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Great to see the Front Rowers at Neil & Liam Melb Show

Great to see the Front Rowers at Neil & Liam Melb Show

February 12th

DEMO DAY in the office, where we play loads of demos. I wanted something Raucous so HOLE-LOVE demos for "Nobodys Daughter" currently playing. Really like these demos (thanks Marky) such a soulful brutified voice the ol' Courtney.

Fantastic to see Powershop purchase all those Renewables in Australia. Three Hydro-plants, long term contracts with solar and wind farms. The future is Renewables , even the coal industry has pointed out that coal doesn't have very long to go before it's all gone.

A strange day here, good intentions to get a lot done in the office, but side-tracked by phone calls, emails and other stuff. Still it is 7.17PM so I guess I did a very solid day , a lot just seemed to fall by the wayside.

February 13th

"Here & Now" debuts on cable. We really enjoyed the first episode- what a great cast. Hope this series has many seasons, some quality scripts !

Neil and Liam at Anita's at Wollongong- a few mates go, overall a pretty good vibe. Marks Mum points out how ancient that venue is, she use to go to it when she was a kid. Not that our parents are THAT old-now I've done it. There will be pay back for that comment.

February 14th

Valentines Day and St Val visits, covering the kitchen in well hung (no pun) hand made hearts and our favourite chocolates. Maybe we are romantics after all or maybe he knows we both love our chocolate.

We were going for breakfast at Montage but a huge storm has hit and power is out across the mountain, everywhere EXCEPT Kalorama which is weird. So all the shops closed including Montage. Big parts of the tourist road are closed, trees falling etc, so we vacate the mountain. We dine down on Canterbury Rd and it's great to see the 3 girls at the food place. They dote on us , which is great, we feel the love gals.

Home and the power is still on, so our Valentines Day is spent replying to Neil Finn emails from the office. Was going to have a date night but the roads closed still.

February 15th

We avoided it originally thinking it would be crap, but have to say that GOTHAM is our favourite show on TV. Cable had Box sets of all the seasons so far, so Mark took a punt and we have back to back Gotham episodes. Love all those early versions of the Villians - great script, great sets, excellent actors. There is hope for Tv after all! Gotham Rocks.

Not looking good for Barnaby Joyce , you can see the cracks in old beetroot face now. Apparently he has also billed the Australian tax Payer for 50 nights accommodation, at times when Parliament was not even sitting. $16,000 of OUR money- why the hell should we pay Joyce's accommodation just so he can bonk his mistress! I have a feeling he might actually go this time. The Nationals look rattled. Turnbull keeps saying "I have complete confidence in Barnaby" but he says it like he doesn't even mean it. I'm sure PM Fizza will flip flop and go the opposite when the going gets tough-he always does.

February 16th

So I've agreed to be on the panel for one of the Australian Music Vaults discussions. Titled "Can I Have Your Autograph" relating to fans, fanclubs, collecting archiving etc. My one concern was that it was a ticketed event. With the tax payer covering the Music Vault itself, I think such talks should be free. I know they have costs to cover, staff, PAs etc . Saying that the ticket price is next to nothing and they really do it to confirm an audience. In the past with free entry people who said they were coming simply didn't. So I've said no to any fee, I've also suggested for our club members a special code where their ticket price is the smallest available. So I'm attempting to look after the fans. Just trying to keep my Moral Compass pointed in the right direction. I'm sure the Vault people will work out some fan friendly ticketing, they do get where I am coming from.

Public talks scare the shit out of me, the saving grace being friendly faces in the audience. To look out at a sea of people and see someone you know smiling back is awesome. This one will be at the Arts Centre on March 28th. It should go up on the Music Vaults website soon and we'll give it a mention in all our areas when we have the details and links. I am honoured , and just don't want to look like a total goose. Hoping those attending will have a great night-WE WILL! Plus it will be great to catch up with people. https://www.australianmusicvault.com.au/

February 17th

White Night Melbourne.

Once again we secure a spot at the magic car park. Such a great place, we've parked here for over a decade, never had to pay for parking. Just great. It's a big one tonight , 11 hours in the city (possibly). Hoping to catch up with friends who have double booked. Walking along near the MCG and it's such a magnificent night-very tropical. I see a NO STANDING sign painted HUGE on the MCG so have to go STAND next to it. What a bad boy I am! *GRIN* .We eventually make it to the Museum and wait for our mates but no sign, so call and can hardly hear them. The city is full, somewhere between 600,000 and 700, 000 Melbournians. We move off to the Exhibition buildings, which was crazy, even more people. The buildings have a sensational light show- the outside seems to change shape and become something new, and freaked out mechanical noises. 15 minutes of arty beauty. A call comes in, I can only just hear Marks phone and it's turned to to ten, the sounds of the sea of humanity drowns out my world. Terrible news, my sister just rushed to hospital . So in the middle of this I'm now checking on her. Heart stuff and her brother is worried. My family keeps me updated most of the night and she will be in hospital for many days (again). So that has thrown me. If nothing else White Night will be a much needed distraction.

Bizarre shaped cocoons are in the middle of the gardens, if you brush against them they change colour and start "singing" , all different shapes, colours and tones. Love these. Great art. Over from them huge cartoon animals and 4 metre sunflowers spring to life. Families wander around amongst all of this , with smiles. So strange everyone looks stoned at White Night.

We head back towards the centre of town, try our friends phone and it is engaged. My Mum calls next and I'm calming her down, I can tell she is worried. Feels hopeless being so far away, am glad I'm heading home soon for a short time.

We arrive at one of the city stages and enjoy some bands- next down to Collins street. I'd guess 50,000 people on Collins. A few drag queens finish strutting their stuff. Next the cast of Priscilla the musical step out in front of the Regent in full stage drag and perform some numbers. It's magnificent, all these people in the street start dancing, thousands. I'm loving this. After this has finished, try our friends again and try to link up, the crowd is so loud, hard to even hear. We wait 20 minutes but no sign and by this stage the Collins street human sea has grown and we are almost floating down the street. We've given up on seeing mates. Way too hard. For the next few hours we continue seeing whats on offer, the liquid sea at Fed Square, the TV and video exhibits, huge building each with blinking eyes moving and watch us. The 5 crazy guy bell ringers, who ring in the time every hour-they were wild. We gave the Police horses a pat- the Police just fantastic tonight, we felt very very safe. The ol' Liberal fear and scaring of the public was ignored White Night giving a big finger to those who knock such things.

The Arts Centre looked like a space ship all lit up. We ventured into the Music Vault. I expected more, and yes I know it's a changing exhibit. i think because we've worked on a quite a few of the Exhibits previously and they were exceptional. The Vault just seemed kind of small. I'll go back in a few months and no doubt enjoy it more. Across the road at the Alexandra Gardens WOOF was showing, neon dogs scattered through out the park, even neon dog poo! Down by the river massive orbs of planets lit up, Spacemen climbing out of the ground and strange flying creatures. Plus some really lovely Indian Food. So I snuggled with my best mate and we shared Indian and watched a neon bird fly down the Yarra again and again. We both agreed it was so perfect.

The night went on, more art, Buddhists meditating, huge crowds at the World Stage -so dancing and craziness. The final art piece was rising, oh hell that is the Sun!!! Time to head home, our feet ache. 11 hours and still our parking was Free. White Night cost us $15.00 -food for us both.. $15.00 how great. Thanks State Government and all those who make this event happen. sad we missed our mates but sometimes things don't work out-there's always next year .

February 18th

The Finns final Sydney show tonight. Not a fan of Zoos but the endangered animal breeding programme is worth supporting so I'm glad they did these. A lot of club members going, such a cool vibe, no doubt they will have the best time. The new album is out in August. Lets hope our overseas mates get shows later on.

February 19th

Kylie's relationship has broken up. Why do the media report this. They seem to break up every week and then the "I want to have a baby" stories on her. Just have one already. Good grief.

The tickets for 2018 Burning Man Festival on sale soon , it gets tempting. If I had a bucket list this would be on it.

A huge windstorm hits the mountain, we are safe but hell it is LOUD all night. No trees down at our place but elsewhere they cover the roads and a few houses got squashed.

February 20th

Looking like Joyce might go, another day another drama, another dodgy Barnaby moment. Send him back to the losers Lane, he can sit on the backbench and hold hands with Tony Abbott. I'm sure there is a 3rd chair with Turnbulls name on it too, way way up the in the political wilderness. The clock is ticking, I keep thinking Joyce may well quit as Deputy PM. Good!!!

February 21st

Get a call from Bongo Skyhook, quite a nice long chat.. a very pleasant afternoon.

Unlike my evening, we have some strange craving for Pizza Hut pizza.. which is weird as I make an awesome home made Pizza. The one at Upper Ferntree Gully has closed so I had to go to the store at Ringwood. Not sure if it was the manager but the ancient guy "in charge" was a total arsehole. Will never go to that store again, in fact bye bye Pizza Hut. What a jerk he was. I stayed calm , best revenge is never to give them our hard earned money and let them know they've lost you as a customer via their website.

February 22nd

I've been adding some Tim Finn clips to You Tube. Some of the rarer moment. He always gets back to me that Tim Finn, I appreciate it more then he knows.

Barnaby Joyce has gone. Lets face it the real reason is that he didn't have the numbers. If he lost the vote and had to go he would of been one of only two Nationals in 90 years to be booted from Leader. What a stupid man he is.

February 23rd

First night for Neil and Liams Melbourne Zoo show, perfect weather, lets hope the other 2 has zero rain. The merchandise has ran out of the Neil & Liam vinyl singles, only 300 made so now they are collectible.

February 24th

Tonight was meant to bucket down on the Finns but just a light misty rain for a short time. They are so lucky. The stage is awesome, this huge tree next to it with beads of lighting hanging from the branches . A nice scenic place to perform.

February 25th

Final night for the Zoo and I visit our mate Trudi. It's been awhile since we have caught up so a really fun evening, she lives near the Zoo. She's a good egg, we talk about the 4 of us doing a bit more travelling together down the track.

I am worried about finding a park for the 4WD tonight so send out a call to the Parking Gods. They were listening, 1 empty spot , 3 down from the main entrance gate- and past 7.00 so free. Wow, lucky me.

I wander about the punters- delighted to catch up with the "Front Row Girls" so sit and chat with them for awhile. They are always happy . Also a few from Inverness and new clubber Belinda who has the best view in the whole place. I go over to the mixing desk and run into our excellent manager Bill, and nice to see him. Hard to talk as the gig starts and punters give us the greasy eye for chatting. I'm in awe how many Frenz are present- probably 200 maybe more- all night people come up to say "Hi". So nice that they do and no arseholes, all of them fine folk, and have loved the shows. I go to the very back of the crowd to check out the sound. A dad takes his 3 or 4 year old son to the Zoo Loo's. The kid says he is too scared to go in, the father reassures him the toilets are very clean. "It's not that, there are probably crocodiles and turtles in the toilet". That makes me smile. The Finns are fabulous , a really good night. I am impressed with what a showman Liam has become too. Roll on August when their new album is released.

That's all folks


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