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Sound + Vision at Kalorama 2018

Sound + Vision at Kalorama 2018

October 8th

The excitement builds as a new Dr Who starts tonight, a female Dr and she is a breath of fresh air. Episode 1 and we both really enjoyed it, hopefully a taste of good things to come.

We decide to weed the large vegetable patch after work. Get it ready for the November planting. There is no way we can outdo last years quantity with regards to Tomato's so we won't even try. Whatever bounty grows we will be appreciative. Marks wants big lettuces and a wider selection of onions and BIG tomato's , we shall see. I just love watching it grow, not to mention the great taste.

October 9th

It is raining today, that misty cool sort of drizzle. I walk to the office in it, arrive slightly wet but happy. This weather makes me happy.

I call Australia Post , they manage to stuff up (again). They continue to apologise , I just want them to keep their word, how hard can that be? They seem shocked at how useless their staff have been around this.

My Mum calls and it's good to have a chat and especially a laugh. We are so lucky that she is still here, she defies the odds , still has a great sense of humour that gets her through the bad patches. Plus my sister is terrific. Maddison keeps Nan on her toes too, as only 5 year olds can do.

I work in the office till 1.00 AM. Mostly Neil and related Fleetwood Mac stuff. A fox walks past on the decking and triggers the security lights, he's very handsome, a young Fox, immaculate fur. I wave at him. He stares me down. Fox on the Run?

October 10th

A windy night. Not much sleep, the trees groaning, or was it our neighbours having loud sex? Thankfully no trees down at our place at sunrise, but many have fallen across the tourist road.

Weird all day, I am certainly in a rut, I so need a major change. Am calling it in, is anybody listening?

Will be fun to see our friend Sarah B, when she visits in a few weeks. Looking forward to that.

October 11th

I have a chat to Noel today. He's painting, designing a skateboard deck for the upcoming Moss Deck Art show. All funds raised go to their clean water project. I'm always excited by what Noel creates, great that he is doing this too. Hope the Decks all sell out, they look mighty hanging on a wall.

A very cool present parcel arrives from our friend Wendy n QLD. A nice way to start the day. People are so kind.

I have a chat to Billy , just checking on him, I am a bit of a den mother I guess. "I'll be next I say.."

October 12th

I snap a picture of the Halloween pumpkins at Woolworths, they look so cool, a few dozen of them together. Americans would be bored but those orange orbs still exciting for us kids in Oz. Tried not to look like a dick with a camera at my local supermarket.

After work we had back to the large vegie patch for some more final weeding. Got to get it ready for those tasty fresh vegies.

October 13th

An interesting day for Emails. As someone penned, "It doesn't pay to make predictions". HA!

Mexican Chicken for dinner on this fine Saturday.

October 14th

Mark makes his way too delicious homemade sausage rolls. He does go on a little trip with them, but that's another story! My best mate still has his sense of humour intact. We both have a chuckle. Nearly 40 years since the infamous Opera House-Hamburger in the bag incident. A fine moment just before the Rocktober 1978 show! Did Steve Cummings witness it?

October 15th

Sunk deep into my bath last night- discovered that "Stupid Mop" from Pearl Jams Vitalogy HAS to be listened to whilst underwater! Awesome. I love my bath, I could never live in a house that doesn't have one. They add to my calm in shitty moments.

Finally Foxtel have the latest season of FARGO , it's great, moves at that Fargo pace.

Mark has a sore tummy , I look after my best friend. Lets face it, I am a sexy motherfu*ker nurse.

October 16th

No sleep last night. A mosquito buzzed me (sprayyyyy). Next Banshee threw up. An hour later she wanted a 3.00 AM snack. An hour later she did a cat Poo (urgh) . Oh joy. Usually I love having her cat snoring in my room, last night was the exception.

I call my friend Marjo to see if i'm working with her at the Sate election, but they appear to be away. I hope so, always a fun day watching Victorians vote. Pays ok too.

October 17th

My favourite Fetta cheese in the world is Tasmania's South Cape. Subtle and perfect. Think I'm addicted.

We watch " I Tonya" - the biographical movie on skater Tonya Harding (brilliantly played by Margot Robbie). Our favourite Allison Janney plays her crazy mother. It's more like a comedy at times, lots of "No Way" gasps from us.

October 18th

"Fighting Season" is on Foxtel , looks good, locally made, it should do well. Excellent cast.

Another excellent episode of "American Horror Story" tonight, it's been a clever season. Digging it. A return to form.

I rarely buy a ticket but did so in Tattslotto. I Win $100.00 , which pays for my groceries. So that was nice.

I see you can "Adopt a Koala" as part of some tv charity, maybe our Koala support moment has helped, who knows. Great that people are stepping up over saving these amazing creatures- thanks everyone.

October 19th

We plant Vegies during our lunch break today. It's meant to rain tonight, so will be perfect to have them in the ground & getting a solid soaking. We've put in a lot: 2 types of sweet potato, our favourite magnificent Lakota pumpkins, loads of Tomato's - Trustys, Grosse Lisse, Cherry Falls, Red Fig, Orange Burst, Honey drop and Black Russians. Two trays of Black Jack Zucchini, Dwarf Peas, a shit load of sweet Basil, Oregano, and super hot Ghost Chilli's. The broad beans are in flower that we planted from seed in Winter and some baby lettuces springing up. So I'm hoping for a really good crop this year, doubt we can come close to last years exceptional Tomato bounty. There is something great about growing ones own vegetables. Make the effort and be rewarded.

We also plant some Dahlias around the garden edge, just for some colour, and hell I love Dahlias. No idea why. When I die at age 106, make sure my coffin is covered in Dahlias. Not sure why I am telling you, you'll all be dead too. Maybe this diary will still be floating about and someone will read it, & give me a Dahlia death shroud! The Shroud of Dahlia I like that.

We watch "The Florida Project" , it did our head in , we are convinced that most of the cast are not actors (well apart from William Dafoe). A very moving and deeply poignant look at some kids childhood in Florida, on a stretch of highway just outside Disney World. Great work by Director Sean Baker. It leaves me feeling rather disturbed.

October 20th

Was all ready to sit down for a long night watching the Wentworth By Election on the ABC tonight. Wentworth is the safest of Liberal seats, held by them since 1917. Held by one of the largest Margins in Australia. The count has only been on for 45 mins and I get a call while we are having dinner. "Wentworth has fallen, the ABC are about to call it". No way , it's only 7.15. I drop my food and sure enough , 10 mins later, the ABC call it. The jewel in the Liberals crown has had a 20% swing against it. One of the biggest swings in Australia's history. Dr Phelps will be the new member for Wentworth. PM Morrison up on the Podium making it all about him and the usual pathetic Liberal denial. The message was sent by voters but once again falls on deaf Liberal ears- they really are clueless.

October 21st

I'm playing Bowies wonderful 'Sound + Vision' box set in the office today. A favourite.

I take the plastic cover outside and pop my head behind it and take a selfie. It's kind of cool, Bowies eye added to my face. Old school sfx! I still feel sad that Bowie has gone .....

"The television man is crazy
Saying we're all juvenile delinquent wrecks
Man I need a TV when I've got T. Rex
Hey brother you guessed I'm a dude".
(All the Young Dudes).

Fortune favours the Bold
Be Bold!

PG x

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