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The new look Fleetwood Mac take the stage in Tulsa.

The new look Fleetwood Mac take the stage in Tulsa.

September 17th

I've always wondered if Neil Finn ever gets nervous. After 38 years I can't think of any times when he has (maybe he hdes away when nervous?- would). Maybe he covers it with adrenalin. With the first Fleetwood Mac show in Vegas only a few days away I am thinking of him, such a huge responsibility being part of that band. So with that thought in mind I send him a "break a leg but not a guitar string" Email, and get a nice quick reply. Just hope he is having a brilliant time.

I'm near Kilsyth so drop a pile of the Tim Finn cassettes in at the local post office. So more on the way troopers. The customs forms etc for overseas are so tiresome, I seriously doubt anyone ever looks at them .

Home made Hamburgers for dinner - all fresh, taste pretty bloody good.

September 18th

Oh a very restless sleep, sore throat. Will take a few days for this to go, but it's that time of year. Heaps of germy people wandering about. Kids coughing , little germ experiments all of them. Lucky our lemon tree has an abundance on it of those vitamin C yellow orbs.

On the phone to Origin Gas- they are so confusing, saying one thing, sending a contradictory letters out, and meant to call but don't. It will all work out, but I'm still convinced they have lied, been caught out and have pretty much caused a mess of our entire gas bill.

September 19th

Mail a card to Mr Giles (no not Rupert from Buffy) for his birthday.

Homemade Pizza for dinner, this one was extra nice, not sure why, I get the balance right - I fluke it in the kitchen again.

Maggy House dreams (again), I'm being haunted or maybe it is a good sign.

September 20th

We are playing The Stones "Blue & Lonesome" in the office today. We both wish it wasn't so "obvious".

We watch part one of "A Very English Scandal". Not fans of Hugh Grant but he was excellent in this. Ben Whishaw equally great as Norman Josiffe, & of course based on a true story. English politicians were so closeted.

September 21st

Enjoyed Andy on The Friday Review ABC radio show. He played 'Dignity" and a cover of Princes 'Raspberry Beret". Great that Dave Graney is on the show too and the "tulip king" from the upcoming Tulip Festival which is near us too. So all three from our local area. I quite like Brians version of Tip Toe Through The Tulips"

Some nice little mini reviews of Fleetwood Macs few songs at the iHeart Music Festival in Vegas. Run them on our various pages. The one from Vanity is pretty good.

September 22nd

We work in the office most of Saturday on replying to Neil Finn emails. So my Saturday is a tad dull. Grey outside so good to be in I guess.

September 23rd

My keyboard is dying, just the "I" and "T" keys but a pain, cleaned it, taken it apart but no use, need a new one. So email replies are slow and goddess knows how many Typeo's in this diary.

September 24th

A terrible, sad phone call to start my morning. am speechless.

My mate Andy P. (so many Andy's in our life) gives me a heads up around the Cheap Trick show at St Klda's Palais on October 15th. It should be fun. It takes forever but I finally find my old Cheap Trick tour jacket. I thought I lost it in our various house moves but happy to report I have it. A bit wrinkled but very retro funky. It still fits-hurrah.

Happy Birthday Mr Giles.

September 25th

Welcome To The Dollhouse is out on Bluray, of course not here in Australia (rolls eyes).

Mail more of the Tim Finn cassettes , pretty much staying on top of them. The customs forms take forever, so much paper work and then into the system. I do hear from Australia Post who admit they stuffed up a delivery, was calm and the aussie post chap was ok and I suggested how they could fix their stuff up. Still feels strange mailing cassettes.

September 26th

As soon as our Finn work is over for the day, we jump in the car and head to Montage. Right on the dot of 5.00. Janet & Caroline close up the cafe -thankfully leave the coffee machine on for us. Mark is rather crook from tonsillitis but rallies on. We check on sight lines, shuffle things about while Andy White tunes. He's going to perform "Unheard" which is one of my favourite AW tracks. I want a walk through version and Mark a static so we do both as well as a little album promo. Janet and Caroline so patient and enjoy seeing this come together. Takes 2 hours but very happy with what we have. You can check it out here:

Andy White- Unheard- Montage Cafe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o-LdmqydZQ&feature=youtu.be

September 27th

Famous for 16 Minutes clicks over is half a millionth visitor...and it was me. I checked to see how close we were and CLIICK - was it. How funny. Thanks everyone, especially those voyeurs who keep returning. Big thanks to Deb who makes such an effort.

We watch Season 2 of The Deuce. Love that they changed the theme song to Elvis Costello's-"This Years Girl". I played that single a lot in 1978. In 2018 they have used the original master tapes, worked with Costello again , added some vocals from Wilde Belle's -Natalie Bergman and it's speeded up some too. Works well. James Franco taking on 2 roles in the show. We are just about to record "The Disaster Artist" on IQ, produced and directed by Franco-it chronicles the making of Tommy Wiseaus 2003 film 'The Room'. Franco playing Tommy. James Franco's brother plays Greg. Looking forward to finally seeing this. So cool that aussie Jackie Weaver has managed to be in it too, she doesn't let age stop her , keeps getting into those Hollywood movies. We love that. "Oh look it's Jackie, and look Jackie again-cool".

September 28th

Public Holiday, so it feels like a Saurday. Pip and Tracy call, apparently found some old beach photos from the 'Gong. Good grief I can imagine, I was such a skinny stray mutt.

I work on BAS stuff for the company. Get most of it done.

September 29th

I watch the final quarter of the Grand Final , i'm not much of a sports fan but it was so close, which makes it very exciting. I felt sorry for Collingwood- but glad to see that wanker Joffa Corfe looking so glum. Huge crowd too, 100,022. Impressive.

September 30th

The Storm lose the Sydney Grand Final, so two trophies not staying in Victoria. My Mum is such a big Storms fan , she'd be throwing her slippers at the tv set.

I'm a bit shocked that tomorrow is October. I so need to start buying my Christmas presents.

October 1st

We pick the lucky prize winners. People are so excited when they win. It makes me feel like Santa Claus on christmas morning. Some of the artists have been so generous, donating, signing - wonderful really, as it means we can continue to do such things.

We have to head down the road and talk to distant neighbours about their cat-well they seem to think it s not their cat, anyway t's been coming into our yard, killing birds & attacking Banshee. Don't let your cat out iif you can't be responsible about it, it doesn't even have council ID or even bells to give birds a chance not to be slaughtered. We played it nice , well for the moment. Next step is for council to set cage traps. Lets hope it doesn't get to that level. So Over irresponsible cat owners.

I head to the office late at night, just in time to see a mother possum walk past with the cutest baby on it's back. I rushed to the office & grabbed my camera but too late, they'd both moved on into the trees. So cute.

October 2nd

I thought about approaching the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney about some of our bands stage costumes on display. Not quite sure if Powerhouse is the right setting for what I have in mind. It seems so large and "industrial'"- i'll have to investigate it further.

A sad phone call at night, that Red from our Skyhooks , his son has passed away. He was diagnosed with cancer at a young age, and fought it for several decades. Sammy was aged 27-which is so young. Must be a parents nightmare, our thoughts go out to the Symons family.

October 3rd

The Fleetwood Mac tour is underway, " I Got You" and "Don't Dream It's Over" are in the set. Quite a positive reaction. Mark has a flippy over it, that makes me chuckle. I check out some audience footage & the crowds seem to enjoy the 2 songs. Maybe it will get some more of those Neil Finn penned tunes to a wider audience. I'm not all that precious around them being played.

I finally sawed through this huge tough log in the garage. It has taken weeks. In the end I just go for it, shit my arms ache.

Walking back to the house I have a prophetic day dream, very very positive ......

October 4th

I'm having a bit of a love affair with Lime + Jalapeno sauce. Yum.

Working on a few Skyhooks bits and pieces next week. Hopefully they'll become reality, we love the band and fairly solid around it's history.

October 5th

After work we head into the city-well High Street Northcote to be exact, for Andy White's album launch. One of those shows where you've asked your friends and see who fronts.

We call into our local Woolworths on the way and our loyalty card gives me $20 off my shop, the same card gives Mark $10 off- we don't even ask why. Our grocery shop costs around $6.00! How great is that.?

Traffic is good, arrive on time. High street is jumping , a beautiful night, and the crowds are out, it is so alive. The Wesley Anne is a beautiful building, finally a good use of a Church. Catch up with Andy in the worlds smallest band room. The Live set is excellent, first part, the entire new album. Second part a variety of AW songs, and ALT's wonderful Penelope Tree thrown in at the last minute. The crowd s very responsive, passionate encore. I Love hanging out at the big table with Laura, Kevin and Stella. We have a second Stella , our door girl for the night-she is Stella #2. I take the vinyl over by the door during the break and happy to see Pip & Cathy D. Lots of offers to buy us drinks, which is so lovely. We behave and drink Andys bar tab instead. After the encore Sally Berger and partner Eddie come up and say hello. They offer to put us up if our car is towed away - I parked where I wanted. Car a'ok. (Phew).Nice to chat to Kiwi Boy 1 and his gal too. Settle up with Andy and home at 11.59! Thanks to all who attended this special gig.

October 6th

I chat to Noel Crombie, that always adds a smile to my weekend. I see NSW Premier is just a shock jocks pet puppet. Time to pack your bags Gladys Berejiklian, the final nail in your political coffin. What a stinker she is.

October 7th

When Mark and myself were kids, October was Rocktober and there would be endless free concerts . Our favourite bands would play and they were just the best days. I wish Rocktober would be returned, sadly it won't happen but the memory of those awesome concerts is still fresh in my brain.

Roll over Rocktober!


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