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A Huge thank you to the Cutting Room Crew for helping assemble the Fanzines. We love you! The Boys xxx

A Huge thank you to the Cutting Room Crew for helping assemble the Fanzines. We love you! The Boys xxx

June 5th

The Beatles Sgt Peppers re-enters the Aussie chart at #5. I guess this is happening across the globe. Classics live on forever.

After a long day in the office, way too many emails - here I am in a deep hot bath, candles are lit and a small shot glass on Benedictine. I give Rosemaree a call to say hello. I assure her I am indeed naked! Cover your eyes.

June 6th

Finally going to make some time to enjoy our friend Karen Clapton's poetry book- Time Developed. Will be so nice to just sit and enjoy this book. Yey. I'm sure sales are on the Net so grab yourself a copy, it would make a cool present for someone too.

We were watching Earthquake on Bluray last night and in the middle a real earthquake hit the hills. Only a tiny one but we felt it. Life imitating art yet again.

Insane that the Tories got rid of 20,000 police, England just got a lot more dangerous.

June 7th

The JB sale is on so we drive to Eastlands. Finally they get more stock of the Crowdies debut limited edition cd, so I buy one for Deb, it seemed to take forever to arrive. Mark buys a few Blurays as do I. Only one other person in the Bluray aisle. I talk to the music guy about falling sales of cds. I expected to see a few people looking at vinyl during the sale but no one. I moved all our Crowded House LPS to the front, Nick Seymours art is always so awesome and eye catching.

After we leave JB with some "must haves" i take Mark to the little coffee place, they have amazing lemon tarts!

We watch Ghost World on Bluray tonight and it's just as fantastic as I remember it to be. We love that movie so much. The extra surprise was how excellent "Logan" was, the third and final Wolverine movie. I was quite shocked how great it is.

June 8th

Foggy morning, like really foggy. Up to our doorway. Ailsa Craig rises from the mists like some high rise home on Avalon.

Call Mr Crombie, chat chat and chat. It's all good. I'm heading over this afternoon. Before I go, I head around the grounds of our place and pick every flower I could find , for Sally.

Lots of traffic out but I arrive at Noels. I have a top hat and he picks the lucky winning tickets for the clubs prize packs. Sit with the Crombie's for awhile which is always a joy for me. Good folk.

June 9th

Nat and Nick do our heads in. So generous... blown away-they are very bad for being so very good. We are so lucky to know so many wonderful kind people, we really are blessed.

June 10th

Woke up to the sad news that Adam West is dead. My Batman, my favourite Batman. He inspired me to wear a Batman suit on my first day at school. I'm so sad all day.

Luckily I'm off to see Bic Runga play tonight at MEMO-St Kilda. Mark has to catch up with people so I was going to go solo but kidnapped Wendy.

I park in the Coles car park.. hoping I make it back before it locks down at midnight. I have a special editions of WINGS for Wendy.. a bit of work went into it, it's cool.

She's at the door and we go in. Never been upstairs at MEMO, so we head on up to the balcony.

Bic is onstage on time...we like that. Two sets and she is in fine form, the audience really loving her. It sounds pretty good too. Second set towards the end - she has a Dame Edna moment and does a bit of a shout out "chat" ... which the audience seems to enjoy.

The shy side of me wants to run behind a huge curtain. She's so cool, am honoured all over again.

The merchandise area is doing a roaring trade, every Bic cd sells out-how great is that. We spend the next hour catching up. A lovely end to the night and I'm kind of extra proud of her. I take some notes and pen a review of the show for the upcoming 40th Anniversary issue of "10,000 Voltz" fanzine. Bic writes out a set list in her own hand which will be part of the article. We chat in the band room for awhile and I realise I have 7 minutes to get my car out of the park ,otherwise it's locked in for the night..I make mercy dash. Home by 1.00.

What an excellent night.

June 11th

Rosemaree contributes her Anne Rice article, I want a bit more of "her" in it, she gets it, and adds a bit extra, so another articles signed off and ready for Wipe The Sweat 40th Anniversary issue.

Playing Blondie's Pollinator while cooking dinner, it really is a fantastic album. I make some home made tomato soup from the very last of our garden tomato's. Yum. perfect for Winter.

June 12th

Public Holiday - day off for all the drag queens in Australia.

McCartney Melbourne show is announced. It will sell fast.

June 13th

Bacon and eggs and toast this morning. I climbed out of my nice snug bed to make breaky.

Mark emails me some scans and I put up the facebook page for 10,000 Voltz and Wipe The Sweat. They are under as AUSTRALIAN FANZINES on facebook. feel free to enjoy the page and give it a "like".

Within an hour we had 17 'likes' just from word of mouth. I get excited from a single "like"!


June 14th

I get a really nice email from Tim around the lost Ninnies-almost Enz recording "Heatherdene", some whimsy on my part but a handful of lyrics I couldn't work out and he filled in the gaps.

I see consumer sentiment in Australia has fallen for the 3rd month in a row. People have lost confidence with Turnbull and his motley crew.

We are loving the jam on toast that our mate Greg made- really really tasty. YUM. We could do with some extra bottles of it.

June 15th

Mrs JC delivers her piece on religion for the Fanzine, Mark says it's rather excellent. I agree.

Paid our rather expensive water bill, it's that bloody tap in the bathroom, have to get a plumber in, normally i can repair it but not this one.

Some awesome homemade cards arrive from our friend Jan... really cool of her. So appreciate these.

June 16th

Totally insane day in the office, once again I'm drowning in emails. We worked a really full day- managed to get to the house by 7.00 PM. Thankfully I had some japanese handy for dinner. The food not the people.

June 17th

I work on the Ninnies article. Neil and Noel.. and a few Enzish 78 moments too....

Today was a great day... so nice to be able to write that.

June 18th

I manage to sleep in for once. It's such a cold morning, Winter has her icy grasp on Kalorama. Even Miss Banshee is hiding under the covers.

I contact the plumber and he locks in a time to fix the pain in the arse tap. I hate that this tap has beaten me. I can usually do all of that stuff.

I find a little photo at the end of a negative that Kodak never printed. Taken at the Drag Tuppereware party at Surrey Rd. I send it to Rosemaree as she is in it with our friend Claire. it's several decades old, just wonderful. A fun night...the first drag tupperware party...ever!

June 19th

Drive to Officeworks and grab some extra tape for binding and a new expensive stapler.

Home in time to give Marks hair a bit of a trim. We are both looking like human haystacks.

Finally sign off on the Fanzine... I keep telling mark there are always THREE mistakes... I'm sure they will raise their heads later on.

June 20th

I finish screen printing the red and blue foxes for LITTLE FOX PRODUCTIONS which is the back page of the Fanzines. Hell, people are basically getting a bit of art with each one, some very cool foxes.

I hear from Sue (from Sydney) and she's driving down this weekend to play spoons with Noel. A very cool club prize. (You can see the end result here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTV43s3ogHU )

Back to office works and a small disaster but the amazing bethany saves the day. We stay up till 4.00 in the morning assembling nearly 2000 of them. People are emailing and asking so I guess soon we'll release our 2 bastard Zines onto the world. It's cool having these 2 40th Anniversary editions and I think people will love them.

As we go to bed our Australian Fanzines facebook page clicks over its 333rd visitor.

June 21st

I ignore the fanzine today and concentrate on Neil Finn Crowdies work... a solid day at the computer. Not sleeping very well, not sure why, odd.

June 22nd

Mates are calling by on the weekend to help assemble the remaining copies, a chance for us to catch up , and then maybe a late night party... hopefully the pool table gets a work out! I'm in the mood to party. I'm calling them the Cutting Room Crew. We'll form a bikie gang any day now....

June 23rd.

We lit the fuse.. the Fanzines are now available. Suddenly it's insane. It felt more crazy then the Crowded House Opera House presale. I was hoping we'd sell out within a few weeks. Every copy of "10,000 Voltz" and every copy of "Wipe The Sweat" sold out ... in 47 minutes! I felt like I was going a bit nutty. All gone... I'm speechless for once. For those that missed out-we will get another 1000 done this week and that is it. So if you are after a copy -head to the Australian Fanzine page as prices are up on that or email me (peter@frenz.com). Thank you to the many for supporting this project. I'm the happiest person in the world !!!!!

All the best from Happy Land!


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