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Time to Save The Koalas Habitats

Time to Save The Koalas Habitats.

September 3rd

The suns out and Andy the Kookaburra brings the entire family for a visit. The new baby is so fluffy. Sill afraid of humans. At one stage Andy and girlfriend hop on either side of junior so he stays still for me to feed him. They make some bird noises like "this humans ok"- I get close and stare into their eyes. I love the patches of blue feathers- such a cool bird, I could spend hours with them. Stuck in the office for most of the day- once again endless Neil and Liam emails.

I pay some toll road outstanding fees and a few other bills. They always seem to arrive in threes.

I head out to post more of the infamous Tim Finns cassettes. The overseas ones take longer, so much customs paperwork b.s.

Dinner tonight, Lime & Jalapeno Chicken in soft Taco. OK Not too shoddy!!!! The Jalapeno sauce is bloody awesome.

The good chart for LIGHTSLEEPER is Victoria, top 10 in our state at #9. Big thanks to our mates and those at JB that kept playing it in the stores. The only state in Australia where it went top 10.

September 4th

We are enjoying watching our seventies tv show The Box. Still in awe of Ken James (yes that Ken James from Skippy), his chest wig. It's like a mohair singlet! It has some fun moments, quite freaked how much everyone is smoking. I bought Mark box four for one of his birthday presents, so we will explore that one soon. Good old Australia, the seventies and full frontal nudity on tv. So ahead of the rest of the world. It's only skin baby, so over conservative prudes. You can spot them as they always start their conversation with "I'm no prude but...." and I keep my thoughts of "Oh yes you are" in my tiny little head.

Good on my amazing niece, certainly is the brains of our family -scored a spot at a rather excellent school.

September 5th

Happy Birthday to Skyhooks Bob Spencer, he's away with Rose Tattoo touring Europe.

I chuckle at the knee jerk reactions over Neil/Fleetwood Mac on Ellen. People make such a big deal out of stuff. Such drama queens some of the general public. Thought they were brave attempting "Chain" on national TV. They also performed "Gypsy.

I hear from Sue in Florida- hoping to help her out with some of her seventies band photos.

September 6th

Sad that Burt Reynolds has died. I remember Mark and myself going to the Regent Theatre in Wollongong to see 'Deliverance' when it first came out-we were both VERY young & under-aged. Freaked us out a bit- we'll never take our canoes to Rural Georgia! Never!

Burt floated in and out of our lives, sometimes as a bit of a laugh - other times like the awesome Boogie Nights where he was brilliant. When we moved to Melbourne a Burt Reynolds book appeared in our home library-both of us denied (and still do) who bought it. A running joke over the years- reducing the size of the library it was in the charity pile but somehow magically reappeared on the shelves. We couldn't get rid of Burt and Burt couldn't get rid of us. You can bet Smokey & the Bandit & The Cannonball Run are getting played in secret Burt Basement Gatherings (BBG's) this week- in his honour.

and what is Miss Banshees fave Burt movie- of course it has to be "The man who loved cat dancing" (and it's not what you think but don't tell Banshee).

"10-4 ... breaker 1-9- you got your ears on ?". RIP Burt. In true Burt fashion -a Burt shrine appeared at Kalorama this morning- like crop circles it was "just there".

September 7th

Chat to Greg Skyhook about his awesome Travis Bean bass. Love hearing some history on such things.

My friend Joanne M , so generous, always nice when people surprise you with kindness isn't it.? Wonderful that India's Supreme Court threw out that insane colonel law around gay sex. Wonderful to see masses of rainbow flags and happy people on the news today. Way to go India.

Sadness in my heart when I read the WWF report on Koalas and the numbers dropping due to loss of habitat, especially in NSW and QLD. We are such a huge country, surely there is space for humans and Koalas to co-exist?

I had a chuckle that NFL's Ben Hunt put a few "showing it all" images on the Net. A few people freaked out , it's only skin and no one forces people to perve at cock etc shots. If you are scared of dicks just don't pursue the link and look at it. Still not sure why he did it-silly bot , and no doubt his footy club will crucify him - but there are probably worst things in the world.

September 8th

I catch up with Andy White at Montage . It is packed this morning. So many people coming up and saying hello. A staff member just left for India, and a new youngster, fun and passionate in her place.

I'm a bit early so get some work done and some notes around Andys album launch for "The Guilty & The Innocent" album.

Andy arrives and says the album launch is confirmed for Friday October 5th at Wesley Anne- Northcote. Wesley has pretty good food too, so thinking we might have dinner before hand.

Tickets available now: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/andy-white-tgti-album-launch-tickets-49461637088 I'm guessing this is Andys last Melbourne gig for 2018. It will be great to catch up with people, and also those seeing Andy White for the first time- come on down. People always say they are big fans but rarely make the effort around live shows.

My mate Carol described Andy on facebook as " If Paul Kelly and Billy Bragg had a baby it would be Andy White" -I love that, made me laugh.

September 9th

American Horror Story -Apocalypse- the 8th season starts soon. This one has a real darkness to it- looks great, laughing that Joan Collins is in it- but her character is great, was surprised at how funny she is. Clever to include her.

Nice weather outside so I put some metal braces on the wooden step, too much weight on it, so hoping this will fix that. Been meaning to secure it for awhile, so one off the home maintenance list.

Watch some of the Wagga Wagga By Election Results, a big ask to take this Blue Ribbon Liberals seat away from the Libs, but it happens. They come in third. This sends shockwaves up and down the Liberal Party from State to Federal. "No Seat Is Safe" that is the Mantra from the public. What a fantastic result. Wentworth will be next.

September 10th

Pay bills this fine Monday. I call home concerned about my Uncle. Looks like I might of saved his life, with massive help from my wonderful sister.

Neil & Liams album nose dives, second week on the Aussie and NZ charts. Decided I'd ask our Australian club members if they bought the CD/Vinyl/download , I have this feeling that it's our long term club members who supported this and the message was lost on the general public. Still no tour and almost zero airplay makes such releases have less impact.

September 11th

A man came up to me during breakfast and said he saw me recently on the Countdown documentary , so it must of been played again. It always blows me away how many people stop and say they watched it. High Gryphon exposure.

I dig up some bags of potatoes for a few of the elderly citizens that roam the mountain. We have so many and good to give them a brown paper bag full. It saves wasting them. They grow so quickly in the big vegetable area-the gift that keeps on giving. Will be nice when we have our Summer vegies in again. I miss picking our ten million Tomatoes.

Mark works in the chicken pen, restoring it - Mother Nature sure grows back quickly , massive burn piles and the ivy has gone crazy. Banshee sits and watches him, she loves these sunny days.

September 12th

Good to see that Joaquin Phoenix is playing The Joker in next years Origins movie.

September 13th

Marky has the day off from the office to focus on one of his brilliant yard projects. He does it so well, and cmon hot and sweaty hunky boyfriend, we all need one of those at the end of the day.

I have an art idea that I want to put to one of our talented friends, when we have money again, (yes you Gabe). Based around the wonderful Grant Woods "American Gothic" painting.

Email a few mates around a new vinyl store that has opened at Ferntree Gully-'Captain Stomp'. Just funny that vinyl is now back and people are opening up record shops again. Mark is rolling his eyes.

September 14th

I check out a few interviews that Labors Tim Murray did recently, he's pretty good. He's running in the Liberal seat of Wentworth, at the By Election. I still think Dr Phelps has a good chance of winning it , which will upset the Liberal apple cart totally as it is meant to be a cast iron Liberal seat-but after the Libs lost Wagga Wagga anything is possible.

I call my cousin David for his birthday, we have a chat and a bit of a laugh. Make plans for us to catch up when I am next at the 'Gong.

September 15th

Don't you hate it when a key slowly dies on your keyboard, my "T" is failing, must be typing words with T in it too much, Shit, Bitch, Toto , Tits, ohhh Titbit has a lot of T's, and of course Tottiest, Tattiest and Attentat.

I walked up to our garage to grab some wood for tonights fire around dusk and spotted a young Wombat grazing on our grass. I approach him slowly and sit nearby , he walks over and after 10 minutes manage to give him a pat. He was covered in dirt, so guessing he lives nearby. I stand up to go and get Mark and it alarms him and he's off (the Wombat not Mark!). I race inside but by the time we are back just a few piles of wombat poo. At some stage during the night some of our security lights turn on, so maybe that was him. Nothing on our security cameras. I was so excited, I patted a wild wombat .

September 16th

Great to see Paul McCartney at #1 on the Billboard charts with his new album "Egypt Station". Been 36 years since his last #1 album. Always happy that it's Macca and not some other lame boy band or shite (C)RAP artist.

Giving the Koalas a helping hand, there is a little medical centre on Magnetic Island , a husband and wife team that rescue injured Koalas and restore them to full health. Be great to raise some dollars for them. I notice the Koala Drs husband is out planting Koala gums around the island in big chunks which is great for future food sources. Around 500 Koalas call Magnetic Island their home.

It's a cold old Sunday up here and even some snow down the road at Olinda. We get sleet and hail. It's certainly a cold start to Spring. We have a little bit extra fire wood thanks to Mark, so still nice and toasty inside the house.

Not long till Neil and Fleetwood Mac play Vegas , by the time this is on the net they possibly would of played the gig. It will be good for them to get a few shows under their belts, best way to shut up couch potato critics is to do play some excellent shows. Time for Peter Green to make a come back.

Rock on!


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