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Very excited that our Hedwig & The Angry Inch Bluray arrives soon.

Very excited that our "Hedwig & The Angry Inch" Bluray arrives soon.

June 10th

Both of us are loving HBO's "EUPHORIA". Cool show, finally a tv show that doesn't hold back. I really enjoy the soundtrack too. Labrinth's "Mt Everest" so very cool and perfectly suits the mood of the show.


I had a strange ache in my side, usually i know what my body is telling me, but uncertain what this was. Popped an Ibruprofen and it was gone an hour later. Just like that it went. I probably slept in some strange position.

June 11th

I am really enjoying the Capilano Season Edition Honey. Raw, unfiltered, river gum, contains natural pollen and fine honeycomb particles. Excellent. Just picked it up at Woolworths. Some of the nicest honey i have ever had.

So excited that U2 are returning to Oz.

June 12th

It's really bucketing down outside & the skies are a dark grey. I ignore the weather and venture out to Eastlands and fluke a park right by the main door. Excited to finally get the Bluray of the 'Lost in Space' reboot-Season One.

I call into car shop and Office-works and see my 3rd car accident for the day, so many terrible drivers out and about on such a shitty day.

I get home in time for the bread baking in the oven to be taken out, that exceptional smell of baked bread when you open the door, always makes me smile.

I venture to the office at midnight, as Red Symons turns seventy , so 12.01 we put up a post how he really IS "Living in his seventies". I know half of Australia will be running with the joke today but we wanted to be the first. It's certainly shared by a hell of a lot of people and suddenly our Official Skyhooks facebook page has a jump in the number of "Likes".

June 13th

Happy Birthday Mr Symons. I See Red, I See Red, I See Red !!!!

I walk to the mail box in the late afternoon, good to get some exercise in over Winter. I noticed a few friends have stacked on the weight , so I'm making the effort to burn up a few calories. I did however cook Enchiladas for dinner, not exactly good for the waistline but bloody delicious.

Soaking in the tub tonight with music and candles. Just awesome having a bath tub.

June 14th

I see quite a few Fleetwood Mac posters are springing up around Melbourne. I bet Neil gets hassled to death for "free tickets' seeing this is his (other) home town. I've had people asking me already, almost a joy to say sorry i don't work with him anymore.

Posted a birthday card to our buddy Alison. Marks king of the birthday lists, he always remembers.

I did catch some of Paul Keatings tribute to Bob Hawke from the Opera House memorial. Wonderful to see the out poring of wonderful comments from the public too. RIP Hawkie!

June 15th

Chop, Chop, Chop, stack , stack stack. Trying to rebuild our dwindling wood pile for Winter. OK I'll be honest i just love swinging that axe. Maybe there is a little bit of Lizzie Borden in all of us Wollongong boys. Whats the old rhyme - "Lizzie Borden took an axe. And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one'! What a lovely thought for the day!

We watch The Predator" movie, once more why the hell did they bother.

June 16th

Feeling Urgh! Very cold today. Squeeze a lot of orange juice, and eat healthy, back on track again by the afternoon.

We take our axes out into the yard and remove this fallen limb for fire wood. They are about 10-15 metre pieces, each one. You know those axe men at the Easter show, we certainly are NOT them. Saying that we do get the job done.

I had a dream last night about Cosmo the Bunny. He was very happy, hopping about, a cute boy. I took a photo of the Winter daisys growing around his grave today. We can't believe he has been gone 11 years!

5.00 PM and the rain arrives, right on schedule..

June 17th

I take today off, off from the usual things. I do make some very awesome cookies. Everyone should take a day off and do nothing but make cookies, the world would be more peaceful if they did.

June 18th

Everyone on the mountain is moaning about how cold it is. I have to join the chorus-it's not really bad but there is a chill, and my back aches a bit. Must be those really weird sex positions that I get in. Oh you wish, you so wish dear reader !!!!!!

June 19th

I'm reading as much as I can on Australian painter-Victor Angel. Yes that actually is his real name. He was born in Perth in 1922 (died 1964). He originally painted rather boring unremarkable landscapes. All of asudden Angel spontaneously created visionary art. His art is comparable to Rosaleen Norton, but not as bizarre or demonic.

The Matilda's continue to shine, during Fifa womens world cup, knocking off Jamaica. Sam Kerr is just incredible-4 goals.

Chat to our friend Alison on her birthday.

June 20th

Thanks Mary for the coffee and cake. It's been a really nice week, some of our best friends have been taking us out and shouting us lunch. Mark reminds me how many times I have shouted our friends dinner and lunch so I guess it's nice that we are spoilt now.

Excited as our mate Astrid has returned to Montage. Always fun. She's like a little sister to us.

Mark surprises me with Cherie Curries excellent book. "Neon Angel" (A Memoir of a Runaway). I flick through it and 2 hours later I'm still devouring it, what a read. We do love The Runaways. Thanks Marky this is great.

June 21st

Spend most of my day with accountants, almost the end of the financial year and time for Filthy Rich to officially finish. Getting it all closed down by June 30th. It feels quite natural to be doing this. Important meeting too , all focus is on our future now.

We watch the "Boy Erased" movie. Written & Directed by Aussie Joel Edgerton - Russell and Nicole did a fine job. Those who push for conversion therapy deserve a brick over the head!

June 22nd

Winter Solstice- Lantern Parade at Belgrave. The 13th parade so far, weather Winter shitty but people make the effort. Belgrave all aglow. Even the odd drag queen on the stage which was fun.

June 23rd

My friend Charles recommends Melbourne writer Christopher Ride. Said I'd enjoy The Inca Curse and he was right. Will have to check our Mr Rides other books.

June 24th

Great to see Trish who owns The Deli. Grab a Ham & Brie as well as a Turkey and cranberry roll. The food gods were smiling, last 2 in the shop.

June 25th

Tim Finn turns 67 today, Happy Birthday.

We get home rather late from a party tonight, well past 3.00, closer to 4.00. A really fun night. Some very cool , interesting people. We both had such a fun night. Looks of deep talks with Kaz, Megan and John.

My friend Kaz was telling me about this person she has been friends with for awhile but her friend just loves the drama, has to stick her nose into everyones drama, because her own life is just so boring. I reassure her that we all have one of those. (rolls eyes). Kaz pointed out that it's usually due to a distraction from focusing on their own dreary lives. Some angry people get off on it, when the dopamine is released- creating a high. Sadly old age doesn't change them- same old shit each year, the repetitive need to feel part of everyone else's lives. She showed me this piece on the Psych-central page- the piece on how drama can channel energy away from what you really need to be focusing on. Not unlike watching TV instead of cleaning your house. An interesting night. The wine flowed.

June 26th

Power off on the mountain today. So find lots of other distractions.

Congratulations to our friend Mary for getting the transport coordinator job.

June 27th

We manage to pay every single bill today. All gone, every single one of them. That certainly feels good.

I'm heading back from the office and a mother possum is in the tree, she lets me take a photo- such a pretty face and such bloody BIG claws. Do not fuck with her, she'd rip you apart. So I just say hello and let her eat her way across the Kalorama treescape.

June 28th

50 year since the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Inn-Greenwich Village-NYC. During the early morning hours the Police raid the bar at 51 Christopher street. A brave few stood their ground, and said enough is enough. Street marches and protests, Stonewell certainly lit a fuse.

June 29th

A bit of exercise, so i walk to a friends house, I arrive home with seconds to spare before the heavens open and it floods down. Thankfully my weight has stayed the same during Winter-so far. Just making the slightest effort.

I spend a few hours in the office, scanning up some images of our friend James Freud. If he was alive he would of turned 60 today. I loved working with James, we had a lot of fun. So happy for him when "Modern Girl" went top 10 in Melbourne. I still play his debut solo album, a lot. Our running joke was that he destroyed the Models. Quite a few times before joining the band we'd go see The Models with James,at places like Macy's hotel-he was a long time friend of Sean Kelly-started in the same band.. They had such edge, but when James joined they became commercial pulp. They needed to for the dollar$ , I get that. Our house mate Gina first started work in their office and she would bring home a band member which was cool. Our other house mate Kat took her place in the Models office for a short time period , but by that time period The Models were commercially droll.

We have a laugh with Allie tonight- tears in our eyes moment.

June 30th

I've been a bit slack around the diary -sorry. Considering we are so close to being fully retired , the days certainly have been rather FULL. Tomorrow we send off our last BAS statements, close accounts etc so nearly done. Just about to commence packaging the final Fire Sale #C items , so it's all getting close. I'll be spending the next 6 months going through our actual Archives- with so very few diversions (well that is my plan). I've still owed myself time to work on any of those 'special projects" that catch my eye.

The 61st Logie awards are on tonight, our wonderful "Bitch Fest". We almost miss it! Tom Gleesons Gold Logie speech was great, he was so boring with his Logie piece at the start, so it was good he redeemed himself with his Gold speech. Thumbs up for "Wentworth" winning Best Drama. Costa Georgiadis with Julia Morris wearing a matching beard, gave me a huge chuckle. Kerry O'Briens speech, peppered with political moments , with him being inducted into The Hall of Fame a great moment. The musical stuff was a pathetic load of cr@p. Guy Sebastian, Delta and some shite US boy band who sounded like they've had their balls removed- BORING! Our Bardot gal Sophie Monk making all the headlines with THAT dress. Though she is sounding a tad like a drag queen with her very deep voice....! But we love her.

Quite a few emails arrive today from people saying they are missing me. I do my best to reply to them all still. Some sound rather sad.

"And if you've got no other choice
You know you can follow my voice ...".


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