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Cutting back the wild growth that is Project C - Kalorama 2017.

Cutting back the wild growth that is "Project C" - Kalorama 2017.

August 7th

Rain Rain Go Away... well hell no, but we may have to build an ark! Marks says 17 days worth.

Went to clear the mail at the Post Office and the rain started again, so had a coffee while waiting for it to clear. A woman who looked a lot like Patsy from Ab Fab sat near me and consumed her cake with a latte. Some icing sugar found it's way under her nose, I tried not to laugh, a very Patsy cocaine moment if I ever saw one.

Good grief Turnbull is trying with his pissy non binding Plebiscite again- the Senate rejected it before they'll reject it again so I'm guessing a wasteful non binding "poll" will be mailed out instead. Will this useless bunchy just grow a spine and allow a conscience vote. The Public are sick and tired of them playing kick the can on gay marriage , oh well another nail in the Liberals coffin- so that is one positive thing. Some are predicting an election before Christmas!

August 8th

The very last 2 copies of Wings Off Flies are mailed-off they go fluttering in the wind, both to homes overseas. Goodbye precious cargo. Enjoy them, little pieces of our history.

The old conservative Herald Sun asks it's readers to vote on same sex marriage, 28,000 do and 65% say YES. Another good sign.

Great story in The Age- Uniting Church Minister Robyn Whittaker explains why she has changed her mind on gay marriage and supports it. An excellent article... made even stronger because it's a minister of the church. Rare one is proselytised from that stand point , which adds more value to the article.

August 9th

I'm moving some items in the archive area of the office and find another 12 copies of Interview magazine. They always had such fantastic covers. I've put them aside as I know Mark will love wading through them, we always laugh at the adverts.

A few birthdays coming up, think our mates will all have to settle for a Lotto ticket , still on the mountain so no chance to go present hunting. I'm actually loving it, just the best being at home and working in the yard and office. Had a few close friends check on us, and asked if we needed anything, those are the people we love. Big thanks to Megan who saw me walking home and picked me up and dropped me at the back gate- what a sweetheart.

August 10th

Three songs in a row this morning at the General Store- Mr Jones , Love Shack and Don't Dream It's Over. All 3 made me smile.

The Sun is out but very windy, I watch a huge tree branch bend and then crack and come crashing down in the park. No humans nearby just this alien.. so no one hurt. It did make the cockatoos screech though like it was some assault on their landing areas.

We finish work in the office today, exactly at 5.00 and decide to commence work on Yard Project "C". We have both been avoiding this one, but Mark has a fire in his belly and there go's the starters gun.. he's into it. Axe, shovels, clippers flying wildly. I'm impressed, and he's a bit sexy with that bead of sweat trickling down his sun tanned neck. The vampire in me wants to bite him.

August 11th

Woolworths deliver on time. I see the delivery man go by on the road, he stops says hello and asks if it's ok to leave all the groceries. Marks home and the ten million security cameras are on, so indeed it is. I'm enjoying the ritual of them arriving, and every time something extra is added, so we are very happy Woolworths customers. I don't like Coles, their stores are pretty grubby and they never have what we want.

I mail our friend Allie her birthday card, Mark adds a little extra item! Guess I'm emailing a lotto ticket as the printer went a bit freaky when we tried to print it out for her. It's a bit lame as a present, but hey if she wins $4 million, i would be a great present eh? I give her a call and leave a message on the home phone.

Neils 2nd webcast is great. I email them with a request to play "Angels Heap" - as brother Tim is special guest. Love that they do it.. another fun webcast chaps. Thanks for playing my song.

August 12th

Happy Birthday Allie. We both give her a call on her mobile but no answer. After 4 attempts we give up. Maybe she's on her road trip? Oh well she knows we are thinking of her , on her special day.

Saturday, and not too bad outside so we are both attacking the wild growth that is Project "C" . I'm down to a singlet (and yes I'm wearing jeans too..so not nude below the waist.) we go for it. We pack up plenty of kindling for our fires too. That's the added bonus.

A piece in The Age on the "Self Made" Exhibit at the State Libraray. It runs till November 12th.. and it's a mini exhibit on Fanzines. What are the odds..we resurrect our 2 Fanzines for their 40th Anniversary editions and suddenly fanzines are cool again. We love that.

Watch THE FAMILY FANG. Awesome movie. Nicole Kidman should stick to these slightly arty movies as her acting suffers in the commercial stuff... this, and To Die For and the brilliant FUR basically flops but it shows that Kidman can act. Just the commercial shit shows her in an average light. The Family Fang is lovely and warped ...and not the Finn Fang that we all know and love.

Homemade Lasagne for dinner, thanks Rosemaree for tracking down our favourite pasta for this. Money well spent.

August 13th

Sunny Day outside, I practice my sexy Timothy Olyphant walk on the way to buy postage stamps. I get a wolf whistle from a runner in the park- Green you've still got it.

I know it's Sunday but we work all day and till 4AM in the office. It sounds long but doesn't feel too bad. manage to bump the 14,000 emails down to a mere 8000. Shit that is a lot still.

August 14th

I've given Mark some days off, he probably has ten zillion days off owing, and really he's focused on Project C so while he has the vibe.... Today is his day and he rips into it like some half machine man..I take him some lunch and blown away by the masses he has done.

We watch an exceptional episode of Nazi Megastructures tonight, Hitlers Arctic Fortress. Impressive.

August 15th

A grey old day, the darkness returns. We both sleep in which is rare.

I see JB HI Fi's shares have slumped by 17.8% over the past year. I bet they are terrified about Amazon opening soon in Australia. It may be the kick in thew arse that JB need , they've been rather cr@p of late.

Make BLT's for lunch today.

I order some flowers for Mum, it's the anniversary of Dads death tomorrow, so want something nice to arrive for her. 31 years gone.. doesn't seem that long.

August 16th

Anniversary of my Dads death, which means it's also the anniversary of Elvis's death- 40 years for Elvis.

Melbourne Town Hall is lit up in rainbow colours tonight (and tomorrow) in support of Same Sex Marriage. Also a huge billboard over the top of Young & Jacksons pub. Please Aussies make sure your address is updated on the voting roll or if you are a first timer, make sure you are registered to vote. Every YES vote will help. Talk to your friends and spread the good word, It's Time for Marriage equality Australia.

August 17th

On the way to get the mail today, I spot a rainbow umbrella stuck in one of the trees. No people at the oval so I'm wondering where it came from-did this rainbow delight blow all the way up to the top of the mountain. One of my regulars on sheepbook says that maybe it an art installation-I like that idea.. I'm taking it as a very positive omen!

August 18th

Happy Birthday Nigel Griggs. We give him a call and a card, like us, he's chopping wood and keeping warm. His yard covered in ice and hail. It hasn't hit our place yet but the wind is picking up. (Burp).

Webcast #3 from Neil-overall a good one. Thanks for the little mention NF. Love your work.

Andy White's Imaginary Lovers cd down to the final 4 signed copies. I'm hoping it will be a sell out, such an awesome album. So if anyone is after a signed copy, just email me (peter@frenz.com). We get so many positive comments about this album, it deserved to go top 10. The media are shite on such things. They support such MOR bullshit, while real talent and great albums can get lost.

Our lounge room is super toasty tonight-the fire has been burning away for several ours- sleet outside but we are warm and snug our awesome house. My arm muscles are looking good from all the axe work.

August 19th

Catch up with Rosemaree for a coffee this morning and give her a little birthday gift. Good to see our old mate (opps sorry not OLD maybe BELOVED!!!! PHEW just saved my arse on that comment). Hope you win in Lotto too.

I head home and upload Into Temptation by the Crowdies onto You Tube. Fraudband is so slow today, it takes an hour. It's from the bands Sth African tour, such a great song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66DMFl3ttpk&feature=youtu.be

My Mum calls, a bit frantic as big wind storms are hitting Wollongong and the power is about to go off. Sounds like Njord the wind God is really shaking it up, planes cancelled all day at Sydney airport. Meanwhile, I head up to the garage with Mark and we chainsaw some smaller timber for tonights fire. It's great all the excess from Project C is perfect. It's going to be a cold one -talk of snow. For extra warmth I'm cooking an Indian banquet - so that will heat us up too.

Currently watching TV show BANSHEE on Bluray (again) such a great little show. It deserved to have more seasons. Alan Ball is a brilliant writer- producer. Love all his work! each time someone on the show mentions the town of Banshee, a little cat head pops out from under her blanket-thinking they are talking about her. Very cute.

August 20th

Happy Birthday Rosemaree! Love from the mountain to you.

I need a sign up "Cat Training In Progress" ... trying to break Miss Banshee's habit of wanting to go outside at 4.00 am! Think i finally did it this morning...she eventually wandered back into bed and snuggled up next to me. Success!

I see the Catholic Church is threatening to dismiss staff who wed same-sex partners. What a disgusting lot- maybe if they spent more time getting rid of their child molesting priests instead of stopping two loving couples getting married they wouldn't be getting the abuse that they are in 2017. The Church is dead and most of it is because of their own vile actions. Would they prefer their staff to "live in Sin"? I'm sure if God exists she loves her gays -not sure she would admire the black heartedness of the Church though.

Is it just us or has this year gone by rather quickly, I can't believe that September is just around the corner, just about to book our air tickets home for Christmas.

All the best


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