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PG searching for koalas

PG searching for Koalas- Kalorama Winter 2018. (Photo -thanks to Carol).

June 18th

Today is going to be a long day in the office, it certainly was a long night. Close to 4.00 am when we finally went to bed. Up and into the office on time. I'll be working on stuff and a monstrous yawn will escape me. Fighting the urge to have a nap today.

Miss Banshee arrives at the office at midday and she is all 'cat talking', I think she is saying "it's friggin well freezing outside even in this high quality cat fur coat".

Neil & Liam Finn- BACK TO LIFE- the official clip, now up on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z8iOoVEAUo

June 19th

Bowel Cancer result arrives and all Ok so that is great. Always nice to have good news. It is good that our government continues to encourage and pay for these tests.

Wentworth returned tonight, its sixth season. Off to a fine start. The new look Rita the Beater, and a fun trainspotter surprise. Actor Shane Connor, who played Ritas brother Bongo in the original Prisoner , is back again, playing opposite the new look Rita. He's not called Bongo, so probably not her brother but kind of cool that the same actor gets to do his thing years later with the Rita reboot! I still think The Freak will return .......you can't keep a good psychopath down.

For once the federal government actually give me some money, into my Super so I can't touch it for many years anyway, but hey, I won't look a gift-politician in the mouth. Still think it is a bit strange, maybe old Fizza Turnbull is trying to buy my vote.

June 20th

Mark and myself have taken to wearing our woolen dressing gowns in the evening, they are so snug and were such a bargain. Our Hugh Hefner moment.

We are excited as the Number 96 book arrives. Such a great book, and what an iconic aussie tv show- really nothing like that anywhere else in the world-and there never will be again. It was on Australian TV in the early seventies, so you do have to laugh at the dramatic moments, the fashions, the hip words, Vera Collins going into a trance and muttering such insane chants, the way WAY too much pubic hair and even the quality of the production- yes we LOVE IT. You could never repeat such a show in 2018 , it really was a creature of its time. How could all that drama happen in the one set of flats!

June 21st

The sun is shining, it will be one of those rare sunny days this Winter, so have an extended lunch break. We head off for a hike along the Kyeema trail. Through the lovely Australian bush. Mark secretly packs some of our latest addiction- coconut & cherry Tim Tams! Four hiking girls eye off our Tim Tams, or maybe we just look rather sexy in our hike gear. Girls checking us out -"we are cured, we are cured" - *GRIN*. No animals on our hike, I did however find a really big hollow tree that a family of possums are living in. Climb inside for a photo and hope the Possums don't piss on my head. I find a burnt tree further up the hill that has a natural square "frame". So perfect to frame up a photo of the view. Of course I stupidly wore my new converse runners (thanks Sis) and slipped over. I kind of knew I would. Nothing broken just a "oh fuck" moment. Arse on grass. Have some lunch and light a candle for a friends Mum who is being buried today. Some silence for the moment.

Back in the office, and work till 5.30. All Neil Finn stuff today. He should set up a hidden camera so he can see just how much Finn work I do, it would surprise him , well maybe?

Scoff down a snack and we are off to a Winter Solstice get together which makes Dark Mofo festival look positively lame. 8.07 pm as the Solstice arrives, facial mud, tribal markings, drums and some nudity. BIG fire, dancing, did I say nudity. At least the facial mud will be beneficial as it's part mud pack. Lots of music, dance, home made spirits, and maybe some other spirits. WILD.

The secret is officially happening . I am excited and now Mark is excited.

June 22nd

I see by October 17th pot will be legal in Canada. Good, c'mon Australia your turn soon.

Have coffee and a rather lovely moroccan soup with Andy White today at Montage. He hasn't been before and LOVES the place. I'm sure it's the tables and vibe that remind us of The Galleon at St Kilda. "Best Coffee on the Mountain" there you heard it from Andy too. For those in Melbourne Andy will be playing at the (new) Caravan Club on August 23rd. The smaller more intimate room so it might well sell out. If you are coming along, please come and hang out with us. http://www.caravanmusic.com.au/gigs/ian-bland-with-greg-hunt-in-the-winnebago-lounge-2-2/ I email Neil , just a few lines for a possible random update and the VIP. he gets back to me so quickly- thanks Boss.

June 23rd

I spot some very cool things for Miss Rosemaree for her birthday - at least these will arrive quicker then our friend Fen, who is still patiently waiting (sorry Fenella). Just $12 more and I could have them sent by Fed Ex. Which is probably good as that A-hole Turnbulls GST on everything after June 30th will no doubt add $$$. This way they arrive before, so up yours Malcolm.

I give the Fleetwood Mac Vegas show another mention. Could be fun to fly in for that one, as we love tacky old Vegas. I should get a "The Real Peter Green" T-shirt made for the occasion.

June 24th

Mark is trying to remember more about our bus trip , when we first moved to Melbourne. Way back in November 1979. We were originally moving to Melbourne via train. But as our train was leaving the platform, the stationmaster jumped on and told us to get off, because there was a national train strike that was about to happen. So we went back home and departed by bus on 8-11-79, from the front of the Regent Theatre -6.10 PM. So next year 40 years since we took that incredible leap of faith. I do remember being horrified when the bus stopped at The Big Sheep for food and they served POWDERED EGGS. So disgusting (pulls face) . We are both mentally blank about most of the trip. Maybe we took a nip of JD/Vodka along to knock us out.

I get a call from a mate at Tasmania's DARK MOFO festival, she sends me live footage during the day. Just fantastic, love the David Lynch , Twin Peakish stuff that is on offer around it. The excellent Chrysta Bell is performing, she was in the Twin Peaks reboot as a FBI agent-what a voice. Rebekah del Rio does this exceptional a capella version of Roy Orbinsons CRYING. No doubt the arty electronic upside crosses around Hobart will flip some of the religious zealots out. Seriously they need to get over it. NZs TINY RUINS play at the festival too- nice vibe around them.

June 25th

Happy Birthday Tim Finn. Track down 1 more Enz live show for the list. A really small review. Up to 994 live shows. I'm still convinced there might be a couple more when the band first arrived in Melbourne. Only 6 to go till we hit 1000. I do keep suggesting they play in our lounge room, but no takers yet.

Chat to Nigel Griggs, he's giving a bass lesson as part of the prize pack for the mid year club fundraiser. Just VERY cool. Such a lovely bloke. Thanks Nige, down to our last book of tickets. Drawn July 7th.

June 26th

Ron Christie the Hobart Mayor is a twat. Listening to a few out of date religious dildos and threatens the funding of Dark Mofo. It will work against him, I see a lot of people are telling him to step down. Good on you Leigh Carmichael-an excellent reply to idiot Christie. Dark Mofo 2019 here we come.

Fed Express courier arrives, with a parcel -well an early Birthday gift for a friend. We made the effort and tracked some stuff down. Now to decide if she gets it early or we wait. Great that it got here before Fizza Turnbulls horrid GST on all import items.

June 27th

Mark reminds me that the Logie Awards are on this Sunday- our yearly "bitch fest". We huddle together, pig out on nibbly food and bitch about the show and the tacky awards. The Gold Logie is a joke , no talents win it these days - everyone knows it. Its lie from the Gold Coast this year so will be extra trashy-hopefully. I love that in the 70s the cast of Number 96 hired a train to take them to the Logies. The train would call into all these remote stations and fans would meet the stars of the show. I went to Unanderra station and waited with hundreds of others and this youngster that I was , very thrilled to get some autographs and photos. No Tv show does stuff like that anymore, still 96 was rather unique.

June 28th

I take a huge box of archival items to Montage and work on them at breakfast with Marky. Most done by the time our food arrives.

By afternoon I have to go near a friends house for a meeting so decide to leave the early birthday present for Rosemaree on her table. She can decide if she will wait to open it. I do a good deed and add some new batteries into the security camera. As my friend Greg says, "no good deed goes unpunished" and I tread in cat shit. Recently plopped out by a little black cat that wasn't Miss Rs. Oh joy, cat shit, I step back and plant the other shoe in cat shit #2. All I could do was laugh! "Oh Shit" that's all I could mutter.

June 29th

Catch up with Pip, Carol and Chris. We seem to be living at Montage these days , so we have a coffee and yummo rum balls. Carol stresses her hot chocolate is the best on the mountain and after a taste I do agree. Nice to see Lyn, who I used to sit with at the Kalorama general store. Make plans for a catch up at Montage soon with her. She SO gets it, a lovely lady. "Chocolate Cake" starts to play over Montages speakers- and our little table chant- " Tammy Bakers got a lot on her plate". Much to our own delight and puzzlement to those around us. That bloody song becomes my earworm for the day, so I decide to pop up a live version on YouTube, from the Sth African tour.


We call into the forest near Kalorama fire station in search of Koalas, Carol takes a snap of me, which I don't mind , but still I mess with it using some orange SFX.

We overbook tonight - 3 events, weird as I never do that , but I did, maybe dementia has set in, or maybe some running around will warm us up. Zero again outside and we have used up 90% of our fire wood so happy we are out and someone else is paying for the heat bills. Since I repaired the combustion heater, our gas bill is down 63% on last years- incredible.

June 30th

Some nice emails arrive around Neil & Orchestra playing HOTA on the Gold Coast. Maybe he should of stayed and performed on the Logies.

75 years ago today Diane Perry was born, she later went on to become the wonderful Tenzin Palmo from "Cave in the Snow" fame.

I drop some of our lemons into Martin & Hisako, we seem to have so many this year, the old tree keeps delivering. Good to share them around.

July 1st

I have a coffee and finish up on our BAS paper work. Mail it off, and our accountants must think we are freaks, getting our tax stuff in on day one. Ha! It's out of the way , one less thing to worry about.

Suns out today and so are the locals. People come up to say hello and chat. Our coffee haunt sure is popular , but Janet the owners says "we will always have a table for the boys" got to love that. She'll probably build one for us on the roof.

I go & scab some last remaining bits of wood near the oval from the fallen tree. Not much but it all helps and gets added to the pile. Spend my Sunday answering Emails, so I really didn't have amuch of a life today.

In the afternoon I clear out my underwear drawer. I was starting to become the Imelda Marcos of the underpants world! I did find a 2 piece pair of red long johns, very cool- and nice and snug for this years Kalorama Winter.

Settle in for the Logies Bitch-Fest.

Overall , pretty much the same, horrid musical guests, the Gold logie a stinker again. A surprising couple of highlights- loved seeing Jana Wendt-when 60 Minutes got its Hall of Fame award. Jana just as beautiful in her older years. I think I still have a bit of a crush on her. Loved seeing the ABC win a few awards too - a few not so subtle speeches towards the Liberals keeping their filthy hands off the ABC! "Wentworth" doing So well, scooping BOTH Drama awards (public and industry) and Pamela The Freak Rabe taking out the Outstanding Actress award. Impressive for a cable show to score so many. Loved Hazem Shammas speech for Most Outstanding Supporting Actor. So it could of been worse. This years Bitch Fest ha snow endeth!

Good night all


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