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Peter and Jas

Peter & Jas - Really enjoyed being on Jas's radio show playing my favourite soundtracks.

February 11th

I mail off the B&W True Colours to the lucky Frenz gal. I love that these LP covers are so rare , all those colour combinations but it's the basic B&W that is super collectible. So very cool. Wish I had some more of the Enz Penz that were given out for promo. I think i just love they are called Enz Penz. (: Next year is the 40th Anniversary of the release of TC, the Enz should reform for some shows, I doubt they will but just saying it !

The latest Polling comes in, Labor move further ahead, their primary vote is up by 1 spot. I see Morrison still hasn't announced an election, not sure why he is waiting, if the Polls haven't improved after 2.5 YEARS of Polling , i doubt they will improve much in a few weeks. I see the economy is on shaky ground though. The 3rd time in the past 4 months NSW sales have declined. (By another 0.6%). Not good for the nations biggest retail market. Retail spending has decelerated. Bad news for Australia. Who's to blame, NSW State Liberals or Federal Liberals? The NSW Election is co9ming up fast. It's along short but would be a great day for NSW if Gladys and her broken Liberals are voted out. Put Libs Last I say!

February 12th

A small part of me is loving the lack of phone and internet. It removes the distraction and I manage to get a hell of a lot more done. While I'm having my morning coffee at Montage I do have my lap top so go through a few bits & pieces but overall it's some sort of freedom. A bit more "life" stuff, and less Net. I wonder if i should try and live away from the Internet for a year, means every few weeks i'd have to hand write the Diary and mail it to Deb. She'd have to decipher my appalling handwriting. Joking Deb, really I am joking, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

PM Morrison & the Libs suffer an historic defeat over refugees. So much Liberal fear mongering. What part of "No new arrivals get medical transfers" do the Liberals not get. When you are barren of policy's resort to fear mongering. It's so predictable and boring.

Going through the office, get a little bit done every day. We find my old 1978 year book. We are laughing at peoples photos, slagging off Principal Brokenshire -Mark and myself thought he was an angry prick. Puking at the suck comments of the school captains, so nauseating and such crawlers. Urgh. All seems so long ago now. I do not miss High School one bit. ZERO!

February 13th

I sneak up to the art room and use my black & decker jigsaw to cut a wooden heart for Marky. I was going to hand carve pieces of it but the wood is so tough, even the cutter took a mighty effort. So just painted it, glittered it up etc. A Valentines Day message. We don't really buy cards etc but we do indulge in chocolate. Any excuse. I'm happy how this turns out, really more art shit. But lots of love and good intentions around it I guess.

I make a really nice lasagne for dinner. Bennys Sopranos Lasagne recipe, the gift that keeps on giving. We both wolfed it down.

Mark somehow loses a day, convinced today is Tuesday. I tell him retirement will do that too a bloke. I head into my bedroom and work on the free weights for 30 mins. Tightening up the arms. A friend have some bulky "bat wings" , not a good look, so tighten up my insanely skinny arms. is that a bee sting, oh no a muscle. Ha.

February 14th

Happy Valentines Day Marky. Now he's a Soul Mate!

Great to see The Cure playing Sydney Opera House late May. Concert Hall stage so a smaller show. Will be magnificent.

We take the Sarah Michelle Buffy Coat into Montage, so Buffy fan Jas gets to hug and hold it. She's also one of the few people who can actually wear it (well apart from you Miss Boo). I sneak some vampire teeth into breakfast with me and when montage is empty take a few snaps of Jas Buffster stabbing me with her Buffy stake. Fun, she's so excited which was nice to see. Jas also has a radio show coming up and asked me to be interviewed, so maybe. I say "NO" more then "YES" these days.

St Valentine is sure firing some crooked arrows today, had a chuckle about the Hanson stalking Senator Brian Burston. I just had to laugh, both are so heinous. Made even more bizarre by Hansons staffer James Ashby gets in a tussle with Burston and Ashby loses his parliamentary access. Classic -they really are all fucked.

February 15th

Get my washing done ..... and someone buys me some awesome Cote D'or chocolate elephants. feeling the love, Love!

Fill up the 3 watering cans from the yard tank, and notice someone looking at me. It's Mr Froggy who is hiding in the handle of the watering can. So I air lift him to his new digs, the big fountain in the yard. he is so happy, swimming about, sunbaking on the wet moss. I photograpgh him and send the Jpeg to MIM in case she wants to give Froggy a name.

February 16th

Happy Birthday Miss July!

We watched Darren Aronofsky's "Mother!" last night. Starts off so subtle and does my head in like a runaway cement truck! It's a psychological drama, dotted with biblical allegories. Surely Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are Adam and Eve. The 2 sons have to be Cain and Abel. I started looking for other iconic symbols etc. I spotted the Wendehorn symbol on the cigarette lighter in the movie. Representing natures eternal laws working in effect with each other. It binds the life + death runes, and really DOES in the movie. The frenzied fan scene is the thing that made my brain snap. Such a freaky movie in many ways. Naturally it kept me awake all night while my brain ticked over. I get why some hate it or simply don't get it.

Love the "Brillo Box-3c Off" documentary, short film. By Lisanne Skylar . Such warmth in this doco, around Warhols yellow Brillo box. A must see. Good spot Marky, he knows my love for all things Warholian.

February 17th

I sleep in today because it feels really nice. Even Miss Banshee sneaks back in and cat snores at the end of the bed.

Nice to chat to Miss K in Pittsburgh. Sending her birthday wishes too. We are totally trouble together, she makes me laugh. Kind of good that we don't like closer, not sure the world could handle it.

I'm not sure why but our Official Skyhooks facebook page is getting a lot of return viewers, seems so long ago since we fell for that bands wicked charms and unique Aussie music. Hard to imagine that the mighty "Living In The Seventies" album will turn 50 in 5 years time. FIFTY. may have to do something special, re issue it on EIGHT Track! HA!

February 18th

Get Up are cleared by the AEC as being independent. Crusty ol' Abetz will hate that. Yet another dinosaur that should no longer be part of parliament.

Spent some crazy amount of time in the office today. We seem to be spending more time in the office now that we are 'retired'! Slowly boxing Fire Sale bits and pieces. Stoked that these are going to fans around the globe. Trying not to think of the postage rate. In some cases it's 90% of the price. I've just ran out of packing boxes so have ordered via Aussie Post , it's such a clunker of a service, days for the mailer order to arrived, week+ for it to get to our post office etc. So slow. New Zealand Post is far far more efficient.

What are we going to do when we run out of episodes of The Sopranos. Not many to go, we've really enjoyed the show. My mind is dribbling away to Magnetic Island today... I know i must be patient but it kills me. Spent some of my lunctime reading The Magnetic Community news on line paper. Great to see that the beaches on the Island are about to reopen and it looks like Maggie weathered the Townsville 'no name' Monsoon really well. Still they are a fine community on the island and when faced with adversity they really stand together.

February 19th

77th Anniversary of the bombing of Darwin today. The largest single attack ever mounted by a foreign power on Australia.

Enjoying this Season of Supernatural on Bluray (Season 13) can't wait for the Scooby Do episode to come up.. !

I put the faux Fur blanket on the bed tonight and sometime during the night Miss Banshee climbs under the rug. Suddenly a few cold nights. I don't believe Summer is over, not even for a second.

I haven't weighed myself in ages but jumped on the scales tonight, 4-5 kg's lighter, not massive but good I guess. I need to go work out my healthy weight for my age, height etc. So worked it out and I need to lose a mere 1 kg which isn't bad at all. Of course a lot depends on body fat/muscle . You could have less fat and more muscle but muscle weight could make your result say overweight. So more muscle work. But for an older fart my results were surprisingly very good.

I ran out of my home made "swamp juice"- Apple-Lemon-Pineapple-Cucumber-Spinach, so bit the bullet and bought some "Boost Juice". I had a chuckle as it has printed on the front- "Keen for Green" -I took that as a good omen.

February 20th

I check out some of the Grampians hike areas , the new 144 km track is slowly coming together, it will be amazing when it is finished. The smaller 3 day 2 night, Peaks Trail is always great. Day one you end up near the Venus Baths which are very cool, you can soak in the natural weathered bath holes or slide down the mossy slope into the water. Plus some solid exercise, in a truly beautiful area. Hopefully soonish. Such a lovely part of Victoria.

I help out a mate by being a referee for some possible work at the upcoming election. I've encouraged a few friends to get election work. Solid days yacker but great to do.

I cook a huge Lasagne (yes again) for dinner, the last one was so good, we were both hanging out for another. This one was just as great. A cool little salad with it.

Chat to MIM, her first test at school and she scores 100%. Smart little cookie my niece.

Family stuff on our minds, not much sleep for either of us. It's been going on for months, so we are both mentally fried. Flight hopping etc, family is coming first around everything, the rest of the world will have to be patient.

February 21st

Drive to Kilsyth Post Office and mail off a lot of parcels to fans. Sending out a few every day. Time consuming but we are getting them done, in between Family "stuff".

Have breakfast with Marky at Montage - nice bunch of people hanging around us. A fun way to eat lunch. Hold hands for awhile. Nice.

Liberal Julie Bishop will not contest her seat of Curtin at the next election. Good , she is so vile. I still remember the way she treated Asbestos Victims with such disdain . I truly hope a huge bag of karma is waiting for her in the not too distant future. A horrible human being.

I watched a small news report on Guantanamo Bay, quite interesting. It currently has a mere 40 prisoners (most geriatrics) that are supervised by 1800 staff! How insane is that 1800 people.

I hear in the evening from a friend that Peter Tork from The Monkees has died. I guess it's going to break in the news areas in a few hours. It sounds morbid but I bet that ignites the sales of tickets for the June 2019 Australian Tour of The "Monkees" (Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz). Sad news, a fun show.

February 22nd

A quick call from Bob Skyhooks. He's taking his Skyhooks show over the border (sorry bad pun) early March for shows at The Brass Monkey, Club York & Lizottes. He rarely heads up North so check it out, always a fun night.

February 23rd

I find our Vali Myers file while going through the office. A little list of handwritten Vali quotes which I love.

"I like being on the precipice love. It keeps me really keen. My whole damn life is an adventure. I hardly think about tomorrow. I live very full. Every day you just grab it, you know what I mean? I'm a shooting star , when i go I'm out of here" (Vali Myers).

We miss our Foxy one.

MIM calls and she has named Mr froggy - "Jack". Checked on Jack again today, so happy in his new updated Fountain home. I'm sure I saw him grab a mosquito out of mid air- good Frog. Hopefully he will eat the 'couch mosquito' that bugs Mark every night.

We watched the Supernatural Season 13 Bluray tonight. Excited to see the Supernatural-Scooby-Doo crossover at long last. The perfect balance between both shows, each keeping it's mood and characters intact. Poor Dean failing to crack onto Daphne. A fun episode, though I am shocked that Marky does not know the lyrics for the Scooby-Doo theme song. Impressive that the 15th Season of Supernatural is coming up. Originally Scooby was going to just be a side kick character, a bongo playing dog called "Too Much"! See you learn so much on the good old diary page.

February 24th

I sneak to the secret blackberry grove and collect berries for jam. It won't be a massive jam moment just a bit, a few jars for mates etc. I give our neighbour Hisako a taste test and she gives the thumbs up. I've now ran out of bottles , so that sucks, will have to buy more soon as it's good to have some handy for such things. A few people return the jars which is brilliant. Next week i'm picking some small tomatoes and putting them in mini boxes for the community shelf at Montage. Free for all Montage visitors.

February 25th

A very strange moment last night, some oddball time in the morning, awoke to see a young girl holding 2 glasses of water in front of me. She felt "very dead". I actually went to punch her in the face- which made the whole thing seem weirder. I'm guessing narcolepsy related. All the symptoms have been there for a week or so. or maybe not. It didn't freak me out all that much, though the distance form my bed to the main light seemed to take forever. Once the light was on i was ok.

If you dream of a cup of water, but it is impossible to drink out of it, it means that all actions taken by you in real life will have no effect or benefits, all the efforts will be in vain. So they say, so what do two cups mean! Maybe i was really really thirty, we haver had some hot nights. I'm not going to go down the "Oh it was a Ghost" , my room feels exceptionally protected. I wonder what Banshee at the end of my bed saw. Probably just yours truly waving his fist at thin air. Trippy.

Nice Polling numbers for Labor today, the Libs fear mongering has fallen into a heap.

We watch "The Making Of Secret City #2- Under The Eagle". Excellent that Danielle Cormack joins the cast, she was awesome as Bea Smith in Wentworth- big fans!

February 26th

Happy Willem Janszoon Day- well I've made it Janszoon day. This day on 26th February 1606, dutch explorer Willem Janszoon had landfall in Australia at Pennefather River in Nth Queensland. 164 YEARs before Cook! Sucks that our history books skip over him and obsess over Cook. Anyway Willem, we remember you!

February 27th

It's finally ok to mention that Cardinal Pell was found guilty of molesting 2 Choir boys . The court suppressed the result till today. Shame on Abbott-Howard, Bolt and Devine for supporting such a scum bag. Burn in Hell you arsehole. The Church is meant to be a place of safety not a smorgasbord for child molesters. Anyone that takes advantage of under age kids, be it clergy or popstars deserves no sympathy. ! Throw away the key. He will be sentenced on March 13th.

February 28th

Great to see our mate Andy White nominated in 2 areas for the upcoming "Folking Awards". The public can vote and it takes about 5 seconds to do so. Andy is nominated in 'Soloist of the Year' + Best Live Act'. So i'm hoping all of our diary readers can take a few seconds to vote. Thank you all in advance. Voting closes March 31st. https://folking.com/the-2019-folking-awards/

So if you are reading this, it would be amazing if you can find a few seconds to cast a quick vote, every vote does count- and thank you.

March 1st

Australian journalist Mike Willesee died of throat cancer today. I couldn't resist putting up this fun Willesee moment way back in 1975 when our Skyhook boys certainly gave Mike a run for his money.


The hottest March day since 1940. That really dry heat, where you can feel the grass shatter under your feet - our tomato plants seem to be the only thing that loves this sort of heat. Banshee is walking around the house with a wet flannel on. She seems to "talk" more on hot days, maybe she is complaining about the heat.

I hear from Deb and she is off exploring the world so this diary will be a 3 weeker instead of two. [editor's note: sorry, have been on a conference speaking tour!]

March 2nd

I enjoyed the 5 page article on Red Symons in The Age- "Good Weekend". Not long to go before he is living in his seventies.

We are picking a bowl of tomatoes every day now , and also a bowl of blackberries. That always feels great. Natures bounty. I miss my grandfathers place with all those peach, apricot trees. A sheer delight to read under a tree, reach up and pick a fresh peach. Kind of sad these days that most houses don't have such wonderful things like peach trees in their backyards. With this in mind I planted a small peach tree on the property today. Years before we have any peaches but what the hell , it felt great.

March 3rd

I catch up with our friend Wendy today. A really enjoyable day, grabbing tomatoes from the garden, coffee and some food at Montage, been spoilt on that one, so thank you Miss Wendy. We went for a walk up to Butlers and I found the sister badge for my Gough Whitlam badge-very excited, plus 2 1950s European dinner plates. We avoid cat stuff but liked the cat design , subtle and kind of deco. I want more days like this with friends.

We watch Mardi Gra on SBS, the 41st - it was good this year, less side-distractions and more of the parade. Kylie looked fabulous but I have to say Courtney Act was even better. Paul Capsis dropped in on the panel as he was performing at the Mardi Gra Party, loved how he described his new stage costume as "part Shirley Strachan" which was cute.

After Mardi Gra we watched "Crock-ADyke Dundee" a doco on Dawn O'Donnell and what a fascinating character she was. Funny, Bizarre and scary.

My final diary line, very happy some some tiny piece of justice has been served with Cardinal Pell being sentenced to jail. Those that molest underage kids deserve that and to have the key thrown away. The jail term wasn't long enough but a small step in the right direction.

All the best


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