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Eddie Vedder in 2001

Eddie Vedder- St James-Auckland 2001 (Photo: Peter Green)

June 4th

Thankfully we have a very cool Plumber, our local-Michael. He fixes the busted pipe, and even adds new fittings to the indoor loo. Was so happy with his work and the price- how rare is that. ! Again the Foxtel Arts channel surprises me with something cool. A little segment on Hannsjorg Voth and 3 pieces of his gigantic art structures in the Sahara desert on the Marha Plain. VOTH art, I am always blown away by Voths work. If i could jump on a flight right now, I would head to Morrocco and into the desert to photograph these three. My one wish for today. Three major pieces he created, really worth checking out on the Net.

June 5th

At least it isn't raining , ice blue skies, that seem to only happen during a Kalorama winter. I post some mail and have a coffee at our favourite place-MONTAGE (Olinda) . Take my Mac along and do some work. The girls think it is really strange that Mark doesn't tag along. One the way home I spot a huge tree that has been removed by the council, close to our house. Quite a few locals are at it with their axes, getting pieces of wood. At $200 a bundle no wonder we all try to score it for free. I make a note to walk back later with my axe and fill up a big bucket. As I'm chopping away 2 cars with trailers turn up , they are greedily grabbing everything they can. It will be picked dry by dusk. Mark takes me to Eastlands shopping centre , and apart from JB, every shop is closed. He tells me to grab whatever cds I like- such a treat. The store is empty, more staff than customers. I feel like I am Elton John doing an after hours shop at Harrods. Thanks Marky xxx. We eat out for dinner as well. He scores the final season of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey on Bluray. Yes we know what Kevin supposedly did was wrong but what the fuck, we watch House of Cards for his acting and he is great in that show. Sucks he wont be in the latest season, we won't be watching it, if Spacey isn't in it. Sad for a mate who's Mum has just passed away. Banshee went outside at dusk, and 30 mins later a cat fight. Takes me forever but I find her on a branch high up in the tree. At least she is safe. It rarely happens and she certainly gives more then she gets. Just don't want someone elses cat hassling her on our property. She spends most of the cold old day snuggled up in my bed under her blanket. Do my first Bowel Cancer test, 2nd one tonight. So easy to do, and good to get checked out. I think Julia Gillard first ok'd for these to go out to the Australian public, i'm sure they have saved lives, hell maybe even mine in the future. I pop up the Finns performing "The Land Torments The Sea" live on YouTube . They rarely performed this little gem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlUMqwuSA0E

June 6th

A bit over the phones today, so sneak off to Montage with my computer for a coffee and an hour of work. Suns out but cold, still I decide to sit outside and work. Some interstate people come up and say hello, they read about Montage on one of my Tweets. Isn't that freaky. It kind of throws me for a few seconds, I then regain my focus and have a chat. Nice couple.

June 7th

Well thanks for nothing Fizza Turnbull. Thanks to this fucked up Liberal government , Amazon International will no longer ship orders to Australia. Grrrrrr. Mail off my Bowel cancer sample, how thrilling is that dear reader. Better chance of living if it's detected early. An easy test and then you mail it to them. Can take 3 weeks for the results, I just put it out of my mind and stay positive. Saying that need to have more nuts in my life, well not crazy people but the eatable kind!!!!! I am appalled that the NSW Liberal "Minister for Women" voted NO for "safe access zones" for Abortion clinics. Shame on your Tanya Davies- I hope you are voted out next election.

June 8th

During my lunch break I walk to Karwarra Nursery just down the road from us to try and grab some Mountain Ash trees. These cool aussie tress have the highest known biomass carbon density (stored carbon). Karwarra is all out, so I chat to the lady in charge for awhile till the drizzle rain ceases. It's a cool little nursery this one, we buy quite a few natives from here and they always seem to last- very healthy. Late afternoon and decide to cut my hair very short. Clip, Clip, Clip - good grief so much- I fill half of Marks bathroom bin. I am dying it in a few days, so I have a short multi coloured "mongrel" look. Thank the Goddess for beanies. It looks ok. I let Mark cut the back so who knows he might chop a big piece out, like the girl from "16 Candles" movie. It's all about trust.

June 9th

I spotted Grants of Australia- natural toothpaste at my supermarket. The cute Koala enticed me! I'm so easily suckered. I grabbed the "Propolis with mint" (no fluoride, SLS or Parabens) . It's fantastic, my mouth & gums feel so clean. A nice discovery.

June 10th

This cold encourages our giant gums to drop bark. I cut some small for our fires, shred some for composting & back into the ground and the rest stuff into our green bin. Some pieces are so long, 5 times my height. It's nice to walk around the gardens this cold but rainless Sunday. The air is crisp and smells exceptional. Lots of Rosellas have landed and are feeding on grass seed. Miss Banshee walks next to me and just watches them- good cat. No bird killing today. She's been pretty good around that, a lot of cats are not.

June 11th

I see Bill Clintons "The President is Missing" book (Fiction) is the biggest selling book in America so far this year. Queens Birthday holiday here, love that they gave Drag Queens their own public holiday. Oh it's not for Drag Queens-Opps. We have been celebrating it incorrectly for years now, I always thought it was about feather boas , cheesy wigs and great miming skills. This year we are feeling the cold on the mountain a lot more. It seems to have an early morning bite to it. No snow ... yet.

June 12th

Management forgot to send me info on Neils Darwin gig. No Liam at this show, basically a NF show. July 1st- Mindil Beaxh and even fireworks at 8.15! We both put on our quality black wool suits and drive to Mordialloc for our friend Trudis' mothers funeral. Trudis a great mate , we've known her for eons, travelled overseas and someone we love & trust. I think she was surprised to see us , especially in our funky suits. The funeral celebrant was fantastic , zero religion, all about the person and family- so as far as funerals go we both thought it was really nice. We've both stopped going to full on religious ones, well unless it is a friend of course.

June 13th

Looks like the Victorian Liberals might sell their building, not much money in their coffers for the election and the desperate grab for the Cormack Foundations $70 million, pretty much failed. If the Liberals can't financially run their party , how on Gods green earth can people have faith in them with the finances of Victoria. !? Skyhook Red Symons turns 69 today. I run with the 'In a year he will be 'Living in his Seventies' - sure he'd hate that. Happy Birthday Mr Symons. It buckets down with rain tonight, very cold outside. Still chopping wood. If nothing else I'll have great arm muscles by Spring.

June 14th

I head off to post some mail and call into the Mt Evelyn Garden Centre. They are attempting to get in my Mountain Ash trees. Who would of thought it would be this hard to do? During lunch break today I repair a few things that are in our garage. Very happy to have our lopping shears fixed up Nice when it is simple. My chainsaw is a bitch, so I'm going to have to take it apart-tortally. Make some really tasty tomato soup for this chilly old day. You'd think after picking 4000 of them I'd be so over tomatoes. In the evening I give our mate Shock a call for her birthday. Nice to have a chat.

June 15th

Job growth in Australia has dropped a lot, down by half compared to six months ago. What ever happened to Fizza Turnbulls jobs and growth clap trap. Chat to Andy White, our phone tag is over - finally we get to talk, have to catch up soon. I was in the supermarkets and spotted a new ALT soft drink. Made me think of the ALT boys. We are really enjoying the latest House of Cards on bluray. I'm blown away by Jane Davis, played by the excellent Patricia Clarkson.

June 16th

Sad news that two more Mums of friends have passed away, three this week, i never know what to say to friends when this happens. Hate seeing them sad. I fiddle around with some of my Eddie Vedder images from the Auckland '7 Worlds" show. The semi shaded face one works. That is a favourite. Good ol' Ved, such a lovely guy. Truly admire him. I find a few more very cool items for the clubs giant raffle. One fan will be so totally blown away by this prize pack. Its always nice to tell someone they have won. Got to be in it to win it.

June 17th

I was walking down our passage way very early in the morning, zero outside & I'm sure I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Very ghostly. I wasn't afraid, totally intrigued. As someone once penned. "I just want to be there, when it happens again". Maybe the super cold weather is inviting in the spooks? I am still searching for the perfect mannequin, another 8 possibilities off the list. Never thought it would be this difficult. I've found one but we are still short $$$ wise for it. So technically still fundraising. So close , but maybe a slightly cheaper version of the one I want will appear. Still a few more places to look. Will be great when we finally have it. I can start reshooting stage costumes etc. I see crime in our electorate is down by a huge 34%! Good work Mr Andrews and team. Thats it from 'close to snowing' Kalorama. xPG

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