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Andy & the giant Zucchini  (Kalorama Summer)

"Andy & the giant Zucchini" (Kalorama Summer)

January 29th

Don't you hate it when you are one egg short in the kitchen. Time to rescue some more chickens I guess.

Today was weather perfect, not too hot, not too cold, a Goldilocks sort of day.

January 30th

We are really enjoying "Brittania" on cable but did chuckle when one of the Romans used that very aussie phrase- "dickhead". Now come on, dickhead is so so so Australian. Made us chuckle and roll our eyes a bit. The truly magnificent Alan Ball has his new show coming up soon too- excited about that as he never lets us down. It's called "Here & Now" , it commences February 11th. Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter are in it, so it should be pretty cool.

January 31st

I was in the wilds of our property and I swear I heard a voice, just for a few seconds. I was wondering if it was a Dakinis whispering in my ear. She sounded a bit aggressive. Was only a bit strange. Maybe madness has finally set in.

I drag out this box of mixed badges to start archiving today -bands, political and oddball stuff. I do love badges, great little time capsules. They look fantastic when photographed together. "Genitals Prefer Blondes" gotta love that one. Ha Ha.

God Donald Trump shits me, what a buffoon. Opens his big fat yapper and absolute shit dribbles out -really what an absolute stupid fuck he is. I wonder what is in store for America, higher youth unemployment, stockbrokers jumping out windows again, who knows. Donalds super rich so I doubt he truly gives a shit. I think like so many we just turn off when he is on the tube.

February 1st

Love giving away prizes, a Skyhooks fan very excited this afternoon, nice to put together a seventies prize pack.

I do my good deed for the week by driving a little old lady to the Angliss hospital. I had some lunch, and read a book while I waited for her to be ready. Then i drove her home. I'm very happy to do this, sometimes you just make the time to help others eh?

February 2nd

I was wondering if it was a bug from the hospital-see it doesn't pay to do good deeds, but nah just some full on Hayfever. I call Rosemaree in the hope that she has a spare pill when we have a coffee tomorrow.

February 3rd

I dig out my old Massage book and work on sinus points on my feet. It seems to help, most of the hayfever gone. Rosemaree brings a pill too and that removes the last bit (Thanks girl).

I'm still archiving all week, so I've lost my office floor again. It's not really bad, but a big chunk is covered in "stuff". Plus the Neil + Liam Oz tour coming up so my IN box is full of emails around that.

February 4th

What did I do today, I haven't a clue, my diary is empty for once. Meditated the Sunday away?

February 5th

We really enjoyed the re-boot of STRIKE BACK. Much as we will miss aussie Sullivan Stapleton and his smart arsed one liners, and way too serious Pom Philip Winchester, we both were into the first episode of this new line up. Aussie Daniel MacPherson fantastic as Samuel Wyatt. Possibly the cutest arse on TV too- like all of us aussies have. His offsider- Warren Brown is a grower and the 2 girls on the team, hard arses that have all the right moves. It's fast, exceptional film locations , and they certainly blow a lot of shit up. Australian actor Dan Hany plays a terrorist too, and does so too convincingly. Welcome back Strike Back, this will be fun.

Just popped Neil Finn & Jimmy Barnes, up on You Tube, getting a tad "Kinky" and covering LOLA. A fun version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4i1g-FmjZw&feature=youtu.be

February 6th

I give Bob Spencers first solo cd a bit of a plug- Saints & Murderers, you can grab a copy via his website. The fans really like this one too.

Home made Pizza for dinner, I have a really cool crust recipe from that little old NZ cookbook that Sharon Finn gave me , it contains half a teaspoon of sugar and that is it. Makes a great Pizza.

Mark surprised me with the 2 seasons of PUBERTY BLUES on Blu Ray. We are both really impressed with the direction, natural light and mighty soundtrack. What a surprise that channel Ten produced this . We love the parents in this drama as much , in fact MORE then the kids. Great cast, great locations, fantastic memories of surf culture teenagers , this could only be Australia. Love everything about this , sad that some totally miss how mighty Australian drama can be- their loss. A show so full of Ambiguity and Nuance. Thanks for these Marky, you get like no one else. You and me against the world.

February 7th

Bloody hell -mighty big crash on the stockmarket, had to be the day we decide to sell some Telstra shares, so we didn't. I'll hold off a few days, it will bounce back, and really it was so few shares, but weird timing. I've cursed the Dow!

I'm feeling so relaxed these days, not a lot fazes me, ridiculously chilled. It's like watching the world through a goldfish bowl and people get so stressy over the smallest things. It's just not worth it- I tend to throw all that anger away. I wonder sometimes that a lot of our mates will end up with ulcers-they are so stressy. The days flash by at such a speed, haven't the time to deal with bullshit and all of that, enjoy life, so many other people who are worse off I assure you.

What a creep Barnaby Joyce is. So much for his endless waffle about the "Sanctity of Marriage" , first chance he gets he fucks around on his wife and gets someone pregnant- man what a HYPOCRITE he is.

February 8th

Wow belated Christmas Present from our wonderful neighbours. I'm tragic all I've given them are unlimited Zucchinis! Love ya Jodes and gang.

Finally take down the Christmas-New Years cards. I held off as they looked so very cool in the lounge room. Those diary readers who sent us cards- thank you- we love getting them.

Late night grocery shopping at the Supermarket, the aisles are empty, no pesky humans. Sucks though, my savings were $2.90, no bargains this week. Though they did re stock the Sicilian Blood Orange Ice Creams at last.

February 9th

Was woken up at 7AM with Miss Banshee sitting on my chest and just a few cm's away from my face purring at me. Such a strange little cat, we know she loves us but still she is such a freak.

February 10th

Good to catch up with Wendy, Rosemaree and Mary today at the General Store- thanks for the coffee Wendy.

Miss W comes back to catch up with Marky and we go for a spot of blackberrying. Perfect timing as they are everywhere and really luscious. Raid the vegetable patch which seems to be getting more gigantic every day and then go on a mystery adventure. Three hours later we wave goodbye just as a fine rain descends over Kalorama. A joyous calm and lovely afternoon. Life is great.

The Box Set channel on Foxtel has GOTHAM complete seasons playing. We have avoided watching it, till now, and have to say (so far) it was been mighty.

A very late night here at Kalorama , which is ok as we really are night people. If you gaze up at Mt Dandenong at 3.00in the morning, that one little light you see is our place. See we are waving at you (no not really) .

February 11th

Sounds like Neil and Liams first Taronga Zoo show was a success a lot of emails roll in today- happy fans.

I manage to sleep in, read, do some house work, pick vegies, and fruit and bake bread. PHEW!

I head into the office this overcast Sunday to do a bit of work. It's nice and quiet and the phone hasn't rang once. Finally get a lot done.

I see the Tasmanian Liberals have their launch. A huge promise of $757 million to Tassie hospitals by the Liberals, which is crazy, the same Liberal Party have cut $1.1 BILLION from Tassie hospitals already, so they haven't even given back what they have chopped out of the system. Love for the Libs to be kicked out of Tasmania. It will probably be close, but Rebecca White would make a great Premier.

That's it for another diary, keep passing the open windows!


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