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16min anniversary

22 Years for Famous for 16 Minutes-How Mighty is That!- thanks everyone

May 21st

I think I had a really good deep sleep last night, woke up very refreshed today and early. The fog greets us every morning now, today it has rolled all the way to the balcony doors. That's impressive.

Happy Birthday to Sharon Finn, I sneaked to the office last night, right on 12.00 NZ time to wish her all the best. I bet she's having a great day.

I spoke to a really nice lady at Australia Post today called Hayley , totally relaxed and listened while I explained a scenario, said it was all fine. It was great as like many people I've had mixed dealings with Aussie Post over the last few years, so it's good to be able to say something positive.

Another excellent episode of Picnic at Hanging Rock , they've managed to capture the snarly, darker underbelly - excellent interpretation.

May 22nd

A week of grey skies and light rain. If nothing else we stay in the office and get a lot of work done.

So many Birthdays for May -I am surrounded by Taureans.

May 23rd

Shake up our supermarket shopping this week and do it tonight. Have some dinner on the way. Mark hates it, loves our schedule while I break it up at times, just to be a brat. Plus we ran out of chocolate so that alone is a good reason to head off the mountain. The added bonus is that Woolworths gave us $10.00 off our shop - gotta love that. Thanks Woolies. I was excited to see some Modern Day Punks shopping. Really excellent Mohawks. I like such extremes in such plastic surroundings like supermarkets. One was moaning that he couldn't make his hair stand up, I told him about an old trick using soap.

The Bowie-Last 5 Years documentary is incredible. Love that it is being shown again on Foxtel Arts channel. At the start I almost get teary and seeing Bowie start looking so ill , did disturb me. But I love the footage, love his focus, I so enjoyed it.

I rarely agree with Liberals on anything but a big thumbs up to Lib Sussan Ley and her private members bill to Ban Live Exports. I doubt the few Libs that support her will have the spine to cross the floor and force a vote though, which is a bit sad- I figure if you are going to put up a members bill follow it through. The Greens and Labor are both supporting this one. Good to see.

May 24th

Happy Birthday to Miss Claire. I made her a small present. Called but she isn't home, but we will catch up.

I cleared the last of the relentless Neil Finn-Fleetwood mac emails today, very happy these are now gone. Hurrah. What an avalanche. It must be past 50,000 Emails now since this whole Neil becomes a Big Mac started.

For the first time in recorded history, less than half of Australian workers are in full time permanent paid jobs with leave entitlements. Scary!

May 25th

Happy to see the Flinders Street Photo Booth will remain at the station. It has existed for 46 years, the only time I look good in a photo!!!!

I see the USA-North Korea Summit has been cancelled. It's all a bit of a joke really, I always thought it was just grand standing from both of them. Only Trump could press coins for a Summit that failed (so far) to happen. We know it will be back on again, I would be amazed if Donals Ego would let it crash and burn so quickly. He'll make this happen even if he has to use Jong un's body double!

A cold day, so an afternoon break from the office, made some awesome Tomato soup. A few spices like Cumin and a chilli from our garden add to it.

May 26th

I'm still looking at mannequins. I found one that is perfect but it's $160 more then what we have raised, still haven't given up - so far it has been the only one that is perfect for what we need. I'll keep begging for a $1 , with my little tin cup.

I decide to have a weekend off , away from the office, just doing things that I want to do, like get lost in some of my very old books on Egypt.

We really enjoyed THE JOURNEY on cable last night. Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney as Paisley and McGuinness. A fictional account of a true story how 2 political enemies manage to find common ground and shake on peace -whilst stuck in a car. Freddie Highmore was the driver, yes Norman Bates! Gotta love that. He always looks so young.

May 27th

Happy 60th Neil Finn. It all flies by so quickly , I was looking at footage of that fresh faced young man celebrating his 21st birthday with the Enz at Wellington Town Hall and now he is 60. What a cool musical journey it has been so far. Good on him.

I bought one of Woolworths new mini-roasts , so a roast for dinner. Kalorama spuds, broc, peas and pumpkin all from our garden. Gotta love that. Our kitchen smells mighty.

May 28th

I'm not sure if it is all the late nights but I certainly find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. It's very dark outside but the fog has gone away for a few days. You can tell Winter will be arriving soon enough and we have already used up a shit load of wood for our fires.

I give Andy White a call for his birthday, but once again playing phone tag. On June 2nd he is playing at "Some Velvet Morning" (123 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill ) so come along will be a fun night.

My few days of semi sadness arrive, maybe if I ignore the little black dog he will run away elsewhere!? No it doesn't work like that.

May 29th

Twenty Two years TODAY, this diary has existed online. That seems so long. I'm impressed that I have managed to stay focused and send it to the wonderful Deb Levitt every few weeks so that she can kindly put it up (thanks Deb). So much water under the bridge, so many typos from yours truly. Still it is meant to be rough as all hell. I wonder what the record is for a Blog. I know Stephen Heaslips Blues News has archive going back to July 1996. Back in 1996 no one was even using the word Blog. As many of you know I hate the word, it just sounds like someone is taking a dump. Off to the Bog to take a Blog!

[editor's note: you're very welcome and thank YOU! it's been a long and fun ride that continues!]

Diaries viewed by the public are strange things, I do edit in my head, well some of the time. A few times the brain screams "stop" but the fingers keep typing so I leave it. Is it our "real life" nah, just a drop, but a drop is ok. We love our privacy and at times want to put up the shutters from the world. Other times I'm happy to run with it. So cheers dear readers, ego can keep these things happening for only so long, it's up to the readers who keep coming back that really keep the diary alive-so thank you.

May 30th

Neils first Sydney show with the orchestra, I know he has a bit of a sore throat but he always rallies to the cause. It will be an excellent night. I heard from him in the morning , and asked if he could keep an eye open for an interesting item for the clubs mid year prize pack. Maybe he can score us some cool Orchestra instruments-joking...or chip a tile from the Opera House -again joking.

I spend the morning climbing around in storage area D. So many boxes, trunks, poster bags. Mark takes a photo of my hand reaching skywards , covered in disarray of archival stuff, holding a little sign saying HELP! It looks good so i put it up on sheepbook.

Try call our mate Fen a few times to say Happy Birthday. Playing phone tag with her too.

May 31st

Thanks Woolworths for the $10 off our supermarket shopping again, second week in a row. Nice to score such bonus's - so frugal (:

The circular drive outside is still covered in those golden leaves, Winter tomorrow so surely not many more can fall.

Not sure if it was the zero degree temperature or old age of Ailsa Craig but we popped a water pipe last night. Not too bad but one I can't fix so will need a plumber in a few days. So fun of turning water off, and juggling showers etc. No biggie, shits us, sure but can't just get stressy over everything anymore. I find my calm place. Plenty of people in worse situations. Count ones blessings. I was snappy at Mark for 5 minutes, shitty old tart that I am , it didn't last long, I made him smile again - it is all good.

June 1st

Happy Birthday to our lovely mate Wendy in QLD. Hope your day is super special.

Winter, I actually like Winter, well at the start. In a months time ask me again, I'll be over it by that stage. If it gets too full on we may have to take some time off and escape.

I was hoping our Halloween pumpkins would survive till the Winter solstice on the 21st but no luck. The last large one looks like it has the severe pimple outbreak , so I carve it. Very rough but even that adds to it. Such an evil looking face when lit up at night. One of my Sheepbook regulars says it is obvious that we like Tim Burton.

Sad to hear that Andrew Lincoln (Rick) will be departing The Walking Dead. I guess they are trying to shake it up after Season 8's low ratings, the lowest since the show started. Or maybe they are going to be sneaky and surprise everyone.

June 2nd

One of those days where the skies are crystal blue and no rain, no fog , yet it's cold outside. 2 degrees at midday.

We both work in the office for 4 hours and the afternoon ritual of chopping wood for the fire. Miss Banshee joins us in the office and drives Mark crazy with her meowing.

June 3rd

If I bury myself any deeper into the bed covers I will need a climbing rope to get out. So snug, so warm, maybe I should just hide here and let the world roll by.

I'm at the supermarket and a lady tells me about a mutual friend that we know who has cancer. I feel like I am surrounded by death at the moment. I'm driving home feeling a bit sad , we are such fragile creations.

Mark burns 2 live AC/DC discs for 2 friends, Festival Hall 1975. New Years Day. Skyhooks were meant to headline but Bongo got the times wrong no Skyhooks. The first day for 1975 and the Hooks blew it. Bummer.

I drag a huge storage trunk out and start looking for a few more unique items for the clubs mid year prize pack. It's going to be another good one. This could be the last truly great pack, as I'm running out of places to find "cool stuff" !

It is starting to get close to August, so we should start working on the Neil and Liam album soon. I'm guessing that is what my next few months will be, well apart from the daily Fleetwood Mac bombardment.

Love Life

PG x

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