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Hessie with LLT. I resurrected myself in high heel boots , with all of God's Money

Hessie with LLT. "I resurrected myself in high heel boots, with all of God's Money."

March 12th

Miss Banshee was a naughty kitty last night. Decided it was cool to hang out with all the other cat kids and not come in till 1.00 AM. We were not impressed, so straight to her room. Of course 10 minutes later she sneaks up the bed and purrs and cuddles up, impossible to stay angry at her. She really has us wrapped around her paw. Just say no to drugs Banshee.

Public Holiday in Victoria today, but still time for a coffee. I have my Apple lap-top with me and a camera so try some sfx and tool about at the general store. I Do take a rather cool snap of a close up of my eye and added "alien skin" and a few others over it. Kind of freaky. The locals like it.

The home made blackberry jam is pretty good, it's settled in the jars. So silly that I did not make it earlier as after months we have so few blackberries left. Oh well we managed a few jars - almost tradition now. My Grandfather would be happy, he was so incredible when it came to preserves. Lots of peach and apricot trees and our family would have outings picking blackberries. Fond memories.

We are enjoying SOUND BREAKING documentary on cable. An insiders view to recording studio and some of the incredible artists that have recorded in them. A must see if you love music.

March 13th

Another day and I manage to be out of bed before Mark. I'm trying to do this every day, my vitamins must be working. Lots of dreaming lately, nothing scary, some are intense. I just roll with them. The Jupiter 2 keeps appearing.

I work on a few cheat notes at the general Store for the upcoming fan talk. I never read my horoscope but I did today, my once a year perusal . I have to "go ahead with an open heart". !

Sunny day again, still no rain, it's been dry for over a month+ now, my water tanks for the garden are running low-I just want one day with a big downpour that would be perfect.

I look at buying a Finger Lime plant- it's this aussie shrub that is a bit thorny, we all joke that they are citrus caviar because the pulp are these magical caviar type crystals. It's fantastic for salads or even a garnish. I admire what the pods look like. Hoping the weather is nice enough for it to grow. Victoria isn't the best state for it to live. Too many morning frosts up here.

I was determined to bump down the amount of Emails in my IN box today. So a solid 3 hours on them. The fans are so consistent, the usual few hundred emails a day. Some really nice feedback around the CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH upcoming panel discussion.

March 14th

Drive to Chirnside Park JB today and use the 20% discount coupon on the Justice League bluray. The movie got a bit of a slamming. It's not really horrid just good, whereas it should of been amazing for the first JL. So in that way it is a letdown. Still the super hero fan boy lets it slide and enjoys it , it just should of been much better. Aqua Man is surprisingly very good and Wonder Woman hits the mark.

Good to see Jet return and play a small show at AC/DC lane. They can be such a great band. Think they are back at the Forum very soon, recorded (filmed?) for a release too.

March 15th

Drive to Bunnings so Mark can grab all the wood for his "Library Project". He's rebuilding shelves and we are wading through all the books. It's a big project. The wood just fits in the car. We are so blokey , knowing exactly what we want.

The electricity people woke us very early today, they are changing the power lines to Ailsa Craig . The power line isn't long enough so we have to wait till they get another delivered. Nice guys and they get the job done. One comments on our amazing vegetable patch. Says he respects people who grow their own food-I get that.

A late afternoon call from Bongo Skyhook , which is always good. We have a bit of a laugh. Apparently some surprise box is on it's way to us from him.

Good to chat with my sister , a vast improvement over the past few weeks. I do worry being so far away , and wish I could do more. The hospital stuff worries the hell out of me. Been a rough month, thanks to our mates who called and checked. Stay healthy little sister, you know how much we love you.

March 16th

The biggest drop in crime (by 9.9%) in a decade in Victoria. I guess the state government is doing something right. It's taken awhile to rebuild the Police force after the previous 2 governments chopped them down. A fall of 9.9% really is very postive. Drops in all areas except one, not too bad Victoria.

Mark commences the Library Project, he's in the garage sawing wood, and filing it back. He's doing a great job, our Wollongong High School woodwork classes have paid off .

This Sunday I'm determined to archive the final few things on our office floor. Just seem to be sidetracked, but it drives me a bit crazy having it sit there.

A late night for us, we are awake till 3.00 am. Such silly boys . We know we will feel like crap tomorrow (Today!!!).

March 17th

SA Election today, Labor are going for a record 5th term. Amazing that they've done 16 years. A 5th term is pretty much impossible. Really, after that long a stick of mint gum running could get a lot of votes. Love for Labor to retain the seats they have , that would be impressive after all this time. My friend sends me a bit of video footage of Bill Shorten being mobbed at one of the voting areas at the Batman By Election. So funny as they were teenagers and really into him, selfies etc. That made me smile. Batman is the seat The Greens are really going for, and keeping say it's a sure win. I'm not so certain, the Labor candidate is really great, I think she'll get Labor across the line. The Liberals too chicken to run a candidate. How ridiculous is that? Labor defy the odds and hold onto Batman, in fact they increase the amount of votes received, a very positive swing to them. I thought The Greens candidates speech was really decent too.

March 18th

Great that the awesome Black Rebel Motorcycle Club returns to the Forum later this month. The new album WRONG CREATURES is pretty good. Thanks to Henry Rollins for getting us onto this fine band.

No time for people who sulk- their loss. The new mantra. Life is too short.

March 19th

I deal with NZ for part of the day around an upcoming NZ tv special.

Neil Finn & Orchestra playing 2 nights at Sydney's Opera House as part of Vivid (May 30-31). Tickets on sale March 23rd. www.sydneyoperahouse.com/vivid-live

We watch "Virago-Chaning The World" on cable. What a cool little documentary about an exceptional bunch of women and their amazing book company. I almost type Viagra, Mark said I would.

March 20th

Some fine misty rain this morning (it lasts for 2 minutes) , I wish Victoria would have a massive downfall across the state to finally put out the horrid bushfires. Same for NSW, sad so many animals and houses lost. Miss MIM takes her grandfathers firemans hat to her school for show & tell. Seems rather fitting when so many brave firefighters are putting their lives at risk. Plus she is rather cute in that fire hat!

A house near us is deserted, and probably will be for awhile. Sad, as some beautiful native plants are just left in the grounds to shrivel up from the lack of rain. So every few days I make an effort to give them a bit of a water, I hate seeing plants just die from lack of attention. It only takes 10 minutes out of my life so I'll give them a helping hand. Down the track the new owners will probably appreciate the surviving gardens.

I collect the mail and decide to have a coffee. I have a laugh with two of the local ladies , who we nickname "LIVE and "Let die"- (yes an in joke). They say they'll be coming along to the Arts Centre chat - for the Music Vault. , love it when friends and new friends make such efforts , it shows they care. The girls are fun and endless laughter today. The wonderful Silvie is present too-what a fun afternoon. I get little work done unfortunately so i work back in the office tonight to make up for it. My face hurts from laughter.

March 21st

I had a list of subjects etc arrive from Jenny who is the Moderator for the upcoming Music Vault talk, she's given them some thought, a few things I've never thought about so that will keep it interesting. Those who love music will really enjoy the night. Now the hardest decision to get a hair cut or not...!!! (Mark says No Keep it messy) I'm a bit nervous, made more so by being told it's very close to a sell out. I believe they allowed a few extra tickets and only 9 remain. So if this goes up before Wednesday the 28th, you might be able to score one of the last 9 via the EVENT area of The Australian Music Vault website : https://www.artscentremelbourne.com.au/whats-on/2018/the-channel/amv-stories-of-australian-music

I pick 9 trays worth of the really red ripe tomatoes- yes NINE - we still have so many. After work I make some crazy amount of sauces. Not too bad, they should taste really great with pasta and all those other things we use. It just saves the tomatoes going to waste on the vine. Really close to picking our 3000th one. What value the vegetable garden has been this year.

I use some of the sauce in an Indian Lamb dish for dinner.

March 22nd

Give the two Neil Finn + Orchestra shows a push for most of today.

I see MAX tv has the "1000 Greatest Songs Of All Time" on once again, so lets the various fans know. The fan power is amazing, and we usually do well. The voting time period is way shorter this time, so a lot harder to spread the word.

We watch the incredible JANE documentary again. Beautiful Jane Goodall and her Gombe chimpanzee. What a truly brilliant life-the 100 hours of never before seen footage so perfect. If you want to show support around Jane Goodalls projects, go to the Roots & Shoots page. A regular one that we support. Jane rocks!

March 23rd

I hear from the Vault people and the Vault-Panel chat is now down to 5 remaining tickets. Extra excited as my mate Sarah & daughter is coming on over from Adelaide early and coming along. So stoked , so many mates have made an effort, that's when you know who your friends are. Hopefully a really great catch up afterwards.

I dig out one of my old autograph books, think it could be a fun "show and tell item" at the Vault chat. Of course I stupidly opened it and drifted back to all those enjoyable memories around each signature.

We start watching the latest season of Gotham- yes finally caught up, impressed with the quality of this show-every episode a 10/10. You rarely get to say that these days. A late night , and Miss Banshee decides she is quite content to sleep the night away on Marks couch, so we leave her at 3.00 in the morning, also a fun night with mates from Sydney. I did a late night supermarket drive- the urge for fresh bread, organic cheese and chicken toasted sandwiches. I did scan the chook but when I got home it looks like it didn't show up-so Yay a late night free-bird!!!!!!!

March 24th

Sleep in, well kind of. It started raining at 5.00am and I sleep SO well during the rain. Snuggle deep into the bed clothes, and a late night bonk always adds to my ZZZZZ bliss. (Opps too much information). I head to the General Store for a coffee and some of the locals tell me they are gathering for a nude rain dance. The rain has not visited Kalorama for several months, still impressive how lush it is-but todays downpour is what we all need. Cover myself in mud and get tribal. Horrified that some people can't even look at themselves in the nude, hate to be that stifled, it's all just skin kids. Dance on!

In the office for a couple of hours- some live Jimmy & the Boys -"In Hell With Your Mother" - what an album, a total mind fuck and Jimmy and the Boys cross the line so continually. Joylenes "Queen of Pop" song brings out a smile, especially when she sings "Eat Shit Fred Nile. I'm the Real Queen of Pop"! Joylene asking the crowd to cheer loader if they want to see her fake "growler". We love that Wu Man! Not for the faint hearted.

I see Sheepbook busted yet again for flogging off everyones information, I told friends about this years ago, but they didn't believe. Guess that's why i call it Sheepbook. Urgh.

My You Tube page just 18,000 views off One Million. Incredible, oh well at least fans are enjoying what we put up. While it's appreciated we will keep doing it.

March 25th

Another late night & sleep in a little bit today. I have to bake bread so not as long as I would of loved beneath the sheets. At 10.00 music flows from the Kalorama oval so I open the doors and enjoy the 50's and 60's sounds. The 62nd Kalorama Car Rally is on and a few bikes too. The sun peeps out from behind the clouds so it's not a bad day. I'm a bit shocked it's $10 to get in, preferred the old "Gold Coin Entry". That anarchistic side of me screams "my rates pay for that oval" , so I head on down, ignore the security people and just walk in. Candy Darling once said to me "Be brave and fake it" - Hmm that might of been a dream that she was in but it works. I take a few photos for social media , so in some small way they get their monies worth. I am happy to see some extra Norton bikes this year- the 850 Commando is rather excellent and it's a temptation to climb on it and drive off. Not as many cars nor people this year but a lot more locals with their dogs! Hope the weather holds, I head home to the sounds of "Pearly Shells" echoing in the forest.

I hear from our beloved mate Kevin G. Tomorrow Paulo has been gone for 13 years - the sadness still resonates. Good old Kev sends me a MPEG 4 of a rare Largest Living Things studio track- "Gods Money" from 1999. A lot of the lyrics were penned by Paul from the US tour where the Jim & Tammy Baker craziness was going on. So that solves my problem of what to put up-we make a note that we have to catch up with Kevin soon. He's a good mate and we don't see him as much as we would like. So kind he did this too. I say to Kev that for such a small man Paul certainly left a deep impact crater. So enjoy this bit of music and think kind thoughts of our fallen soldier Paul Hester. Thanks to Kev and Marky too for getting it ready for You Tube. Only Paul could sing the word "masturbating" and make it sound so smooth & sexy.

Enjoy the song, you can find it here:


Love Life!


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