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The wonderful original Nick Seymour piece of art for the Giant Xmas Stocking.

The wonderful original Nick Seymour piece of art for the Giant Xmas Stocking.

November 5th

We finally get to see "Black Panther" and both of us really enjoyed it. Our third attempt, power outages and storms , stopped us or wiped parts of the movie from the IQ box. Worth the wait. You can tell they have spent a fortune on that movie. We are really looking forward to Batwomans appearance in Arrow too, a cool aussie gal wearing the Bat suit. Bring it on!!!!!!!

November 6th

Melbourne Cup Holiday and it's a wet old day in Melbourne town. On the way back from breakfast, we stopped the car and spent an hour herding wild peacocks off the road. It's like herding cats, they are a stupid bird. Finally got them into a safer secure area, much to the delight of tourists driving by. I'm certain I made the holiday page of many Facebookers today. "Oh Look Aussie Man herding Peacocks". Snap! Snap! Snap!

November 7th

We are in the office today, I'm boxing prizes and basically answering Emails. Looks like I am working at the State Election with my mate Marjo so that will be great, we are efficient. The Declaration area is complicated, I doubt most of our friends could do it, it covers every electorate in the state. Over half the people will pre-vote this time so voting day should be easier as far as volume.

Call into the Montrose Fish & Chip shop, the owner is always nice to us, and I make an apple pie (deep dish) for dinner.

Bath "phone chat" to Laura, Fenella and Wendy tonight. Body parts become prune like by the time I finally emerge from the tub.

Fleetwood Mac cancel a date or two , Stevie Nicks is ill. They are about to add some live shows for San Jose.

November 8th

The Democrats did well taking back the House in America. Mr Chump all red faced and angry. Urgh !!!

Our friends head off to Japan- safe journey Laura, Kevin & Tribe.

We left Wollongong at 6.10 PM, today , thirty nine years ago. On the Greyhound bus , after a failed attempt of catching the train (Nation wide train strike). What a journey , with my best friend, now that's a Soul Mate. !!!!!

November 9th

Cool that Caltex and Star Mart now accept my Woolworths rewards card. Today they were the cheapest fuel play for a 50km radius so that was an added bonus. I'm not one of those desperate people who drive to save 3c on fuel, I drive by this place a few times a week so it's so convenient. Handy I can pass these points onto Marky too, $40 off his groceries next week, not bad for basically doing nothing , just some loyalty.

So today, we ARRIVED in Melbourne. Just brilliant that we "lived" at Spencer Street Station, oh to be young, wild and free. They didn't even have ATMS in those days.

November 10th

For once the award givers get it right. "The Shape Of Water" , what a cool movie. Actress Sally Hawkins just sensational. It could of been terrible but it shines.

I work in the office till very late. Yes working away on the weekend, my bad. I do raid our cupboards, the endless search for some goodies for the fans for the giant Xmas stocking giveaway. I find a few more cool items. One of them is going to be blown away, so very special. I chat to Noel and he is so generous, a few more goodies from him as well, Mr Crombie , always so fan friendly.

November 11th

What a wild & windy night on the mountain. I keep waiting for a tree to come down but thankfully none did. Sadly not the case for 2 beloved mates. Both cars crushed over 2 different nights. As long as they are safe, that is all that matters.

Armistice Day -and stand quietly with an older lady at our local Bakery. Good we both did this. Respect. Love that our friend Rosemaree contributed to the knitted poppy's-good work.

November 12th

Eddie Rayner turns 66 today. The Enz are becoming ancient.

I take a break at lunch time and Miss Banshee & myself sit among the giant grove of trees on the orange picnic blanket. On our backs & staring up at that beautiful blue sky. I force myself to head back to the office, hard to do on such a lovely day. The air smells so incrediible up here.

We almost miss Dr Who tonight, it feels very odd watching it on Mondays now.

November 13th

We call into the local (new) pre poll voting place & cast our votes for the upcoming Vic. Election. That was nice and fast, although the voting guy asked me how to spell 'Green' (rolls eyes).

Whip up some Chutneys for christmas presents for family & friends. Apple, Tomato, Currants, Sultana, Onion, Maze starch, vinegar, salt, turns out close to perfect. So says my Chutney taster Marky.

I Win $120 on Lotto and use it to pay a bill, that felt painless.

November 14th

It is such a weird day, foggy again. It feels so right to be sipping soup at Montage. Some friends show up & we sit at the table and gas-bag & gossip and laugh our arses off.

Regional Unemployment figures come in and Victoria has the lowest regional unemployment of any state in Australia. Pretty good Dan the Man.

We mail a friend a belated birthday Lotto ticket, love for them to win.

November 15th

We both enjoyed "A Discovery of Witches" , a cool little tv show. I've read Deborah Harkness "All Souls-Trilogy" books, & thumbs up to the TV version. Adelaide born Aussie actress Teresa Palmer perfect as Diana Bishop. For those Dr Who fans among us, good to spot the good Dr's friend River Song (Alex Kingston) as part of the Witches cast. She does look a hell of a lot like our friend Gina.

Wash the car today, Mark grabs the vacuum cleaner & does the inside, great that it is so clean. You can tell a lot about people from the insides of their cars. Marks Dads in Melbourne so we do fuss a bit about everything being right for my in-laws visit.

There has been a Magpie visiting all week, call him Corvi because he is part of the Corvidae bird family. He is funny, he doesn't seem food obsessed, just likes my company, we go for a walk, Mr Magpie walking along next to me. He is an incredible singer.

November 16th

We head to the station & pick up Peter & Kerrie. We shout them lunch and explore the mountain. A fun day. Mark is that perfect combination of his Dad and his Mum, I can see both of them in his face.

November 17th

I head from Nick Seymour and he sends me a jpeg of his incredible painting "The Lights of Enniscrone" I am lost for words, so talented and 1 fan will be over the moon. A mighty item for the very last Giant Xmas Stocking.

November 18th

We moved into Kalorama 13 years ago today, that feels correct, we squash so much into our days. Sometimes it is just good to sit outside and meditate & relax. A few of our friends need to do that, so much pent up anger & frustraton. Sad really. I wonder if they even know it? We should open a chill-out spa.!

November 19th

Happy 66th Birthday Eddie Rayner- the Enz are getting old.

November 20th

A wonderful state funeral for Sisto. Lost count how many times we have been to Pellegrini's over the years.

I phoned the Mac shop & they didn't have the keyboard I wanted so i'm still managing on my crappy one, with "I" and "T" going awol at times.

Our friends Laura, Kevin & family return from Japan today, I have missed our phone chats Laura.

November 21st

Sneak to Eastlands and buy Marky 'Star Trek-Discovery' on Bluray. We've waited to watch it on BluRay on the 65 inch tv. Detest small screens.

Chat to Noel Crombie in the evening, he's donated another Enz to Enz box set for the Xmas stocking, still sealed too. Thanks Mr C.

November 22nd

Our vegetable patch is taking off-ran and sun, and it just explodes. Can't wait to pick the Vegies. I hate having to pay for tomatoes.

November 23rd

I connect with my manager Marjo in the evening, she comes to our house & loves the place. I am getting ready for the election tomorrow, that's if the mountain isn't washed away. The storms have become more intense.

I drive to Sassy school tonight to help her set up the voting booths, I make 6 detours as the tourist road is closed, flooding. I am the only car on the road but several are bobbing around like corks. I check each one to make sure no stray humans are inside. Make it to the school and get set up done within 2 hours. We are such a good team.

November 24th

World tours, International Flights & Elections- 3 things that keep me from sleeping. So I am up at 4.30 am , I have a green tea, some cereal, make lunch for today. Pack my backpack. Feed the cat, have a shower, a shave. All done while trying not to wake Mark. I depart around 6.00, roads are a bit bumpy but the flooding has gone, it is still raining. I drive through Olinda and love the hand-painted Labor sign for the local member that the community has put up next to the main road.

Finally make it to the school & curl up in my car for a power nap. Marjo forgot the milk so had to go home . Meet our team of Paul, Samantha and Caitlan. I put on my second in charge hat (it's a cute hat, all shiny, no there isn't one) and we all commence our set up and pre-doors. All three workers are really good, so easy to deal with & efficient. I'm determined that every person that comes to my table gets the chance to vote. It means a lot of wading, especially a few voters who have moved 8 or 9 times. But I manage it. Only 1 or 2 crazy's , 1 leaves his detailed manifesto on his voting papers. It is a long day, & thankfully this time I avoided saying "Have you voted before in this ERECTION"!! (Phew).

The end of vote count goes fine, all my declaration numbers add up - and we are out of there by 8.30. As I arrive home. there is Premier Andrews , Labor winning a 2nd term and a MASSIVE defeat for the Liberals. One of the largest on record. Our local member returned which I am very happy about, a 17% difference between them. Good job Labor. All the Liberals could offer was Fear Mongering.

A call from a mate and we are off to the Village Green to the Labor celebration party, where we stay still 4.30 in the morning. David Bowie is playing on the dance floor, which is extra special as it is 40 years today since Mark and yours truly went to that very first Bowie gig.

What a long day, what a great day , and it's almost December. "C-C-C-Changes" sings David.

November 25th

Ouch, my head hurts. Recover. Arrive at Montage for soup- some people applaud, it's like I've won the election. I consider making a speech. Ha!


P.S. sorry this one is late, my fault. Sidetracked by life.

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