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Every Day Is Australia Day @ Kalorama Beach!

Every Day Is Australia Day @ Kalorama Beach!

January 14th

Some hot nights here in Australia, and the days are a cookin'. Every mainland state has temperatures over 40. We are bunkered down in the lounge room which has the best air conditioning, and avoiding cooking. If nothing else I escape that heat for a week. Miss Banshee is feeling it, in her big furry coat. She walks around the house wearing a wet face washer on her back. She knows it's for her own good. I'm convinced she doesn't know she is a cat, not quite sure what she thinks she is , but certainly not a cat.

January 15th

Happy Birthday to Miss Boo from Bardot. She looks sensational for her age, in fact she always will , she makes the effort and it pays off.

I weigh myself this morning and I've lost a chunk of weight , so this gives me an excuse to pig out on a BLT for lunch.

The Third season of True Detective is on tonight and it's really good. Similar to season one, certainly worth checking out dear readers.

National Geographic's "Valley of Boom" is on tonight, it would of been good without the bad comedy bits.

January 16th

Just two clicks of the button & both Official Split Enz and Crowded House Archive facebook page are gone. I hate the idea of pages that just sit on the net and are not updated, added to or replied to , so boring. I did give the fans a bit longer to explore ("borrow") bits 'n' pieces. A huge part of the images are mine, photos etc, so I was happy for people to enjoy them while they were up. You'll always get a few moaning, but they need to move on , it's not the end of the world. I have left my You Tube page active and will add to that from time to time. Each click pushes me one step further away from Finn World , I quite like the idea of fading out, it doesn't have to be dramatic. Even today i'm still sending some emails and in the office for an hour or two. Thirty eight years IS a long time, so it will take some time to tidy it all up. It was great, sad that a tiny handful want to push their own agendas (rolls eyes). Thankfully 99% are amazing. The BIG job is wading through the entire office, we both keep putting it off. I'm trying to pretend it's some tomb from the Pharaoh's and we will find some forgotten treasures.

January 17th

Finally caught the "Jobriath AD" documentary on Foxtel arts channel. It's excellent. I still laugh that his real name was Bruce Wayne Campbell, I mean c'mon Bruce Wayne.. BATMAN! Brilliant. Jobriath was pretty much the first gay glamish 'star", well a star without a hit and very few shows, but he was talented, and overall unique. A fascinating splash of colour in the early seventies. I get why people like Morrissey love him, in fact Mozza oversaw the "Lonely Planet Boy" release a few years back and will cover a Jobriath track on his next album 'California Son" (he's covering 'Morning Star Ship"). For those who love documentary's on the more obscure artists, this one is for you. Thanks Marky for grabbing this, I would of missed it (again). Equally excited that Morrissey is covering the excellent Melanie Safka's "Some Say (I Got Devil)" on the same album...she sings "I'm just a girl in trouble" with such conviction. Morrissey will do it justice. he's always a Boy in Trouble eh Stephen?

January 18th

I find the very last packet of orange BB's and buy them for Mark. OK that's dramatic, probably lots of packets still floating around in Oz. MIM got us both addicted to these.I can't believe Woolworths etc no longer stock them. Whatever will we do now Marky?

A very spooky red sky tonight, the entire sky, I'm guessing the clouds are low and long at sunset. It looks like we have been transported to a different planet (Janet). We both stare into the mouth of the beast, wondering if this is really the end of the world. Not yet please, I still have so much more to do.

My Sister really IS the BEST! That's all I'm saying.

January 19th

Mark found 2 shots on the end of his negatives, not printed before. One of myself in 1979 with huge hair, another of Enz Noel Crombie live from Festival Hall in 1984, even bigger hair! Cool. These days of spare hours are being used to go through everything , find those treasure, destroy those really really bad shots (joking, we think bad is GREAT).

I am enjoying the break, avoid the office as much as can, getting a lot of other 'fun' stuff done. A few "fan' things for future use possibly. It is nice not having to respond to 10,000 Emails I must say, even if they are wonderful it is still a hard slog.

I see Kelly O'Dwyer is quitting the Liberals. She was always a rather average politician, so a good thing that she is going. Maybe she can take that goose Michaela Cash with her, that would be nice. I'm sure there will be a few more Liberal-Nationals that will run before they are voted out. Watch this space as I hear another National might also be a deserting rat soon.

Home made hamburgers for dinner, i wish more of our tomatoes were ripe, a hell of a lot on the vine, a few more weeks I guess.

January 20th

Loved Wes Andersons "Isle of Dogs" . A brilliant stop motion animated SF drama, set in Dystopian Japan. Some of the same people that worked on the awesome 'Fantastic Mr Fox' worked on Dogs. Lots of Wes fans on my Sheepbook page too I have discovered.

Oh cute, Andy the Kookaburra and her boyfriend bring their new baby to our house, to practice diving lessons from the top of our three chimneys. He's such a fuzzy LOUD baby birdie.

January 21

Played the wonderful Reservoir Dogs movie soundtrack in the car again today and once more totally suckered by Sandy Rogers "Fool for Love". That song sticks in my brain for days and I sing it LOUDLY at the strangest time, even hitting those glass breaking high notes. Oh why won't it go away:


Hang out with Charlie and Ronnie at Montage this afternoon, loads of laughter, both really interesting guys. Old school and a bit of a hoot. I also chat to Claire and she tells me about her favourite house on the mountain, about half way through the conversation i realise she is talking about our place. It sounds like it had another name after being called Ailsa Craig, and then later reverted back to the original name. She sold it for Jesus. Am hoping she might have photos or paperwork, that would be cool. Jesus has a wife that still live sup here I discover.

Free tomatoes at Montage today, on the community shelf, so i grab some , excellent as our hundreds are still to ripen. I also squeeze 2 litres of fresh orange juice, from our oranges and one lemon and a drop of mint-refreshing on such a hot day.

Mark finds even more of his Grampians 1984 photos so scans them up, how exciting. We all have such big hair, and I have some huge side fringe creation. We headed up the day after Tim Finn announced he was leaving the Enz.

January 22nd

Sad today, 18 years since Miss Hairball died, a gorgeous cat, she was mostly Marks cat , just the best. Different to Banshee but that's ok, we like different. Both are lovely creatures.

Did I mention Mark is recording every episode of the Sopranos on the IQ box, all 80+ of them, that's a lot to watch, we love it. So we are in gangster mode, do not fuck with us,. DO NOT!

January 23rd

Tortillas for dinner, with chicken and salad and japaeno sauce. Homemade chocolate cake for desert. Not bad, not bad at all. Another ten laps around Kalorama oval.

January 24th

Hottest day on record for Adelaide. So we'll have hot weather too in a day or so. I spend a few hours in the office, boxing a couple of discs for fans. It's all good. I have a band person call about me doing some PR for them for interstate but decline. I'm on some sort of break, just focusing on us for the moment. "Work" can wait.

January 25th

It's cooking here today too, the hottest day in a decade. All i feel like is japanese, california rolls from Sushi Tzu. Yum. Mark gets some salmon. An easy lunch.

The Art Room is cool, so i spend an hour creating. I work on this 'scratch art', a Warhol head. I'm creating 2 final Warhol pieces, this one and a giant wall piece for North Queensland. After that trying not to create any more Andy's. This really subtle breeze is blowing in through the roller doors, I put out a huge bowl of water and baby finch birds land and drink from it. The paint sure dries fast in this heat.

I get some calls around working at the federal election, fascinating , so I'll say yes to those. Really nice compliments, I'm a chuffed when people compliment me on doing good work.

January 26th

Some mates at the cafe ask if Mark and myself celebrate Australia Day. My reply is that I adore this country and celebrate 365 days of being so lucky to live here. I feel nothing for celebrating just 1 day on the calendar, especially a date that has changed several times over the years. Are people trying to tell me that when Australia Day was on other dates people celebrated less, they didn't, they really didn't. Change it, I'm not fussed.

I do head to "Kalorama Beach" and photograph my "Made in China" Australian Thongs for my Oz day Image.

My Mum calls she has put her aussie flag out, good on her, she loves Oz so I salute her.

Excellent episode of Succession tonight , trippy and superb, cool show. We watch the "Australian Made" 30th anniversary gig. I'd forgotten just how very average INXS were at this show. Divinyls on the other hand were AMAZING. I love it when people prattle on about INXS but have never actually been to one of their shows, seriously what part of LIVE don't you get , 3 songs on a dvd is not live it's lame. Nothing worse then wannabe's that never did. INXS can be such a world beater band, Australian Made they were not.

January 27th

Neil and Liams last show of the tour in Paris tonight, hope it was fun.

Another of the LNP has left, that's three in one week, the rats really are deserting the sinking ship before the May election. I see an Independent is rattling Abbotts cage too at his electorate. Good, Abbott should retire, he's like a bad smell in a toilet that lingers on after a huge crap and someone forgot to buy a new can of Glade toilet spray. Too many dinosaurs sucking on the public teat. May 18th for the election, so i hear, not too far away. Time for a Change.

So January is nearly done and dusted, 4 weeks since waving goodbye, I've still a little bit to do before we are content, but I'll learn to be patient.

Stay happy Folks


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