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Nick, PG & Sarah B.  Now that's Trouble!  (Photo credit Sarah)

Nick, PG & Sarah B. Now that's Trouble! (Photo credit Sarah)

August 12th

Happy Birthday to our good friend Allie. We chat every week now, lots of laughter , and it's great to hear that again. It's a boring gift i know but mail her a Lotto ticket. Love for her to win first prize.

We head to Montage and catch up with Sarah and Bradley from Adelaide. Both dressed so exceptionally cool, so i've made an effort with two 1960 original pieces of clothing. They do inspire me and spoil us- a great candle gift.

I stay a bit longer and work on my lap top- when a sad message comes in from my mate Paul, that NZ promoter Ian Magan has passed away. He toured so many artists in NZ but he loved Split Enz above all the rest. Wonderful memories of this fine man. I spend some of the afternoon letting band members, managers and friends know. RIP Ian. We light Sarahs candle gift and put it in the window tonight in his honour.

I sneak off and track down a Crystal Head Vodka for Mark. It's from Newfoundland in Canada. God bless Dan Aykroyd. I replace the vodka with JD for Marky.

Chatting to Fenella tonight and Banshee jumps up onto the keyboard and sends her a PM that reads " Oiolihuhu"..... the first PM that Banshee the cat has sent anyone- be honoured Fen. What it means only Banshee knows ....

August 13th

I guilt out as I owe Montage for a lemon slice. I promise I won't leave the country.

Some friends call , all disgusted at the halfwit Penguin. Wow she really IS hated.

Homemade Pizza for dinner. Sometimes it's just perfect. (and occasionally shite).

August 14th

Our Avengers "Endgame" bluray arrives today. We really enjoyed the movie- greatest movie ever- No Way, but pretty good. We love how Thor is Fat! Brilliant, such a pisstake.

So very sad to hear that and old friend of ours has died. We expected it to be the case and often wondered for years where he was , and his brother tracked us down & let us know. He told us some really lovely stuff how his brother loved having us as mates. We have many good memories of Tony- emailed his brother a few fun pictures too from parties and when he stayed with us. Guess we are lighting the candle again tonight. RIP Tony Freeman too. You and your cheeky grin.

August 15th

Mark and myself will start our "365 Trees" project in a week or so. Planting a new tree or shrub every day for the next year.

There is a really great article by Adrian Fisher on Backyard Carbon Sequestration and what many of us can do to help. Worth a read: (The Part Two follow up is good too).


The worst kept secret finally revealed , Crowded House reforming to play the Byron Bay Bluesfest. Seems so very sad that Mark Hart will not be part of this line up. I'm not saying a lot because it will just light fuses and I'll end up being quoted and misquoted. Mark is such a mighty talent If you are in LA check out THE BONEDADDYS as Mark is in that band and playing up a storm.

August 16th

We mailed Banshee's cat rego to the council. Good she is covered, and it's only a few dollars so no biggie.

I think a lot about my Dad today, he has been gone 33 years, which is a long time. We send Mum some flowers, just to brighten up her day and I have a log chat with Sis, which is nice. We are so lucky having our Mum here, we never take that for granted - I asked her about a photo of Dad recently and she knew every detail. Before they were married, where it was taken, who by, what he was wearing, his car , the name of his dog etc. For someone in her eighties her memory is still exceptional.

I went off and mailed a few final parcels , Montrose Post Office and Olinda Post Office exceptionally efficient. The owners treat us really well , so happy to support them with some postage and sales.

Greg Mac calls, our other Dad , we love hearing from him.

August 17th

I catch up with John and Kim (one of our many Kims) at Montage. They give me a great 50's Design book. Taschen , possibly my favourite book company. We hear the sad news that actor Peter Fonda dies age 79. By a strange fluke Mark had picked the bluray of Easy Rider off the shelf this morning to watch tonight. I have this memory of watching Easy Rider in the music room at Figtree High School when i was a student. Quite incredible that they even let us show the movie. Pot, LSD , tits and all the rest...and a kick arse soundtrack.

We also watch "The Girl In The Spider Web" - that good old resilient vigilante Lisbet Salander. I loved the books and despite the movie getting slammed, we both enjoyed it. Lovely film work and excellent locations too.

August 18th

Happy Birthday Nigel! 70 now, and he said officially he is an old bastard! I called him at 12.01 , yes just after midnight but the soccer just started so he didn't pick up the phone! Pink and myself both agreed he was either watching soccer or saving a goat somewhere.

What a little piggy, devoured an entire box of TV Snack Malt Sticks.

Fenella calls me on the way home from work , as always lots of fun. Both of us have good strong shoulders for each other. Lots of Fen & Giles this month. Wendy & Doug call after them. Everyone is chatty tonight.

August 19th

I add some Tasmans Harvest Kentish Sour cherries to the baked cheesecake. $13 a bottle but the syrup is great in whiskey sours or maybe in the next batch of chocolate mousse.

Trudy Worme calls us, I love that she explores the world- we spend a lot of time talking about places and strange moments- we've known both Trudy and Liz for nearly 40 years now. Great gals.

I cook a roast for dinner- just want to make sure we are both getting loads of vegies. I double up on those anti cancer roast carrots.

Late afternoon and I'm outside with a giant foam Mushroom, and surround it with my original diaries. I needed a photo image for Sheepbook so this is it. It does look cool. I finish up with the shoot just as a few drops of rain start to fall. I speed things up as I want to protect those precious (?) original diaries. I carry the giant Toad Stool (Toads Tool? Opps) to the back of the yard and photograph it among the trees. It seems to sit so naturally amongst it all.

Good grief how absolutely fucked is Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro , an absolute dickhead, making the lamest of comments while the Amazon burns. I'm sorry but what a total prick he is.

August 20th

Happy Birthday to Led Zeppelins Robert Plant. Turned 71 and still singing and kicking up a storm. Magnificent.

I sit with Mary and John at Montage today, coffee and avocado smash. I'm loving their avocados. Yum.

Liz Balogh calls , another wonderful chat. Mostly around archiving which was excellent as I got some great tips off her. So many people have stayed in contact after I've "left the band" stuff.

August 21st

Good to see horrid Cardinal Pells appeal failed. Good to see the victims being believed. The Catholic Church should hang it's head in shame and those who support such grubs like Pell should do the same.

I have a bit of an Eastlands adventure today. I was sitting with a friend at Montage the other day and noticed in the newspaper catalogue that Harris Scarfe had Elysian quilts for $200+ off. Elysian are great-50% alpaca wool, 50% sheep so really warm and they breathe in summer. I know Mark needed a new quilt so going to surprise him. I also checked out the new open outside area at Eastlands and called into JB and bought some music. Had a bite to eat at one of the food places and was having a coffee when an old friend (Kim #2) went by. She spotted me first so we sat for awhile and promised to catch up in a weeks time. I tried to track her down a few months ago so todays little adventure was one around fate I guess. Great to see her again, still happily married, and that great smile. I eventually get home and Mark is delighted. It's nice to be able to make my better half happier and nothing says happiness like snuggling under a really great quilt during the Kalorama Winter-trust me on that.

August 22nd

So funny, every second email seems to ask me my views on Mark Hart no longer being in Crowded House. I still avoid commenting , it is what it is. I'm not missing the hysteria of the Internet. We adore Mr Hart and Camille. xxx

My Sister loves magazines so we get her the big subscription to National Geographic for her birthday . I like that we get her something she will love.

August 23rd

We have lift off for our "365 Trees" . Put the first one in today, I have a tray of seedlings etc all ready for the next few weeks. It's all very positive. If not on our property they will be planted elsewhere. It's token i get that but it feels positive. Even if it encourages just a few people to plant a tree or a shrub that is a good thing.

Happy Birthday to the lovely Sarah Bain. A special birthday this one eh? (wink wink).

HBO's "Ice on Fire" documentary is so brilliant. One of those must see moments.

Another night, another chat with Fen and Giles. Our lovely nude, crude and certainly rude humour rolls out. Laughter is our tonic.

I'm lunching with a friend who's just selling their house up here & we are suddenly talking about floor polishers. I think our other friend has forgotten she is lending me hers so I'm now determined to buy one. Almost instantly I find one on Klika's website, "The Haus-Keeper". It's all red and shiny- and a great price for today plus free delivery. So I order it. Laughing that i find it exciting to be getting this for our beautiful wooden floorboards! Yieks I've become my mother!

August 24th

I have a chat to Jason while he is cleaning leaves off the barn. Try not to distract him too much in case he falls. We are doing our garage as soon as the weather improves. We can't believe that Sarah is now 18, she was a 4 year old kid when we first touched down at Kalorama. Happy Birthday Sarah.

Sri Lankan Coconut with Cashew chicken curry for dinner. I got it ready this morning, so dinner will be nice and easy tonight. A taste sensation.

I arrived early at Kalorama general store so caught up with Miss Mary - off we all went to have lunch with some regulars at Montage. It has such a nice vibe - seems everyone goes to Montage these days- jam packed with regulars . What a hoot.

August 25th

Happy Anniversary Giles and Fen. Congratulations on you both for making it last. Many more years to you both. Now that's areal marriage. !

Sydney mates staying tonight and Mr Pinball Dr looks like he is back from overseas, so the Stones pinball machines gets its much needed service. Hoping for a house call. We have some serious pinball championships about to happen.

I grab the mail from PO Box 50 and a lovely card from Wendy C and she spoils us with presents. Speechless which is rare. So nice of her. She loves her Kalorama boys.

I stumble upon the "Growing Up In Unanderra" facebook page. Our old home town, and I think I have fallen into a parallel universe where Mark actually LOVES a facebook page. He still isn't suckered enough to go on Sheepbook but he loves the photos and posts on this page. As do i, and I started putting up photos -they seem to be appreciated. The other shock is that Marky has given his blessing for a photo of the 3 Goulding brothers to go up on the page. Saying that, Mark does have the best hair cut in the photo, certainly putting One Direction to shame. So that is our current little obsession. I'm going to get a silkscreen made up with some "Unanderra" t-shirts with a small 2526 (which is the postcode) under the name. Maybe give a few away as well. I'm sure Steve Kilbey from The Church would love one being an ex Unanderra-Dapto boy himself.

So that is it for another diary. I see we have had 25,000 visitors this year alone on F/16 , or should I say readers. Just clicked over 535,000 which is remarkable-so thanks everyone...especially my Web Mistress Debbie Levitt-Goddess bless you! [editor's note: awwww, you're always welcome!] Have a great life.


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