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How Fantastic is this Aussie flag design? What an improvement- hopefully one day we'll get a new flag.

"How Fantastic is this Aussie flag design? What an improvement- hopefully one day we'll get a new flag."

January 15th

The Brett Whiteley DVD arrives, see Marky I wasn't ripped off. Guess what we are watching tonight!

I head into the office for a few hours work-mostly emails that arrived today around Neil & Liams NZ tour. Not as many emails as I expected from fans, still most in my IN box are from the general public.

We found a little bit of footage today of Hessie and the Crowdies, cover John Mayalls- Room To Move. Such fun, such energy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l2ph3TxoVE

I must remember to send this to Nick, as he will get a chuckle out of it- he knows all those Hesterish dance moves.

I have a chat to Greg Skyhook, we both seem to always be getting cut off by other phone calls. I see Bongos Skyhooks show will be heading interstate for a few gigs. Good on him.

January 16th

Not sleeping too well, Miss Banshee still gets up too early, like some old lady cat which she is.

Wendy Whiteley inspires me with a one line comment, which I might well use for a future project.

I am still going through The Philosophers Secret Fire by Patrick Harper. One hell of a read, I'll blame my mate Toija.

Coffee at the store and some editing on the Mac, mostly Crowdies stuff. Happy as the Book Depository send me the 2nd copy of Cave in the Snow, for the one that they stuffed up and mailed to the incorrect address. Rare they mess up, but happy they have it sorted.

My sister mails me $34 that I won on scratchy's , as well as some hand art from Miss MIM. The art goes up in the office. I cherish all the bits and pieces sent from my niece.

So sad that Dolores O'Riordan from the Cranberries died. I met her a few times , my favourite memory is her in the Wembley Arena private car park, attempting to rollerblade, using Nicks girlfriend at the time skates (Thanks Nicola) . I had mine and I was hopeless. The weird thing was she had injured herself skiing, so I wonder how wise it was to try and skate, or maybe not so injured? We'll let history really work that one out! Eh? I found a note in my diary "pity the rest of the band are not here". At first I thought it meant Nick and Crowdies who were soundchecking but looking back probably meant the Cranberries - who I did really like musically. After her accident they blew out the "support". So I'd say Grant passed her onto me as a guest. What a terrible host, take a woman rollerblading after a ski accident. FUCK! I do remember lots of laughter probably of yours truly falling flat on his arse. Maybe a case of the Cranberries believing they shouldn't be anyones special guest and should be headlining, if I'm being honest.. Oh well at least we had some fun-just terrible she has died.

Don't you hate "flashback" episodes of tv series, one of those low budget money saving moments. Dark Skies tonight had that ..hate hate hate. Fast forward.

Chat to Sis and MIM tonight. MIM decides to talk to Uncle Mark.. what a chatty niece I have. She loves Marky,even if he sometimes needs my sister to decipher her kid-chatting.

January 17th

Work in the office today, full day plus some extra hours.

I see the house behind our latest Magnetic Island digs is for sale, $2.2 million , I like it, especially the bathroom. We both still like the house built on Boulders at the aptly named Boulder Court, but I could spend a few months a year in this other place. OK world send us $2.2 million, just mail it, or even via taxi cab. Any multi millionaires reading this that want to make me smile. Ha! If wishes were fishes.

A few hot days coming up so we head off for some super market shopping tonight. Get it done before the heat wave hits.

January 19th

Mostly archiving today, and clearing a few emails. The mercury rises and by 10.00 it's already 100 outside. I have a bag of band work, which I take to the house -work in a much cooler environment .

Australia has 33 Billionaires and I'm not one of them. Just thought you'd like to know!

We put out some sugar water and part of an overripe banana for the local butterflies. A Black Jezebel butterfly arrives, we don't see very many of them up here, it enjoys the sugar water and hangs around all afternoon. I manage to take a photo or two and send them to Miss MIM.

Scrape up some money for an afternoon coffee.

January 20th

Sad news that Festival Hall may be sold off. Such an icon, lost count of how many bands and artists we have seen play at that old boxing venue. The heights of hysteria were our own Skyhooks- Anzac Day 1975- blew the Beatles hysteria away. I spotted this petition to save it:

https://www.change.org/p/daniel-andrews-save-festival-hall-in-melbourne I see America has shut down, Donald Trump, the great deal maker who couldn't make a deal. I'm sure it will be the poor who will suffer during such things, they always do. It's great to see the second Womens Marches have such large turn outs. More power to them.

January 21st

I catch up on sleep, kind of sleep in. I did wake up at 3.00 in the morning, so I started reading "Back to the Bat Cave" again, a fun romp. Miss Banshee climbed up next to me, I looked like I was reading a rather hairy child a bed time story! So I'm allowing myself to be spoilt this fine Sunday. Avoid the office, and just chill out at home. It clouds over for an hour, so I head to the vegetable patch to do a bit of weeding. Those weeds sneak up, fill up 10 bucket loads. It's all the nutrient, sun and water, the vegies grow but the weeds grow just as quickly.

We watch "Guardians of the Galaxy" Part Two. Only takes 10 minutes for Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) to get his shirt off. Only takes 5 minutes for Rocket raccoon to be a smartarse. Only takes 2 minutes for Banshee to jump off the couch and watch Rocket. They have similar tails , she is a big fan of the GG movies. I think Rocket raccoon has replaced Scrat from the Ice Age movies as her favourite "actor". Guardians II was fun.

January 22nd

I'm out of bed at 7.00 am and the mountain is covered in a very strange fog. Strange because it has an eery glow to it. Almost looks radioactive. A bit weird to see fog this time of year. I watched it for a short while, wondering if some nightmare creature would stumble out,but alas no, just a stray possum looking as confused as I am.

It looks like we will be having 2 or 3 super hot days every week now for the next month. Ailsa Craig is keeping its cool, we are blessed to have such a great house.

January 23rd

Elton John is going to retire soon, expect an announcement in the next few days. He'll do some amazing farewell tour I'm sure. I like Elton, he makes me chuckle. Glad he found love at last. It must of broken his heart all those times I said no. (:

My You Tube page has just had it's 900,000th person enjoying the footage. For me that's a lot of people. I guess it does have a hell of a lot of content. Well worth checking out.


January 24th

I head to the abandoned house and pick some Variegated Thistle. It's in flower and looks mighty. It does have high levels of nitrates so really bad for cows and sheep. I just like what it looks like. I find some wild roses so grab those too. Just some flowers for the house and Marks room. I fail flower display class so just stuff them in a vase but they look ok. So I'm told. I just like that our house has flowers in it every day of the year. Even in Winter we have an excess that we can pick for the house.

We work in the office, very late on Neil and Liam emails yet again. I wonder if my boss even knows what long hours I work for him, probably not.

January 25th

Love that Jack White has now banned phones at his gigs, wish more artists would do the same. "we think you'll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON" says Jack! Good on him. Everything in the world doesn't have to be documented on a phone and documented by everyone. Some are obsessed, and sadly most of the footage is shite anyway. I'm with you Jack.

Think they sneakily turned the water pressure down on Mt Dandenong today and didn't tell anyone. By the afternoon I was certain of it as the water had that white-way too much oxygen look. Unfortunately it messed up our hot water system. Thankfully I took a piece apart and fixed it, was very calm around it. Just happy it's all ok. Stupid they didn't let anyone know. While I was repairing it, I thought to myself-"all I need is a tree to come crashing down". 5 minutes later we hear a crash. Went for a walk and ran into neighbour Jason. I thought it was one of his and he thought one of ours. Turns out it was neither, so both properties ok. It's all this hot weather, the gum trees just strip off and drop their limbs.

January 26th

The country is split down the middle this Australia Day. Do we change the date? Yeah I am fine with that. At our place we celebrate how mighty this country is, not the date itself. Saying that I don't think people should be shamed if they want to celebrate this brilliant place today. I'm only half joking when I say we should really celebrate dutchman Willem Janszoon making landfall on Australian shores at Cape York in March 1606. Way way before Cook, way way before Phillip and his First Fleet. What a cool name he has Janszoon, a bit like Shazzam or Kapow or Cowabunga!

While I'm at it, how about a new aussie flag. I spotted a beauty on the net a few days ago. Think i'll put it at the top of the diary page, well Deb will as she will pop this up on the Net. Thanks Deb xxx [editor's note: always happy to help!]

Meanwhile up North. Miss MIM off to the Australia day celebrations at Wollongong. In her little flag dress. Good on her.

As tradition dictates, we watch Don's Party on bluray tonight. We love that movie. I get a bit obsessed and track down the address for the house used in the movie.

January 27th

A call from Mum and she's laughing - our MIM is on the front of The Mercury newspaper. Snapped at the Australia Day celebrations. Apparently she's also on the main page of the Wollongong Police website, taken at the same venue. I call Sis and she tells me how she was out for a walk, went past the newsagents and did a double flip. In their metal front page poster holder was a picture of Maddison once again for The Mercury. I swear my 4 year old niece will need an agent soon.

We've had a lot of used stamps come in for the charity. So many in fact that I have a paint up a second donation box- which is brilliant-thank you everyone.

I got to hear Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White having a chat on radio today- nice to have an articulate politician. It's still a lot of work but I think she has a very good chance to be the next Tasmania Premier, the states election is on in early March. Maybe it's time for a change for Tasmania too, Australia will be a sea of Red, is it only NSW that has the Liberals "in charge"? Are there any Liberal voters left, I think Australia has given up on the Liberals. Tassie will be a hard win for Labor, but I said that about Queensland too.

January 28th

More hot days and the humidity up here is the worst it's been in 12 years. Even the creatures are feeling it. I hand fed some possums tonight and Miss Banshee fell asleep outside on the deck chair.

I give Neil and Liam's Anita Theatre show a bit of a push, the last to be added to the tour but one of the first to be played. Such a cosy venue- worth the drive to Wollongong to see the show on Feb. 13th.

Excited as the new Alan Ball show HERE AND NOW is on in a week. Love his work, from 6 Feet Under, True Blood, Banshee and American Beauty. So HERE AND NOW should be awesome.

Take care everyone, we hope 2018 is a fantastic year for all the diary readers


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