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Tim Finn-Live at the Venue 1983- retro cassette release available now

Tim Finn-Live at the Venue 1983- retro cassette release available now.

August 20th

It's been a busy day for us - but I manage to make time to get one of my kid sisters birthday presents in the mail. Always a kid to us but she's done so well- excellent business woman, a great Mum and one of my best friends. Lets hope Aussie Post gets this to her on time. Plus she wanted the "Home in the Sky" book so ordered that via Book Depository. They are so efficient.

August 21st

Up early and off for a jog. Ice is everywhere the car covered in it, another cold morning. It's like humans have all died out, no people and no cars on the road-a bit creepy.

Mark emails me that 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' is finally out on Bluray September 25th- such a cool movie. We are excited.

We hear from Andy & our names are on the door for his Thursday show at the Winnebago Lounge. We are catching up with a few friends at the show, so that will be a hoot. Excited to check out the new Caravan Club & it's new extra small room.

Yummy food at The Flame - everyone on time, that has to be a first. Big thanks to Pip for organising it.

August 22nd

Someone mentioned "Attention Whores" and I fell in love with that expression. It perfectly fits Facebook. Especially the endless "Oh woe is me brigade" and the "can't get over it revenge nut jobs". Meanwhile the real attention whores are those who have a diary called Famous for 16 Minutes" *GRIN*.

I find a great recipe for Samoas- both meat & vegie, so after 30 years going to make them again.

We continue the push for Liam and Neils "Lightsleeper' album. Out in 6 days- the fans are excited. I wish there was a major tour for it.

August 23rd

Fleetwood Mac with Neil Finn will be on the new season of the Ellen DeGeneres show (Sept 5th). So quite a huge but of exposure from that one.


Good to see Labor and Premier Andrews delivering on the new Eastern Health Breast & Cancer Centre at Maroondah hospital. Our local Angliss hospital received its funding too. All very positive.

We head off in the evening to see Andy White play the smaller Winnebago Lounge at the new look Caravan Club. It's nearly 100 kms return journey from our place. Which seems insane.

Manager Pete shows us the new room, looks great.

A really nice crowd for Andy. Good to see Carole and Em, Chris, Susan and the lads plus a few others. Andy's in fine form, not the usual set. He asks us all "Who's your PM today" -some one shouted out "Bill Shorten" -wasn't me but that made me laugh. Nice to catch up with some friends, and thanks to Chris/Susan for the JDS. A really fun night, organise a quick group photo afterwards.

We stand in the car park with Andy, chatting mostly about politics. Home just before Midnight so not too late.

August 24th

Neil & Liams "Lightsleeper" is finally released. I'm hoping for a Top 20 debut in Australia. I'd say higher in NZ as hometown lads and you only have to sell a fraction to chart in New Zealand. You just never know these days, downloads and marketing campaigns and an endless sea of "Best Of's" , charts are unpredictable.

Midday vote in the Liberal Party room and Turnbull has gone. Dutton (Abbotts man?) failed and Morrison is now PM. Same old same old- just shuffling deckchairs around on the Titanic. It won't stop the Liberals from sinking.

A few mates are calling in tomorrow night and I'm cooking , so spend a few hours this evening doing preparation - Indian , well good Indian takes time.

August 25th

A really fun night here at Kalorama. Great to see Doug, Wendy, Laura and Kevin. Really REALLY appreciate the barrel of wood Doug-Wendy, gives us a few more nights of warmth through this endless Winter. I bake a small but very cute birthday cake for our mate Laura, and we all surprise her. A night of endless stories, continuous laughter and the joy of good mates. Laura's dropping of the ham into my JD was a highlight, the room just stopped and burst into laughter.

I'm really happy how the Indian meal turned out, possibly my best creation so far. Lots of nice comments. It was worth the effort. I'm not the best cook but every so often I get it right.

August 26th

The only thing I didn' have time to make were meat Samosas for Marky. So as an afternoon treat I do make some just for him. The Ghee is perfect for the pastry, plus it has lower lactose content than butter, it's also got a high smoke-point so that's good around frying.

We have leftover Indian for dinner and it really is just as great on day two.

August 27th

I see John McCains last request before he died was NOT having president Trump at his funeral. Feisty to the end, I like that.

The Polling came in and the Liberals must be freaking, their worst polling in 10 years and now Bill Shorten is "Preferred PM". The LNP will do whatever it can to stay in power, don't expect an Election anytime soon, as the Libs will be wiped out. That might be a good thing for them , clear the decks and get some fresh blood.

The nights are sill cold here, the bundle of wood from our mates is doubly appreciated as it drops to minus 3 tonight.

August 28th

I give up on my friends original birthday present as the shop is taking too long. So sitting at Montage and a new lot of Mexican hearts arrive so grab one of those. I'm also making a card from a cute little Indian wood block. Pop the finished image up on Sheepbook and lots of positive comments . I thought it might of been too subtle -but people seem to really like it.

Saddened that Mirka Mora the Melbourne artist has died, age 90. I met her a few times. She was fun. I email Nick and tell him as I seem to recall the Seymour family knew her too.

August 29th

Happy Birthday to my incredible sister. Glad all the presents arrived, especially the book she was eager to get. My sister rocks, we love her so much!

Damon Herriman scores the role of Charles Manson in Quentin Taratino's "Once upon a time in Hollywood". Damons doing so well in America, pops up on numerous shows-we are fans!

Watch the Robin Williams documentary- "Come inside my mind" - rather good, sad but very funny in parts.

August 30th

Mailed some more Tim Finn live cassettes at Kilsyth, and Woolworths nearby so went to that one instead of our usual store. Big mistake , they didn't have half the things we wanted, so returned thew items and drove to our usual store. Pays not to change supermarkets even for a minute.

Work on emails around Neil and Liams release. I always worry when you don't have radio play or a tour behind a new album. It loses that impact with the general public. Long term fans buy it sure but is that enough to make it chart????

August 31st

I see PM Fizza has finally tendered his resignation. One down ..... A late night at The Flame with some interstate mates. We head elsewhere afterwards and drove through thick fog banks when heading home, careful not to run over any Kangaroos.

September 1st

Still feels like Winter, Spring will not be sprung for a few more weeks yet. It will be nice to have some sun.

Janet makes some fresh Moroccan soup, so head up to Olinda for that. Zoomed home but missed Rosemaree by 5 minutes. Why do I always spell Moroccan with 2 x "R"s and only 1 "C" - I do it all the time.

I install some new lights around our step area. Banshee comes outside and is site-manager - she tells me when it's time to finish. It's good to light the area up a bit as a few people missed a step.

September 2nd

Happy Birthday to our buddy Spock and our manager Billy! Have a great day guys.

Charts are in and LIGHTSLEEPER debuts at #21 on the Aussie ARIA Top 500. #8 in NZ and #83 in the UK. I was hoping it would make top 20, so pissed we were out by 1 spot. Thanks to all who grabbed a copy.

I spend a bit of time in the office this afternoon- The Church's "Remote Luxury" gets a bit of a play, it has been awhile since I've played that one.

I sink into a hot bath and the few remaining blues melt away. Have a chat to Miss Fen and Mr Giles while the bath fills up.

That's it from the mountain.

Enjoy Life.


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