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Peter & Mark awake & it's 2018- only to find their vegetables are giants & set to take over the Earth

"Peter & Mark awake & it's 2018- only to find their vegetables are giants & set to take over the Earth"

January 1st

Happy New Year. I'm in bed looking up at the ceiling wondering what 2018 will be? A year of change maybe? Hopefully not a year of horror, as we get older one must expect a lot more deaths each year- but hopefully some new life created too.

My head is in a weird space, not an enjoyable start to the year, maybe the Ho Ho Ho silly season pressure has built up and I'm a bit Loco?

I call our friend Merelyn to wish her a Happy Birthday but she is out. I hear from our mate Buster, still in hospital but he still has his sense of humour- my first laugh for 2018.

I wander around the house in a blur. C'mon Green, (I kick myself up the arse-hard to do) pull yourself out of this. My afternoon improves.

January 2nd

I finally found 1 copy of the Brett Whitely movie on Ebay. No thanks to Transmission Films who were so slack they couldn't even reply. I know Ebay can be a rip off at times but every so often I am very thankful.

I clear the mail box and Christmas Cards are still coming in. We hang them on the wooden blinds- so nice that people remember. I'm never fussed if they arrive late, just the kind thought of sending a card means a lot. Our mate Bruce from Canada sends this mighty card- the perfect balance of retro, old school and a touch of glitter. The girls at the post office comment how cool it is. The cards stay up for most of January so even later comers are appreciated and join the chorus of Chrissy cards.

I've decided it must of been the Wolf Moon that sent me spiralling, well we are 5 million KM's closer to the sun now- the perihelion. I just like typing that word.

Shakespeare might of been right when he penned-"A moon that makes men mad" (why not women William , why not women? ).

I head to the oval and run 3 laps, when all else fails- RUN.

January 3rd

I have some hayfever sniffles earlier in the morning, I wonder if they triggered the nose bleed that I had in the shower this morning. Nice to find my face covered in blood. No soon had it started and it disappeared. Just strange. Bloody Wolf Moon! I decide the Wolf Moon can be blamed for everything this week. Too much chocolate blame the Moon, nothing on Foxtel blame the Moon, non satisfying Porn- blame the Moon. Ha!

Neil and Liam NZ tour starts today. Hopefully a good one. I bet there is a huge amount of general public going that expect some Finn-fest of predictable songs, I can't imagine that happening, lots of newies I bet.

I kind of have some time off, long overdue. So around lunch I head to the art room, focused to get it clear and cleaner. One of the two giant "blob" bags that hold the Crowded House "Farewell to the World" original back drops is going to go to the archive room "C". It's a heavy bastard, but one we must save, so Mark and myself struggle with this to the office. It usually takes 4 stage guys to carry the one bag. We laugh as it seems to have a mind of it's own, we go right and the Blob goes left. It's as full as a fat ladies sock. (opps). Eventually it arrives at archive C and I've just allowed enough space. I move 2 block mounts and excited as I find 2 giant EMI cut outs from the david Bowie promotion. I wonder where they went. Anyway it's great to finally have this packed away. I'll give it a full airing again down the track, to check for mould .

On the way to the supermarket and I suddenly take a left and end up at Hunted Collectibles. Such a MASSIVE building and hundreds of stalls full of STUFF. It's a bit stinky hot inside so our vibe is average, really in for a look. Think I've found a frame for my Steve Kilbey original artwork. So i'll wing by in a week and check out the size.

Am a bit tired of people going on about "What If's". It's so boring. As Bob Hawke once said- "If your Aunt had balls she'd be your uncle". What IF's indeed!

Loving Twin Peaks -The Return, we are managing 2 episodes a night- Lynch is awesome. He's my inspiration for 2018.

January 4th

My friend Jen from the UK sent me a belated Chrissy present- "The Rock Star" book- a little very funny book- the images work so well with the excellent text. Mark moans "not another book"- he's in the middle of re-working "the Library" . An arduous task.

We take an hour off in the afternoon and mow the side area, it has grown back so quickly, all the sun and rain. Mark does most of it, it's too hot to mow but we get it done. I love all the lawns and trees and greenery of Ailsa Craig , it's a lot to tame so we only partially try to do so. After all the gremlins and supernatural creatures need somewhere to hide from humanity...and us.

New X-Files tonight, and I'm always happy to enjoy new episodes of this show. The first one is a bit slow but I know they'll be awesome.

January 5th

10 years today since our beloved Cosmo the Bunny died. He was such a cool little rabbit -we have such find memories of his antics. Banshee really loved him, at first we think she thought he was some sort of white fluffy wind up toy. She'd gently put out her paw and give him a little push to make him hop. She was very protective of him and exceptionally gentle. When he died it was Banshee who walked up and gave him a little cat kiss on his head. Got to love that.

Laura, Kevin and Stella visit. Our Christmas tends to go through the whole of January too. Nice to see them. Kevin gives us this cool metal art piece that he made, which we really like. We try some of the new tea, these little compressed mounds that open into a tea drinking flower. They almost look like a deep sea creature. The passionfruit one is pretty good. Are they called Tea Bricks? I think so. Stella and myself are the adventurous ones. She gets it.

Looks like Book Depository stuffed up a book order, sent it to the wrong suburb. Thankfully I saved all my order information. Rare they stuff up.

January 6th

I take some work with me this Saturday and have some carrot cake and coffee at the General Store while I wade through it. Only open for 2 hours today, and it's nice and quiet. I also churn out a few edits for You Tube.

I call my great Aunt in the afternoon to thank her for the excellent shirt that they gave me for Christmas. Really cool fabric. It's almost tradition to give me a shirt.

January 7th

I love the ending for Twin Peaks -The Return. "What Year Is This"? If you listen intently you can hear Laura Palmers parents calling her name in the wind. Spooky. I hope Mt Lynch does another batch of episodes and we don't have to wait 25 years. The extras on the Blu-Ray are just brilliant. I'll never get why people are satisfied watching such shows on shitty phones and small screens. Urgh! Part of the beauty of shows like Twin Peaks are those amazing panoramic camera shots.

I hear from a friend Carolyn and she's given this cool little box of super rare goodies to the club - but we keep them at cost for fans- which I love. A few go for $200+ on Ebay so to score a fully signed item for $20 is brilliant. We laugh that a poster is signed to her so hopefully a fan named Carolyn will be delighted-(and one is). Thanks again Miss C, just terrific.

January 8th

Wake up early to the sad news that our mate Mark Hough (Buster Stiggs) passed away during the night. Another mate calls and I think I'd better contact Neil as I'm not sure word has reached NZ. I try a number but no answer so have to send this shitty news via Email. I feel terrible doing it that way. I know he'd want to be aware of this sad passing, as he's known Mark since they were teenagers. I'm going to miss my weekly "chats" with Buster. I call Noel too, hell Cromb even named his dog Buster. Shitty start to the day. It lingers all day and to make it worse I must of slept upside down in a tree as my neck aches.

January 9th

Craig McLachlan is in the news, front pages. Sexual Misconduct allegations. There seem to be a few, and from the previous Rocky Horror (Live) Show. It's been about 27 years since I worked for Craig. All those decades back I can't recall him doing anything untoward , people change but I wonder if he will get a trial by media and facebook . If the women who have brought forward the allegations are to be taken seriously they mustn't accept $$$ for tv interviews as that will destroy any credibility. The Press will have a field day-fallen star etc. I feel sad for those people who never make the papers or get this sort of coverage -because they are fearful of losing their jobs. They tend to fall between the cracks. If he has done something wrong, then he certainly deserves the punishment - I guess time will tell, but I bet the media are really enjoying newspaper sales from this and click bait. Some people are making it all about "them" and not the alleged "victims" - you just want to say "shut the fuck up" but better to let them ramble - cheap therapy I guess.

January 10th

Andrea the courier girl arrives and wakes me up. A large box from NZ arrives, a donation to our archives from Chris Gibbons. So sad she isn't with us anymore, I think of her as I wade through the contents. Thanks to Jan too for making her wishes a reality.

Lunch time Poll on Gold FM radio- Crowded House or U2-which is better? The Crowdies are still loved, they win with 62% of the vote. So Gold FM playing a lot of Crowded House all afternoon.

January 11th

I'm attempting to read "The Philosophers Secret Fire- by Patrick Harper. It soaked my brain too much last time,endless detail and took me awhile to get my head around it, and store it in the ol' cranium. My mate Toija gave me this fascinating read and I'm determined to get through it and understand it. I hate rushing books just to say "i've read it" , especially books like this that are packed for of history ,Renaissance magic and old school rituals.

We catch up with Allie & Rosemaree at the General Store , been ages since Marky graced us with his divine presence at the store. Mary also rocks up, so a fun time around the table.

It becomes a hot sticky day. I sneak into the office to play catch up for an hour. I'm meant to be on holidays but still a few things that needed my attention.

We have started watching DARK SKIES again, such a classic , we loved that series. Nice to see it again after all this time.

Evening, we head to Woolworths and have a $20 bonus off my grocery's (thanks Woolies) it all helps.

Several strange insects turn up in our house today- maybe it's the heat-not even sure what they were but we capture them and release them elsewhere. Maybe it's a sign of the coming Apocalypse.?

January 12th

Finally a drop of rain in the early hours of this morning. Miss Banshee is alerted by the sound and smells of the down-pour and wants to go outside early. I'm like some Zombie dragging my legs down the halls of Ailsa Craig. I'm not even sure if I opened my eyes, I was running on automatic.

Edit and get a Woodface documentary ready for You Tube, it's quite long so make it two parts. The encoding seems to take forever. Good for fans that haven't seen it before, I bet the copyright stuff fucks it for some fans. My You Tube area is close to it's 900,000th visitor and lots of positive comments. Love so many appreciate the effort.

I've been feeling a bit lost this week, not sure if Busters death triggered this, or simply the result of Christmas being over. I have to make an effort to take down the Christmas decorations but I keep hesitating. Two presents still under the Christmas tree, that could be why?

I'm in the office for a few hours- working on archiving Chris's stuff. PHEW -! I get a lot done, some items are more "mint" to what we have in the archives so it's nice to swap them over and add them. Even a cd single that we needed , which is great. I love the care that fans take around many things, shows how much they love this band and the various artists around it. Still a lot of sadness wading through such things.

January 13th

... and the rain came down. From thunderstorms to misty, lovely warm droplets. I went out into the misty rain, and wondered if I'd end up passing through a veil into the land of the Faie. At one stage an eery fog rolled in and you couldn't see your feet while walking down the track. My loyal protector and Mistress of the Kalorama guard- Banshee by my side. A lizard ventured out of a tree and she sad and stared at it , I joined her. We were both waiting for it to speak- but it was in a bad mood so ignored us. We ended up at the pumpkin patch part of the vegetable garden and I swear we could almost see them growing- these are such perfect conditions.

Mark finds "Hounds of Love" on Foxtel. An aussie movie that is rather disturbing. Based in Western Australia in 1987, a murderous couple- John & Evelyn, cruise the streets of Perth abducting teenage girls. It shows the life of the serial killer, what people they are. The brutal violence is only partially shown and same goes for the sexual psychological domination. You know what's happened. Not for the faint hearted but thankfully the director-writer Ben Young has kept it from being the usual tacky horror drama. Pretty good for his first feature film too. Impressive but it will do your head in. The strange moment, is when John is flicking through a diary- possibly a victims, and they come to page that says "Split Enz". Just bizarre, it's never explained. It's 1987 and the Enz have long broken up, maybe the diary is old and from the early 80's. Very strange, will have to track down Ben Young and ask. Australia Movies rock- some just don't get it (cough).

January 14th

I've been sleeping in a little bit now that the nights are cooler. Enjoy it while I can as more hot days are on the way.

I take some Crowded House archive material to the Store for cataloging , peaceful today I manage to get it all done. 2 hours worth. All catalogued.

We hear from Andy White as check out his new clip for "Very Fine People" . I guess it will be popping up on You Tube any moment now, so check it out. Why do the "master race" (yeah right) have such little beady nasty eyes!

Playing "Long Gone Whistle" -The Songs of Maurice Frawley- the 3 cd set. Our kitchen suddenly full of people dancing , we love that. Music just brings people out of the wood work! I wish someone would appear with an accordion - I'd love that.

Dance on Australia !!!


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