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Can It Be True?  Peter To Give Up His Day Job To Fight Crime In Kalorama City? Stay Tuned ...  Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Can It Be True? Peter To Give Up His Day Job To Fight Crime In Kalorama City? Stay Tuned ... Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

November 26th

Happy Birthday to Toija & Maz, birthdays every day, this time of year. I am hopeless I forget so many, thank God Mark reminds me.

I put together a few hundred update sheets & mail them out with a few chrissy cards. Big thank you to Miss K, Jen G in NYC, the wonderful Berry Twins and 'Belle in France for being my mail girls.

At breakfast today our friend Caroline told us that she is the new owner of Kellys on the Hill. A local food and beer barn that is going to be awesome. Caroline has the magic touch. Think we'll be spending some late nights at that fine establishment.

November 27th

I keep hesitating typing this but here I go. The worst kept secret, I'm 'retiring' , well that's one word for it. I keep saying I'm getting out of Dodge, but I'm the only one that finds it funny. Thirty Eight years is a LONG time working any job, even the strangest job in the world which is certainly mine. Many reasons; some out of my control, some not. My epiphany a month back, certainly played a part. It all "sort of just happened", some forced, some natural but when it did, if I'm honest I have to say 'it felt fantastic'. So pretty much nearly everything is going- the Club closing, the Official Split Enz and Crowded House Archives FB pages closing. Frenz.com is Deb's, so she makes the decision around it existing. [Deb's note: see end of diary from message from me.] I simply won't be updating the News areas on those pages. There will be final VIP email, pretty much saying goodbye and thank you. A handful of things to tidy up and send out- which we will honour. My last day will be New Years Eve. My email will finish as well on 1-1-19.

A few people must be thanked, first off Marky, he just made the office a happening place, listened to the few times I moaned, lone nights at home while I was away on tour, and just the best friend in the world (Fuck it sounds like I'm dying not retiring), the band members who said "Yes" to requests far more then "No". Neil Finn for being generous many times, I'm sure even now he doesn't realise how appreciative I am. To these managers- Nathan Brenner, Grant Thomas, David Hughes and Bill Cullen who got what we were doing . Special Effort Award has to go to Debbie Levitt- for putting in the hours, and being a good mate, and doubly so for being my Web Mistress- and Yes this diary WILL indeed continue ! Thanks Deb. xxxx Finally the fans , without your exceptional support a gigantic part of the bands, artists success would not of happened. It has been a two way street, and hopefully those who appreciate the music have felt they are part of our family and enjoyed the experience during the 38+ years.

So the next month or so we are cleaning up the office, Massively so, and any extras we'll probably have some sort of "Fire Sale' in January via an email. The recent Giant Christmas stocking gobbled up the super cool items, but who knows what we will find with a month of going through every folder, box, crate, road case. Wonder what skeletons we will find? Ha! A bit like the mummified banana skin in Tim Finns stage coat, there could be ANYTHING in some of the treasure boxes. Open with caution.

Some might think it's journey end, for us it's a fork in the road and instead of turning right we certainly veered to the left. It's daunting, breathtaking, scary as all fuck, and possibly brave. There IS sadness, and maybe some from your side too. I just hope that those who love our bands-artists look upon what we did with smiles and feel we somehow helped make a connection real between yourselves & the musician. So thanks for being part of this journey. Still a bit a loss for words. Do not be too sad.

November 28th

Hot weather in North Queensland. I was looking at Magnetic Island and noticed Townsville today has the hottest November on record. Fires are breaking out in Queensland, as the temperature continues to rise. Stay safe our QLD mates.

November 29th

Life expectancy in USA continues to fall, the largest decline since WW1 .The only wealthy nation where the measure was falling. Scary

November 30th

Call in and visit my friend Rosemaree. A "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" chat! Sounds way too sexy! Good friends are there for their mates.

I head off the mountain to buy some scary Santa masks, I want to have a family photo of Mum, Sis, MIM and yours truly wearing these ugly as fuck masks on Xmas day. I am so perverse.

December 1st

Bush Snr Dies. I hold my tongue , on such a day.

After years and years I make some Pin Wheels. Even create some basil pesto.They are perfect, I still have the skill. They taste great.

December 2nd

The first few emails and calls come in over the decision. By afternoon it's starting to sound a bit rehearsed , so I go for a small walk, to clear my head. A huge wind storm hits the mountain while I'm out walking, my head is up in the clouds so I wander about while the world blows out of control around me. Home before the rain starts. Somewhat symbolic.

December 3rd

Happy Birthday to Trudy W. Nice to chat to you and Liz.

I upload 'Fingers of Love' Live at Pink Pop-May 1994. I'm keeping my YouTube page active, so many cool clips on it, so a great time capsule for the fans.

December 4th

Chat to some of the band members around the "Big Goodbye", really nice comments etc. Feeling the love fellas. Some flowers arrive which makes my afternoon perfect.

December 5th

We take the afternoon off and drive to Eastlands for a bit of Christmas Shopping. Get a hell of a lot done. By chance Jb Hi Fi have a sale on too, so Mark buys a handful of BluRays. The "Supernatural Season 13" Bluray stock has gone awol in the store so the entire staff are trying to find copies- and sadly we never do. They think people have stolen all the copies. Home by 10.00. Loving Eastlands, never feels crowded. My Election pay arrives, so that is handy.

December 6th

I'm using all our raffle money for postage , every cent, I've ran out of cards so I head off and buy 20 packs. Just mailing them at random.

I use my election wage to pay for Marks Xmas present. Tickets for the Rolling Stones Exhibit in Sydney and airfares. We were going to the London exhibit but both our parents were in hospital so we blew it out.So this time I am determined - he'll love it, a very cool present.

I give 'you know who' a call for their "birthday" a word I can't mention to them. Still I guess we can get away with it. Send them a lotto ticket a few days ago, a bit of a lame present but not of they win. Fingers crossed.

December 7th

I order Deborah Harkness- 'Times Convert' book for my friend as a Chrissy present. Hopefully it's the one she doesn't have. We both love the new 'Witches' tv show from the Souls trilogy.

People are talking in Montage about the change of ownership, it happens in a few weeks. I'm ok with it, the new owners are sweet, others are a bit more freaked, some of us don't like change but on such things one has to accept it. Hell as long s the coffee & company are good.

December 8th

Having a laugh with Bruce & Jean at Montage and Bruce surprises me by telling me he used to teach Paul Hester and Bob Bongo Starkie when they were teenagers, so the next hour full of wonderful stories about teenage Bob and Paulo. Made me smile, such a small world.

I decide it's a nice day to paint. I want to try something different, something innocent. So use my left hand and paint PG in his Bat suit-first day of school. Big thank you to Paper Salad for the inspiration. I'm really happy how it's turned out, Mark loves it. Will have to do a similar thing of my side-kick Robin/Marky!

December 9th

Happy 60th Birthday to the very talented Nick Seymour. Have a great day Nick. It is such a blessing to have him in our life.

So another diary over and done with. Maybe a shock for a few, I probably haven't given all the reasons and whys, after 38 years it's hard to express the 'big picture'. End of day it is what it is. Some of it is out of my control. Did he jump or was he pushed, or did he slip or was kidnapped by Aliens (tick all of there above). Like a few times before, one has to make the leap of faith. We've met so many gorgeous and fascinating people in our travels, many have become our dearest friends. When i'm 106 in my wooden rocker on the balcony at Magnetic Island all these wonderful adventures and people will still be in my head and looked upon with absolute joy. Thanks to all of you for your kindness over the years too. It will stay with me forever, we made history folks! A little cog in a big machinery but it kept it rolling!


Editor's Note from Debbie

Well hi! Yes, I was surprised by this too. So what's next? The diary will continue. I'll put it up as he sends it just like always.

Frenz.com is mine and a labor of love. It runs me nearly $1500 USD per year with just a few fans donating $20 here and there. I'd love to stop losing money on it but I won't shut it down. The forum seems to be really important to may people. We still get new sign-ups weekly. So it goes on.

The easiest way to donate is to sign up for a "Premium" membership on the forum. You don't get anything for it (sorry) but you are donating regularly and that is greatly appreciated.

But obviously I've let most of the site go for years. Just haven't had the time and fans who volunteered to help disappeared into vapor. So the site may continue to be a time capsule of days long gone by but the forum and diary will live on.

Thanks to everybody for your support!

- Deb

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