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Paul Hester & PG- Enz Christmas Party- Enz Office 1983.  (Big thank you to Fee for this gorgeous memory).

Paul Hester & PG- Enz Christmas Party- Enz Office 1983. (Big thank you to Fee for this gorgeous memory).

October 22nd

Banshee the cat sleeps in- now that is RARE!

A lot of our band Archival Video Footage I've put up on my YouTube Page:


October 23rd

A last minute gig for Andy White before he heads overseas. The 7th of November he is at Collingwoods Gasometer Hotel.


I meet a woman called Carol today at Montage -she told me how she went to the Skyhooks 1976 farewell show at the Palais with her sister. I love that she was so detailed. She also recommended the seventiies exhibit that is currently on at Ripponlea.

October 24th

I was working outside during lunch break today & heard this weird 'popping' sound. A little voice in my head telling me to move, so I did- always listen to those voices in my head -well not the ones that go "Kill, Kill, Kill" HA! Lucky I did, a massive tree limb crashed to the ground, I'm talking HUGE. The only casualty was part of the chicken coup fence, and hey we now have heaps of fire wood. A lot of sawing, I'm just happy not to be a mighty big red splat !!!! Death by tree limb is such a boring way to go.

We watched "Filmed in Supermarionation"- a cool documentary on Gerry Anderson and his shows like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and my favourite Fireball XL5. Unfortunately the Fireball XL5 theme song is entrenched into my brain, now driving me nuts. I do comment to Mark that Captan Scarlet was rather a handsome "man". Mark reminds me he is a puppet. No I don't have a woody over a "woody"! *GRN*

October 25th

My Uncles birthday , he's still in hospital, but I do send a card & give him a call. Just happy he is still with us. My sister has been such a champion, getting the house ready etc.

A few extra Fleetwood Mac dates have been added, such a long tour, dates will just magically appear I guess. Fans need to check out the Official Fleetwood Mac page.

October 26th

We take a full hour for lunch today & work outside. Mostly burning from the giant fallen tree limb. Only now do I know just how massive this is. Mss Banshee sits outside & watches us -she loves sitting in the sun, rolling in the grass & sniffing at the gum leaves.

Finally the emails have slowed down , a mere 200 today. Interesting that most come from Australia.

October 27th

My friend Bruce went to see Lindsay Buckingham in Austin and we had a chuckle that one of the songs before the show was Neil Finns solo tune "Sinner" - what is Lindsay trying to say (HA). Thanks Bruce, made me smile.

I drive to Ferntree Gully to my Barbers and get a haircut, nice and short and a cool colour combination. Grey leave this house NOW-I cast you out. 20 minutes to spare before my friend Sarah arrives on the train so I bolt into Chemist Warehouse and get a script filled for some sleeping tablets. So cheap, save $22 on what they normally are.

I illegally park and sit in the car for 10 minutes, unbeknown to me Sarah got an early train so she is waiting on the platform. Thankfully not long, but we both have a chuckle. So good to see her , lots of laughter.

We call into Montage, the staff dig her, she scores a really great Mexican cross off the Montage wall. t's a beauty. Some spoils me & shouts me lunch, thankfully i've whipped up a chocolate mousse desert for us all later.

Nice weather, the expected rain never happened, so we drop into Ricketts Sanctuary - which is a new experience for her, plus I just love the place. Since the Vic State Government made the entrance FREE I visit a lot. A 92 year old lady takes a photo of us together under one of the stone arch ways. She looks great for 92. As always I spot something new, the Sanctuary is so magical.

Home and we hang out for the afternoon, Mss Banshee checks Sarah out and gives a meow of approval. We get some Halloween presents, such fun-thanks. Lots of walking around the trails, so many flowers are out, Ailsa Craig is looking magnificent.

Time to take Sarah back but we make a quick detour to Burnham Beeches and the Aspro Kings deco mansion. We hike to the lake , that shows how fit we are (pant pant) we were ok, younger people then us collapsing by the tracks.

We wave goodbye and next time she can stay for awhile. A really lovely day. Dinner at The Flame with my husband. YUM.

October 28th

I help Mark saw up some giant tree limbs (again), we both ache. I soak in my deep bath, and never want to come out-ever!

October 29th

I call the VEC around pre-pollng and state Election stuff. My online work portal is playing up. Thankfully I figure out the fault. Gawd maybe I AM clever after all. Who would of thought. I always enjoy working on Election day, watching the wheels turn on the voting system.

October 30th

I get an awesome email from my friend Fiona. Fee Fee worked in the Enz office as well, at South Melbourne. I'm thrilled because she sent this photo of myself with Paul Hester at the Enz office Xmas Party. We just look like we are up to trouble. I still have the awesome 1950's beach umbrella Xmas present that is in the picture too. I've lost the spike piece, when we used it in the Crowdies "Weather With You" video clip. I'll have to make another "spike" . Anyway LOVE the photo, so many memories come rushing back. Miss you Paulo, and thank you Fee Fee.

October 31st

Halloween and still uncertain what to wear. I was tempted to be a Devil... however I was in the garage & our friend Claire had left a giant mechanical Grim Reaper from a display. I think it overloaded as the mechanical head had a flip out. BUT, the Reapers costume fitted me, so it was meant to be. I became Mr Grim. Banshee sat up on the table while I carved this years Pumpkin & filled some arty Treat bags. Kids started turning up early this year. I was only mean once & scared two of them, but they scored the best Treat bags so a swap. I scare the shit out of you & you are rewarded, sounds good. Miss MM was a witch this year, she looked so cool.

November 1st

8 weeks till Christmas, that can't be right.. even less, holy cr@p. Push the panic button Robin.

I drive to the other side of the mountain & visit Enz bassist Nigel Griggs. I call into the chocolate shop to buy us both some Marzipan bars, but the girl tells me they have sold out- a world wide marzipan bar shortage. I smile, was she joking?, masses of asylum seekers and we have a marzipan shortage, I think can deal with it.

Great to see Nigel, my 10 minute visit grows to 4 hours. He signs the various prizes, he's always great to the fans. We chat, chat and chat, all a bit "WOW" ish. But an afternoon well spent.

I'm driving home at dusk and lots of wombats on the side of the road feeding & some Echidnas risking life and limb strolling in front of my 4WD.

November 2nd

American Mid Term voting on soon, imagine how much Mr Chump will sulk if he loses the House. Whats gong on with the Attorney General?, it all seems rather suss. I saw Mr Obama rallying the troops, he looks very healthy and happy. The Miami crowd went nuts for him.

A dust storm hts Melbourne, the Hills keep us safe.

I am spending a week in the office going through boxes, cupboards, trunks finding amazing items for the very last Giant Christmas Stocking. This being the very last, I want to make it incredible. Someone will have their mind blown this Christmas. So your very last chance to WIN. If you are after a ticket just email me (peter@frenz.com) . Got to be in it to win it. Hopefully Nick Seymour is busily creating a piece of art as one of the amazing items. So FKn cool, an original Seymour piece of art.

November 3rd

Happy Birthday to Mr Adam Ant. 64! So many good memories.

I contact Cadbury to try and find some of these chocolates that my Mum likes, I am hoping they can help. She's becoming a Coconut Rough junkie.

November 4th

Eight years now since James Freud died. I Loved working for James, only a short time but it was fun. He would get all stressy , but then we'd laugh, same sense of humour maybe? Sometimes I felt like he was a fish out of water. My favouriite moments were just us, having a coffee and chatting about Bowie. "Breaking Silence" still gets played a hell of a lot by me.

I did my own Tarot cards today, rather fascinating. Almost what I thought they'd be, putting out the energy to the world. A good feeling in my stomach ....

Gryph. xxx

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