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Kalorama General Store-News Headlines-A Great Day to be an Australian -a huge YES win

"Kalorama General Store-News Headlines-A Great Day to be an Australian -a huge YES win."

November 6th

Lots of emails from friends who are taking today off in Victoria, because of the Melbourne Cup tomorrow. A long weekend. We, of course are working very hard- the office is a hive of activity, and the phones will not stop ringing today. Everything, info on Neil and Liam shows, requests for items from the archives, friends sons bands wanting some advice, two requests for recipes (how weird) and some sad news around mates relationships. It's such a mixture.

I cook an Indian lamb casserole for dinner. Sometimes cooking is a great escape , other times not. This one was a success.

November 7th

Watch "Moonlight" on cable- what a cool movie, I get why it has won so many awards. Finally find a way to hang Sue's art gift- Beauty & The Beast. So little wall space, but an alcove area in the office has been screaming out for attention so this is perfect. Add some colour to the spot. So nice of her. This is the last piece of art for us. No room.

I'm driving up Canterbury Rd and go past the chain wire fence where we have hung out Rainbow YES big sheet signs. We stopped a week ago -ran out of sheets! It was opposite the vile NO lying electronic sign. I guess someone was inspired or missing our signs. As opposite in a tree a rainbow flag now hangs, or maybe it blew in from God? The ultimate omen? Anyway it made me smile.

Chat to my Sis and she's sounding better so I am relieved, still a worry but it's not fucking my head too much.

November 8th

Happy Birthday Belle, glad you got our small presents on time, and Nigels card.

The sun is finally shining, such an awesome day here, lets hope it gives our vegie patch a mighty zap.

November 9th

I drive to Upper Ferntree Gully station and pick up Frenz member Tania. She won a consolation prize in last years Christmas Stocking, to spend some of the day with us at the Batcave. I'm early so grab some petrol and then to the art store for some canvas and frames. I'm back on time, with a park right outside the train station. The train is on time and so is Tania. Good to see her again. Try to call Andy White but he's ignoring his phone ringing. We have coffee, cake and it's a really great day outside. Check out some art and enjoy the digging through some of the stage costume boxes. She surprises me with some extra Crowdies Tshirts for the giant Christmas stocking and archives and some awesome Fig jam.

I guess it's a bit of an oddball "prize" but I kind of like stuff like that. It's rare we let anyone invade the Batcave , so unique in that way. Marks gives the thumbs up -see how special you are Tania! That is rare for him.

We drive her back to the station and Mark and myself head off to The Flame to celebrate our 38th year since we arrived in Melbourne. It's always an anniversary for something.

November 10th

Happy Birthday to the original Skyhooks Lead singer- Steve Hill, if he was alive he would of been 65 today. So happy we got to see him sing with the band, and he called a few times- and his "wish I knew you guys all those years ago" did my heart good.

Neil and Liam tickets on sale tonight for their NZ Tour. I love that they are playing such small venues and towns, just an awesome thing to do in NZ. Five shows sell out quickly, the rest have the Sold Out sign up every few days. Don't miss out on this tour, it will be a fun one.

November 11th

John Alexander quits the Liberals due to the dual citizen debacle.. The member for Bennelong has always been a rather piss weak politician, I hope if he goes for the seat again he loses it like John Howard did all those years ago. Australia deserves a decent politician not just some old fart who once played tennis.

Boriska Lipriyanovich- seems to be everywhere in the media. The boy from Mars. He's now 21 and I just know he will get some strange off beat following- freaky but kind of cool. The new mesiah?

Remembrance day , have a quiet moment with John, Neilly, Mary & Rosemaree at the General Store.

Chorizo sausage salad with fetta cheese for dinner- my own creation. Yum.

November 12th

1983 Countdown, still love the Enz on that show, Hessie being introduced to Australia- a fun moment. Quite a few dodgy haircuts and clothes on tonights episode. We are enjoying these Classic Countdowns, lots of comments from Marky. Still amazed that our friends call us mid show- STOP CALLING US DURING COUNTDOWN, holy fuck how hard can that be. Grrrrr. It's our one moment to chill.

Work in the little vegetable patch this fine Sunday. It's a bit out of control, mother nature certainly grows back fast. Find lots of wild beans growing, so pick those before they get too tough. Ailsa Craig is exceptionally lush this time of year.The flowers are bursting out and colour everywhere. I baby magpie has been hopping around next to me in the garden. He keeps trying to talk to me. I can speak some spanish, french but very little "bird".

November 13th

I watch a story on Sydney Homeless Direct- the volunteers for this are just brilliant. What a great feature ABC tv. Australia should have this happen in every state.

A hot old night, very little sleep, and our house is pretty cool- I can't imagine how well cooked some of our friends are-especially with no cooling. It is going to be a hot summer.

I spend my lunch time digging even deeper into my own archives to find some cool things for the end of year Giant Xmas Stocking. It helps the club, so I'm happy to donate and do this. Just hope fans are supportive.

November 14th

Call into our vet and get Banshee some of her "special food" , just keeps her PH level down- she seems to enjoy the taste too.

Latest News poll in, Labor now 10 points ahead and Shorten a mere 2 points from bumping old Fizza Turnbull of as "Preferred PM". Incredible really, when Turnbull took over from lame brain Abbott he was 28 points ahead- how did he lose so much ground so fast. It was a big polling jump so I'm guess ing it will drop back again next time. Welcome to Australian Politics.

November 15th

We are awake early and keeping fingers crossed. I still feel very positive about the SSM "survey" result today- hoping for a YES win, and fairly certain it will be exactly that. 5 minutes till it's announced and it's stressy and almost teary. I hate that it was a non binding expensive survey, it should of been voted for in parliament. But a decent Yes win will surely shut up the No bigots. So really at this stage of the game we will roll with it.

The vote is in and it's a very healthy 61.6% YES . All the money the No side spent (five times that on advertising) and all that fear mongering and lies and they end up with a pissy 38%. A great day to be an Australian, and when it was announced we could hear people cheering outside around the hills. Our electorate, almost 70% YES - hell we really must of nagged people up here. So many Yes votes.

The first person to call is my Mum, which was so cool of her. The phones never stopped after that and the emails . People are rejoicing everywhere, well maybe not the old and grumpy.

The parties start, five for us, so as soon as work is done we are out of here. Fantastic Australia, love how decency won and sent the outdated, cave dwellers back under their rocks. It's going to be a very long night!

November 16th

Is that the sun rising?, it is, good grief. Are we home yet?, are we exhausted , and boy are we happy! Party till we drop- imagination the celebration when Parliament finally passes this and makes SSM a reality.

I still head to the office as we announce a 3rd Taronga Zoo show for Liam and Neil (18th Feb). 3 shows here and 3 in Sydney- more Aussie dates announced later on.

Nellys coffee tasted amazing today. I have a stupid winning smile on my face.

November 17th

Some religious zealot attempted to hassle me on line today. Going on that SSM is the work of the devil. Instead of mailing him some more rubber for his room and extra tin foil for his hat , I thought I'd agree with him and find some evidence-just to blow the few remaining brain cells that the idiot has left. Aha- spotted it and right under our noses.

As we all know the number of the beats is really 616 (not 666 like most HM bands think). What % voted Yes- 61.6% ....616! So friggin' perfect. I handed Mr Religious kook the info and never heard from him again- maybe his head exploded? One can only hope.

Morrisseys new cd is out today. LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL and it even has an aussie release. How scary is that.? Go Mozza .

Thinking of heading to ENZO , Mark doesn't really want to go- and a massive storm front has hit the hills . Thunder, lightening and trees come crashing down on the main road. Our place is ok but till the SES arrive our street is boxed in. No ENZO for us. I'm not too fussed, was mostly looking forward to catching up with some friends. Hope is goes well for Ed. It's not the same without the rest of the Enz, despite having some excellent musicians onstage. Hope the fans enjoy it.

November 18th

We've been in Kalorama for twelve years now-astonishing. We still love it.

As expected the Greens win the Northcote By Election, totally fine with that, as long as it's not conservative hypocrites.

Enz Nigel emails me a cute picture of his new handsome cat! He also mailed some very cool pieces for the Frenz Clubs giant christmas stocking. He's a good man that Nigel Griggs.

Ross 128B looks like a nice planet to live on. Only 11 light years away- I wonder if Uber will soon offer intergalactic pick up?

November 19th

Classic Countdown- Episode 10-1984. Great to see our old house mate Gina, on the cat walk dancing with Cyndi Lauper. "Girls just wanna have fun" sticks in my brain all night. Dr John too , singing lead with Deckchairs Overboard (Hessie was in the band for awhile-and later John becomes a member of Largest Living Things during their first line up). Gawd I hate break dancing contests- Countdown at it's worst during that shit. Eurogliders looked good. Billy Idol, always a sexy rocking bastard, Snarl Snarl.

Just putting up a Finn Bros song on You Tube. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. I filmed it at our LA rehearsal studio just before we headed off on the 2004 tour. I basically left the camera rolling while the boys from Green Day enticed me away to watch them rehearse next door. A fun memory. Anyway check it out here :


That's all for the moment. A big thank you to the many readers who supported the YES vote !

Thank you - now just for it to pass in Parliament. Nice to be on the right side of history.


P.SA. Big thanks to Deb, I appreciate your efforts girlfriend. xxx [ed. note: Sorry I'm late but you're always welcome!]

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