meet in front of the State Library at 1.00. Out of all the rallies that have happened this is the one to show support for. So please come on down, come rally with us and come say hello. It's one thing to say you support the Yes vote, but a lot harder to attend. So help send a message that you are on the right side of history. We'll see you October 1st. Email me if you are coming along . It''s Time Australia.

See you at the rally.

Peter xxx Voting YES for Decency.

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