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Neil and Liam Finns LIGHTSLEEPER out this week (August 24th).

Neil & Liam Finns LIGHTSLEEPER out this week (August 24th).

August 6th

It's very cold outside and my Island tan is fading fast. Thankfully the office is so nice and warm and Mark is playing some excellent music today.

Tomorrow or even later tonight the Australian Population will hit 25 million. Compared to many places that isn't a lot. I like that i can still drive from Kalorama to Olinda and sometimes not even see a single car in Winter.

August 7th

Marks latest Stones bluray arrives. The Live show "No Security-San Jose 1999". Once again it's pretty good, Keith Richards really steps up to the mark at this show (not my Mark but he'd like that). I love the songs on the small stage way out front. Quite a good release, I dig that they open up the vaults every so often.

August 8th

So cool that Ruby Rose will be Batwoman. I can see that. Her first appearance will be a cameo on Arrow. Can't wait for that, more power to Ruby.

Stuff our faces with way too much of my homemade Chocolate Cake. I add grated coconut into it-extra tasty.

We are still finding ways to stretch out the remaining pieces of firewood. The last chunks are really THICK, so without my chainsaw it is an effort.

Mark says it is a mere 1 degree outside again tonight. We look at Banshee in envy, her thick luscious coat - still she likes to bury herself deep into the couch blanket. She takes turns, sharing us , moving from one couch to the other.

I head to Montrose and fill the car up with petrol. I'm buying the more expensive fuel these days, I can notice how better the 4WD runs , seems to be better mileage too. My timing is off, and the commuter traffic has arrived. A nice surprise as drivers stop and let me cross to the outside lane- all smiles. That is a surprise. Polite drivers, cool.

A few friends call up tonight, everyone is chatty.

August 9th

I sleep in, thanks to Banshee early morning escapades. So I work in the office on Neil Finn promo stuff for a bit longer. My boss certainly gets value for money from yours truly, i'm putting in the hours.

Homemade Pizza for dinner. It's one of the best ones I've created says Marky.

Loving the latest season of "Orange is the New Black", it's a bit darker, more edge. Is this the last season? I think I read that there is one more. This season just felt like an "ending" , the writers will have to come up with something brilliant for the next season.

We are looking forward to "Mayans M.C." set in the "Sons of Anarchy" world. We are very excited that this is happening. Kurt Sutter such a talented bastard.

August 10th

I put up some information on the latest little project from Tim Finn. In keeping with the eighties, a live Tim Finn cassette from 1983 has been produced. A mere 200 copies. Excellent fun item for the fans. If people are after one of these 200 they need to Email me (peter@frenz.com).

Sad to hear that Aretha Franklin is very ill. I remember when I was 12 my Mum giving me a copy of her "Today I sing the blues" from my Mums little singles collection. I still have it and love that 45. Quite a few Aretha cds in our house. I still remember dropping a few tears when she played for President Obama - such an awesome moment.


August 11th

We watch "Boys In The Trees" on Foxtel, an aussie movie, excellent soundtrack. Halloween in Australia. The acting varies , sometimes they hit the nail on the head, other times more bluff. Excellent set dressing around this low budget feature. We enjoyed it but sadly I worked out the ending way too early , so that was a bit frustrating. The mexican style "funeral" we loved for it's imagery.

An email chat with our friend Alison. Really to thank her for Markys birthday card- she always remembers and makes the effort which is great.

Our buddy Allie turns up and so happy to see her, some fun hanging out. We snap a few birthday photos as it is her birthday tomorrow. Lots of laughter. I fluked it by wrapping her birthday present & card only 15 minutes earlier.

August 12th

Up early and bake bread, a perfect loaf for a change. Sometimes they can be hit & miss.

I was working on some graphic art and needed my magnifiers for some super fine work and you wouldn't guess it. The tiny screw holding the glasses together, popped out. It is so tiny, even with a torch and magnet I couldn't find it on the office floor. So I take apart a pair of damaged Raybans and use the screw from that, longer but secure. How one tiny screw could cause such chaos (that sounds way too sexual).

August 13th

Turnbulls "Preferred PM" Polling crumbles, he drops 7 points, Shortens on the rise. Only a matter of time before Bill overtakes old P.M. Fizza. The Liberal Party itself continue to be behind, 38th consecutive poll. They need to start again from scratch.

We work in the office , a really full day on Neil and Liam stuff. I even have my lunch while working.

I decide I need a Montage coffee, very late in the afternoon, and the fog has set in. I'm driving around Ridge Rd and a very handsome Kangaroo is grazing by the road side. I slow down and let him hop away, you never know which way they will hop. It must be the fog and misty rain, as the Knaga looks like he has hair product in-and if Justin Bieber was a Macropodidae this is what he would look like.

Chat to both Laura and Wendy tonight, those 2 girls have me in tears. They love Marky too and he thinks the world of them. Will be nice to catch up next week.

August 14th

Great that they have located British Poet William Blakes lost grave.

Not too long till Andy White plays the Winnebargo Room at the new look Caravan Club (August 23rd) excited to check out this new small intimate room. Will be good to see him play. Don't miss this one.

August 15th

Happy Birthday to our mate Nathan Brenner- our Ex Enz manager, those were fun days.

Power out today, line work , so the days office work will be done late afternoon and tonight. Means we have most of the day free , so Mark takes me on a shopping trip to Eastlands. The suns out so it's a nice day to be off the mountain. Lunch at the Garden Coffee Lounge. We grab some groceries at Woolworths and it's cheaper to buy The Avengers "Infinity War" at our local supermarket then it is at JB hi Fi.

So good to read that the pathetic White (Trash) nationalists draw a pissy 18 people at their Washington Rally. What a vile bunch, c'mon who'd support such absolute dickheads?

August 16th

My Dads been gone 32 years today. I find a photo and tidy it up a bit. Some really nice comments. Not sure why this year has more emotion for me around his passing. Talk to Mum and Sis for awhile which was nice.

The Velvet Goldmine soundtrack is playing in our office today. Such a cool movie.

I swing to the extreme- moments of divine clarity to times of being fog bound in the head. Today is foggy head day.

Favourite expression for today is "Attention Whores" that sums up many on Sheepbook. An excellent 2 liner. Great name for a band or album. "Peter Green and the Attention Whores" (*GRIN*). Some will get the joke.

August 17th

I scan up a few photos of Skyhooks at Parramatta Leagues, their first gig in NSW with new lead singer Tony Williams. February 1979. Skyhooks were far more approachable with this line up, so more enjoyable in that respect.

Neil and Liams LIGHTSLEEPER out in a weeks time. A surprise gig at Largo this weekend. Surely people realise after all this time that Largo "just happens" - none of us really have any warning. Tickets go in a few seconds. I'm aiming for Top 10 in Australia for 'Lightsleeper' , we've certainly made mention of it enough! Good to see posters up around town.

August 18th

Happy Birthday to Enzman Nigel Griggs. We OD on his birthday this year- send him a card, an email and even a phone call. We talk about cat shit, family and as always a bit of music. We like Nige, always plenty of time for him.

There is meant to be snow on the mountain tomorrow, but today a little prelude. First lots of Thunder, next Hail and finally a few minutes of Snow. The old Gryphon statue has a "snow wig" on it. It's a grey old day , which I'm ok with. I'm still not convinced at a decent snow fall tomorrow, they always predict this but it rarely happens.

Good on you Mr Bradshaw, awarded $1 million in damages from abuse by the vile Christian Brothers. Nothing Christian about those A-holes. Another shameful moment caused by religion.

I box up my sisters birthday present and a few little Magnetic Island gifts for Maddison.

August 19th

Not much sleep last night, wild weather and thankfully all our trees are upright. Some sleet, loads of rain and violent winds. The lawns are covered in hail, talk of afternoon snow.

Mark wakes me at 7.00 am. He heard some voices and weird scratching outside. Worried about someone breaking into the home office. The 15 or so security alarms and cameras are all in the green and nothing on the monitors. But I'd prefer to be woken early and check it out, so out we go, into the Kalorama Siberian winter wasteland. Mark takes a slide on the walk track, something I've done before, it's all the ice. I do a full perimeter sweep but nothing, not even tree limbs down. This strange weather and fog tends to bounce voices around so I'd say they are from elsewhere. We are lucky to have a Policeman as a neighbour too - always reassuring. Banshee is under her bed covers, not even potential burglars will drag her out into the cold. Back to bed but a bit too wired to sleep.

Early drive to the Olinda bakery and I can smell the wonderful coffee at Montage, so despite saying i won't do a Sunday drop in- I DO. Coffee and some grilled cheese on toast, just what I need. I wear my big quilted Canadian coat with the fake fur hoodie attached. At least I look the part. A Kaloramanian Eskimo Nell.

Home again and 2 hours work in the office on this grey old day. David Bowie keeps me company with the Ziggy Stardust album.

That's it for another diary and on time. C'mon be impressed with that!



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